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Tips and Tricks on How To Get Laid On Tinder

Tips and Tricks on How To Get Laid On Tinder

“Does it seem like everyone is out there using Tinder to have amazing hookups, are you feeling a little left out? Well, don’t worry, in this article we are going to show you how to get laid on Tinder in the shortest amount of time possible!

We have found that users who follow our strategies can get laid on Tinder with no issues and on average get 3 hookups per month! If you could use some help upping your Tinder game then keep reading!

Important Things To Know When Using Tinder to Get Laid

Before we start showing you how to get laid using Tinder and turn you into a matching machine we need to quickly explain what Tinder is and who it is best suited for!

Tinder is the world’s biggest dating website and app and has transformed the online dating world and brought it into the mainstream. Thanks to Tinder, online dating is no longer for the old and desperate.

Tinder has almost 80 million users from around the world with most being under the age of 30! There are millions of girls on Tinder right now who are looking to get laid.

On Tinder, you can create a profile by simply uploading a photo and writing a couple of lines long bio (we will show you the best Tinder bios to get laid). This process only takes about 5 minutes.

After creating your profile you filter users based on location, age, and gender. After setting your filters you will be shown different profiles and you have the choice to swipe right if you like their profile and swipe left if they don’t meet your desires.

If you swipe right on a profile and they return the favor it is a match you then can send that person messages.

The process of signing up and using the app is simple but if you want to get laid on Tinder you need to use some strategy which we will now break down!

Create An Eye-Catching Tinder Profile

The first answer to the question “”how to get laid on Tinder?”” is to create a profile that no girl in her wildest dreams would consider swiping left on. If you want to get lots of matches and have hot Tinder conversations you need to start by fixing your profile!

If you want to get laid on Tinder you can’t just upload a series of random photos and write a meaningless bio. You need to get these two factors spot on if you want to attract women. Let’s look at how to select photos that will guarantee your inbox is flooded!

What Are The Best Photos For Tinder?

When someone lands on your Tinder profile they are going to be greeted with your profile picture. Most Tinder users don’t even bother reading your profile and decide to swipe right solely on the first picture they come across.

To ensure you receive lots of matches and have zero problems getting laid on Tinder make sure you follow these photo tips:

  1. Only Use High-Quality Pictures

If you want to learn how to use Tinder to get laid then you need to start by uploading crystal clear pictures. Do you think a girl is going to swipe right on you if they can’t even see what you look like? Make sure all pictures you upload to Tinder are high quality and you can see your face and body.

  1. Avoid Nudity

Showing too much skin on Tinder will quickly get your account banned. All pictures need to be family-friendly. You also need to be careful about uploading topless photos even if you are at the beach. According to research, almost 75% of women said they are not interested in seeing men shirtless on Tinder.

  1. Only Upload Real Photos On Tinder

If a woman suspects you are uploading fake photos to Tinder she is going to assume you are a fake account that is running a scam, hiding your identity for some other criminal purpose or you are ugly! All of these thoughts will result in an automatic swipe right and you may even have your account reported and banned.

No matter what you look like it is better to upload real photos. If you use the right angle, slightly edit the photo, and have a nice background you will be able to make yourself attractive no matter your physical appearance.

  1. Don’t Use Selfies

A big mistake people make when using Tinder laid strategies is uploading selfies. When selecting a Tinder picture you need to find one that shows more than just your face, it also should include at least some of your body. If you don’t have any good photos ask someone to take a new one or try out the self-timer mode on your camera.

  1. Delete All Group Photos

If your goal is to get laid on Tinder then you should never upload a group photo. Many girls won’t even wait to figure which one you are and simply swipe right. Group photos are not only confusing but they can make you seem less attractive if a girl finds someone else in your photo more attractive! Stick to only uploading photos that feature yourself.

  1. Only Include Photos Which Show Your Face

Facial features are the number 1 factor women use to decide if they are going to swipe right or left on your profile. Girls will instantly swipe right if they can’t see what you look like. Your face should be clearly visible in your profile and the image should be very high quality.

How To Write A Tinder Bio To Get Laid?

Now you know how to upload the perfect Tinder profile picture it is time to fix your bio. When you have your bio and profile picture optimized you will be laughing at the fact that you ever asked for advice on how to get laid on Tinder.

When constructing your Tinder bio you need to think about the difference between men and women. Men are unlikely to read womens’ bios and if they experience the physical attraction with instantly swipe right. While many girls are interested in getting to know a man more before they swipe right and this is why your Tinder bio is so important.

