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Kasidie Review October 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?

Kasidie Review October 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 22-25
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has an extremely active user base and regularly updates you regarding events and other offerings.
  • It is best for finding like-minded individuals who don’t judge you based on your sexual preferences.
  • It offers a wide array of diversity in terms of sexual preferences. It includes your taste in both your partner as well as the act itself.
  • The app is ideal for hookups and short term engagements.
  • It offers an option called rendezvous for neighboring engagement with interested individuals.
  • It also offers an option for short-term engagement with an entertaining individual living further away, for instance, in different cities or even different countries altogether.
  • The app offers free registration as a trial user.
  • Safety is always an issue. Due to free registration, multiple fake accounts and other suspicious activities have been recorded.
  • It proactively focuses more on swingers. Singles have a hard time on the website.

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Earlier it used to happen that people would find time to build families or meet their lovers. However, the times have changed, now people simply aren’t willing to invest their time into relationships. Today, everyone is searching for a quick and easy solution that gets the job done with the least effort. Moreover, people today are increasingly participating in open relationships and even marriages. All of this comes from a desire to explore and to keep up with time. It is where Kasidie comes in. So what is Kasidie, you ask? Kasidie is a site for people who are looking to explore and to broaden their horizons. It is a site primarily directed towards swingers, who are people in polyamorous relationships looking to mate outside of their respective relationships. This article seeks to provide you with an in-depth Kasidie review. With a tagline as explicit as “Sexually social,” Kasidie provides you with precisely what you’re looking for; a good time. Now let’s delve deep into the know-hows of the site and explore everything. Here’s a Kasidie review ma de just for you.

Reputation and history of Kasidie

Kasidie Review 2020

Kasidie has been in the dating game for a while now. It first came into existence back in 2006 and has since established a kind of niche for itself in the swingers domain. Its target audience being swingers, make it a more functional Swinger website among all the other online dating ones out there. It is curated by real swingers and is widely known for being extremely efficient at what it aims to do. Customer satisfaction is generally on the upper side, with most singing praises for how it was for them to get the experiences they wanted. While researching for Kasidie review, there were a couple of reports claiming fake accounts, but they were swiftly dealt with by the Kasidie moderators. All of this combined makes Kasidie an extremely reliable and trustworthy site to find the sexual experiences you desire.

Website, App, interface, registration

The Kasidie website follows an easy to use and responsive user interface. The interface is simple, yet provides you with all the information that you need in a single place. There are no troubles in navigating through the website and solving the needs. Apart from this, Kasidie has easy-to-use Android and IOS apps that you can download on your mobile and mingle on the go.

Sign-Up Process. Is it easy here?

Signing up for the Kasidie website is super easy and super quick. While researching for this Kasidie review, we found the steps extremely easy to follow. It hardly takes you 10-15 minutes to sign up from start to finish.

The site first asks you to enter some of your details, including your preferred name (This need not be your actual name; a made-up name will do just fine), city name, the gender you identify with, a valid email address, and your profile picture. Please note that the profile picture you upload must be of your own, either alone or with a partner. Other profile pictures, such as those of actors, movies, or landscapes, will not be accepted by the website.

As a site proliferating hookups, the site then asks you many questions about your sexual preferences and tastes. These questions range from the acts you’re willing to participate in to which gender or gender identities you’re eager to engage in. Just follow the steps mentioned, and you should be done in no time.

The only hiccup encountered was related to entering the city name. The consensus seems to be that a specific format needs to be followed to entirely enter your city name for the Kasidie site to recognize it. It is best to enter one alphabet at a time and wait for the drop-down menu to appear and then choose your respective city.

Apart from this one minor hiccup, however, the entire registration process should go as smoothly as possible.

Are the accounts real here?

Kasidie Review 2020

After researching the Kasidie website well before writing this Kasidie review, I’ve concluded that Kasidie meets all the industry standards for users’ safety. Kasidie has an option to report any suspicious activity that you may encounter on their website. The moderators are swift to respond and do practice vigilance.

Keeping all this in mind, most of the profiles you encounter on Kasidie are real and authenticated. If you ever have any doubts, it’s easy to cancel your membership without a hassle.

Websites and mobile version

Their website is extremely well made and easy to use. It is easy to navigate through and find whatever it is that you’re looking for. As far as the apps are concerned, they are available on both android platform as well as on IOS. The applications are intuitive, responsive, and very user friendly. Kasidie has done a fantastic job at providing customer satisfaction via an easy to use interface in both its website as well as mobile applications.

Special Features

There are a bunch of features that Kasidie currently offers, which set it apart from its competitors in the dating domain. Let’s look at some of these.

Upon signing up, you get access to tons of different profiles based on your sexual preferences and taste. It is where you can begin your search for your ideal partner(s). Features such as the rendezvous and travel make it easy for you to search both local and foreign partners who may share similar interests. However, if you’re more into parties and group sex, Kasidie provides you with the parties option that helps you meet like-minded people at such parties. Also, the fact that most people you see on Kasidie are swingers helps build a community, making you feel more welcomed and safe. Kasidie provides a non-judgmental welcoming space for you to explore and meet people of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, Kasidie only accepts your verified profile picture, and hence, you can be assured of getting what you see on the website. Overall, the site provides many different options for engaging with new people and finding the right sexual partners for you.

