Once Review July 2021: Real Cost Revealed

Once Review July 2021: Real Cost Revealed
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 2.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • Good mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Matches are chosen personally for you
  • Great community
  • No search options
  • Limited chatting

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The Getonce.com dating site is a platform to find your best partner with the help of a qualified team of experts. It is related to the «slow dating apps» class. The internet has provided so many possibilities, and the mobile industry has multiplied them. Mobile apps make it possible to keep searching even when you are at work or on a trip. Take your dating experience with you with Once. Tired of feeling lonely and upset?

Fill in this empty hole inside you with love. Find someone who shares your beliefs and understands you. Just tell about yourself and wait for a match. You don’t even have to waste your time browsing thousands of accounts. Save your energy for something more significant and important, like making contact. Let’s shed some light on this site to see whether it’s good or not. What features does it have to make us interested in? Is it convenient to use and nice to look at? Find out all the answers that are worth-knowing with our today’s review.

Reputation and History of Once

Once Review 2020

This service was launched 5 years ago in Switzerland by Jean Meyer, who was a founder. The main idea of the service was to flip the industry of dating media and prove that quality is much more essential than the number of partners you can receive daily. That’s why Once has a personalized matchmaking system that provides you with one potential partner a day.

Later, after the site was already launched, Once Dating AG created a mobile app. This app gained 3,000,000 users by May 2017, despite that it was only four months on the market. It’s explained by choice of Meyer — to expand the community to Europe. The majority of the audience of this app was a group of younger people who are aiming for something more significant, rather than a casual hook up.

As a result, the app became popular in many countries, including the European region. There are users from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and more. The total number of countries where Once is available is 32. The service supports 7 languages, which makes it easier to have such a big international community. You can join this community by downloading a special app for your Android device or iOS device from AppStore and PlayMarket.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Using the site is a very satisfying process but using the application is even better. People’s reviews are almost all the same because the design and interface are really impressive. Everything is done in white and light blue/gradient colors. Such a nice and calming gamma makes you want to spend more time on the site/app. The interface is not over-detailed and simple, so you won’t have any trouble with the navigation. This is an essential aspect of each service because good clothes open all doors. Thus, this aspect could be easily rated as 5/5.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Once Review 2020

If you have decided to sign up for Once, there is nothing you should worry about. This process requires just a few minutes and can be done easily. You can choose one of two options to create an account: sign up using the same email/mobile number as for Facebook registration. The site automatically names you according to your Facebook information. Other details can be filled in whenever you want.

Once you have registered, you will get your first match. Although this profile is free to browse: photos and information, you are not permitted to chat with no limits with it. To do so, you must buy crowns that are used as a special in-app currency.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Due to the personalized matchmaking, it’s really important to complete your profile. Thus, almost all accounts have a lot of details and information because members want to get the perfect matches. What does a profile show to us? It contains a person’s birthdate, religion, occupation, education, body type, habits, and so on. Also, there is a little description that you can write to let others know something special about you. Like any other social media, you can upload photos. Actually, it’s hard to imagine a site like this without photos at all. Since people here are looking for a long-term relationship, your matches are more into real dates, which definitely increases your chances of finding a partner, instead of a simple match.

Website and Mobile Version

The functionality of the Once app is pretty the same as the desktop version functionality. All features are accessible via your smartphone, so the dating world is in your hands. The app is even available for Apple Watch. You can download it for free in your market. For those who want to have more options, there is a store with some additional perks in the app. Just like on the website. If you have already signed up, but you haven’t got the app, you should give it a try, for sure.

Special Features

Once Review 2020

What differs this platform from the ocean of dating sites, services, and applications? Every site has to compete in order to attract new users and to keep the lights. Besides the advertising, there are some special features for such purposes:

  • The Quality of Matchmaking. You are able to rate other member’s photos. Matchmakers understand your preferences better, therefore results become more accurate.
  • Reviews. Those on your friend list on Facebook can write a review on you that will be available in your profile. This feature also increases the chances of a perfect match.
  • Preferences. You can additionally buy this feature. You will need to answer some questions that are supposed to help matchmakers find the most suitable partner for you.