To increase your matches you need to capture the attention of girls with your first Tinder pic, keep them interested with your other photos and then convince them to swipe right with your bio!

You can’t simply write anything in your Tinder bio and expect to have success. You need to come up with something interesting, and a little bit creative. Something interesting about your background, career, and hobbies are all great things to include but remember to keep it brief and create a sense of excitement to ensure the reader wants to find out more.

Currently, Tinder bios can be a maximum of 500 characters but the best bios are typically in the 150 to 300 character range. You can also try putting in your bio that you are looking for casual hookups or just fun to help filter out girls who are looking for boyfriends.

Tinder Conversation Guide

Now you have a fully optimized Tinder profile that includes some top photos, a world-class bio, and more matches then you know what to do with it is time to start sending some messages.

To get laid on Tinder you need to do more than just simply attracting girls and convincing them to swipe right, you need to flirt and build a connection.

To have success you must play the game by alluding to sex without coming right out and saying it. This dance can be quite tricky because if you come across too strong you will scare girls away even if they are interested in hooking up. While if you don’t flirt enough girls won’t feel that sexual connection.

Lucky for you thanks to our research we have discovered the optimum way to talk to girls and have hot Tinder conversations. To start converting your matches into hookups just follow our Tinder conversation guide below:

Avoid These Common Tinder Conversation Mistakes

If you want to know what to say to get laid on Tinder then start by avoiding these common mistakes below. You may not even be aware you are making these errors and it could be costing you hundreds of hookups! To get there, you will probably make a couple of mistakes along the way.

Poor Grammar

Using Tinder to get laid is a whole lot more difficult if you don’t use proper grammar. No woman wants to spend hours trying to decipher your poorly written sentences. Not to mention making simple mistakes when messaging screams you are uneducated, which is another huge turn-off!

We recommend you avoid using too much slang and construct easy-to-read and complete sentences. You want to make yourself as easy to understand as possible. As the text is the only way to communicate through Tinder you need to ensure your messages are attractive!

Too Long Messages

While you shouldn’t write super short messages that don’t answer your match’s questions or cause the conversation to stop, you also don’t want to write a novel.

When messaging on Tinder each of your replies and messages should be ideally a few lines long and include a question or an open-ended part so the conversation can continue smoothly.

If you just immediately start flooding a girl’s inbox with huge page long replies she is going to be unlikely to read your message as it is too much effort and she may think you are creepy as it is unusual to write huge texts to someone you just connected with.

Just because you need to keep your messages somewhat brief, that doesn’t mean they should be boring. Don’t be afraid to reveal some interesting things about yourself and tell some stories. However, start by giving the girl a teaser, and then if she is interested she will ask questions and then you can start expanding your answers.

Too Many Emojis

Emojis are fun and lots of girls love them. However, if you overdose on them or use emojis that are out of context you could cause your match to lose interest. The secret to using emojis is taking a less is more strategy and only using them when they fit into the context of your conversation. If you use too many random emojis girls may think you are a little strange and immature.

Sending Rude Messages When Your Match Doesn’t Reply

Nobody likes being rejected or having their messages left on read. However, if this happens you need to be mature and just move on. The last thing you should do is send some horrible message and insult the girl. You can’t expect some random girl on Tinder to immediately respond to your messages and be instantly attracted to you. During some of your conversations on Tinder, it could happen that the girl you’ve been talking to stops responding or responds very rarely.

Also, you never know the girl who left you on read may just be really busy and reply in a few hours and may actually really like you. So whatever you do, don’t burn bridges by sending nasty messages!

Starting The Conversation With A Boring Opener

Do you know how many guys message girls saying hi, hello or how are you? The girl you just matched with probably has 50 + unread messages in her inbox with the same boring opener.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get your new match to actually respond to your messages you need to come up with something slightly creative! Don’t worry later in this article we will give you some great examples of openers that will help you get laid on Tinder.

The key to writing a good Tinder opener is making your message personalized, including a little bit of humor but not being too stupid or rude.

Being Too Eager To Talk About SexA great way to come off desperate and creep women out is to start talking about sex too early in the conversation. Would you start speaking to a girl you just met in real life about sex? Obviously not! It is also not a good idea to do so when chatting on Tinder even if your goal is to organize a fast hookup!

You first need to start with some innocent flirting and as you establish a connection you can slowly increase the amount of sexual innuendo until you finally start sending some more explicit messages.

