Blackplanet Review 2020

Blackplanet Review 2020

Pros and Cons

  • A great number of users. This site is the right choice if you are looking for a place where you can meet an enormous quantity of like-minded people.
  • 100% free features. Forget about paying insane sums each month and enjoy this dating platform for free.
  • Streamlined and fast registration. Although it has some influence on the safety of the site, it’s very convenient to be good to go that fast.
  • Commentary section. This function is very popular on this site.
  • Mobile app. Android users and iOS users can download the Blackplanet app for free.
  • No verification.
  • Poor variety of search options.

As you can see, we are going to review the site with an understandable name BlackPlanet. This service is free for African-Americans to chat, make love, and find each other. You can enjoy a particular person and talk as much as you both wish, or you may become a part of a dialogue between many people. Do not waste your time, money, and energy, trying to make your life more exciting and full. Join one of the biggest communities for African-American.

None of the dating platforms that you have ever seen can offer you a job. But Blackplanet can! It is insane in a good way. This service is more like a family to its members because it’s always with you and supports you. You can finally have someone to rely on.

So what has changed over the past years? Today, we have an incredible possibility to figure out all the questions together.

Reputation and History of Blackplanet

The idea of the site belongs to Omar Wasow, and this platform was first introduced to people in 2001. Seven years later, in 2008, the platform was bought by Radio One for $39 million. This sum is incredibly large even these days. Thus, Radio One became an owner of Blackplanet and started a great PR company to chase new clients, especially African-American people, because they had no online dating services, back to times. The number of users exceeded 20 million when the site was sold.

Nowadays, its community consists of folks from different cultures, ethnic layers, and age ranges, and remains the biggest community of black people worldwide. The number of female users is slightly bigger than the number of male accounts here, and women are a bit more active. They always post something new, comment, and update their status. The community is rather young because the range of the average age hovers for the majority of members from 18 to 34. The platform has grown very fast from the small website to the industry giant. Various services, great support, and exciting content — you can find everything here.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Concerning the design and the interface, it has to be said that they need some updates, to be honest. Although BlackPlanet still offers excellent functionality, everything looks quite old, which scares off many new customers. It’s pretty essential to follow modern trends today because the first impression means a lot. The homepage contains some kind of newsfeed with different articles and posts, the most popular posts and users, and the sign-in button. Let’s see what happens when you click this button.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Becoming a new member of this site is not a problem at all. Everyone can do it for free within a few minutes. No doubt, you have already registered some accounts on other websites; therefore, you will get through quickly. Here’s what you need to complete the procedure: a profile image, displayed name, gender, zip/postal code, email, and password. After that, you will be able to edit your profile for better corresponding.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Profiles on Blackplanet are not overfilled with unnecessary information. They are short, informative, and complete. There is no need to write a CV on dating site because the information about each other should be received in the conversation; that’s why this platform has only the following sections:

  • Username.
  • Your displayed name is not necessarily your real name. You can think up a cool nickname or just a different name for a bunch of reasons. Some members hide their identity in order not to be hurt somehow, while others do it in a game purpose.
  • Profile photo.
  • Note you cannot open this image in full size, which is pretty disappointing because user pics are the feature of forums. Nowadays, almost every social platform has avatars that are regular photos instead of user pics.
  • “About Me.”
  • Here you can describe yourself in your words and tell other members about your aims. It should be considered as a short introduction. In other cases, people usually get bored with long descriptions.
  • Multicultural Posts.
  • This block reminds a mixture of the Facebook wall and Pinterest notes. Members share some thoughts and interesting facts here.

Website and Mobile Version

The mobile app was released in 2009 and had great success. Unfortunately, just like the desktop version, the app hasn’t upgraded since its beginning. However, it works fine, and the possibility of using your favorite site on a smartphone is extremely convenient. Blackplanet mobile version offers the same features that you can find using the site on a PC. Keep searching for new friends or a new partner and be in touch even when you are not at home. Thanks to the mobile application that is available in the App Store and Google play, you can check the most recent events on the site. Don’t have free time to sit in front of the computer? Use your smartphone or tablet instead. Open the app at a coffee break, at a traffic jam, or lunchtime.

Special Features

Look at the unique features, compared to other resources:

  • Colorful Notes.
  • These are the posts that we were talking about previously. The community of this service like this way of communication. Just post something and wait for comments. By the way, you will be pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the Blackplanet audience.
  • Chat Rooms.
  • Moderators create special chat rooms divided into different groups according to age, gender, and location. These rooms are free to join for everyone who wants to discuss some news or whatever it is. Besides, some job vocations may appear there, so do not miss them if you need a job.
  • Stories.
  • This feature is nothing but newsfeed. You can also leave comments here.

Partner Search

Here we get to the most significant part of any dating services. Of course, you should be able to find a person who will meet your preferences easily. Otherwise, it could be endless until you look through all members for the most suitable one, especially if it comes to real life. The Internet gives us an incredible chance to leave all the stress behind and let machines do this work. Some sites suggest you matches according to your preferences; meanwhile, Blackplanet has the search function for such purposes. So how does it work?

How Does Blackplanet Work?

What comes to searching, the platform has chosen the most simple and the most efficient way. It can’t be said that this feature is old as well because many dating sites still use the same system. The search is based on various filters that you can apply before searching. Members that meet such criteria will be shown in the results. The rest of them won’t be displayed.

