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Manhunt Review 2021 – Is This The Best Dating Site For You?

Manhunt Review 2021 – Is This The Best Dating Site For You?
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Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 2.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The presence of an app (it’s available for different operating systems including iOS and Android);
  • A lot of features for searching and communication are free;
  • It takes no longer than 5 minutes to register;
  • This website is available in 9 languages;
  • Members are from all around the globe;
  • This dating platform has a good-looking interface (users will understand how the service operates in several minutes);
  • A chat room.
  • Some options of Manhunt aren’t available for free (to get access to them, members have to purchase a premium subscription);
  • Ith the app, it’s impossible to turn on notifications;
  • To become a member, users don’t have to verify their emails;
  • Your true destiny can be far from you.

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Are you searching for the most useful website to find the most handsome boyfriend? Then Manhunt is the most useful platform for you. This online service is a community of gay males eager to start a relationship. Some of these men want to meet a partner for long-term dating. Others are looking for someone to spend a couple of nights.

For the first few years, Manhunt used to be a website only for Americans. Nonetheless, its good-looking interface and the number of features available for free have made this online platform popular in different parts of the world. That’s why today this’s a website with more than 6 million members from lots of countries. So, you will meet a person to talk with regardless of your location. One more thing making Manhunt a well-known platform is a user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, is this online platform the best for dating online? To find out the answer, read this Manhunt review.

Reputation and History of Manhunt

Manhunt Review 2020

Nowadays, Manhunt is one of the most well-known dating websites for males. According to the statistics, more than 6 million people have already signed up here. Most of them have found the person they were looking for. Furthermore, the number of members increases regularly. Thousands of newcomers create their profiles daily. However, what is the history of Manhunt?

The founders of Manhunt developed the first version of this dating platform for gays in 2001. Their main goal was to launch the safest service for men looking for a hookup anytime. In this case, they added lots of additional features instead of simple options for communication. To make their platform the best in the sphere, they allowed members to view and upload erotic photos and videos. What’s more, they provided access to gay video chats. They also made the interface of the platform more useful. As a result, Manhunt has become the number one platform for gays, not only in the USA. Today males from lots of commonwealths are aware of this community. The main reason for its popularity in other parts of the globe is the possibility to translate it to 8 more languages including:

  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • German;
  • Chinese;
  • Japanese.

Being a platform with so many languages to translate, Manhunt is not only a service for Americans. According to the statistics, there’re only 1.5 million people from the USA. Other users of the community spread worldwide. That’s why you don’t have to spend hours searching for a person from your area. Someone is always eager to communicate with you on the website.

One more advantage of the website is that it’s useful for different purposes. Most of the males here are eager to meet a one-night stand. Nevertheless, some of them are looking for a person for a long-term relationship. So, it’s possible to find your fate or a hookup in several minutes. To find out what goal a particular user has, simply read the description on his page.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Manhunt Review 2020

This website has a good-looking interface. That’s why you will spend less than 5 minutes learning how the main features operate even if you haven’t dated online before. The only thing you ought to do before searching is to create your profile on Manhunt.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

To sign up, you will have to spend less than 5 minutes. You don’t need to provide any private information to the service. The only thing you ought to do is:

  1. To enter the main page of the website.
  2. To fill out the form at the center of the display. The system requires all users to provide this data:

  • Their member name;
  • Password;
  • Email address;
  • Age.

Even though to pass the verification process, you don’t have to share private information, and there’re several rules you need to memorize:

  • Avoid providing incorrect info. Otherwise, there’s a high risk that you won’t be able to get access to the platform.
  • It’s impossible to sign up if you haven’t reached the age of majority. You ought to be at least 18 to become a member of the community. In this case, the owners of Manhunt want to protect teenagers and children from inappropriate behavior and erotic content.
  • Use a strong password. If you don’t want hackers or other third parties to get access to your account, you need to create a strong combination of numbers and letters. We recommend doing this, especially if you age going to purchase a VIP membership.

