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Ashley Madison Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?

Ashley Madison Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?
About Girls
Date with older guy 21%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 36-48
Profiles 46600000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of users interested in free and open relationships.
  • Active users from different countries.
  • Easy and fast sign up.
  • Only general information is required to sign up.
  • Sending messages is free for females.
  • Free visits to profiles.
  • Some profiles aren’t filled properly.
  • The majority of users are middle-aged.
  • The majority of users are male.

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Ashley Madison is the best way to find a partner via the Internet. It goes back to the beginning of the 21st century, and its first targets were married and not single people who wanted to diversify their routine. It has changed drastically over the decades and attracts more people. But the aim of the platform hasn’t changed, the main idea of its creators is to make people happy and satisfied. Therefore, if you miss to love and being loved, it’s the right place for you. Even though the number of dating apps and websites is increasing every single day, Ashley Madison has some unique features.

History of The Service And Scandals Connected with Ashley Madison

History of The Service Ashley Madison

The service dates back to 2001 when Darren Morgenstern created a place for love and affairs. The name of the Canadian platform goes from the two most popular female names in North America – Ashley and Madison. Through ages, it has changed and became one of the best places to meet new people and build relationships.

About five years ago, the database was hacked. It caused the release of personal details of all users. The scandal was discussed everywhere. Emails, names, addresses, profile information, and even credit card details became available to hackers. However, the service wasn’t closed. It was reborn and started caring more about the privacy of its users. Nowadays, security is the main goal of the company.

The platform helps to create about one million affairs in a month. The number of users is more than 60 million, and every day it’s attracting more and more newcomers. Find people from various cities and countries and plan to meet with them wherever you want. The majority of users are from English-speaking countries.

Website & App’s Interface

For some middle-aged people, creating a profile on a new website is a big problem. Therefore, we often give up. Ashley Madison cares about existing and possible users’ time; therefore, you will never face any problem during sign up or in.

Is Creating The Profile An Easy Thing to Do?

Signing up won’t take much time. Write basic information, such as:

  • gender;
  • height;
  • age;
  • origin.

After that, your account will be created. You don’t need to write your real name, use any nickname you want as your privacy should be in the first place. Don’t forget to specify your status. Be sincere, as some people don’t matter if you are single or not, but they might not accept lies.

If writing information takes about five minutes, looking for pictures can take hours. Try to choose a picture where you feel relaxed (not drunk) and happy, as a smile is the best weapon. Don’t you want to show your identity? Use masks and filters suggested by the service and hide your face.

Bots And Fake Accounts

Bots And Fake Accounts

Ashley Madison is a website that is popular around the globe. And people using it are real. However, scammers can find a way to spoil the life of others. Therefore, in case you see any strange behavior from someone, you can block him and report. The website staff always listen to its users and read feedback.

A little life hack – if you think that a person uses pictures of someone else, use Google search by image and find out if you are chatting with a liar or a candid person. Some years ago, the website was notorious for female bots, which flirted with men, but now they are all deleted from the database.

Website vs. Application

Nowadays we spend all our time on phones. PCs are used mostly for work or watching series, while phones are the gadgets for 24/7 use at home, work, or in the transport. The service can be used not only on a desktop version but as an app too.

The app can be easily found both at AppStore and Google Play. Go to the store and download it. Open the app, let it send you notifications and sign up. The process will take about ten minutes. After that, you can start scrolling the screen looking for attracting partners. You can compare the web and app versions and decide what one is more convenient for you. The only difference between them is that in the second case, you can buy credits only via cards linked to your Apple ID or Google Play.

Special Features

Ashley Madison is a unique platform. The staff tries to impress visitors and make them visit it again. That’s why they have tried to make an easily understandable website and app with many interesting features. However, almost all of them cost money. Read more information about them in the Premium Subscription paragraph. The most popular features are Priority Mail and Message Plus, which give the opportunity to be the king or queen of the chats.

Looking for the Partner

Looking for the Partner

The most important questions are connected with the partner search. There is nothing difficult in it; even those who are far from modern technologies will get used to the platform fast.

The Working Process of Ashley Madison

The menu shows the main important sections, including:

  • Search;
  • Manage Profile;
  • Lists;
  • View Profile;
  • Viewed Me;
  • Mailbox;
  • Buy Credits.

