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Best Lesbian Dating Sites of 2021

GOOD FOR lesbians
GOOD FOR flirting and meeting interesting people
GOOD FOR lesbians and LGBT community

Best Lesbian Dating Sites

  1. Good for those who prefer cam girls Flirt4free
  2. Good for meeting girls from all over the globe Chatroulette
  3. Good for finding serious relationships Blendr
  4. Good for people from LGBT community BGCLive
  5. Good for meeting people and finding love Hitwe
  6. Good for people who are in search of European partners Mingle2
  7. Good for African Americans singles Blackplanet
  8. Good for finding people with similar ideas Amino Apps
  9. Good for gay and bisexual reltionships Gaydar
  10. Good for fans of free video chats Chatiw

Some About Lesbian Dating Apps

The current online dating industry offers many niche sites and applications, including lesbian dating apps. Finding an ideal partner happens to be an anxiety-inducing and challenging task for some people. It can be even more complicated for lesbians because it is hard to understand someone`s personality when it is the first meeting. That is why many meeting places for lesbians have become popular, as using them, they do not need to guess what gender a person prefers.

What Are Lesbian Dating Sites?

Lesbian dating sites are online dating services that cater to females that prefer dating females. The great part is that there are many ways lesbians can meet, and such dating platforms and applications help them. They have become an extensive network of online communities for lesbians to find different kinds of relationships, let it be friendship, love, or hookups.

Meanwhile, lesbian dating sites are still not perfect, despite years of improvement and effort. Consequently, it can be confusing when you encounter a dating platform that welcomes all sexual orientations to understand that their target audience is straight people. At the same time, there are several red flags you need to check to make sure that you find the best matches possible.

How to Do Lesbian Dating?

There are many right and wrong ways to start a relationship, especially when the person`s gender is that same as yours. Hence, you should stick to these rules of lesbian dating to make your relationships happier and less stressful:

  • Take your time. This tip is especially useful if you have just started dating after being alone for some time. It is not necessary to start dating the first female that you like;
  • Be always ready. If you get registered, you should be ready to start dating. Thus, it is necessary to create a profile properly, introduce yourself best, and be yourself. Thanks to this, you will be ready to meet other lesbian dating websites` members;
  • Communicate as much as possible. You should ask questions, get into details, and be sincere. The reason is that conversation is crucial to most females.

Which Are People Find Lesbian Dating Sites?

You can usually meet lesbians and bi-curious females who happen to be on the stage of experimenting on lesbian dating websites. At the same time, straight women are also welcome on such dating platforms if the rules are concerned.

People are different, so it is a bad idea to put everyone in an easy-to-understand box. However, being a female who prefers females is not all about labels, but it is possible to highlight the following types of lesbians:

  • The lipstick lesbian. These women are attached to women, but they still love their lipstick. These females love wearing dresses and long flowing hair;
  • The butch lesbian. They know these women as those wearing short hair and obtaining other masculine traits. In fact, these females are tough;
  • The sport dykes. It is a kind of lesbians who identify themselves as athletes. You can usually see these women in basketball and softball games;
  • The activist lesbian. These lesbian dating members are those you can see marching on Pride Parades. They tend to boycott homophobic bakeries and petition legislators, aiming to make a positive change for their sisters and brothers.

Several years ago, people were against same-gender relationships, so lesbians avoided letting others know about their sexual orientation. These days the bigger part of people does not judge lesbians for their preferences. Consequently, the popularity of lesbian dating websites is growing day by day.

Stats at Lesbian Dating Sites

This kind of online dating services have many members, and their number can range from several thousand to millions of users. Even though they cater to females, there are still some males on these dating websites, and they can make up around 30 percent of the audience. When it comes to the age of lesbian dating site users’, they are usually from 25 to 34 years of age. At the same time, it is possible to meet users who are over 55 years old.

the Main Advantages of Lesbian Dating Sites

Lesbian dating sites have many advantages, some of which are:

  1. They provide you with a wide range of options. It might be difficult to find someone you like and have the same interests and hobbies. Thanks to online dating services, you can get acquainted with many lesbians who can become your partner.
  2. There is no need to guess what sexual orientation a person has. When you meet people in real life, you do not know what gender they prefer to date. On lesbian dating websites, you know what people are looking for because they are niche platforms that cater to a specific kind of audience.
  3. You can get acquainted with people from different countries and cities. Thanks to online dating services, you are not limited to the place you live. Consequently, you can find like-minded people in different parts of the world.
  4. You can find various kinds of relationships. There are different kinds of lesbian dating websites, so you can use some of them to meet someone for serious relationships, while others are better to search for hookups and casual dating.
  5. It is possible to find someone in a short period. Lesbian dating platforms allow their members to find someone to date with quickly because all members are there to date.

Where to Find a Lesbian Dating?

It is hard to start dating for some people, especially if they are just coming out of the closet. It can be even tricky for lesbians because it is necessary to know where to meet other lesbians or bisexual women. Thus, you can check out the following places to start lesbian dating:

  • Lesbian bars or clubs. Generally, these kinds of bars happen to be less typical than gay bars, but they do exist. You can search online to find the best lesbian bars nearby;
  • Pride Events and LGBTQ Advocacy Groups. Such events are an excellent way to look for lesbians. Moreover, many love stories started here. You should just walk alongside a community that shares values similar to yours;
  • Go to softball events. Note that not all softball players are lesbians. Meanwhile, there is a reason for this stereotype, so such an event is never the wrong way to introduce yourself to lesbians;
  • Lesbian dating websites and applications. You can join a lesbian community on an online service. Thanks to them, you can browse through an extensive user database to find precisely the ideal partner.

How to Choose the Best Lesbian Dating Sites?