Searching Options and Filters at Blackplanet

The bad side of this tool is the variety of filters. There are only three criteria of searching: age, gender, and zip code. However, these characteristics are not enough today. The site needs an advanced search tool with many more filters. Thus, profiles will contain more information and details that will help to narrow down results. It saves a lot of time, that’s why dating services and social networks use this advanced system. Anyway, you are still able to find the one you need.

Communication Methods

As was already mentioned, perhaps, the most favorite way to communicate on Blackplanet is posting some notes similar to those that you can see on the main page. The members want to show the community an endless stream of images, photos, questions, and statements. Likewise, on any other social network, you can comment on these posts, but you cannot repost them. Don’t forget to follow people if you don’t want to miss some interesting posts of them.

The second communication method is, of course, messaging. Chats are very popular since the Internet was discovered. Moreover, it is the easiest way to make contact. You can also send hits to demonstrate your interest.

Also, there are three additional sections on the platform. The first one is “Popular Users,” where are the most interesting people with the biggest numbers of likes and followers are shown. The second one is “Popular Posts,” where the most discussed posts are located. And the “Currently Online section” is the third.

Blackplanet Alternatives

There are many various dating platforms for African-American people on the Internet. For example:

  • Interracialdatingcentral.com
  • Afroromance.com
  • Africandate.com
  • Interracialmatch.com
  • And so on.

Some of them have a better design or better searching features, but all of these sites cannot compete in the number of active users. What is more, Blackplanet is also interracial, and its community has more black people than any other. Furthermore, none of the sites can offer job advertisements for you. Moreover, a lot of dating platforms are nothing more than typical hookup projects.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Although many of us got used to a membership system, it’s good to know that this site is 100% free. You don’t have to buy any additional content or premium accounts to unlock new features. All members have the same conditions. You can’t buy a place in the users’ top. All functions are free to use since the moment you have established as a new member. This side of the Blackplanet is attractive and positive. And it’s nice to know that some services were created to help people. The site and the app get their revenue from the advertising. Frankly saying, it can be bothering and annoying sometimes, but it’s not a high price. Though, it would be great to have an opportunity to get rid of ads by purchasing a special status.

Free Membership Features

All members have basic free-of-charge accounts, which excludes any other possible types of accounts or a membership. Thus, you can search, send messages, send hits, follow people, leave comments, get to popular users, and give likes without paying.

Premium Membership Features

No premium accounts. Honestly, it seems like a cool idea to make everyone feel like they are in the same boat. The concept of Blackplanet is about bringing all members together. Therefore, it is great to have a place where you can take the rest of the money question and enjoy your time.

How Much is Dating on Blackplanet?

The site is free to use. There is no even inner currency on the platform.

Is Blackplanet Really Safe?

You may be confused with some details about security because the site doesn’t seem to be safe. Earlier, many users were scared by the “Not secure” prompt near the address of the site in your browser. It means that the information that you enter on that page has no protection. No one wants to have his data stolen. But this issue is far away from us for today. The connection is secure, so you don’t have to worry. However, this question is needed to be clarified. The reason is that any site that asks you to provide some personal information should guarantee your safety.

Technical Side of Protection

Despite lack of verification, Blackplanet still does its best to ensure safety for all customers. A special team of moderators is always monitoring profiles and incoming inquiries to keep the community satisfied. Unfortunately, you can’t block users or report violations by clicking a button. The support team is responsible for that.

You may also check the privacy policy if you are worried about how protected your private data is. There is no serious protection on the site because you don’t provide much personal information or financial details. So the conditions of the service do not require high-level security.

Customer Support

What comes to the customer support service, you can contact it whenever you want and get a response as quickly as possible. Feel free to ask any questions, submit a technical issue, or report violations. If you became a victim of harassment, offensive behavior, or noticed any inappropriate actions, contact the support team.

You can also find the help section below the “Who’s Online” block with popular questions and troubles.

Popular User Questions:

How to Pass Blackplanet Photo Verification?

There is no photo, email, or any other verification on the site. It allows to make the registration procedure faster but also increases the number of possible fakes and scammers.

How to Delete Blackplanet Account?

Closing your account option is easily reachable from your profile page. Just click “edit profile,” then “account,” and select “close account.” Your account will be permanently removed without the possibility of being restored.

How to See Who Likes You on Blackplanet Without Paying?

All features are free, but you can view just the number of props that are the Blackplanet alternative for likes.

How to Block Someone on Blackplanet?

You can’t block anyone on this site. All you can do is to skip posts or contact the support team.

How to Cancel Blackplanet Subscription?

Since the platform is free to use, there are no subscriptions. But you can cancel your account at any time!


Well, let’s sum everything up and describe our feelings about Blackplanet.com. This site is one of the most genuine and interesting sites. The whole atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. You won’t be bored while using this platform because there is always something new. A great user activity ensures you a great time over here.

Moreover, it’s free! It’s unbelievably complicated to find a 100% charge-free resource today. So it can be said that this site is more like a social network than a dating platform. However, you can find your partner with the help of this service with no doubts. Plenty of users are ready to communicate and meet new people.

Regarding downsides, Blackplanet has a lot of work. The overall impression and user experience seem to be incomplete. The site needs some new features and redesign. Many years ago, in 2001, it looked awesome, for sure. Thus, a new look, a better searching function, and better protection — will be enough to make the platform much better.

Anyway, you should try the service on your own because it’s hard to make an opinion without testing a thing. If you are wondering about our opinion, we say “yes.” You won’t be disappointed if you try this out.

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