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Some About Buddhist Dating

In Buddhism, a happy romantic relationship is based on independence and non-attachment. To be satisfied for a Buddhist means to be independent. They believe that being attached to things or people may cause suffering, so it pulls you back from happiness. The idea of a perfect partner is inorganic for them. Buddhists accept people with all their flaws. Buddhism teaches that everyone should experience unconditional love — affection without any limitations or conditions. It may also mean that Buddhist dating is grounded on unconditional love, has no bounds, and is infinite. True Buddhist altruism has won many people’s hearts worldwide, and they are trying to make other people’s lives better without any evidence of benefit for themselves. Buddhists stick to these beliefs and love their partner without reason, freely, and accept their character and behavior. Dating sites and apps for Buddhists gather like-minded people who are real altruists and ready to share their feelings.

What Is Buddhist Dating?

You are probably familiar with the idea of giving without asking anything in exchange; that is the real love highly praised by Buddhists. Romantic relationships and dating are essential for knowing each other better, and people should not be afraid of flirting and communication. Fortunately, Buddhist dating sites allow users to choose a significant other without going on many dates but just matching and texting. In Buddhism, marriage is not an obligation: it’s just an option for each individual to make. If a person considers that it will bring them happiness and enlightenment, they should marry, but it is not a burden that a couple must bear through life. Thus, Buddhists welcome romantic relationships, and marriage and divorce are ordinary events in any person’s life that are not an obligation or sin.

How to Do Buddhist Dating?

You should find an appropriate dating site or download an app, and that would be your first step in the online romantic journey. You have to register and add your photo and a short bio, answer some questions about your interests and preferences to find a match. Soon you will get a list of compatible partners you may communicate with or receive a message from someone. You should know that Buddhist dating is an ideal variant for those who look for the same tranquil and calm people indulged in meditation and spirituality. It may be challenging to meet the right person in real life with similar interests, but here, it’s effortless, as online dating sites are for those who want to love and be happy.

People Interested in Buddhist Dating

Singles who put other people’s interests above their own are interested in Buddhist dating and find dating sites and apps the best option for looking for a partner. Buddhists follow five rules in their life, and their partner has to share them. They are against killing and are vegetarians; taking someone’s life is unacceptable. Buddhists do not steal, except for others’ hearts, when someone falls in love with them. They refrain from sensual pleasure and do not commit adultery. No drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol as they ruin health and intoxicate the body and mind. Buddhists do not gossip about others and do not lie, as wrong speech is one of the Five Precepts important for every Buddhist. They produce favorable results and lead to Kamma — the consequence of skillful actions.

Buddhism is a religion professed by 520 million followers worldwide, and it constitutes 7% of the world population. Every day Buddhism attracts new believers, as it is the fourth-largest religion on Earth. Originated in India and based on Buddha’s teachings, Buddhism helps to find the path of liberation and attain Nirvana. These ideas made many people worldwide follow religion to terminate suffering cycles, which are associated with re-births and re-deaths. All these people are indulged in meditation and spend much of their time on this process. Buddhists rarely or never visit clubs and cafes to meet someone and rarely get acquainted outdoors. Online Buddhist dating helps to allocate time rationally without any harm to religion and feelings. Modern technologies enable you to keep in touch with others 24/7 in your comfortable environment.

Stats for Buddhist Dating

Every day thousands of users register on Buddhist dating sites and download applications. According to the statistics, every fourth member finds their love during the first month after joining. 40% of Buddhists stated that they had found good friends online they communicate with daily. Half of the users answer they are in relationships with a person from the online community. Other Buddhists cannot answer what state of relationship they have, as it is in progress and unclear yet.

The Main Advantages of Buddhist Dating

Online communication gives you a chance to meet many more people than you can in real life. It allows you to see Buddhists from your area with whom you would not have met by chance, or it would have happened too late. At the same time, it allows you to choose a pace and adjust communication time to your daily schedule. Meditation and going to temples require your time in addition to work and daily routine. You can choose the person you like the most among the list of other Buddhists and let yourself be peaky. It also allows you to speak freely, as many people feel shy when they meet face to face. Besides saving your time, Buddhist dating also saves your money, as you find out about the person during online interaction that reduces the number of wasted dates.

Where to Find Buddhist Dating Sites?

There is so much useful information on the Internet — you need to have a computer or smartphone and a stable internet connection. The World Wide Web contains plenty of free dating sites, and among them, you may find yours. You enter the keywords to search, such as Buddhist apps or sites, and you will see a list of pages and articles with recommendations. Devote your time to study the subject, read, and choose the best for you, register, and communicate. People may also look for the Buddhist dating apps in Google Play or the Apple Store by entering the name of the apps you will see here or on the Internet. Each application has a short description and user rates so that you may compare and select the most appropriate one.

How to Choose the Best Buddhist Dating Site?

It’s quite complicated to choose the best Buddhist dating platform, but there is particular advice to help you with this challenge. First of all, it must be a free website that does not require much of your confidential information. Read the users` reviews to ensure if you want to use this or that application or site. You may also pay attention to the number of members — if there are many of them, it means that the service is secure and popular. Check true love stories by those who found their significant other on the site. Listen to your heart and intuition while choosing the platform, and it will tell you the right choice and person.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Buddhist Dating?