Every user has the opportunity to make a list of interesting profiles, and this option is free. Add up to a hundred people in this list, delete some of them, and add new ones. Read the information carefully, look through pictures, and make your choice.

If you want your interlocutor to see your pictures, share a private key for the blurring will go away. Find a button ‘Send My Private Key’ on the page of your possible partner and click on it.

Search Options at Ashley Madison

Tap the Search button. Specify your interests and find possible partners. Read their profiles and make your choice. Some profiles are not too detailed. We advise you not to spend time on people who don’t want to share with others some information about them. It might show that they don’t take the platform seriously. Read carefully about the status and location of a person. It might be better to look for people from nearby cities to appoint a meeting in the nearest future.

Ways to Get in Touch

Both males and females can show their attention by winks without any payment. Women can build relations for free. Men need to have credits to start talking and attract women’s attention.

You can send virtual gifts to people you like. This option isn’t free. The price of the gift can vary. If you want to impress a woman, send her the most expensive gift. The communication will go easier after such a gift. Don’t find an occasion to send it, and surprises are always a good idea.

Ashley Madison Alternatives

Ashley Madison Alternatives

Every dating app resembles others. The same can be said about Ashley Madison. A lot of people prefer a more famous Tinder or Badoo, but the problem is their main audience is single people. Another issue is that your profile can be found by your spouse or friends because there is no blurring option there. MeetMe is a great service for people after 40 years old, and Grindr for members of LGBTQ. On Ashley Madison, you can find both straight and gay people of all ages. Moreover, the design of it is better compared to other famous apps.

Price of The Membership Price And Ways to Pay for It

Price plays an important role for most people. The platform has its credits, which can be obtained by real money. But does it have the sense to pay for something? Maybe free membership is a better idea? The answers are below.

Free Membership Features

As it was said earlier, women don’t need to pay to have the main features. If you have signed up just because of curiosity and want to give a try, you will be quite satisfied with it. For men, it’s more difficult. However, spending some days just looking at profiles and choosing people who might become close to you can be a good idea. And then you can decide to buy the currency of the service or not.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership allows you to be noticed among other users. The Priority Man feature will place your profile among the first ones. This will surely make chances to meet your love bigger. Be ready to read millions of messages from women and to answer them.

Another fascinating feature is Priority Mail. The majority of users talk to many people at the same time. If you want to be answered first, send such a mail. It will be at the top of the receiver’s mailbox. After being read, you will get a notification. It’s a good way to start a strong relationship.

You might also be interested in the Message Plus option, which allows you to answer messages without sparing money. You can write both to old interlocutors and new ones. You can get this option as a gift after obtaining a package of credits. It will work for a month.

TravelingMan is a good function for those who often go on trips. Make your trip unforgettable and spend time with women who desire sex as much as you do. Send Priority Mails to women from the city and plan meetings.

The Cost of Dating on Ashley Madison

This platform isn’t expensive. If you want to save your money, just don’t use priority features and don’t send gifts. However, don’t forget that women like gifts, and if you want to impress the girl you liked, don’t be greedy, send her something.

We advise using Message Plus as you will not need to count how many credits are left and on what to spend them. However, the choice is yours. If you don’t plan to contact thousands of women, a small package of credits will be enough for some months.

Safety of Ashley Madison

Safety of Ashley Madison

After the hackers’ attack in 2015, the company has focused on security. However, some people are afraid of the same story and don’t want to see their information leaked somewhere. Do we need to be cautious or the tragedy won’t repeat?

Protection and Security

About 20,000 new users join Ashley Madison daily. And they shouldn’t worry about any unexpected problems. The service is always renovating and trying to build a friendly environment for its users. However, they should be careful and preserve their privacy by themselves too and don’t make silly mistakes like leaving the PC or phone unlocked so their spouses will not notice anything suspicious. Create a strong password and write it somewhere. Don’t use the same passwords for different websites, as if an intruder knows it, all your social networks will be hacked.

Customer Support

The staff of Ashley Madison is always ready to help the customers. Keep in mind that you will need to wait to obtain the answer, as the number of users is growing every day. You might also find some videos about the usage of the website on YouTube or other sources.

