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Religious Dating: Where to Search For A Religious Partner?

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Some about religious dating

Religious dating sites gain much popularity, as these platforms perform an important function, uniting like-minded people. People have different attitudes to religion: some persons don’t pay much attention to rules and requirements, while others place their faith among the top life priorities.

What is the main idea of such online dating platforms? Websites and applications connected with a particular religion connect people globally, opening diverse opportunities for them. Aside from dating, users are accessible to make new friends there, share their principles and convictions.

What is religious dating?

Sometimes you cannot even imagine how important religion is for some persons, especially while talking about dating and marriage. For instance, dating someone religious when you are not is a challenging task. People representing different faiths may have common interests and purposes, but their convictions towards diverse life sides are entirely different, and relationships commence to crack.

Religious dating services are huge hubs, where like-minded persons may extend their faith knowledge, communicate with different people around the world, find some exciting features, etc. Among the dominating characteristics of dating services connected with religion:

  • Most subscribers represent a particular religion, but other members are welcome to join. For instance, people interested in the Arabic culture are free to open an account on Muzmatch.
  • Specific matchmaking algorithms are available to find a person corresponding to your religious principles. For instance, a person may activate filters referring to the praying frequency, clothing style, readiness for relocation, etc.
  • Religious platforms provide newcomers with informational support. Subscribers obtain access to religion-related articles, group discussions, and other materials.

How to do religious dating?

Such a process comprises the following sequence of steps:

  • Foremost, understand your dating aim (e.g., making new friends, long-term relationships, or marriage).
  • Choose one or several dating platforms related to your faith.
  • Create an informative profile and upload some photos illustrating your tough links with religion.
  • Activate some unique filters linked with the chosen religion to meet a person considered as your perfect match.
  • Respect the culture and traditions, even being not involved in a particular religion. For instance, while getting an account on the Muslim services, find out some information about Arabic culture and its taboos.

Which are people to find religious dating

The question is quite controversial, as many people register on both non-religious dating sites and faith-related platforms. The whole community comprises millions of people with different dating purposes, ideas, life principles, and cultural views.

While talking about a person looking for dating platforms linked with religion, his or her portrait may comprise the following traits:

  • A person places faith among the most crucial life priorities; therefore, it is impossible to start relationships with other confessions representatives.
  • Newcomers are interested in the culture, having no or minimal understanding of the specific faith.
  • Young girls from diverse countries are looking for rich, handsome Arab people and register for Muslim dating websites.
  • Members are not true religious fans, but they need to find their significant ones from the same confession because of traditions, parents, or other reasons.

In fact, religious dating platforms welcome all people. The only exception refers to the sexual orientation: most religious confessions don’t understand homosexual relations as something affordable; therefore, newcomers get two ways: “a man seeking women” or “a woman seeking men.” Furthermore, the majority of registered users expect to find their life-term love there.

According to the researchers, the popularity of online religious dating sites has been steadily increasing since 2008. Several reasons explaining this tendency:

  • Foremost, the world is moving towards “onlinization,” and the pandemic has speeded the process up. An average person spends from 7 to 8 hours browsing the Internet daily. The sociologists are convinced that the pandemic is about to increase this number by 20-30%.
  • Online dating services are massive platforms with millions of registered members, and religious platforms are not an exception. Several years ago, it was hard to find nearby people corresponding to your preferences. At present, every 7th person has an account on dating services.
  • Contemporary dating platforms look stylish and functional; hence, users love them visually. Foremost, religious services launch mobile applications to help people stay connected everywhere.

Stats at religious dating

While speaking about faith-based dating platforms’ statistics, Christians are more likely to use the Internet to find their significant others. About 75% of single Christians prefer searching for their love on special dating services, highlighting their real-life difficulties.

The year 2021 shows 17% of all marriages commence from online dating services. Furthermore, the sociologists stated that an average “online marriage” takes a person 18.5 months, while “offline marriages” are results of 42 months of the previous dating.

As for the age and gender distribution on religious dating platforms, men outnumber these services. About 60% of male representatives are looking for women from diverse confessions, whose part is 40%. According to legislative rules, persons starting from 18 get the right to open an account. The age group from 24 to 34 is regarded as the religious dating services’ target audience – people understand their preferences and demands and wish to find long-term relationships.

While talking about geographical distribution of faith-related dating platforms, the following countries outnumber:

  • USA (31.28% of the whole community);
  • Canada (17.91%);
  • UK (3.9%);
  • India (2.45%);
  • Germany (2.11%).

The main advantages of religious dating

Persons registered on faith-based platforms distinguish the following advantages compared to non-religious dating sites:

Unlike ordinary dating services where most persons don’t understand their wishes entirely, the majority of newcomers getting accounts on faith-related services comprehend their goals (new friends, communication, marriage).

Some users underestimate searching filters, but their role is important enough. For instance, the whole website community contains 2 million people, and that’s enormously high. You activate gender filter (women), age matchmaker (from 20 to 30), and nearby location. The system displays some 11 000. As for religious-related services, they are equipped with various faith-based filters, and your chances to meet like-minded people grow essentially. Newly converted people may get some useful information to make their faith-related knowledge more profound.

Where to find a religious dating site?

That’s not hard to find matching platforms where a man is dating a religious girl and vice versa. Search results, special forums, experts’ list, and other places are ready to uncover the best faith-related platforms, helping persons find their perfect matches. Remember that such platforms invite all people no matter what their faith is.

How to choose the best religious dating sites?

