Asian Tinder exist?
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Does Asian Tinder exist?

Does Asian Tinder exist?

There is no Tinder Asian version.

Tinder is a global dating service. People from any place around the globe are welcome to use it. So, expect to meet Asians. Other users are from places like America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. The platform does not restrict users based on skin color, religion, or anything else. As long as you are above eighteen years, you can join.

Though Tinder is a global dating platform and supports hookups and long-term affairs, people interested in marriage partners often go to websites such as eHarmony. In addition, services like Ashley Madison and BeNaughty are for individuals that want to date casually.

If you are interested in finding Asians on the Tinder dating site or whether the probability of finding the right match from the Asian region is high, this article got you.

Tinder recommends matches based on the locations indicated on the profiles.

You need to know how to find Asians from Japan, China, and other parts of the world. The website has various preference settings that let users filter people depending on location, distance, age, and gender identity.

Once you adjust your location to Asia, you will start getting Asian matches. So, you can use the option to specify your search findings.

Asians do not live in one region. You can find them in various areas around the globe. You can be lucky to be in a place where there are many people from Asia.

The Asian girl Tinder dating platform can additionally surprise members with many suggestions. So, you cannot tell when your swiping activity brings you the most compatible Asian woman.

Most people often talk about gaps. They can be cultural, generational, or anything else. So, you cannot assume that they are not there. Instead, you need to know how to overcome them and avoid unwanted situations.

Being in a relationship with a person from Asia can be attractive, especially if you are from a different background. However, it is essential to consider some things when dating people with other beliefs and lifestyles.

How to increase the chances of finding a date

Below is what you can do to win an Asian girl.

  1. Do not be rude.

You do not need to be too nice. You only need to adhere to the guidelines you use when you meet a stranger.

Try not to sound impolite or say things that can make a person feel uncomfortable. Instead, speak to people the same way you will want them to talk to you.

  1. Avoid sensitive matters.

Since you are from a different culture, you know that you have different habits and beliefs. The things you find funny in your country might be offensive to individuals from other places.

Examples of the sensitive topics you must avoid are politics and religion.

  1. Avoid prejudices.

There are many stereotypes regarding Asians. However, most of them are prejudiced. Avoid bringing them up because they can make you lose your Asian Tinder date.

Anything you have heard about people from Asia should get left behind when you meet them on the dating site. Let them show you who they indeed are.

  1. Create an impressive profile.

You can make your profile stand out by uploading your best pictures and describing yourself in detail. The site allows finding matches through swiping. So, most people will use physical appearance to choose who to date. So, using an attractive image and an eye-catching bio increases the chances of finding matches.

  1. Be open without being pushy.

Communication styles are not the same for every country. So, you cannot go straight to asking an Asian to hook up with you.

Most women will turn you down if you push them too much. Instead, use icebreakers to show them how funny and exciting you are. Try everything you can to make the women want to date you, be careful not to scare her off.

Tinder is an excellent dating platform, as seen from stats and customer reviews. No matter the kind of relationship you want, the app offers you the best service compared to most similar dating websites.

Top Tinder platform features

  • The website has one of the most significant numbers of users. There are around fifty-seven million members globally.
  • Nearly six million users have premium accounts.
  • The service is available in forty languages.
  • People from more than one hundred and ninety countries can access the dating site.
  • The platform is responsible for over twenty million matches so far.
  • The registration activity is not complicated. You can even join using your Facebook account.
  • It is easy to navigate the website.
  • The platform has many features.
  • The app has a modern design.

As long as you have an attractive profile, there is no way you will fail to find a suitable match.

If you are eager to find out how it feels to date an Asian, you may want to know other helpful dating platforms. Some sites are as good as the Tinder Asian dating service.

Best sites to find Asian dates

They include:

  1. Asia Friend Finder

The matchmaking site is among the most extensive dating places for finding Asians. However, what makes the site stand out is the high number of Asian singles.

Expect to meet women from India, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. You can also find some from places like Canada, Europe, and the US. However, most customers are Chinese.

The online dating platform is ideal for finding both casual and long-term partners.

The site features an effortless and fast registration activity.

Becoming a member is free. However, there are two subscription options, namely Gold, Silver.

  1. Truly Asian

The website name describes what users will find. You will meet Asian partners. The platform offers a one-week trial period for customers to test the service.

Another lovely thing about the site is that it has sister dating platforms, which are ideal when searching for partners from a particular Asian region. They include Truly Filipina and Truly Thai.

Different devices have different apps. The only drawback is that user profiles lack sufficient information.

  1. Asian Cupid

The dating platform has over two million users. It has been serving people for more than ten years.

The site is a section of the Cupid network, behind several other useful online dating platforms.

The site has many encouraging stories from previous users. In addition, the dating platform operators do an excellent job helping members from anywhere around the globe meet Asian partners.