As was already mentioned, there is no search option on Getonce.com and its app. Which means you are not able to search for a potential partner on your own. This is the duty of a special team that is also known as the matchmaking team. These people are not just a «Google» in your world of dating but moderators as well. So they are carefully inspecting all the profiles. This system is completely different compared to other dating sites that you have probably seen over the internet. Its main aim is to ensure the quality of pairing. Jean Meyer, the founder of the platform, believes that the happiest marriages are made of common interests.

How Does Once Work?

Once Review 2020

So what exactly does this team of matchmakers do? There is no automatic system or machine that analyzes your information and compares it to others’ preferences to find you a pair. The entire process is operated by people. This team is spending hours analyzing your tastes, data, and other details on their own. They also consider such facts as the activity for the last 2 days to match you with a real person that will be one of the best solutions for you. It takes a lot of time, so only get one match per day.

After you have been matched with someone, you have 24 hours to do your best and communicate with each other. To start a conversation, you can buy the possibility of sending a greeting message. You will need some «crowns» to do so. If you get replied, you will gain access to a chat where you can talk with no limits.

Searching Options and Filters at Once

Once doesn’t allow applying filters and search for partners according to your current mood. So leave this job to professionals and enjoy your time. However, if you want to increase your results slightly, you can use additional functions, such as reviews, for example.

Communication Methods

What comes to contacting other users, it’s the most complicated question of this service. Perhaps, it could be said that communication is the only downside of the site because there are a lot of restrictions. First of all, the number of matches defines your communication ability, and it’s not high, to be honest. Secondly, the only way to chat for free is to send a paid one-time message and wait for a response. Otherwise, you will have to send these messages and spend your «crowns» until you finally get someone. On the other hand, your matches are so suitable that the response rate is almost 100%. And that’s it for communication methods, unfortunately. No video or audio chats, no gifts, or other exciting things. Just a simple messenger with some limits. In fact, this is all you need to ask someone out on a date. But it would not be bad to have more options.

Once Alternatives

Once Review 2020

If you are not a fan of serious relationships or you want to have a greater choice, you would probably think about alternatives for Get Once. Maybe you are looking for specific partners: partners from a certain culture, people who share your hobbies, and so on. Here what you can try:

  • OkCupid. One of the most popular and typical dating services. You can use the search option, apply filters, and get as many matches as you wish. You will also be able to edit your personal information and communicate with others, but the quality of matchmaking is lower. Moreover, such sites have a risk of scammers and fake accounts.
  • Tinder. Another «bestseller» in the dating app niche. Likewise, at Once, your searching ability is on its minimum, and you can choose from the suggestions, according to age and distance filters. Again, the more suggestions you have — the lower quality they have.
  • Specialized Sites. These sites are characterized by specific communities. They are divided according to some aspects, such as sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural identity, etc. Of course, it’s easier to find like-minded people on sites like these. But it also requires more effort to find a real life-time partner here.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Despite that, Once is free to use, you can obtain additional features by purchasing a VIP membership or via «crowns.». Although they are nor cheap, frankly saying, they can make your user experience much better. Thanks to the great user-friendly interface, you don’t need to figure out how to buy something all day long. These options are easily available from both the desktop version and the mobile app.

Free Membership Features

Users that haven’t purchased any feature yet are able to use the following functions:

  • The quality of matchmaking.
  • Reviews.
  • Account creation.
  • Profile Completion/Editing

Although these options are absolutely enough to use the site, you will still need to spend some money on «crowns» to send messages. Making a date without communication is kinda complicated. So get prepared to wave goodbye to your money.

