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AngelReturn Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?

AngelReturn Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 26-27
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A lot of free services. To use the main features of AngelReturn, you don’t have to purchase a premium membership.
  • A decent mobile version.
  • This website is available for citizens of different countries. It has 16 languages to choose from.
  • The possibility to meet your true love quickly (you don’t have to spend hours searching for your fate).
  • A good-looking interface.
  • The app is available only for Android smartphones.
  • Your fate can be far from your area.
  • Most of the members have serious intentions.

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Are you wondering what AngelReturn is? This is a great website where people from different parts of the world can meet their true destinies. Most of the members here have come to this online platform with serious intentions. There’s a huge group of users who are eager to date for a long time. Some of them are even ready to get married. But, as the owners notice, they aren’t a marriage agency. So, members of AngelReturn won’t receive any mails ordering brides here. So, it’s a marvelous choice for you in case you simply need to find someone to spend a couple of nights with.

Since it is a free website for people with different goals, AngelReturn is a popular service in different parts of the world. It is hosted in the USA, but there’re thousands of members from other countries. So, you will be able to find your true love here, no matter where you are. However, what to start with on this online service? To find out the answer to this question, read AngelReturn review.

Reputation and history of AngelReturn

AngelReturn Review 2020

The AngelReturn is a dating website popular in different parts of the world. Software engineers developed the first version of this online platform several years ago. Even though the founder of this dating service is Turkish, and the launching company is registered in Ukraine, citizens of many countries use AngelReturn. The main reason for its growth is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. Most of the features here are available for free members. To browse for other users or to start the first conversation with your future love, you don’t have to pay for a premium subscription.

This website has an excellent reputation among users who have experience in online dating. The essential reason for high rates is that AngelReturn is a great community of people looking for serious relationships. Such goals of most of the users make AngelReturn a dating platform that is free from inappropriate content. You will never meet people trying to send their naked pictures or video clips and ask strangers risky questions.

Such a great reputation is the main reason for lots of positive reviews. They become more valuable when you see how many people have already met their couples via AngelReturn. That’s why thousands of singles become members of this dating platform regularly. According to the recent statistics, there’re about 1.5 million users on this platform.

The AngelReturn is spread not only in the USA or other English-speaking countries. There’re lots of users from:

  • Japan;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine.

Such great diversity removes all borders. That’s why your cultural background or ethnicity doesn’t matter when you decide to meet your partner for a long-term relationship via AngelReturn. If you are looking for a couple from the same culture as you, add this information to the description. Furthermore, you can filter this characteristic while searching online. The fact that there’re people from different countries makes it easier for users to meet someone who can support and understand them.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

AngelReturn Review 2020

The AngelReturn is not only a diverse platform. It’s also simple to use service with no useless features. With this platform, you don’t have to waste time learning how the main tools work. You can figure out how it operates in several minutes, even with no experience.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Before starting their first conversation, all users need to sign up. The registration process is quick. To get access to the main functions, you don’t have to pay for a premium subscription.

To create your profile faster, you ought to follow this step by step instruction:

  • Go to the main page of the website.
  • Select the language you prefer to use for communication. To do this, click on the item looking like a flag and choose your country. This button is on the top right side of the first page. The AngelReturn is a service popular all around the globe so that you will find your native language most likely.
  • When you have chosen the language of your area, the program translates the website automatically.
  • Click on the «Register New Account» button if this is your first time on this dating platform.
  • An application form will appear in the central part of the main page. To sign up, you need to fill out all fields of it. On AngelReturn, users have to provide only general information about them. This data includes:

  1. Email addresses
  2. Name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Gender

Although the registration requirements aren’t as strict as on other dating websites, people still have to pay their attention to different aspects. To get approval, all users ought to:

  • Reach up the age of the majority. It means that they must be older than 18 years old. Otherwise, they won’t get a positive decision from the system. Such a restriction protects teenagers and children from inappropriate behavior of adult users. Even though it’s almost impossible to find a scammer on AngelReturn, some users may be naughty.
  • Create a secure password. To avoid unexpected troubles with your account on AngelReturn, we recommend using a random combination of letters and numbers. Otherwise, there’s a high risk that hackers will get access to your profile quickly.
  • Avoid providing untruthful information in the form. If you enter the wrong email, you won’t be able to sign up. After you click on the button to register, you will have to confirm it. You will receive the letter on this address, so it should be valid.