If you think it is impossible to find a perfect dating site for Buddhists, hurry up to change your mind as there is one that’s designed right for you. There are many ordinary dating sites and apps that have the option of choosing religion — Buddhism. Unique Buddhist dating sites gather people with one faith and views. The most popular and secure is considered EliteSingles since it’s tested by time and proved its quality and safety. Mingle2 has one of the best apps: try it and make sure it’s easy to use, free, and safe. No matter what dating site you use, the main thing is the people you meet there, as there are many beautiful individuals on less popular dating services.

The Best Buddhist Dating App for a Wild Time?

Mingle2 is a free dating site that gathers thousands of single Buddhists from all over the world. You are welcomed to use personal ads and chat rooms free of charge. You will find Buddist fellows and matches who share your views and ideas extremely important in our modern world. Mingle2 has a Buddhist dating app that is available on the App Store and Google Play. The registration process takes you only 30 seconds, and you will get new matches every single day. They are helping people to connect and do not require payment for their good deeds. You can communicate unlimited time, safe and free, as privacy is essential for the app developer. Buddhist girls and boys can find someone for a friendship, date, and even marriage. Don’t be surprised, as life is full of unexpected twists, and Mingle2 knows where to turn in the right way and suggest a perfect match for you.

eHarmony is a perfect free dating site for singles who want to find someone special but need help. It is a relationship site that will help you get true love, thanks to a compatibility matching system. It consists of 32 various levels of compatibility, including beliefs and interests that are of great importance to Buddhists. This factor makes eHarmony different from traditional Buddhist dating sites. You can meet local Buddhist men and women who may be just around the corner, and you didn’t have an idea about them. If you want to build serious relationships, visit the eHarmony website, use the compatibility matching not to waste time and let the system find out who is the best partner for you. There are dozens of successful love stories on their site. Read and get inspiration to set off on a journey and get an unforgettable experience.

DharmaMatch is a spiritual Buddhist dating site that brings inspiration from Eastern notions of dharma and karma. There you may be sure that your feedback is heard, private data secured, and privacy policy enhanced. Members from 70 countries are searching for spiritual partners; many find their significant other every day. You may join DharmaMatch for free and use a quick search to find a good match. Their motto is to be fair, meet good, do good that reflects their good intentions, and strive to help the users find love. It is safe, private, and anonymous, free of charge, but you may upgrade the profile to gold membership to have a chance to communicate with anyone. Add your preferences, and the matching system will provide you with local like-minded users. Upload the photos, add interesting info, and be ready to meet your spiritual soulmate.

EliteSingles connect single Buddist men and women in search of lasting relationships. The registration process is very simple and quick; furthermore, you may communicate an unlimited amount of time on the site. Their matchmaking algorithm helps to find the right person who suits your lifestyle and spirit. EliteSingles is one of the most popular dating platforms globally. Every day it is enriched with a steady flow of new members, so you can easily find a like-minded person for a long-lasting relationship. Many Buddhist dating site users are commitment-minded, so they find their spirituality and religion a primary factor in choosing a match. You may download an application or use the website, primarily indicating in the search that you are looking for a Buddhist person because it’s a versatile dating platform bringing different people from all over the world together. Your dating journey may start just after you register, so do not waste your time and build a harmonious relationship right now.

Does Buddhist Dating Actually Work?

The search for a partner on dating sites evokes a lot of anxiety; that’s because we do not see other people’s eyes, smiles, and gestures. It is far more complicated to identify the feelings through messages and emoji, but it is still possible. You should not wait while love finds us: there must be some efforts from your side as well. In recent years, online dating has been gaining popularity, and Buddhist dating isn’t an exception. Technologies are rapidly developing, and people spend most of their time on the Internet. To understand if Buddhist dating really works, first of all, determine your goals and expectations. Find out for yourself if you want to find a friend or a significant other and move in this direction. There are many real love stories on dating sites that prove the success of online dating.

Are Members On Buddhist Dating Sites Real?

Any Buddhist dating website contains thousands of users who sometimes communicate anonymously. A real person creates every profile, but they may have different intentions, so be prudent and avoid members who do not identify themselves. Usual Buddhist users add their photos and describe themselves to find friends or love. If a person doesn’t reveal their personality, it may be a sign that something is wrong with them. Real photos and info back up serious intentions to show openness and readiness for friendship and relationships. Take it into consideration and break a leg while communicating with someone on Buddhist online dating websites.

What About Security on Buddhist Dating Sites?

You do not have to worry about security while using Buddhist dating sites because your confidential information is protected, and there is no chance it would be leaked to third parties. The Privacy Policy of each dating platform provides you with a thorough description of why they use this or that data. In some cases, cookie files are essential to enable quick access to the page. In general, websites maintain your safety, security, and comfortable communication.


Generally, Buddhist dating is an excellent opportunity to find a good match in today’s digitized, fast-paced world. Online communication brings you the same emotions in a safe environment, save time and finance. Buddhists used to share their love without demanding anything from their partner. They are kind-hearted altruistic people who make our world better, and online dating will help them find a significant other and build a long-lasting love.

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