FDating Review 2020

FDating Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-23
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free: The best thing about FDating is that it is entirely free! From registration to creating a profile, and from uploading profile pictures to using advanced search tools, everything is free on FDating.
  • Diverse user-base: The website entertains hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, trying to find a like-minded member on the platform. Diverse and vast user-base provides you with a wide variety of users to select your partner from.
  • Easy to use: The website has a basic and straightforward layout, convenient, and user friendly. You can easily browse around the site, navigate the profiles, and send direct messages to users without any complications or troubles.
  • Flexible registration: The registration process on the website is swift and comfortable; it won’t present you with the lengthy and hefty registration process. Also, there is no need to fill in the non-mandatory fields at the registration and profile creation time.
  • Something fishy: All the free features and a generous registration policy indicate that something may be wrong with the website. There are many fake profiles on the site. However, it is easy to distinguish the fake profiles from the original ones.
  • No mobile app: There is no FDating website available for Android or iOS mobile phones, which is quite a setback in the smartphone-driven era. A large number of potential users have been left unattended due to the unavailability of FDating on mobile phone app platforms.
  • Outdated design: The website’s user interface and design are very obsolete. The design gives a dull and unappealing look to the site, which results in lower user-engagement and higher user-turnout.
  • Advertisements: The website is cluttered with lots of ads. If you try to click on an option, you will be unwillingly redirected to an advertisement page repeatedly. It would take extra clicks followed by closing all the advertisement pages to click on an alternative.
  • Slow Pages: The pages on the website load very slow and kill the upbeat dating experience.

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FDating was launched over a decade ago in 2009. However, the FDating owner information is not available on the website or any other internet resource. The site has over a million global users seeking a flirtatious, casual, hook-up-like relationship partner. Although the website has worldwide users, the majority of the users are from Russia and Ukraine.

When it comes to dating, different people may have different needs; and there are various online dating websites all around the world to cater to their needs. However, all the different dating websites have one thing in common, i.e., the premium membership. Every dating website ever created in the world requires its members to subscribe to a premium plan to access different features they provide. But this is the ground where FDating proudly sets itself apart from any other dating website since FDating does not charge its users even a dime. Whether it be the registration, or sending someone a message, FDating allows its users to access any feature on their website for free of charge. Many might think that something must be off about the site. The website is like any other dating website where you can browse user profiles, establish contact with other users, and talk with them using messaging services.

Reputation and History of FDating

FDating Review 2020

The website has not created a reliable and trustworthy brand image yet, and internet searches are flooded with negative user reviews of the site. Maybe the website did not work out for many, but who knows if you might get lucky and find a partner on the site!

Website and App Interface, Registration

The website has a very outdated, non-glamorous, and conventional design that may not look very appealing and exciting, but provide ease of operation. Browsing around the site, searching for the matches, finding details on a profile, communicating with other users, etc. are very easy. Even a new user can get hold of the website within a couple of minutes. FDating has not launched an app for its mobile phone users, but they have designed a mobile-friendly version of the site that works decently on all mobile phones working on different operating systems.

Sign up Process: Is It Easy Here?

Registration and profile creation on FDating is effortless and secure. You can register with the website in less than a couple of minutes, while the profile creation also will not take much of your time. Following is a natural elaboration of signup and profile creation procedure on FDating:

  1. Click on the “Join Now” button on the homepage; this will redirect you to the Free Sign Up page of the website, where you will be asked to provide a few necessary details such as your Gender, Country, Username & Email Address. Once you fill in all the information, you will have to agree with the privacy policy and terms & conditions of using FDating to continue.
  2. On the next page, the site will ask for your personal information. Thine information includes: Gender, Name, Email Address, State/Region, City, Marital Status, Birth Date, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Children, Smoking habits, Drinking, Education, Occupation, Languages, Describe Yourself, Partner Age and Describe Your Future Partner.

After filling all this information, click on the finish button.

Following this, you will receive a mail on your registered Email Id, where you will be provided with your Login Id and password. Use the Id & Password to log into your FDating account. Now you are all set to enjoy the free world of online dating.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

FDating Review 2020

The website’s reputation is not very good when it comes to the user accounts they have onboard. The site has lousy registration norms, and they let anyone create an account for free without even verification, which leads to an increase in numbers of bogus and fake profiles on the platform. The fake accounts on the website create trouble.

Website and Mobile Version

The website has not released an app for Android or iOS mobile phones, nor they have announced the release of an app to date. Non-availability of an app for mobile users has kept many potential users from joining this online dating platform. Like most of the online dating websites with no Android or iOS applications, FDating too has developed a mobile-friendly version of their website. The site works reasonably well on the mobile version; the pages take longer than usual to load. The user gets redirected to a promotional webpage very often while browsing around the FDating.

Special Features

  1. Add to favorites — If you find an attractive and appealing user profile while taking a stroll on the website, you can add that profile to your favorites list if you are afraid that you won’t be able to find that particular profile again easily.
  2. See who viewed your profile — Under “Who viewed my profile?” section, you can find a list of the users who visited your profile with the link to their profile. You can check their profile out, and if you find them attractive & exciting, you can either add them to your favorites or send them a message to start the interaction.
  3. Select language — On top of any page of the website, you can find the flags of various countries; these flags represent the language spoken in that particular country. If you click on one of the banners at the top right corner, the language of the text displayed on the website will get automatically translated to the native language of that country. This feature has been introduced to allow users from different parts of the world to quickly understand the usability of features and tools available on the website in their native language.
  4. Real-time chats — The real-time chat feature available on FDating allows its users to exchange messages with other users instantly. At the same time, on most online dating websites, you have to subscribe to a premium membership plan to access this feature; FDating lets you access and use this feature free.
  5. Video chatting — Video chatting feature on the website allows you to see your match in real-time, and you can interact with them using audio & video interface on the website for free.
  6. Unlimited photo sharing — The website allows you to add as many pictures as you want to your profile for free, i.e., without subscribing to a premium plan.
  7. Basic & Advance searches — You can search for other users on the website using basic and advanced tools. Using the primary search feature, you can apply the filters like age group for the matches, distance from your location, etc. The search result will come back with the most relevant profiles. And if you want to enhance your search results further, you can go for the advanced search feature available on the website. The advanced search tool uses extensive search filters to find you a profile by matching subtle details of your profile with other users’ data. The expanded search filters are hair color, eye color, body type, smoking habits, drinking habits, etc.
  8. Mail filters — The mail filter allows you to filter the messages you have received on the criterion based on age, photo availability, country, etc.