While choosing a religion-related dating platform, newcomers should take the following criteria into account:

  • Your faith. There are platforms for Christians, Muslims, Jewish, and other people.
  • Location. Find out which countries are mostly represented on specific websites to get more chances to meet your perfect match.
  • Verification. A robust verification system protects subscribers from scammers; therefore, don’t neglect this factor.
  • Profiles. On the one hand, detailed profiles help members to tell much about themselves, while on the other hand, it is better when most fields are optional.
  • Matchmakers. Thousands of available users are not always good. Use searching filters to narrow your choice and not to be lost in the crowds of registered persons.
  • Functionality. Well, one cannot take the functionality criterion off the table. Think over features you wish to get (diversity of communicative options, informational content, forum, etc.).

What’s the best dating app or website for religious dating?

Such a question is controversial enough, as all users have their criteria to determine the best religious dating sites. Meanwhile, faith and users’ activity are undoubtedly dominating factors to take into account. For instance, single Christians join the following dating services: Christian Mingle, eHarmony, Christian dating for free, and other platforms. Muslims prefer to choose Muzmatch, Muslima, Muslim Marriage Solution, Islamic Marriage, etc. Jewish people are likely to open accounts on JDate, JRetro Match, JPeople Meet, Jewish Soul Search, and some others.

Most services have already launched mobile applications for Android and iOS devices to extend users’ base. Mobile apps have the same functionality as websites do.

The best religious dating sites for a wild time

The total number of religion-related dating services is about 200 diverse platforms. While talking about the best websites, the following services are pointed out:

Christian Mingle

The best community to unite Christian.

The service unites more than 15 million Christians worldwide. The majority of subscribed persons are Christian, looking for long-term relationships and marriages. The registration process takes newcomers about a minute, while a person may use Facebook and Apple profiles to speed up their registration.

Detailed profiles make it possible to determine such information. The whole scope of features is not so broad, but every option is available at fingertips. The design is smooth and relaxing; hence, people of all age categories enjoy the service. Moreover, this website is available in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish.

The developers focus on the uniqueness of Christian Mingle as a unique platform where Christians from around the Globe communicate, share their interests and experience, meet special ones. The community understands this service as a top religious platform. Meanwhile, more than 86% of registered persons represent the USA and Canada.

Muzmatch. Muslims of the world, unite!

Users call the Muzmatch dating service the best platform for Muslims. Since 2015 the platform has been linking Arab and non-Arab singles in diverse countries, while the whole service community exceeds 1.5 million subscribers. The website serves for informational support only, as members need to download applications for Android or iOS devices.

The matching-roulette principle saves your time by showing single Muslims nearby who correspond to the activated filters. Swipe or like suggested persons view their profiles and full-sized photos for free. What’s even more pleasant: messaging option is free; hence, subscribers are enabled to communicate with people from standard accounts.

As for dating services, security and safety are among key points for newcomers, and Muzmatch gives a head start to its competitors. A new entry obtains an opportunity to enter through Facebook and Google profile or complete the robust verification system. The service team does everything to protect subscribers from scams.


The most functional dating platform for Jewish singles.

Some users call the service not stylish and contemporary enough, while in fact, the platform is convenient and useful for all age groups. The upper menu contains five options, while all profile settings are available by clicking on the profile thumbnail. Which platform can be more understandable?!

There are two dating ways: the traditional and the Tinder-like LookBook option. View profiles and full-size photos for free, leave likes and send flirts for free. The messaging option is fee-based, and users point out such a feature among the key disadvantages. Meanwhile, premium packages are modest enough – newcomers also obtain a 7-days premium free trial.

The whole JDate community has surpassed a million users, while more than 95% of registered persons represent four countries: the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Israel. Members are free to use either a website or a mobile application.

Do religious dating sites actually work?

Religious-related platforms are genuinely effective, according to subscribers’ testimonials. While talking about non-religious dating sites, most subscribers are looking for hookups there, and many people complain about difficulties they face, searching for something long-term. Faith-based services are mostly oriented for people ready to commence long-term or even marital relationships.

Before making your final decision, read some experts’ opinions and success stories. Many websites contain stories where people describe their successful relationships, starting from a particular religion-related dating platform. The more successful testimonials – the better.

Are members on religious dating sites real?

Faith-based platforms pay much more attention to this crucial factor, while other services are usually rich in registered scammers. Meanwhile, it has both positive and negative sides. For instance, many services have no robust verification, but newcomers get accounts in some 1-2 minutes. As for most religious dating platforms, new entries need to validate their emails and phone numbers or complete even more severe verification.

Hence, 99% of users registered on the faith-based services are real. Of course, they may determine fake information about themselves, but scammers and catfishes prefer to choose other platforms.

What about security on religious dating sites?

Security is definitely among the grounds reliable dating platforms are standing on. Religion-related services do everything to keep registered persons secured. For instance, services display no contact information, make most fields optional, and add no publications to users’ social network accounts.

While talking about religion-based services, there are some additional requirements linked with photos and profile descriptions. For instance, women are likely to wear modest clothing; users need to respect the faith and culture. Hence, the moderating team is checking profiles, whether they correspond to these criteria.


Foremost, the dating industry starts to be divided into multiple niches, and such a distribution shows people need to meet as many like-minded persons as possible. Self-identity is placed among the most significant life priorities, and religion is an essential part.

Dating services connected with specific religious confessions perform the function of giant hubs for people where they make new friends globally, discuss different topics, and meet their significant others. Aside from the traditional dating interface, there are many faith-related features and informational support.

Subscribers accentuate the importance of these services for single persons belonging to various religions. That is hard to find a like-minded man or woman on the street, while such international religious hubs open an entire world full of like-minded fellows. That’s why the audience of religious dating sites continues to grow steadily.