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Atheist Dating: Top Platforms with Reliable Services

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Best Atheist Dating sites

  1. Good for people with similar musical tastes Tastebuds
  2. Good for BDSM fans
  3. Good for flirting and fun FuckMarryKill
  4. Good for finding sex partners near you FuckBookHookups
  5. Good for flirting and meeting interesting people Erisdating
  6. Good for meeting a Vietnam partner VietnamCupid
  7. Good for women in search of foreign partners FDating
  8. Good for flirting Loveaholics
  9. Good for those who search for interracial partners InterracialPeopleMeet
  10. Good for meeting Filipina ladies PinaLove

The Basics About Atheist Dating

Atheist dating is what most non-believers are seeking. After all, the most convicted atheists don’t feel like going on a date, much less marrying, with someone who believes in any religion. Alright, some might be able to have some fun with Christians or any other religious people. However, when things get serious, they want to marry atheists like themselves.

Luckily enough for atheists, nowadays, more people have found themselves doubting religious dogmas. That made the number of atheists rise across the whole world, especially in the USA, and even more in European countries.

Depending on where you live, it will not be any trouble finding atheist singles nearby. That will make real-life dating easier. Now, sometimes you might live in a city where people are still very attached to religion.

Thus, most dating sites allow members to identify as atheists and look for others alike. Some websites are even dedicated solely to atheists. That kind of site surely helps the atheist community grow stronger.

Some people are not yet sure whether they believe in God, gods, a bigger force, or anything else. They rather remain unsure, and they call themselves agnostics. Some atheists will have a good time dating agnostics, too, while some might think they are “coward atheists.”

What Is Atheist Dating?

Atheist dating is as clear as the sky on a summer day. Atheists want to connect to like-minded people, so they don’t have to deal with others’ beliefs in religious systems. They want to have a good time talking about life, traveling, the endless possibilities of everyone’s lives, etc.

Since atheists don’t believe in religious morals, they won’t have reservations about having sex on the first date, living together without marrying, and many other things. Sex is not a taboo for them, only an enjoyable way to connect with someone you like.

Atheists who are very secure about themselves and their place in the world are the most chill people to date.

How To Do Atheist Dating?

In any relationship, the best is always finding a partner that shares your values. Be it a friendship with benefits, living together, or marrying, people want to meet those who agree with the relationship’s ground terms right away. That is what atheists are looking for in atheist dating.

If that describes you perfectly, you will need to go out and find if people in your area are atheists. The chances are high that you are going to find at least one atheist man or woman. Now, in case you do not feel like going out, it is okay.

After all, that is what atheist dating sites exist for. Any dating site exists to fill the gaps that casual interaction can’t handle. If you can’t find a partner by going out or you are too shy to do that, you can easily register on the site of your preference.

What Kind Of People You Will Find On Atheist Dating

When you are looking for an atheist to date, you will find a great variety of people. After all, atheists are not defined by skin color or ethnicity. Anyone can become an atheist when they find out that they don’t believe in religious stories. So, you will find atheists with different cultural backgrounds. You will easily see yourself exchanging life stories with someone who has had a very different life path.

People who identify as atheists don’t agree on everything. They are not a very homogeneous group, as some people might think. Some atheists will be alt-right guys who spend their whole time on 4chan, while others will be chill guys and girls who want to live a good life and help those around them.

The internet’s popularity undoubtedly helped spread the word about atheism. Also, high advances in science put a lot of doubt in the heads of newer generations who don’t see much reason to believe in God. All that led to a growing number of atheists worldwide. Though, mostly in developed countries such as northern Europe. Studies suggest that a high level of education contributes to the rise of atheism.

Then, since more atheists appeared in the last decades, also, atheist dating became more popular. Many atheists only want to spend their special moments with other atheists. On the other hand, some of them don’t care much about religion in general. You will indeed find atheist dating Christian folks. As already pointed out, atheists are very different among themselves.

Talking again about the internet, it surely helps atheists to connect and form large groups. That way, they can form couples or political groups to protest for things they think are the best for the community. If it weren’t for the advent of the internet, it would be harder for atheists to connect with their equals and many people to become atheists.

The Chances Of Finding Success With Atheist Dating

In the USA, more than 4% of the population identifies as an atheist. As for the whole world, the percentage is 7%. That is a significant number of atheists, meaning that finding success in atheist dating is not hard. You need to have some luck and put the right effort into it.

It is effortless to find atheists to talk about anything, from atheism itself to everyday silliness through the internet. You can go to forums on Reddit, groups on Facebook, or even join groups on dating sites.

Atheists are everywhere, and having success with atheist dating is not far from reality.

The Main Advantages of Atheist Dating

As atheist dating means atheists dating other atheists, the advantages of such are endless. The subject was already immensely debated throughout this review, but let’s consider it again. Atheists are very different among themselves. Cultural background isn’t something that makes them equal. Only a lack of religious faith is a common characteristic.

Because of their lack of faith is the only thing that unites atheists, many possibilities are open. Atheists can date people of all ethnicities as long as they feel comfortable. Being completely honest here, not all atheists will care for others’ religions. Those who do not will feel OK dating a Christian, a Jewish, a Hinduist, etc. Of course, this is not to say that atheists are the only kind of open-minded people. It is just that their culture does not impose any restrictions when it comes to dating.