  1. Find Love Asia

The dating platform allows people to register, search for matches, and use the video chat service without paying.

The signup process is hassle-free, and you can choose from three groups of partners. They are Asia, Filipina, and Thai dates.

The dating site has a timeline. You can follow new members, users who boost their profiles with more images, people interested in chatting, and anyone who becomes a friend.

  1. Asian Match Mate

The dating platform allows users to meet Asian singles. In addition, the site connects individuals from any place around the globe with Asian partners.

The platform permits webcam streaming.

Most users are from Taiwan.

The app supports various kinds of relationships. They include heterosexual, transsexual, and gay.

The registration activity is fast and free. New users get email verification after signing up. You need to provide your basic details and specify the relationship you want. With a free account, you can send virtual gifts, contact people with premium accounts, and use the chat room.

Most profiles have lovely pictures and videos. However, you have to be a paying customer to see other peoples’ photos and recordings. So if you want a social networking app that enables you to meet Asian singles, the Asian Match Mate got you.

  1. AsiaMe

The matchmaking site is ideal for anyone interested in someone from China, Thailand, or Vietnam. The platform has many communication features making it stand out from all other Asian dating services.

There is a call feature, live chat option, and video show.

Other communication options include CamShare, EMF email, and Admirer email. The services can get accessed either on iOS or Android devices.

The communication features require users to pay. In addition, the platform ensures to offer a safe dating place by making users undergo thorough checks before accessing the service. So, the chances of finding a fake profile are low.

Other online dating platforms where you can find Asian dates

There are other dating services for Asians. The above section covered sites that center on the Asian region. In this section, you will come across two other helpful dating sites.

The reason for including the two platforms is that they are among the leading dating places globally. Also, they have many users and are easy to operate. Therefore, the chances of finding suitable Asian matches are high on the websites.

The two sites are:

  1. Match

The dating platform has over twenty million members. Eight million users have premium accounts.

The site has been in service for more than two decades.

Users can add up to twenty-six pictures and create an attractive profile. In addition, there are many unique features, and the site guarantees to find a suitable match in six months.

The dating platform also allows customers to share their profiles with sister websites. The action improves the chances of finding a suitable partner.

  1. eHarmony

The dating site has a compatibility algorithm that matches users based on their preferences. The platform is ideal for casual or long-term relationships. You can find a partner based on religion, age, location, or any other parameter.

eHarmony is one of the dating platforms that have a lengthy signup process. The time-consuming registration activity ensures only serious members join. So, the chances of finding better matches are high. The site has many success stories from previous customers.

The only drawback is that the dating service is costly compared to most similar sites.

Bonus dating service

Another website worth joining if you want to meet Asian singles is East Meet East. As the name suggests, the platform enables Asians to meet matches from their community.

The site mostly centers on Asian American and diaspora communities. Customers get tailored services. Among them are customized matches. So, expect to find a partner with whom you share the same culture.

The dating service does not charge female users. It is only the male users that need to upgrade their membership to access the site features.

The dating site lets users import pictures from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The profiles are not detailed, but there is enough information to help you find suitable partners.

You can use the platform to chat with other people. In addition, there is a live stream option for video chats and several other features. So far, the app has enabled over seventy thousand singles to connect.


As seen from the information shared in this article, there is no Asian version of Tinder. Instead, Asians or people from other places around the globe can use Tinder to find singles from the Asian region.

Many success stories prove that the site is worth joining. Also, since the population is high, the chances of finding a suitable match fast are high.

To ensure success, create an impressive profile. The best thing about looking for sexual partners online is that you have access to many like-minded people from various places around the globe. So, whether you want to date for fun or want a long-term partner, you can find the right person. Tinder in Asia or any dating platform mentioned in this article will help you get what you want.


This section provides answers to questions that most people ask.

Does Asian Tinder exist?

No. There is no Tinder for Asians. The global dating platform welcomes users from everywhere around the globe. The population is high, increasing the chances of finding a suitable Asian date.

Which dating apps are good for Asians?

Examples of the best apps to find Asian dates are:

  • Asia Friend finder
  • TrulyAsian
  • Asian Cupid Dating
  • Find Love Asia
  • AsiaMe

The most famous social apps in Asia include:

  • WeChat
  • Sina Weibo
  • LINE
  • SNOW
  • Youku
  • Qzone
  • Naver

How many Asian female members does Tinder have?

The exact number of Asian women on Tinder is unknown. However, since the site has a high population globally and supports around forty languages, you can find a good number of Asian ladies.

Do users select ethnicity on the Tinder dating platform?

Yes. If you only wish to date Asian girls on Tinder or any other ethnicity, there is a filter you can use to find them. You can search based on location, distance, gender, and age.

Why do Asian men prefer Asian ladies?

Most men prefer partners that understand their origin. So, Asian men are more into women from their community to avoid issues related to cultural differences.

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