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Mingle2 Review 2021

Mingle2 Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-27
Profiles 1.400.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to join: This platform is open for all, and it does not charge a penny to register as a user.
  • Messaging feature available: You can initiate the conversation with anyone as soon as you have finished with your registration. There is no need to wait till the other party is also interested in talking to you.
  • Necessary Profile Details: Some minimum details are required to be filled to appear on the search results for other users.
  • Interface: The interface is simple enough to navigate and lets them find someone special without many complexities.
  • Mingle2 platform disrupts the user experience on the website with multiple ads parallelly showing on the window.
  • Little Profile Information: As little personal information is needed for registration, only a profile picture may not be enough to know about a person.
  • No Thorough Verification: Mingle2 profiles are not tested and verified on different parameters, so there are more chances of fake profiles creeping in.
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads: A user can upload unlimited photos on his profile, which is visible to everyone on the platform. This is a significant cause of the invasion of your profile by fake users. Also, minimal verification lets you even add pictures that are not even your photos.
  • People can appear at the top in the search results using a premium feature. This sometimes hid the other worthy members from showing up in search results.

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Mingle2 is a dating platform for everyone who is looking for a long-term relationship. You are looking out for a partner who has the same habits, likes, and dislikes as you? Can you not get into a relationship without actually getting to know each other well? You have seen relationship hitches in the past and don’t want to make a hasty decision of dating a wrong person? Mingle2 is the perfect platform for you.

Online dating has been a fad over the years as it helps people make their choices independently and evaluate their options wisely. There are myriad options over the internet, and mobile applications where finding a date is just a piece of cake. Most people do not want any meddling when it comes to choosing their partners and their way of living. These days, dating sites encourage people to begin their conversations with honesty as there is just a picture Infront. People with different intentions join such platforms, and they choose platforms that come up with limited restrictions.

Mingle2 is one such platform aiming at introducing people with each other without much ado. For anyone who is just thinking of trying out some online dating options, he can do so with Mingle2. This platform is easy to join and free for all singles. You can try it out if you are new to the online dating space.

Reputation and history of Mingle2

Mingle2 Review 2020

Mingle2 came into existence in 2008. Earlier it was best known as JustSayHi.A less formal approach and ease of use for newbies is the most significant motivating factor for more members joining. It is a perfect site for singles to find people with similar interests and interact with them with the least restrictions. The growing popularity of the app encourages first-time users to try their hands at it.

Website and App Interface, Registration

Registration on Mingle2 is a 30-second-long process. With just filling a small form with minimum details, you are through it. Compared to other similar dating websites, it requires very little personal information to get started. One profile picture is added while signing up, and more can be said once you are a member without any limit. A username and password are entered by a user to login to his account every time.

The look and feel of the app are easy to navigate and contains necessary information about the user. Once the user logs in, some suggested profile matches and mutual matches are displayed on the home page. The user can view the most recent activity and profile updates when he logs in. Also, they can get notified if someone has viewed their profile.

The only hindrance in flawless user experience is the display of ads occupying a lot of screen space. It hinders your browsing experience, and most of the time, you happen to click on them, wasting a lot of time accidentally.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

The signup process in Mingle2 is easy-breezy. The users have to fill some necessary details in a short form to get started. It gets done in some four simple steps. An email address or Facebook account can suffice to create a Mingle2 account. You can provide a short headline, few words of introduction, and a profile pic to get started. This may make the profiles look insufficient with very little information to decide if you can go.

There are no additional verification layers and parameters to delay your profile authentication. Therefore, the waiting period is quite less to kickstart conversations.

Unlike other dating apps, there is no need to find a match and start chatting. You can chat instantly with online users.

Are the Accounts real here?

Mingle2 Review 2020

As very little personal information is required to sign up for the account, there are more chances of fake profiles being created. Multiple fake accounts can be created with different email addresses. As Mingle2 does not carry out detailed profile verification measures, the odds are fake profiles can be created. There are no ways to find out if an account is real until you interact with them.

Website and Mobile Version

The Desktop version receives on an average of 9,390,000 user visits per month as per the statistics of the last six months, which has grown three times the previous year’s records. The mobile version is compatible with both IOS and Android phones. The app comes handy when you are browsing for dates near your location. The app has an average star rating of 4.3 in the Google Play store. The desktop version has a predictable layout designed on the lines of a template.