How does Kasidie work?

Upon registering, Kasidie asks you to fill in a detailed questionnaire that contains questions based on all your sexual preferences. These questions include what all you are willing to participate in. Activities include both one-on-one and group activities as well. It’s okay if you’re a novice and aren’t familiar with the know-how of different activities since Kasidie gives you a plethora of opportunities to explore your interests.

Kasidie places emphasis on respecting each user’s boundaries in every exchange. Also, you can find people of all genders and sexual orientations on the website. Thus it is an extremely welcoming space to people of all different tastes and interests.

Upon filling in your tastes, Kasidie then helps you match with like-minded people based on the information that you provide. It is efficient and helps you connect to a bunch of people quickly.

Searching option and filters at Kasidie

Kasidie operates more as an adult social networking site than a mere dating or hookup site. Hence, the site offers you a bunch of filters that make it easy for you to find the people you want to engage with. One such filter is based on what you are or aren’t willing to participate in. Also, some other filters include those based on your preferred sexual orientation, distance, and age. Utilizing all these filters makes it a lot easier to meet the right partner for you than would otherwise be.

Communication methods

Kasidie Review 2020

Once you register on their website, you’ll find a ‘Kasidie help’ button on the site itself. That option connects you to one of their moderators who you can then chat with to resolve whatever problem you’ve been having.

Kasidie Alternatives

There are other alternatives as well for Kasidie review that you can check out. Note that all of them have distinct operation styles, which you must be informed about to make the right decision.

The primary advantage that Kasidie offers over the others is that it is majorly directed towards swingers, unlike others.

Membership Price and Payment methods

Upon completing the registration process, you will be signed up as a trial user. However, to enjoy the full benefits of Kasidie, you should ideally opt for their elite membership.

Free Membership Features

Despite the limitations, you do get access to some fantastic features as a free user. You can receive and accept friend requests, thus allowing you to start engaging with new people on the site. You’ll be able to access the different filter mechanisms and browse the various profiles on Kasidie. You also will be able to receive and reply to emails that you get and participate in the various parties that are hosted on the site. All these combined make it worthwhile to be on the Kasidie website, even if as a free user.

Premium Membership features

Upgrading to an elite membership does equip you with some compelling tools. These include not only receiving but also sending both friend requests as well as emails. Moreover, upgrading gives you access to every single profile on the Kasidie website as well as their photo galleries. Another useful feature that you get upon registering for an elite membership is access to chat rooms and instant messaging functionalities, which can vastly narrow your search for the ideal partner(s).

How much is dating on Kasidie?

Kasidie Review 2020

There are three membership plans for access to every feature on the website. These are:

Is Kasidie Really Safe?

Safety is an extremely crucial aspect of being on any dating website, especially the ones such as Kasidie that engage in sexual encounters. Thus, it is essential to know all the crucial details regarding the safety features of their website.

Technical side of protection

A great feature that Kasidie offers is that you need not use your real name for your profile and can get done with a made-up name. Doing so can keep you safe by providing less personal information to the outside world. Your name is arguably the most crucial personal detail of yours, and following that hidden can be a real boon for you from Kasidie.

Another useful feature that Kasidie provides is hiding individual sections of your profile picture, including your face. These sections get blurry upon doing so and aren’t visible to anyone on the website.

Customer Support

The customer support that Kasidie provides is adequate and prompt. The moderators are responsive and efficiently resolve your problems. Getting in touch with them is also extremely simple. All you need to do is head on to the ‘Kasidie help’ option, and you’ll be redirected to them.

Kasidie Review 2020

How to pass Kasidie photo verification?

Make sure that you upload your picture. Avoid pictures of movie posters, actors, landscapes, or any other non-related object. Do this, and you should be good to go.

How to delete Kasidie account?

Just head on to the ‘Kasidie help’ option, and you will find the option to delete your account. In case of any issues, get in touch with Kasidie moderators, and they will remove your account for you.

How to see who likes you on Kasidie without paying?

No, you can’t. You need to upgrade to a premium membership to view if someone likes you. However, you can still respond to emails and friend requests with a free account.

How to block someone on Kasidie?

It’s simple. Just head on over to the ‘Kasidie help’ option, and you’ll find the option to block any user there. If the problem persists, get in touch with the moderators, and they’ll do it for you.

How to cancel Kasidie subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, contact the moderators, and cancel your subscription.


