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eHarmony vs Match – Which Is Better?

eHarmony vs Match – Which Is Better?

eHarmony vs Match is a topic that should not be strange to anybody in the era of Internet communication. Nowadays, there are more dating communities that gather more and more users around the world. Sometimes, people got frustrated because they cannot choose which platform will be best for their interests. The issue of romantic relationships is quite specific and requires a responsible approach because it determines the person’s future life. That is why we decided to launch the comparison of two powerful and generally recognized dating sites. Let’s see which of two – eHarmony or Match – will gain more public interest.

Is eHarmony better than Match? The answer to this question may be apparent after analyzing each community. Both of these websites promise long-lasting and unforgettable romantic relationships to their subscribers. Let us start with eHarmony. The majority of eHarmony reviews underline that this community is for those looking for romantic connections. The number of active members reaches a million subscribers from different corners of the world. Those who compare Match versus eHarmony stress that eHarmony has a lovely and simple design and convenient navigation. Of course, the advanced membership provides much better access to users’ profiles. However, those who are not confident in the community will dubiously pay because the subscription’s minimum duration is six months. There are no membership plans for 1 month. Fortunately, they provide a week trial. During this period, it is possible to understand whether eHarmony suits your intentions or not.

In this Match vs eHarmony review, Match has also what to say in response. First of all, its name is rather eloquent. It hints that the community’s primary purpose is to find an appropriate match for each subscriber. And it is really so. Many people register at Match because they know that an opportunity to meet a real love is incredibly high. It is one of the oldest dating services, which was launched in 1995. That is why even older generations visit it frequently. Match remains to be a platform for all ages. At the same time, it is never outdated. That is why they provide constant upgrades of the system and add new functions, engaging younger users. Its matching algorithm takes into account the answers to questionaries, which subscribers take during the registration process. A matching filter is rather detailed and helps to choose a better match for every person based on their preferences. Match has an engaging interface and many useful features; however, people have to pay for these benefits. Even the messaging option is fee-based. Thus, the answer to which is better eHarmony or Match is not easy because both communities have many valuable and advanced perks.

What’s the Difference Between eHarmony and Match?

If you don’t know which is better Match com or eHarmony, you should pay more attention to their functionalities. They have many common things and features that make these platforms different. Match provides its subscribers with more control over their dating experience. In such a way, their members are more confident in the security of their data and all steps the website recommends them to take. eHarmony, in its turn, cares more about the daily density of the active users. The profiles’ design is interesting on eHarmony. But still, it isn’t easy to compete with Match. The latter provides a catchy design and great matching opportunities, which make it the winner in this eHarmony vs Match com battle. Simplicity is a distinctive feature of eHarmony. This aspect is also crucial because it is more understandable for the users how to manage their profiles and attract potential partners’ attention.

In many aspects, the difference between eHarmony and Match is not so evident. Thus, for example, both of the websites provide their subscribers with video calls opportunities. It is rather engaging nowadays and makes the service stand out from the rest. Additionally, eHarmony and Match have both desktop versions and mobile apps. This significantly broadens the membership base. Free membership is present on both services as well. However, when speaking about fee-based plans, Match is ahead because their fees are lower. eHarmony appears to be more expensive, despite the fact that their number of features does not make them winners in the Match versus eHarmony duel.

Pros and Cons

eHarmony Match
  • The privacy and security features are top-notch.
  • The profile building process is time-consuming but effective.
  • There are no in-app transactions.
  • Video calls.
  • The majority of subscribers are educated and intelligent.
  • All the profiles are verified and reliable.
  • The interface is straightforward and intuitive. It is easy to understand what each button means.
  • The filtering tool is professional and rather extensive.
  • People may communicate with the help of video chats.
  • It is possible to track the user’s last activity.
  • The advanced membership is somewhat expensive.
  • The majority of basic features are not available for free-based users.
  • The registration process is time-consuming because of questionaries.
  • It is impossible to buy a one-month subscription.
  • The service is not cheap for many visitors.
  • It is necessary to wait for the profile approval.
  • It is necessary to pay to send messages.

Is Match or eHarmony better? Even from this comparison table, it is difficult to answer this question. The number of advantages and disadvantages is almost equal. Both of the communities are expensive; without any discounts, the monthly fee for eHarmony reaches $60. But in any case, the high price may be justified in both applications because they care about their subscribers’ satisfaction.

eHarmony vs Match: Audience Comparison

Who has a more significant number of subscribers: Match or eHarmony? Match wins again. The number of subscribers here is about 21 million. At the same time, eHarmony hosts about 13 million members worldwide and attracts the attention of older and senior users. They prefer this service because of the possibility to build serious and long-term relationships. Match also has senior users, but in the majority of cases, the youth is more active here since Match is constantly updating their system and adding new features.