The mobile version also has features similar to the web version but more compact for users who usually log in on the go. The design layout in the mobile version looks more modern and updated compared to its web counterpart. Though there are many ads on-board, the mobile web interface is more comfortable to navigate than the website. The pages take a longer time to load in both the versions.

Special Features

  • All the recent user activity and relevant updates of your contacts are visible on the Home screen.
  • Option to browse in invisible mode
  • A large community of forum members sharing their views on different topics
  • The facility of sending messages and friend requests impromptu without any restrictions.
  • Functionality to check who has recently viewed your profile.
  • Advanced Search options are available to search almost any user on the platform based on their location and interests.
  • Find out who has shown interest in you on Mutual Match.
Mingle2 Review 2020

Anyone on the Mingle2 platform which has completed his profile can be visible on the other user’s search. There is no need to establish a match before approaching someone you can directly avail the chat option and communicate with them instantly. You can search a member through usernames and see them if they are online and available for chat.

You may also find people based on their recent activity like who’s online to create a communication flow.

How does Mingle2 Work?

Mingle2 is a free dating platform where your profiles are easily visible to any other member. You can create your profile in less than a minute with minimum details. You can also keep your profile information open-ended while providing detailed information about yourself. You have the liberty to approach anyone on chat and messages and send them friend requests without waiting for their approval. You can search for any profile, send them messages, and also show interests with nudges for free.

Once the user is online, many suggested profiles are shown to him as a potential match. He can contact them if the profile looks appealing to him. If someone has indicated interest with a yes on your profile, you can choose to send them messages as a Mutual Match.

You can make your profile as detailed as you like to come across genuine people who are serious about taking things forward.

Searching options and filters at Mingle2

You can search anyone on the platform which has completed their profile. Users can search others based on their sexual orientation, age group, location. There are also advanced search options that filter profiles on marital status, height, religion, smoking, drinking habits. If you are not looking for someone specifically, you can search for “who’s online” to get the profiles of all the users online at the moment.

You may search by using a username, or you might want to filter profile results with a profile picture.

Communication Methods

Mingle2 Review 2020

You can initiate a conversation through a direct message to anyone you find suitable. There are options to see who is online at the moment, and you can begin chatting with them.

You can express interest in someone’s profile with a nudge, blowing a kiss, passing a hug more playfully. You can indicate a yes or no to a suggested profile so that your profile shows up at the top in the next sign when the other user logs in.

The Mutual match option does not reveal to the other party that you are interested in them till they like you back. It is then that a match is created and identities revealed to the other party.

You have the option of emailing them as there is an essential mailing feature available.

Mingle2 Alternatives

  • Tinder
  • Pure
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Free Membership Plan 0$

Mingle2 Plus Plan:

Duration Price per month Total
3 Months 9.95 USD 29.85 USD
6 Months 7.95 USD 47.70 USD
12 Months 5.95 USD 71.40 USD

Prices are displayed in USD. Prices differ based on your location, duration of purchase, and medium of access, i.e., the device you are using the app in.

Free membership features

  • Users can create their profile free on Mingle2.
  • Other users can write testimonials about you in your profile as a recommendation. This can facilitate users to make their choice.
  • Your friend list is visible in public mode to everyone.
  • You may add as many profiles as you want to your favorite list.
  • Avail feature of sending free messages to any one of your choices
  • Sending Friend Requests
  • Participate in open forum discussions to know other users well and learn from their experiences.
  • Show liking in the form of nudge, kisses, hugs emoticons.
  • Unlimited search feature available. You can search with various parameters to refine your results.
  • All profile and profile photos are public by default so that anyone can view it.
  • Get Notification if someone viewed your profile.

Premium Membership features

Mingle2 Review 2020
  • Avail Mutual Match feature where once you both have liked each other, a match is created and the other’s identity is revealed. This saves many unwanted message interruptions and gives you the autonomy to take things forward with people you like already.
  • You can view any profile in an invisible mode.
  • You get a notification if someone has read your message.
  • All messages are refreshed after 30 days in the primary feature. In Mingle2 Plus, your messages are stored forever, and you can start the conversation again where you last left.
  • Your profile is getting preference over others in search results. Your profile will be visible on the top results so others can easily find you. There are more chances to get noticed by the right person.