Furthermore, if you forget your password, the only way to regain access to your account is to use your email. So, you should check the data twice before applying.

Click on the «Register» button.

Before tapping, we recommend reading the legal documents. After getting acknowledged, you will find what rights you have on the platform. Furthermore, you will get aware of situations when your profile can be banned. So, it will help you avoid such issues.

When you have created your profile, you can log in using your email and password.

Although the procedure of registration won’t take longer than 5 minutes, you can make it faster. To do this, you can use your profile on Facebook. The site doesn’t collect your private information you post to your account on this social media.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

AngelReturn Review 2020

The main question that all people eager to start dating via AngelReturn ask is if all profiles are real. As the founders of this platform mention, lots of scammers were using it only several years ago. Nevertheless, they solved this problem by including a strong verification system. Every photo is checked for authenticity now. When the owners provided such a process, the number of fake profiles decreased immediately. That’s why these days, it’s impossible to face not a real person on AngelReturn. To make sure that you are talking to a real human being, read his description beforehand. Moreover, if a particular account seems peculiar, you can always block that user. So, he won’t be able to contact you anymore.

Website and Mobile Version

The easiest way to have interactions via AngelReturn is to use its desktop version. This website has a good-looking interface. You will hardly find any useless functions on this platform. That’s why you don’t have to get any experience in online dating to run it successfully.

In case it isn’t convenient for you to use a desktop version, you can use this service via your smartphone. To get access to this version, you only need to download an app. This program is available only for the Android operating system. That’s why you cannot use a mobile version if you have an iPhone. Nevertheless, this app is contemporary, and it provides the same features as the website. The icons on the page represent all significant sections. Clicking these icons, you can go to:

  • The searching feature;
  • Video chatting;
  • Dialogs;
  • People who liked your account;
  • Settings.

Special Features

AngelReturn differs a lot from other dating websites. Its uniqueness is in the fact that all services here are free. So, to contact other members of the platform, you don’t need to pay for a premium subscription. Furthermore, you can see people interested in you.

One more advantage of this dating website is that there’re lots of ways for communication. Users can send text messages to each other, and it’s possible to add some stickers. If you feel confident enough with your new friend, you can offer to try a conversation with a web camera. A video chat is a marvelous solution for people who are far from each other. Having such a conversation will make you closer to your online partner.

AngelReturn Review 2020

The first thing you need to do when you confirm your profile is to search for exiting interlocutors. The AngelReturn offers users lots of filters for browsing. That’s why you will find someone to talk to in less than five minutes.

How Does Angelreturn Work?

To search for your true destiny, you can use different filters. All of them are available for free. When you have selected them, you will see the list of the most suitable candidates. You can request to show you the members nearby first or demonstrate only newcomers. If you have noticed someone appealing, you can add that person to the list of your favorites so that you won’t lose this profile.

Searching Options and Filters at Angelreturn

Filters users can select to search for members via AngelReturn include:

  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Characteristics of appearance;
  • Preferences;
  • Gender.

Communication Methods

When you have found the person you want to communicate with, you can send them your first text message. Nevertheless, texting isn’t the only way you can interact with your potential partner. To get closer, you can:

  • Call via audio;
  • Video chat;
  • Send emojis.

Moreover, it’s possible to give digital presents to your new friend. They are free for all members. One more way to show your admiration is to like pictures of an appealing member. It’s possible to add comments to photos or videos. This is a wonderful method for people feeling shy to start the conversation first. They may demonstrate their interest in such a way.

AngelReturn Alternatives

AngelReturn Review 2020

Dating online is getting more popular. That’s why there’re lots of alternatives to AngelReturn on the market. The most significant competitors are:

  • Match;
  • Bumble;
  • OkCupid;
  • Elite Singles.

These are websites with an enormous audience. Nevertheless, AngelReturn is much better than its alternatives. Its main advantage is that it provides almost all services for free. Most other dating services require premium subscriptions to get access to advanced features. AngelReturn users don’t have to pay to send messages or chat via videos. So, it’s a great solution for people who are eager to meet their true love for free.