The most significant advantage of atheists is that since they do not pray or go to churches, they have more free time to do lovely things with their partners. Sex also isn’t a taboo. While people of some religions will have restrictions regarding sexual preferences, atheists will do whatever pleases them. Atheists can be straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, trans, aromantic, and any other sexuality you can think of. Some will like BDSM, and some will like vanilla; others only have one or other fetish for wild sex. Nothing is set in stone.

Where To Find Good Atheist Matches?

You will find atheist people anywhere you go. Sometimes the subject won’t come up immediately, as not all atheists feel like exposing themselves all the time. After all, society is still very religious when it comes to certain core values. Some people might say that atheists are incapable of loving. That is nonsense. Anyway, atheists don’t usually gather just for the sake of being atheists.

If you want to find atheists, you can try any dating site or app. However, not all atheists want to find partners based on the description “atheist” too. Some value more how their partners are and what kind of vibe they give, and the atheist factor comes in second place. Anyway, trying Tinder or Tinder-like apps might be a way out. You can match people you find interesting and discover whether they are atheists along the way. Some might put that on their profiles, and then the task gets easier.

Now, if you want atheist dating sites full of atheist men and women, those exist. They are less popular but sometimes have enough members so that you can find a partner near you.

How To Choose The Best Atheist Dating Site?

If all you are looking for is the best atheist dating site, today, you will learn how to recognize the best websites in any dating niche. There’s a pro method for that. It is no big mystery but is something that all people can benefit from.

Let’s get to the job, then. The first thing you should always do is find a list of the supposed best sites in the niche you are looking for. Then, pick the names of the websites and read a full review of each. For example, there’s an atheist dating site called FreeThinkerMatch. The best is to read a useful review on it and then pick up the essential information.

When you read a full review on any dating site, the first thing to pay attention to is the number of users. Some websites are huge and are more likely to help you find a suitable partner. Others have fewer members, and then you need to know if there are members in your area. In case you don’t mind long-distance relationships, that would not be a problem. Anyway, some sites don’t have many members or even enough active members. It would be best if you didn’t waste your precious time on those.

Now, here is one secret you might not know if you never tried a dating site. Dating sites are mostly paid. Sure, you can register for free in most of them, but you need to pay for a premium membership after that. Finding out how much you will need to pay is essential.

Busy people usually don’t have much time to spend around the computer talking to dates. Considering that, those people will be better off with mobile apps or sites optimized for mobile browsers.

If you are willing to register into a large site, make sure there are enough atheists registered. Sometimes you can find data about that on dating reviews or sites for atheists.

In case you register into a smaller site, pay attention to the age of users. Make sure there are users within your age preference.

What Is The Best App Or Site For Atheist Dating?

Below you will see the best dating platforms for atheists. It will help you know how to identify other suitable sites in case these indications are not enough.

The Best Atheist Dating Sites To Find A Loving Partner

Here are some examples of good dating sites to start dating an atheist.


Many atheists consider themselves to be free thinkers. Whether that is true or not, some of them made a site called FreeThinkerMatch. The site promises to help you find a like-minded partner to meet in real life and have a good time together. It is not aimed only at hookups or serious relationships. It is open to all kinds of interests atheists might have in romantic life. The site claims that it has been growing a lot since its inception, even though the user base seems small compared to many dating sites. There are not so many atheists out there, after all.

The great thing about FreeThinkerMatch is that the site is entirely free. You won’t be asked to upgrade your membership to a paid version later, as usual, with other dating platforms. You can upload photos, put up a charming profile, and chat with anyone you like.


Like FreeThinkerMatch, AtheistPersonals is a dating site dedicated exclusively to atheist folks who are on the lookout for a non-believer soulmate. Are you on the quest for atheist love? Then you should give the site a try. It is not the most polished dating site on Earth, but it gathers many people that don’t identify themselves with any religion. It is open for atheists, agnostics, or anyone that doesn’t care enough about mystical, esoteric, or religious matters. Registering at the site is free, although you will need to pay for some features later on. Still, you can create a profile with a nice picture, write a bio so people know a little about you, and browse through other profiles as well. Then the part you will need to pay is to get access to the chat. That is already a standard for most dating sites. If you’ve got some spare time, you should try the website.

Does Atheist Dating Actually Work?

Yes. With 7% of the global population being atheist, it is not hard to find atheist matches on dating sites or real life.

Having success with atheist dating depends more on how you behave and what you are looking for than on the niche itself.

Are People On Atheist Dating Sites Real?

Some people worry about dating sites because of known stories about scammers, fake profiles, data leaking, etc. However, you can also find info about dating sites that are good. Most users on atheist dating sites are real non-believers looking for romance or a hookup with someone hot. You can go for that without hesitation.

Is Atheist Dating Safe?

It depends on what sites you register on. You need to read stories online about any website you are thinking about signing up. Some sites care a lot about their users’ safety, while others feel like they were created and abandoned.

In general, you can have very safe dating if you know which sites to try and if you do not reveal personal details right away to people you talk to.


Are you an atheist looking for a sexual or romantic partner that is also an atheist? It is easy to find the perfect partner with the help of the internet. You can join any atheist dating site immediately and see for yourself.

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