  1. Before you click on the «Join Now» button, it’s better to read the legal materials of the community. This document is the «Terms of Use.» After getting acknowledged, you will find out what rules you need to follow to avoid your profile banned. Moreover, you will get aware of your rights on the platform.
  2. To confirm what you have read the document, you ought to leave the mark near this point.
  3. After that, it’s possible to select the language you speak and click on the button to join the website.
  4. One more thing you need to do is to upload your photo. The platform will use it as your avatar.
  5. When you have created your profile, you don’t need to verify it using your email. You can always log in. In this case, you have to utilize your member name and password.

Are the accounts real here?

Manhunt Review 2020

Regardless of the goals members of the community have, all of them want to know if other users of Manhunt are real. To create their profiles, people don’t need to verify their email addresses. Moreover, when they upload their pictures, these images don’t have to pass the confirmation. So, it’s harder to find out if you’re communicating with a real person. However, users who want to start interacting ought to verify their emails. They receive letters on the address and have to click on the link there.

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid dealing with a scammer, it’s better to follow these rules:

  • Don’t start your conversation with a stranger with only one photo. The website allows all members to upload up to 15 images.
  • Read the description of a particular member before your first conversation. If this male doesn’t have it, we don’t recommend interacting with this individual.
  • Avoid saying any private information online.

Furthermore, if one of the members looks suspicious, it’s possible to block him. As a result, he won’t be able to send you messages any longer.

Website and mobile version

Manhunt Review 2020

There’re two ways to use Manhunt. Most of the members communicate via a desktop version of this service. The main colors of the website are dark. So, nothing will interrupt you from a pleasant conversation with a handsome man.

Nevertheless, if you are eager to communicate via your smartphone, you should use a mobile version. To get access to it, you only need to download the app. This mobile program is available for iPhones and devices operating via Android. The features of the app are the same as for a desktop version. To go from one section to another, possible to utilize icons on the bottom of the display. These categories include:

  • Searching;
  • Favorites;
  • Notifications.

To get access to other features, you ought to open the toolbox on the top of the page. The only disadvantage of this app is that it’s impossible to turn on notifications. So, you always need to check new messages manually.

Special Features

Manhunt Review 2020

The Manhunt isn’t a simple platform for communication. This’s a user-friendly community with lots of additional features. Some of the options are available for freer users. Nonetheless, to get access to some of these options, you ought to pay for a VIP membership. These functions include:

  • Board. This’s a function allowing users to share their thoughts or images with the audience quickly. If you don’t want this post to stay for a long time, it’s possible to set the time to expire it. You don’t need to show your nickname. Nevertheless, if you want to appeal to other users, you can add your picture. If some of them find your post interesting, they can write to you. As a result, their message will be in your inbox.
  • Tracklist. With this option, you always know who are the last 50 males viewed your page. To see this feed, you ought to go to the homepage or on the toolbox on the right side of the display. If you don’t want some of the members to see your profile in their tracklists, you can choose not to appear there. Nonetheless, if you are already in one’s list, it’s impossible to delete your profile.
  • TugHub.tv. If you pay for a premium subscription, you will get free access to this website. TugHub is a platform with lots of intimate gay materials. There’re dozens of categories on the platform. Moreover, you can download some videos to your computer.

Manhunt Review 2020

After signing up, you can start searching for your gay partner. If you have met someone appealing to you, it’s possible to start your conversation. However, maybe it will turn out into something more than a simple online interaction.

How does Manhunt work?

Before interacting with some of the members of Manhunt, you ought to find this person. In this case, you ought to click on the lens icon and select filters the system offers. Then you see the list of the most suitable candidates. If some of them are handsome for you, you can go to their profile. On the page, it’s possible to view their pictures. Moreover, you will be able to read this man’s description and characteristics. If he is online, you can send him the first message. However, if he isn’t on the website now, add him to your favorites. So, you won’t lose his profile.

One more thing you can use to find the partner is to go to the tracklist. You will see the most recent visitors to your profile there. If you’re fond of one of them, you can write to him.

Searching options and filters at Manhunt?

Manhunt Review 2020

To search for the most suitable candidate on Manhunt, you can filter all members by lots of characteristics such as:

  • Their height;
  • Place where they live;
  • Hair color;
  • Eyes color;
  • Build.

Moreover, you can see the sexual preferences of a particular person.

Communication Methods

The easiest way to interact with one of the users is to send him text messages. Even free members can send as many messages as they want. Moreover, it’s possible to share your photos or GIFs with your interlocutor.