Kasidie Review 2020

After conducting thorough research to write this review, it can be said with certainty that it is a great place to meet like-minded individuals. It’s safe, easy to use, and offers a plethora of opportunities for you to pursue your fantasies and sexual fetishes without the fear of judgment. This Kasidie review aims to serve you on this journey to figure out if Kasidie is the right place for you. If not, then make sure you check out some of the other alternatives provided in this review. All in all, Kasidie is an amazing place to be, as they say, “sexually social.” You can also try Artist Dating Sites.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
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Luis is an approved relationship coach who can communicate in French and Spanish. He gets his motivation from the desire to help other people excel. He has also learned a lot from his relationship encounters, which enables him to understand his clients better. Luis possesses powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The knowledge enables him to assist other people to strengthen and enhance their connection with themselves.
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Customer reviews
by JONES Oct 26, 2021
The wisest investment I've available are signing up with and employing this web site. I'm a relationship at this point, and due to the software for such chance. We're with each other for monthly along with a superb time period jointly. Thus, i assume I found myself lucky to meet my good friend due to the fact complete steps is extremely good on the website. All their options supply possible opportunity to choose most with regards to the mate prior to getting the 1st time. On the internet communicating is really beneficial to choose someone who suits the expectations and goals. Your position on this internet site introduced a lot excitement and ventures to my entire life. Therefore, I'd recommend it to every people finding standard matches.
by Maxx Oct 20, 2021
Used to don`t come across anyone to meeting because it is ahead of time for me nevertheless . I am just a beginner on the site. Continue to, I'm pleased with exactly how this app is not difficult to make use of. Everything is easy-to-use, and I also performedn't need waste time and evauluate things right after I signed up for this site. In addition enjoy just how personal pages come out presented. It's really convenient to browse pictures, send communications, loves, and look about users' looks and characters. I adjust the area as the travel time is very important personally and had been delighted to witness a large number of meets that offer consumers near myself.
Richard Davis
by Richard Davis Oct 15, 2021
Very good dating website! We enrolled with they last year and also, since next satisfied some pals with many benefits. In addition, we chat with a few owners from my personal favorite record. Chatting is tremendous, as a chat screen comes in handy. Individuals include open-minded, helpful, and effective. I have certain taste, with zero 1 judges myself. So, I feel fully as well as comfortable.
by WHITNEY Oct 10, 2021
My own sex life had not been extremely abundant before I've accompanied this app. Everything replaced right away when I joined and began chatting those I've liked on the internet site. Of course, some customers refused myself, but that's maybe not a problem. Preferences change, as it is often believed. Commonly, I've got rather accurate suits that granted us to generate a number of neighbors. One of them actually obtained under my facial skin. Within two weeks of conversation, most of us have the basic meeting. As every single thing got great, we've scheduled another meeting soon enough. This indicates I've obtained my great complement.
by Andy Oct 01, 2021
My favorite sex life wasn't very prosperous before I've signed up with this application. Everything that altered in an instant when I opted and began chatting those I've loved on the internet site. Of course, some individuals denied myself, but that's perhaps not a problem. Flavors are different, which it is claimed. Commonly, I've had gotten quite correct matches that granted us to making several partners. One of them actually obtained under your body. Within two weeks of talking, you received our personal very first day. As every single thing would be great, we've arranged the other big date soon. It seems I've gripped the great fit.
by Noel Oct 01, 2021
Superb program for people who are unafraid of online dating and available dialogues. The application are well-organized and has now many signed-up users. Messaging is straightforward, as well as other options are easy to use and see. Concerning me personally, I've already located a colleague with who all of our biochemistry is absolutely clicking.
Sherry Robinson
by Sherry Robinson Sep 25, 2021
This great site is perfect for me. As I'm slightly sick of swiping, it grew to be a middle crushed for my personal goals. I don't program any major relationships nowadays, but I won't escape after I meet our enjoy. This great site shouldn't pressure me and let obtaining all special features of high quality relationship. Besides, I enjoy this particular application is really handy to work with, whether it is about routing or pay. Rate is ordinary, but normally grudge bucks in their mind since I get the best benefits for charges they might require. I've already fulfilled some reasonable individual and find very hot dates. Besides, I message with many people to speak, joke, and go over numerous information, most notably love. Personally I think that i'm throughout my league from the community may be very helpful. Someone don't assess an individual, as it could possibly be in case you have found someone in a bar.
by Jaxx Sep 21, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and navigation is easy. We use an ample amount of details and ideas for individuals that seem irresistible to me personally. Actually, I do delight in standing on this site. I couldn't encounter my own present good friend till now. Still, I ran across several interested individuals talk to. Personally I think free of charge and comfortable while chatting with all of them. I propose this incredible website to all or any who's going to be looking for close companionship, regardless of the version of commitment.
by Alma Sep 14, 2021
Good feeling. I have discovered a lot of nice and intriguing folks and a few freaks . that's a norm whenever you're using the internet. Some meets are not throughout my location . that's the reason we kept good friends. I ought to declare that this service offers several methods in making other people bear in mind one. 1st, it's enough space to develop your page and supply adequate information about your appearance and dynamics. Then, chatting try all right. Usually, a person use whole online correspondence and will become a romantic date at any time when you are willing to fulfill your chosen in the real world.