FDating Review 2020

Finding your dream date may not be very easy on the website for many users since the site does not sell any premium feature to improve your visibility amongst the searches and recommendations. Instead, it uses simple algorithms to show matches with the highest compatibility, which provides equal chances to every user to get matched with others. At the same time, most online dating websites offer extra visibility advantages to its premium users to boost their chances of getting a match.

Aside from above, the website is also flooded with fake and bogus profiles, making it very difficult for you to decide whether or not a profile belongs to a real person.

How Does FDating Work?

The website has not been updated for a long time and uses basic programming and algorithms. As such, the website does not function very quickly, and the pages of the site take a bit too long to load. While other rivals have upgraded and updated their websites to make it look more appealing, attractive, and modern, FDating decided to rely on its USP of free premium membership, which has worked both ways, positively and negatively, for the website.

Searching Options and Filters at FDating

The website allows you to search for the members using one of the following search features:

  1. Categories: You can categorically browse through the user profiles to find yourself a suitable match. Some popular groups are Russian, Ukrainian, Blonde, Brunette, Ginger, etc.
  2. Gallery: In the gallery, profiles of other users are displayed in a grid formation for you to scroll through and choose the most suitable one. Click on the profile picture you find most appealing and attractive; this will take you to the profile page of that user, and you can refer to their profile description to find out if the user is compatible with you. You can also sort the profiles by applying filters such as age, religion, height, etc.
  3. Search Filter: You can search for a user by either using keywords or setting up the search parameters, and based on these parameters, the search result will show you profiles matching your preferences. The search parameters or filters you can use on the website are — Age, Location, Height, Religion, With/ without children, and Online now and other specific details.

Communication Methods

FDating Review 2020

To communicate with other users on the website, you can opt for one of the following options:

  1. Direct Message (DM) — If you stumble upon an eye-catching profile and cannot hold your urge to connect with them, you can directly send them a message from their profile page by clicking on the message button. You can send a catchy ice breaker to begin the conversation with and follow with finding some common grounds of interest.
  2. Instant Message (IM) — Instant messaging service allows you to receive and send chat with other users by exchanging messages in real-time.
  3. Video Chat — Video Chatting allows you to interact with a user using video and audio platforms to see and talk to the user in real-time using a webcam and a microphone.

FDating Alternatives

OkCupid, eHarmony, Badoo, PlentyofFish, Zoosk, and Mingle2 are some excellent alternatives to this dating website.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

The website has not specified or introduced any paid membership plan. It has made its services, including all the features, tools, and options on the website available to every user who joins the site to find a like-minded partner for themselves.

Free Membership Features

FDating Review 2020

All the features are available on the website as the site’s free membership features since the website has not developed or implemented any premium membership plan. Anyone can register on FDating for free, and create a free profile on the site, just like on most online dating websites. But what sets FDating apart from any other online dating website is its generosity. Unlike other dating websites that charge their members for anything beyond browsing profiles, the FDating grants full permission to its users to access and use all the features for free on the website.

Premium Membership Features

The question of Premium Membership Features does not arise since there is not any provision of a premium membership plan. The features available on the website are accessible by all, and anyone can use these features without an exhaustion limit.

How Much Is Dating on FDating

Users on FDating are not required to spend even a single penny to use the website or to access the features offered by the website. The site also requests its users not to pay anyone asking the payments in the name of the website, because FDating is an entirely free online dating website.

Is FDating Safe?

The site follows all the standard protocols to ensure the safety of users’ data and avoid any breach in the database. The website does not sell or share its users’ data with a third party. Users on the site are also allowed to block and report an abusing member. However, the clusters of fake and bogus profiles around the website make it hard to believe any of the safety commitments made by the website.

Technical Side of Protection

FDating Review 2020

The website claims that they strive to use every commercially acceptable means to protect user data while staying at the same time that no method of electronic storage is 100 % safe.

Customer Support

You can’t call or send an email to the customer support team, but you can contact them through the special “Contact Us” form.

How to Pass FDating Photo Verification?

The flexible registration and profile creation policy do not require a need for photo verification.

How to Delete an FDating Account?

Log into your account, go to settings, go to account settings, and delete the profile following the instructions.

How to See Who Likes You on FDating Without Paying?

There’s no way of seeing such a thing on FDating. However, you can see who noticed your profile under “Who viewed my profile.”

How to Block Someone on FDating?

Go to the user profile page, locate the “block user” option, and click on it to block a user.

How to Cancel an FDating Subscription?

FDating offers no premium subscription plans; as such, there is no procedure to cancel a subscription.


FDating Review 2020

Though it’s not mentioned anywhere, the “F” in “FDating” may refer to “FreeDating.” The website is free to use by everyone. However, the users are advised to take all the risks involved in consideration before joining FDating. The user’s discretion is anticipated. The site looks simple to use and has an extensive database, which allows anyone to find someone to talk here.

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