Membership Price and Payment Method

As mentioned above, AngelReturn is a free dating website. You can use all features not paying for a premium subscription.

Free Membership Features

It’s free to sign up and get access to all functions of the AngelReturn. With this version of the service, users can:

  • Search for other members;
  • Send text messages;
  • Call each other;
  • Exchange digital gifts;
  • Send videos and photos;
  • Comment pictures and like them.

Premium Membership Features

AngelReturn Review 2020

Although all functions of AngelReturn are free, there’s a membership on the platform. To provide its services, the owners add lots of commercial materials. If you don’t want ads to interrupt your conversation, you ought to purchase a premium membership. Nevertheless, it’s not expensive. That’s why you can always afford to communicate without bothering.

How Much Is Dating on Angelreturn?

There’re two types of premium membership on the AngelReturn. The cheapest option costs only $6.00 per month. If you want to remove all ads, you need to purchase a premium version for $12.00 per month.

Is AngelReturn Really Safe?

The owners of AngelReturn do their best to protect all members of their dating platform from hackers and scammers. That’s why users can feel safe while communicating via this website.

Technical Side of Protection

To protect all users’ private information, there’s an encryption system on AngelReturn. It’s almost impossible to steal the data. Still, if you want to feel secure, we don’t recommend using public Wi-Fi when you are paying for the membership.

Customer Support

This website is easy-to-use. That’s why you don’t have to contact customer support often. If you have problems with the service, you can use their email address. They will answer your letter as soon as they receive it. You may choose to go to the «Help» section. There’s a high chance that you will find the solution to your problem there.

AngelReturn Review 2020

How to Pass Angelreturn Photo Verification?

The verification process won’t take much time if you follow these simple requirements:

  • Don’t add face filters;
  • Upload good quality pictures;
  • Avoid too much editing.

How to Delete Angelreturn Account?

If you have found your true love via AngelReturn, you can delete your profile. The only action you need to do is to go to the «Account Settings section.» It’s on the top left side of all pages. When you are in that section, click on the «Deactivate your profile» button. After doing this, your account won’t be in the list of members anymore. You can re-activate your profile whenever you want.

How to See Who Likes You on Angelreturn Without Paying?

The AngelReturn is a free dating website. That’s why all members can see people who like their profiles free of charge.

How to Block Someone on Angelreturn?

If you don’t want to communicate with a particular person, you can block them by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to Cancel Angelreturn Subscription?

It’s possible to cancel your subscription whenever you want. By doing this, you will stop auto-refunding. You won’t be able to return the cash you have already paid for the services, not a big loss, though, because the prices are really moderate.


AngelReturn Review 2020

To sum up, AngelReturn is a marvelous solution for people with serious intentions. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you can use both mobile and desktop versions. One more reason to choose AngelReturn is the fact that all services here are free.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
MS, RD & Writer
Luis is an approved relationship coach who can communicate in French and Spanish. He gets his motivation from the desire to help other people excel. He has also learned a lot from his relationship encounters, which enables him to understand his clients better. Luis possesses powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The knowledge enables him to assist other people to strengthen and enhance their connection with themselves.
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by Ezequiel Sep 17, 2021
We accompanied this website just last year and had gotten amazing practice. These days, I have a dependable and mind-blowing partner, and we're excellent together. I'd recommend the app because You will find discovered from lead enjoy so it is effective. I notice that plenty of people commonly complain about no fights, believing that they simply spend your time and cash. Nonetheless, I should observe that when people cannot find someone, they often times boot their own downfalls to additional issue. Work, family members, online dating sites, this means, there's always anyone the culprit. However, you must never give up hope, and anything can be all right. For instance, it required practically 7 months to meet my own mate.
Henry Hughes
by Henry Hughes Aug 13, 2021
I'd like additional daters to find out that this particular service 100per cent does its job without tactics. Folks that undoubtedly crave to get touching that special someone won't rue their particular possibility any time applying for the platform. The most important thing isn't to stop. I have already met my own beloved, so we are currently pleased. I'm arousal and concord, knowning that implies plenty. So, we have been in love, and in fact is never ever too far gone for individuals of any age and demands. I would suggest this web site, extremely just check out.
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