What’s more, if you are ready to get closer to your significant other m, it’s possible to start a private conversation with a web camera. The main difference of this chatting is that it’s impossible to send text messages during the conversation. However, if you have a free version of the website, it’s impossible to call your interlocutor. But you can answer calls and participate in them not paying for this feature.

Manhunt Alternatives

The Manhunt is the largest community for people looking for a gay relationship. However, there’re lots of other services in this field. The main of them are:

  • GaysGoDating;
  • GayFriendFinder.com;
  • GaysTryst.

Although these platforms are also popular, they aren’t as great as Manhunt. Their main shortcoming is the fact that most of the features are available only for VIP members. Moreover, some of them don’t have a mobile version.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Manhunt Review 2020

Most of the features of Manhunt are free. Nonetheless, to get additional options, you ought to pay using your:

  • Cheque;
  • Credit card.

Free Membership Features

After signing up, you get access to these functions:

  • Searching for guys;
  • Answering video calls;
  • Sending as many messages as you want;
  • Viewing the tracklist;
  • It’s possible to upload up to 16 pictures.

Premium Membership Features

When you have paid for a premium membership, you will get more advanced features including:

  • Calling via video;
  • Blocking up to 1 thousand users;
  • Viewing unlimited conversation history;
  • Searching with more filters;
  • Getting access to TugHub.tv.

How much is Dating on Manhunt?

Even though people with a paid version of Manhunt get access to lots of additional features, they don’t need to pay much for this membership. If you get a non-renewal subscription, it costs:

  • 1 week is for $8.00;
  • 1 month is for $14.00;
  • 3 months are for $35.00;
  • 6 months are for $65.00.

A membership with an auto-renewal is cheaper. To get this version for 1 month, you have to pay $12.00. What’s more, for half a year, it will cost $55.00.

Is Manhunt Really Safe?

To protect all users, the owners of Manhunt do their best. They don’t allow users who haven’t verified their profiles to send messages.

Technical side of protection

To prevent users’ data from stealing, the founders have embedded a system of encryption. So, if you provide your credit card information, you don’t need to worry that hacker ps will have access to it.

Customer Support

To solve your problems, you can send a message to the email of customer service. Moreover, if you want to get your solution faster, it’s possible to call them. What’s more, they have a mailing address.

The Main Questions:

Manhunt Review 2020

How to Overtake Image Verification on Manhunt?

To upload up to 16 pictures, you don’t need to confirm what they are yours. Moreover, it’s possible to share some erotic photos. Your profile won’t be banned for such activities.

How to Deactivate Page on Manhunt?

To deactivate your profile, you need to go to the Settings. You have to choose this feature among lots of others. So, you will get directions.

Can I See Who Likes Me on Manhunt for Free?

It’s possible to see people visited your profile. To see them, go to the tracklist. So, you will get access to the last 50 males viewed your page.

How to Block Other Users on Manhunt?

If you don’t want to see one of the members in your feed, go to his account. There you will see the «Block» button. As a result, you will never see this individual again. Nevertheless, if this member behaves strangely, it’s possible to report. So, you will notify the moderators about this person and protect others from him.

How to Stop Paying for Manhunt Membership?

To cancel your membership on Manhunt, you need to go to the Settings and choose this option where. Nevertheless, if you have a subscription with an auto-renewal, the company won’t return your money for the period you haven’t used.


Summing up, Manhunt is one of the most popular platforms for gay dating. Homosexual males can feel confident here. To make their interactions more enjoyable, they can start chatting via video or audio. Moreover, more features are available with a premium membership. To communicate via your mobile phone, you can download the app of Manhunt with the same features.

