Chatrandom Complete Review July 2021

Chatrandom Complete Review July 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 5 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Video chat function for chatting with random matches.
  • It is possible to choose the sex of the person you are talking to in the search options. Moreover, if you want, you can only communicate with men or women.
  • Create virtual home parties.
  • You can limit your search by location and chat with singles only from your area.
  • The number of users is huge and will surprise anyone. Talk to a stranger, whether he is in London or Bermuda.
  • The administration removes fakes and fights with perverts.
  • Some features require payment from users.
  • Users can be banned by mistake.

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Chatrandom is one of the most popular services for random dating with random people. This application is a kind of revolution in communicating with strangers on the Internet. It is a great website. It allows you to use video chat, standard methods of chatting, and communication to meet new people quickly. With the help of this dating application, you can even meet those whom you would never meet surrounded by your friends and relatives at work and also in a bar. The founders launched the first version of this application in 2011. Those years it was a huge success. So, today every month, millions of people use this service for dating. If you use the application from your computer, you do not need to go through a lengthy registration process. The mobile program is different. Using a mobile version, the user will have to go through a small registration. Chatrandom is the site where you can find exciting people from around the world, and just have fun.

Reputation and History of Chatrandom

Reputation and History of Chatrandom

Chatrandom started its history several years ago. Its main idea was to help people get acquainted and create couples from around the world in real-time. In this case, they can use the camcorders of their mobile phones. It is based on this concept that Chatrandom was created. It is a brand new and innovative video chat application. Using the latest technology and modern communication features, users from all over the world (gays, lesbians, couples, and people of standard orientation) can easily meet online and meet exciting people.

Chatrandom launched the dating application in 2011. Software engineers developed this program rapidly. Over the years, it has become one of the popular online sites. Thousands of users from all over the world communicate simultaneously. Initially, the owners of this site created it for video chat with random strangers. As a result, it led to the fact that millions of users communicate via this app. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular sites for the hookup.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

We bring to your attention an overview of the free dating application for video chat with random Chatrandom interlocutors. This application is designed to facilitate communication with strangers from around the world. On Chatrandom, users can view video chats for free. It is a standard set of video chat services to date. They are freely available and can be used for free. The application is so popular that thousands of unfamiliar users are always online. So, you can easily organize a random hookup.

It is fun and straightforward to use Chatrandom. The application interface is convenient. So, all users can quickly figure out how to connect to a random person for video chat. If some users do not like the person or want to end the conversation with him, they swipe right to talk to someone new. What could be even more comfortable?

With this application and the ability to use Internet resources, thousands of users can chat and make new friends at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Before registering, read the reviews about this unique and exciting resource for meeting random people. Video chat does not include any restrictions. Each user can do and show what he wants. Remember this before you start using this application. The first advantage of Chatrandom is the lack of registration. To initiate communication with random users, just install the program from the Google Play or App Store. After that, you can log in using your Google account (for Android devices) or through a temporary account. In the second case, part of the settings related to personification does not work.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Chatrandom refers to the Android Application, Social Networking. Rate the application in full. You are communicating with a person in real-time. So, it is unlikely that there will be a scammer in front of you. If you do not tell him your credit card information, then communication will be pleasant and exciting. Fake profiles can often be found on dating sites. However, the reason for this is the fact that you cannot check who is on the other end of the Internet wire. Using Chatrandom, you know your interlocutor. So, if something bothers you or seems suspicious to you, you can stop chatting at any time.

Website and Mobile Version

Chatrandom is popular among users. You will find unique features that are not available in other dating apps.

  1. Unique Encoding.

The developers have created their unique code. It allows you to control the connection speed, change the appearance of the application, configure the built-in functions, as well as adjust the download time.

  1. Unique Communication Methods.

The application offers its users a large number of functions for communication. For example, it is possible to use video chat with random users from all over the world. There is a chat room feature on Chatrandom. It allows you to choose between chatting on a camcorder or standard messages. The gay chat feature has been created for gay members. You can connect to the community of men and chat with random guys. If you think that talking to one user is boring, you can always use the Cam-4 video chat. This video chat allows four users to interact simultaneously.

These functions are easy to use. They allow communicating with members of the website.

Special Features

Chatrandom is a perfect app for a casual hookup. It can help you meet new cool people, make new friends, or build casual or long-term relationships. For exciting, fun, and comfortable communication with strangers, the application uses the following functions:

  • Ability to use filters. Each user can set the country, gender of the stranger, and his age.
  • Instant Video Chat with strangers allows you to chat quickly and easily. If you are tired of communicating with a person, you simply press to the right and proceed to the next partner.
  • The application is available for free download. It has a super-fast connection.
Partner Search

Of course, users will appreciate the presence of a search filter by country. Thus, in two clicks, it will be possible to filter out visitors from the country exciting exclusively to you. It will be exciting. You can meet someone who, for example, is not so far from you. What is more, it is possible to choose an interlocutor from the country where you have never been.

Do you want to satisfy your needs for interaction on Chatrandom? Then we offer you some useful tips on how to better communicate with the person you are talking to via video chat. When you start your conversation on Chatrandom, use bright lighting, and show your face on the camcorder. So, the person you are talking to understands who his interlocutor is. You communicate with strangers. So, stay polite when communicating. If your interlocutor asks you to change the beat or make your conversation more informal, you can do it. Before clicking on the «Next» button (this is one of the premium functions), make sure you have well recognized the person with whom you are having a chat conversation. Do not forget to report users who violate the rules of Chatrandom. It will improve the service from inappropriate behavior. As a result, you will make interactions more exciting.

How Does Chatrandom Work?