It is crucial to use a worthy online dating service because it depends on it what your online dating experience will be like. The best lesbian dating apps and websites re not hard to find if you consider the following aspects:

  • A dating website should be reputable;
  • A good platform should be safe;
  • It should have an extensive user database;
  • A lesbian dating website should be user-friendly;
  • It should have a lot of useful features;
  • A dating platform should have very few or no fake profiles.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Lesbian Dating?

As mentioned before, it is essential to make use of the best lesbian dating site that you can find. For this purpose, you need to consider the given above aspects. However, you can check reviews on the internet to see which dating websites they list. The good part about such articles is that they describe both the advantages and disadvantages of online dating services, which allows you to understand what dating platform you should use. The first thing you should do to select the best dating platform for you is to know what your purposes are. The reason is that there are lesbian dating websites that cater to people with specific aims. For example, there are dating platforms for hookups and casual dating, so you cannot use them to look for serious relationships. However, most dating platforms welcome different kinds of relationships.

The Best Lesbian Dating Sites for a Wild Time?

Here is a list of the best lesbian dating apps and websites on the market:

  • PinkCupid.com.
    • This online dating service belongs and is operated by niche dating giant Cupid Media Pty Ltd. Thanks to this, you can be 100 percent sure that the platform is reliable, indeed. It is available in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. The great news is that there is an extensive user database, and in the USA alone, it obtains approximately 315 thousand members. Moreover, the audience is active because there are over 350 logins each month. The lesbian dating website comes with free-to-download mobile applications, which is a significant advantage. The registration process is easy and fast, and it will take you from five to ten minutes to become a part of the community. You can sign up even faster if you use your existing Facebook account, as all the necessary information will be taken from it.

      • Bicupid.com.
        • The lesbian dating website is regarded as the largest, secure, and effective platform for bi couples, bisexuals, and bi-curious singles. Furthermore, the online service welcomes gay, straight, lesbian, threesome, LGBT community, and BDSM singles. Using it, you can also find a wide range of things, including hookups, chat, etc. Currently, it has around two million users around the world. The lesbian dating platform offers several communication features, but they are only available to the premium members. Furthermore, there is a mobile application, that is accessible for Android and iOS users free of charge. You need to be at least 18 years old to join the community, but the bigger part of customers is from 25 to 34 years of age. At the same time, you need to consider that females make up only around 30 percent of the audience. Overall, it is a happy and safe dating space that you can enjoy while looking for your ideal match.

          • Her.
            • It is one of the best lesbian dating apps for bisexual, lesbian, and queer females that exists since 2013. The great news is that you do not need to pay for a premium subscription to send and receive messages. However, it is possible to send messages to mutual matches and friends. This fact makes this online service an outstanding one. In addition to that, all member profiles have pictures, while users can upload up to eight images. The registration process is easy, and you must use your Instagram or Facebook account to sign up. Unfortunately, matches are only based on age preference and location. Members can view the names and photos of those who liked them, but they cannot see their profiles. The thing is that only premium customers can do it. Note that the lesbian dating mobile application does not provide its users with too many special features.

              • LesbianPersonals.
                • You can use this dating platform if you are looking for hookups and casual dating. It means you should opt for a different online service if you are looking for love and serious relationships. Furthermore, it is not an average dating website because it offers a wide range of features to help you enjoy the online dating process. Another great part is that the profiles on LesbianPersonals are quite detailed and informative; consequently, it is not hard to get to know your potential partners. The lesbian dating website is an outstanding one because there is a two-way webcam for sexy video chat. Standard members can access a basic search for free, but they must purchase a premium subscription if they want to view full profiles. However, it offers affordable prices, so paying for a premium membership should not be a hard thing to do.

                  • Hinge.
                    • This lesbian dating platform caters to women looking for long-term relationships, so if you want a hookup, you should better opt for the above website. The online service was founded in 2012 and underwent a significant rebranding in 2015. The user database is impressive, indeed, because it obtains more than five million members in different countries around the world. The lesbian dating application`s customers are mostly within the age range of 24-32. One more good news is that the number of fake profiles on the online dating service happens to be minimal. If you want to sign up, you need to use your Facebook account or a mobile phone number. Furthermore, you will have to go through the verification process. You should also consider that adding six photos is obligatory, so there is no way you can avoid it. Note that Hinge is only available as a mobile application.

                      Do Lesbian Dating Sites Actually Work?

                      Even though many people believe that online dating services do not work, it is not true. More and more people are using dating websites to find serious relationships, casual dating, or friendship. Consequently, you can choose a lesbian dating website due to your purposes to start searching for your perfect match.

                      Are Members on Lesbian Dating Sites Real?

                      One more stereotype about lesbian dating sites is that there are almost no real people. It is not true because there are reliable online dating services, thanks to which many customers have managed to find someone special. Even though there are always some fake profiles, it is typically easy to understand that they are not real. Furthermore, you can block such accounts and report them.

                      What About Security on Lesbian Dating Sites

                      Just like any other online dating service, lesbian dating sites can be safe if they are reputable ones. That is why you should always choose dating websites operated by large companies. In this case, there are more chances that your data will be safe. In addition to that, you must always check what security measures there are before you get registered. Hence, there must be at least SSL encryption and a strict verification process.


                      Even though dating is an exciting thing, it can be hard to find a perfect partner for some people. Lesbians may face a lot of difficulties when trying to meet like-minded people. The thing is that it is barely possible to understand which gender a person prefers. Hence, lesbian dating websites simplify this process, making it possible for females to get acquainted with thousands of people with the same preferences. The online dating industry offers numerous online services that can be different in terms of design, number of members, features, and more. Hence, it is crucial to know what aspects you should consider when choosing one. In this review, you can find all the necessary information to go for a worthy lesbian dating site. Use it and make your dating experience amazing.

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