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Alyssa is a certified Adult Relationship coach. Her sharpness, analytical intellect, and compassion make her an excellent relationship specialist. No matter the problems clients present, she ensures to put together thorough analysis and emotional intelligence. All that, including empathy and her knowledge of working with various personalities, enables her to find solutions to client’s issues.
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Customer reviews
Linda Spencer
by Linda Spencer Oct 14, 2021
Magnificent dating internet site! I signed up with they this past year because consequently found two family with positive. Furthermore, I talk to several people from my personal favorite set. Speaking is extremely good, as a chat opening comes in handy. Consumers are actually open-minded, friendly, and energetic. You will find specific choice, without an individual judges me. So, I believe absolutely as well as safe.
by Edith Oct 09, 2021
I enjoy this specific service. After being a subscribed owner for around 2 months, I ran across brand-new good friends, so there is not to grumble about. The interface helps you develop an attractive visibility with many attractive pictures. If you decide to don't experience they required to make out many of the areas, perhaps you may forget them. I guess that photographs would be the main point because sleep it is possible to display while messaging and talking. We don't bring someone for dating at this time, but I'm over at my option. My home is a rural area, and several matches tend to be far away from myself. However, deciding on simple recent preferred and our personal on the internet discussion, i shall get out soon. Anyhow, the software really works, while the area is awesome. I turned down some freaks, but I've satisfied not a soul so terrible as to stop these people from getting in touch with me.
Steven Sullivan
by Steven Sullivan Oct 04, 2021
The internet dates about this websites are becoming a good and attention-grabbing enjoy for me personally. It works absolutely for your self-confidence and let making brand new joints. They are certainly not dating so far but looks appealing. Furthermore, It is pleasant I think to stop the ice and chat with individuals from any country i love. Checking pages is definitely interesting, both. It's usually intriguing to see how group present themselves while searching for intimacy.
by Kaia Sep 26, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and appreciate studies. I'm not monogamous, at the least presently. Truthfully, my personal customs is far from typical societal norms, so I commonly feeling lonely even among relatives or near neighbors. A lot of them were joined, i'm going blend outrageous when I believe his or her important styles. So, however, it's rather difficult to line up and hang out with like-minds once you stay in a large area, wherein people are also busy to generate unique contacts. Therefore, this chaos 's the reason for becoming a member of this website. And my personal experience was smooth. I been able to get a hold of individuals that desire identical products and read my personal hope to be no-cost, without engagement, promises, and this other hooey. Another great thing would be that there I've came across some bi-curious people. I prefer the functionality with the internet site since it's rather adequate for initial connection. Perhaps, individuals would like way more rewards, but in my personal opinion, you should get a date have a look at in-depth interacting with each other. While checking pages, I determine most clear your. If only consumers could pay most focus upon their unique position on the site. These are the site's results, things are okay. No troubles with join, emails, etc. assistance program works and is particularly accessible 24 hours a day. I'm thrilled to obtain a virtual place for my own desires and fantasies. It's awesome when the people willn't inflict the worth but is for a passing fancy page.
Francis Ellis
by Francis Ellis Sep 25, 2021
Our site is great for myself. As I'm a tad sick of swiping, it got a middle surface for my personal requires. We don't approach any major relations at this time, but I won't escape while I satisfy our really love. This site does indeedn't stress myself and brings obtaining all great features of quality romance. Besides, i love it app is very convenient to make use of, be it about navigation or transaction. Evaluation is ordinary, but typically grudge bucks in their eyes since I get the best price for costs they require. I've already came across some good individuals and find very hot dates. Besides, we message with several customers to speak, chuckle, and talk about different subjects, most notably gender. I feel that i'm inside league ever since the society is often rather genial. Customers don't determine a person, the way it might be when you yourself have found people in a bar.
by Boesen Sep 20, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and direction-finding is easy. I receive an adequate few specifics and insights for owners that appear popular with me. In all honesty, i really do really enjoy standing on this web site. I was able ton't encounter my favorite present buddy yet. Nevertheless, I ran across several curious men and women to speak with. I feel free of cost and comfortable while emailing these people. I recommend this great site to everyone who's shopping for excellent camaraderie, irrespective of the variety of commitment.
Denise Schmidt
by Denise Schmidt Aug 05, 2021
Great perceptions. I've found loads of nice and intriguing people and a few freaks . that's the norm if you find yourself on line. Some fits had not been inside location . that's the reason we stayed friends. I ought to state that this specific service gives many technology to make various other individuals take note of we. 1st, it's enough room to generate your own page and offer enough details about your appearance and personality. Consequently, texting try ok. Usually, we access full online communications and can get a night out together at any time while prepared to fulfill the best in the real world.
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