To start using Chatrandom, you will receive a notification from the application. By reading it, you allow using the webcam of your mobile device. By clicking on the start, the user instantly connects to random strangers for video chat. Press the right to communicate to the next user. You can chat with strangers from a specific country. In the upper right corner of the application, there are filter settings. There you can select a state or even set a filter by gender. The program does not restrict its users sexually. So, guys can choose guys, girls, only girls, etc.

Searching Options and Filters at Chatrandom

Searching Options and Filters at Chatrandom

The mobile version is noticeably younger than the computer version. Nevertheless, it has almost the full functionality of its computer parent. Moreover, thanks to the phone, communication has become even more accessible. A smartphone replaces both a computer and a web camera. It means you can communicate wherever and whenever it is convenient (it is enough to have a phone with access to the Internet).

The application provides a filter by country, gender, and age. You can also use video filters for communication, swipe-listing user profiles. If you have a desire, you can always link the application to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Communication methods

Chatrandom is a free video chat launched in 2011. More than 35,000 people visit it daily. Just like on most similar sites, you do not need to register for communication. The list of functions includes:

  • Basic random chat;
  • Thematic chat rooms (interest-based chats, for single, for students, friendly conversations, chats only with girls, etc.);
  • Cam4 chat, where four people can chat at the same time;
  • Chat for gays and bisexuals.

In addition to the web version of video chat, owners of Android smartphones have access to the mobile version of Chatrandom.

It is easy to interact with other members. The user clicks the «start chat» button. The application instantly connects to a random online video chat. To switch to another conversation, the user swipes left. However, it is impossible to choose a specific person. Chatrandom always selects a random interlocutor. It is possible to reduce the circle of communication and the selection of users. However, the system offers only two filters. The first is the country of residence of users and the sex of the interlocutor.

ChatRandom Alternatives

ChatRandom Alternatives

Chatrandom is perhaps the most popular video chat platform of its kind. Many Internet users offer to pay attention to alternative options. Here you do not need to register; you download the application and start using it. And after many minutes spent in the chat, you do not want to change anything. What is more, many of these chats boast video conversations with frankly naked girls.

Chatrandom has all the positive aspects that are famous among its users. Comparing the service with many other similar applications, you understand that Chatrandom is a significant leader. You can feel it from the first minute of its use.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The application is free for all members. Users do not have to pay to search for interlocutors. However, it is common in many similar dating services. Now you can use the service even without registration. Users who have been using the application for more than a year declare their satisfaction. They say that Chatrandom has turned out to be unusual and exciting.

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features

The app is free. Many features do not require payment. With a free version, you can:

  • Download the service from Google Store;
  • Register;
  • Join the video chat;
  • Turn on your microphone and webcam;
  • Contact the support service;
  • Send and receive messages.

Premium Membership Features

When the members are using the free version of the application, they cannot get access to filters. For these members, they will not be available. To remove the restriction, they will have to purchase a premium membership for real money.

How much is dating on ChatRandom?

Duration Costs Total
A week 4.99 USD / Week 4.99 USD
1 month 17.99 USD / Month 17.99 USD

Is ChatRandom Really Safe?

The support service is actively working. Furthermore, there is censorship in Chatrandom. Moderators monitor all chats. For violation of the rules, they can block your account. If the user shows his bare torso or, worse, a penis, such an account will be immediately blocked.

Technical Side of Protection

Technical Side of Protection

All information that users provide is stored on secure servers. Any payment transactions via the Chatrandom service provider are encrypted using SSL technology. During transactions, members use a password. It allows them to access certain parts of Chatrandom. Only users are responsible for maintaining the password for the service. In terms of the privacy policy, it is mentioned several times that only users are responsible for this and ask not to distribute password information to third parties. The service collects and stores personal data on a mobile or portable device of users using caches of application data and browser web storage (including HTML5) and other technologies.

Customer Support

Customer service is active. Nevertheless, there is a struggle with scammers, perverts, and inadequacies on Chatrandom. If something bothers you, it is possible to contact support by writing a letter to the mail. If the user offers to show his body, such a profile will be immediately blocked by moderators.

For most users, the section of popular questions is a priority. It is not always possible to contact support and get an answer to a question of interest in the shortest possible time. A good advantage is that the Chatrandom service allows users to independently find answers to questions of interest in the FAQ section.

How to Pass Chatrandom Photo Verification?

Chatrandom does not require verification of the photos. There is not such a rule in the user agreement since the application does not even require registration of its users. You download the application, click the start chat button, and that is all.

How to Delete Chatrandom Account?

If you are tired of using this service for casual dating, you can always delete your account using My Account tab and hit Delete My Account.

How to See Who Likes You on Chatrandom without Paying?

You communicate with users in real-time. It means that free communication will immediately show you how exciting you are to your interlocutor.

How to Block Someone on Chatrandom?

It is not possible to block the user. You have two ways to solve the problem. The first way is to swipe left. So, you will connect with a new random acquaintance. The second way is to report a strange user to the support service.

How to Cancel Chatrandom Subscription?

The service is free. However, you get access to additional features, for example, by adding paid search filters. To pay, you ought to use your credit card. You can cancel the payment by contacting customer support.


Indeed, social networks in the modern world are actively flourishing, using unprecedented success and popularity. According to the statistics, a considerable number of users sign up there because now you can not only make new acquaintances. It is also possible to communicate with old friends, whom you may not have seen for many years.

If we consider, in general, such a resource as Chatrandom, you should know that this video chat is quite exciting. It has already become a platform for many users. So, you can do either. Video chat is a useful feature for communication. Especially if you like to communicate in real-life more than chatting with obscure people. In this case, Chatrandom is the best choice for you.

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