At Match, about four million subscribers are residents of the United States. In general, about eight million subscribers have bought the premium subscription and enjoy the advanced features of this service. The main peculiarity here is that the members are relatively active, and almost all of them are looking for serious relationships. As for gender distribution among young adults, there are more men here.

eHarmony also has a vast number of subscribers looking for meaningful connections. The most active here are younger adults aged between 24 and 35 years. People come from all over the world, and they manage to find partners in their area. Many register here to find romantic partners from another part of the world. The same thing can be said about Match. Thus, they both may be considered international communities. Almost all of the subscribers are educated people with a stable life background. It means that they have decent jobs and their salaries allow them to spend money on dating platforms.

Who Has a Better App?

When answering the question of what’s better eHarmony or Match it is necessary to pay attention to their mobile applications. Nowadays, this aspect is one of the most important since the quality of software determines each product’s success. Both apps have a well-developed interface and design, which is continually upgrading to meet the time requirements. One can easily create a detailed profile, which will help them find the most appropriate romantic partner.

In any case, both services have their own peculiarities, which define one’s final decision. Match requires you to provide your location, age, gender, and name during the registration process. Then, you will be asked more direct questions about preferences in relationships, marital status, preferred age of the partner, and their appearance. All these will work during the search for all community members. Additionally, there is a requirement to post a real photo, which has to undergo the process of validation.

The approach of eHarmony is similarly time-consuming and detailed. However, this time is worth spending because the information helps to choose the most suitable partner for each member. Additionally, they ask about your interests and preferences, hobbies, as well as things that motivate or discourage you. The number of questions reaches one hundred. They determine your psychological condition and other things that may be decisive in your future relationships. Also, one should not perceive some questions as biased because the system asks them every potential subscriber.

Fortunately, this brings fruits. People may feel that a potential partner’s choice is not random but is based on the rigorous investigation of one’s peculiarities and preferences. In this respect, it is difficult to choose a winner in this Match vs. eHarmony confrontation. Due to such a responsible approach of each dating platform, users may be sure of their matches. Additionally, they may read through the bulk of information and take their conscious decision.

Is Match or eHarmony better for men? Answering this question, we may underline that these communities have equal opportunities for both genders. The number of male subscribers only slightly outnumbers female members. Also, there are no benefits exclusively for men. From this perspective, there is no winner in the comparison of eHarmony vs Match com.

eHarmony vs Match: Interface and Usability – Who’s Better?

The comparison of design and usability of both applications may help to answer the question of what is better Match or eHarmony. The ease of navigation determines the success of the application among subscribers. Fortunately, both services care about this aspect and offer nice mobile applications for busy users.

Speaking about Match, it has a well-designed website and a smartphone version. All the essential features are visible enough and easily accessible. The designers preferred a minimalistic design; blue and white colors make the site friendly and pleasant to navigate.

The interface of eHarmony is quite user-friendly and straightforward. It is not overwhelmed with unnecessary elements and buttons. Thus, it does not cause any trouble for both young and older users to navigate the website. This advantage gives priority to eHarmony because it is suitable for all ages.

eHarmony or Match: Pricing

eHarmony Match
  • 6-month plan – $59.9/month
  • 12-month plan – $35.90/month
  • 24-month plan – $25.90/month

Premium Plan

  • 3 Months – $44.97
  • 6 Months – $68.94
  • 12 Months – $107.88

Standard Plan

  • 3 Months – $38.97
  • 6 Months – $59.94
  • 12 Months – $95.88

Match vs eHarmony cost is demonstrated in the table above. It is easy to notice that eHarmony is more expensive. The annual plan will cost 35.90 USD. The prices are continually changing, but it always remains more costly as compared to other services. Also, it is impossible to choose a one-month subscription. The free version of the application does not offer any extensive features. Its premium subscription allows viewing others’ photos and your profile visitors. You may message without restrictions and stay anonymous while searching. The increased cost of eHarmony vs Match is obvious. Match is cheaper and offers almost the same list of features. Additionally to those tools presented on eHarmony, Match has instant messages and the MatchPhone feature. Thus, thinking about how to close a match on eHarmony, we suggest going for Match, as it guarantees fast matchmaking with like-minded individuals. Moreover, it is more affordable than its rival.

What Is the Right Choice – eHarmony or Match?

GOOD FOR those who are in search of a perfect match
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner

What is better Match or eHarmony? It seems that we are ready to answer this question. These services are rather close to each other; they are client-oriented and understandable for users of all ages. Their communication features are advanced and have no borders. Their user-friendly interfaces are rather convenient. But Match is much cheaper, and the services it offers suit most people’s budget. That is why Match will be a winner in our eHarmony vs Match comparison.

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