If you have problems with payment, sending messages, or editing information, explain your problem, the staff will solve it. However, sometimes the problem is not with the website itself but with a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is an important section on every website. The most frequently asked questions on dating services are connected with creating and deleting the account, blocking other users, and payment. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff anything you want to know as they will surely provide you with the needed information.

Verification of The Profile on Ashley Madison

You don’t need to wait after signing up. All the options will be available after creating a profile. Write your real email to be able to restore an account and get notifications from the website.

There is no photo verification on Ashley Madison. The users are mostly married people who don’t want to share too much information about themselves, even to the website staff. However, suspicious users are blocked quite fast. Post your real pictures for not being blocked.

Deleting Ashley Madison Account

If you have changed your mind and don’t want to use the service anymore, you can easily delete your page. However, we advise you to close it for a time. In this way, you will hide your profile and have the ability to restore it in a while. Sometimes all of us need to take a break. You will be able to restore it after contacting the customer service.

If you have decided to erase your profile forever, don’t despair as it’s also possible. But keep in mind that you will never be able to restore your conversations and other information. It’s the best option for those who decided to say no to apps and prefer to find partners in reality.

Free Opportunity to See Who Likes You on Ashley Madison

All important notifications are saved in your mailbox. You will see all winks and messages but won’t be able to read them, in case you don’t have a premium account. But for what to spend time on waiting? Make the first step and find a partner on your own.

On Viewed Me, you can look through the ones who visited your profile. Why not visit their pages too and send a wink, in case you wish to have a flirty conversation or have more serious plans?

Blocking Someone on Ashley Madison

Some people might be too tiring. If you don’t want to continue communication with someone, the best solution is to block him/her. In this way, you won’t receive any messages from this person. Visit the profile of the user you want to block. There you can find the needed button. You can also report us if the user behaves strangely. We will take measures.

Cancelling Ashley Madison Subscription

You can easily cancel the renewal of the subscription in settings. In case you have any problems, contact the customer service. If you have only signed up and want to see the features, we advise you not to turn on the ‘automatically billed’ option. Try to understand if this service is the right place for you. Maybe, you won’t like it. In case it satisfies all your needs, turn on the renewal later.



To sum up, Ashley Madison is a good choice for those who are looking for love or an affair. As you see, the process of registration doesn’t take much time, and the same can be said about the search for possible partners. Both married and single people use it, so you can have an affair with anyone you want. Some users don’t mind group sex or polygamy, so why not to start experiments right now?

Women will surely fall in love with this service, as it is full of men who are ready to pay for love and have serious intentions. Men will also like the platform because they can be sure that only real and wise women choose it. Credits don’t cost too much and are affordable to people of all ages and classes.

Sending gifts is like addressing real flowers to a woman you like, and the opportunity to wink and wait for the response also resembles real life. It is the most convenient platform for those who are tired of the life they have and who want to try something new. Therefore, go ahead and try to find your love in Ashley Madison right now.

Mike Raven
Mike Raven
Mike Raven
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Mike holds a certification for Senior Relationship Coaching. He is passionate about supporting anyone that needs his help. He is excellent at solving issues and has sufficient experience in resolving conflicts. His background makes him the right person to go to if you have a problem in your relationship.
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by Mercer Sep 20, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and course-plotting is a breeze. I receive an ample quantity of insights and experience for consumers that seem appealing to me personally. The truth is, i actually do really enjoy due to being on this web site. I really couldn't experience our newest friend yet. Still, I recently uncovered two interesting individuals get in touch with. I'm free and casual while emailing them. I would recommend this great site to everyone that is interested in good camaraderie, whatever the model of partnership.
Glen Townsend
by Glen Townsend Sep 15, 2021
Very high opinions. I have found numerous ready and intriguing someone and a few freaks . that's the norm when you're using the internet. Some fights weren't during my locality . that's the reason we stayed buddys. I should say that this particular service brings many means develop other users observe a person. 1st, it's enough space to generate the page and provide sufficient information about the way you look and individual. Subsequently, chatting are fine. Generally, one access whole online correspondence might obtain a date at any time if you are ready to satisfy your preferred in the real world.
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