Premium Membership Features

Once Review 2020

What can Once offer to you as a VIP member? Let’s take a look at the list of your potential benefits:

  • You can view the list of those who rated you from 4 to 5 stars.
  • Distance settings are now available to be defined.
  • The number of matches per day is increased to 4. A «premium» match is included.
  • You can also see who passed you.

Subscription plans are renewed automatically when your term is expired. Keep it in your mind, in order not to get into trouble. If you want to cancel auto-renewal, you can open Settings and find the corresponding option. A subscription itself can be canceled as well.

Paid features that are not included in VIP:

  • The ability to choose a match for the next day.
  • One-time messages that are considered to be greetings.
  • Browse more than one profile to choose your match for today.
  • Send messages to past matches.
  • Send and receive chat requests.
  • Get one more immediate match with someone who is online at that moment.

You don’t need to have VIP to buy these features.

How Much is Dating on Once

Once Review 2020

What concerns VIP subscriptions, it’s more profitable to buy longer plans. This is a common type of pricing:

  • 1 month costs 19.99 USD
  • 3 months cost 45.00 USD/ 15.00 USD per month
  • 6 months cost 60.00 USD/ 10.00 USD per month

As you already know, there is an in-app currency called «crowns» that is used to buy additional functions. Here is the price for tokens:

  • 5 cost 8.99 USD/ 1.80 USD per credit
  • 15 cost 17.98 USD/ 1.20 USD per credit
  • 30 cost 26.99 USD/ 0.90 USD per credit
  • 100 cost 74.98 USD/ 0.75 USD per credit

Is Once Really Safe?

Don’t worry about how secured your information is. The privacy policy, altogether with the terms of use, ensures the protection of your personal data. Due to the matchmaking process, all accounts are already verified. To protect yourself, even more, you should follow simple rules that were created for safe dating. All dating sites are connected with risk, and Once doesn’t want to risk you, therefore it has a great team of experts.

Technical Side of Protection

All accounts are moderated by matchmakers. Inappropriate content, such as nudity, discriminating content, or harassment, will be banned immediately. Besides, you can help to form the best community by flagging suspicious users. These accounts are going to be inspected.

Customer Support

If you have faced something you can’t solve on your own, you can use the FAQ page. This page contains a lot of popular questions and a convenient search to find the one you are interested in quickly. In case if there is no appropriate inquiry, you can make a submission on the «Contact Us» page.

Once Review 2020

Still got some questions? You’ll most likely to find the answers below.

How to Pass Once Photo Verification?

You don’t need to pass any verification because the special team is moderating your profile since the very beginning.

How to Delete Once Account?

You can either deactivate your account to hide it from other users and be able to re-activate it later or permanently delete it. The first option is available in Settings, while the second one has to be done with the help of the support team. All information and matches will be deleted as well.

How to See Who Likes You on Once Without Paying?

Nope, this function is available for VIP accounts only.

How to Block Someone on Once?

Unfortunately, you can’t block people on your own. You ought to report violations so the support team can handle the reported profiles.

How to Cancel Once Subscription?

Subscriptions can’t be canceled while it is in progress. Which means there are no refunds on Once. Thus, if you are canceling your VIP pass, it will work until the expiration date. Users who logged in via Google/AppStore accounts are regulated by the rules of the market. Instruction on cancellation:

  • Website Users. Open your profile, then Settings, and select «Cancel your subscription.»
  • iOS Users. Cancel your subscription in the AppStore.
  • Android Users. Open the Google Play Store, menu, and cancel the subscription in your account settings.


Once Review 2020

This site is a good example of a unique concept that really works. If your aims are casual sex and secret affairs, you can close the site. This platform is a good solution for people who want to find real love. For any other things, there are plenty of services that can be really efficient. It all depends on your situation and your purposes. So feel free to choose whatever you want. But if you want to get assured that quality is more important than quantity sometimes, you should visit GetOnce.com for sure. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience!

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