How much is dating on Mingle2

Duration Price per month Total
Free Plan 0 USD 0 USD
3 Months 9.95 USD 29.85 USD
6 Months 7.95 USD 47.70 USD
12 Months 5.95 USD 71.40 USD

Is Mingle2 safe?

The app makes use of cookies to store your browsing history for sending push notifications and also prevent any following fraudulent activities. The Mingle2 app admits that they share user information with third-party partners who strictly comply with the security guidelines set by them. Users can block other users whom they do not wish to be connected with. They may set restrictions on profiles that can message them back.

You can also turn off the instant messaging feature to make sure you are not disturbed with unsolicited messages every time.

You may report a profile for putting up inappropriate photos and abusive behavior.

You can browse profiles in an invisible mode without letting the other party know that you like them. This will also make you disappear from “who’s online list.

Technical side of Protection

Mingle2 Review 2020

All user activity on the app is stored using cookies, and a slight alteration in the user profiles may raise the alarm. Mingle2 ensures server security using firewalls. Users are made to accept the terms and conditions that they share, which is true, accurate, and complete.

The site monitors all display ads, public posts, and messages to check if they are appropriate as per the content guidelines.

Mingle2 ensures that they are using popular payment gateways to enable secure payments from the website.

Customer Support

Most of the users’ questions are anticipated and compiled as a list of FAQs on the Mingle2 website. The most frequent concerns the users face are answered in the FAQ section. In case there are other issues the user is facing, he can access the help forum on the Mingle2. It is quite likely; some users have come up with similar problems.

You can mail the support team when you are facing a technical issue, or the site is running down due to some reasons.

How to pass Mingle2 Photo Verification?

Mingle2 has no strict guidelines for photo verification. There is no lengthy procedure to get your photo approved. The user can add any picture of his choice at the time of the registration. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of images you can add to your profile. Once registered, you can add unlimited pictures on your profile.

How to delete a Mingle2 account?

You cannot delete the Mingle2 account, you can deactivate it, so it is not visible to anyone. You can disable in the following steps:

  • Got to bottom right corner of the profile
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Deactivate account.

How to see who likes you on Mingle2 without paying?

Members will get notified if someone adds them to their favorites list, view their profile. The users can send a nudge to other users he likes.

How to block someone on Mingle2 ?

  • Click on the email address of the profile you wish to block
  • Press the block option
  • This may prevent that person from contacting you again. However, you may still see them on the online users’ list as that account is not yet an activated one.

How to cancel a Mingle2 subscription?

  • Click on the Settings option under your account.
  • Uncheck the email/emails you want to unsubscribe.


Mingle2 Review 2020

Mingle2 is a simple to use dating platform with most of its features accessible for free. This might be a good starting point if you are new to the dating world and exploring available options just for fun. You can get the hang of it without spending a single penny. Also, there are a vast number of user forums where users can share their good and not-so-good experiences, which offers to learn to newbies. Matchmaking on Mingle2 is a more fun affair; therefore, ideal for singles looking for people online with similar interests. Do not wait any longer; get your perfect match on Mingle2 today!

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Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
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Jeffrey Martin
by Jeffrey Martin Sep 21, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and direction-finding is easy. I access an ample many truth and knowledge for people that seem attractive to myself. To be honest, i really do really enjoy due to being on this page. We possibly couldn't hit your latest buddy till now. Nonetheless, i discovered some curious men and women to correspond with. I believe free of cost and relaxed while communicating with them. I urge this website to all or any that's looking great company, no matter the kind of romance.
by Joanna Sep 14, 2021
Needs additional daters to understand that this particular service 100% performs optimally without methods. Individuals that really hunger for to find touching someone special won't feel dissapointed about the company's alternatives whenever becoming a member of the platform. The crucial thing seriously is not to give up. I have already fulfilled my favorite beloved, and in addition we are now delighted. I'm arousal and balance, understanding that ways lots. Thus, our company is crazy, and it's never too-late for everyone of any age and needs. I would recommend this web site, hence just test.
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