You also need to make sure your match feels comfortable. Many women use Tinder to get laid but at the same time they don’t want to feel shame or like they are being used. By building attraction, acting naturally, and slowly increasing your flirting you can successfully organize hookups through Tinder.

How to Write Great Tinder Openers?

The easiest way to get laid on Tinder is becoming a conversation master and building attraction through sending amazing messages. However, before you start having a great Tinder conversation you first need to get the chat going, this is where openers come into play.

Girls are looking for guys who are smart, ambitious, down-to-earth, and funny. So ideally, you can communicate at least some of these attributes into your opener in a creative fashion. The last thing you want to start a conversation with is a super boring “Hey”, “Hi”, or “Hello”.

If you aren’t a gifted wordsmith or you struggle with being creative, don’t worry we are going to show you in-depth how to start amazing Tinder conversations, and trust us it is much simpler than you think. We will give you practical conversation openers that you can try out on Tinder today!

As long as you are honest, use a little bit of humor and write something slightly interesting you will put yourself in a great position to start chatting away to your latest crush.

Tips to keep in mind is that you should always avoid being too forward and sexual. Girls are going to instantly unmatch you if they send some crude message or even mention sex in your opening message. You will automatically be cast into the long list of creeps who have tried the same failed tactic.

To improve your Tinder conversation openers you need to view your message from the perspective of the girl you just matched with. Ask yourself what this girl likes to read, what would make her want to reply, and what would make her attracted to you. If you compose a message that takes those 3 questions into account you will be able to write your own guide on how to use Tinder to get laid!

To turn you into a Tinder messaging expert check out the simple and tested methods below!

Begin A Conversation With A GIF

If you have no idea how to start a Tinder conversation then you can’t go wrong by sending a GIF. The research is pretty clear, girls are 30% more likely to respond to messages that include a GIF than don’t.

Why are GIFs such an effective way to start chatting on Tinder? GIFs are designed to be eye-catching and are amazing at getting people to stop what they are doing to pay attention. GIFs are also great at evoking an emotional response, such as a laugh or a smile.

When a girl smiles at the GIF you sent she will associate you with those positive feelings and be much more likely to reply.

The best GIFs are funny and create a warm and fuzzy feeling. We recommend you find GIFs with cute animals, these always have a high response rate!

After sending your cute animal GIF you then can follow up with a short message. But remember don’t bother with a boring “Hey” or “How is it going”.

Try A Clickbait Question

There is no better way to build intrigue and have a girl dying for a reply than sending a cheeky clickbait question. If you get your clickbait question right your match will just have to know the answer that you will be forced to reply to.

You have endless options when crafting amazing clickbait questions. One great strategy is going through your match’s photos and coming up with some interesting detail and then you send her the most intriguing question of all time such as: “Hi, I saw something really interesting in your profile picture.”

Your match will be so curious that she will instantly message you! I mean who could go to sleep not knowing what this person has discovered about you from your photos.

Another great clickbait question is a classic but continues to work on Tinder is: “Hey, do you remember?”

Your match will immediately respond with a “remember what?” and boom once she has replied you are on your way to starting an amazing Tinder conversation.

Once she replies you can take the conversation wherever you want. The secret to clickbait questions is creating a high enough level of intrigue and mystery that the girl wants to know and has to reply to.

Clickbait questions are also a great way to screen for potential hookups. If a girl reacts poorly when she finds out you click baited her then she was unlikely to hook up with you in the first place and you can stop wasting your time and move on to a girl who is a little bit more fun!

Do Some Fun Psycho-Analysis

This strategy involves analyzing a girl’s profile and then coming up with a mini life story for her. For example, you can come up with a story about her background, what she likes doing, her experience in high school, college, and her career.

This Tinder conversation is high risk but also very high rewards. If you get this right the girl you messaged will be obsessed with you and the chances of you getting laid on Tinder will shoot through the roof!

To increase your chances of getting your armchair psychology report right make sure you keep things general so she is likely to identify with at least some of the things you are mentioning. For example, if you know she went to a particular college you can describe something that most students at that school experience. Or if you know she grew up in a certain area you can write about how much people spend their time in that town.

Even if your analysis of your match’s life is completely untrue as long as you make it fun and entertaining it is likely she will respond to your message. Sometimes the less accurate your story is the more likely your match will be to respond especially if she feels the need to correct your false tale.

Try A Random Question

If you are struggling for ideas on how to start a Tinder conversation why not just blurt out the first question that pops into your head! It doesn’t matter how silly it is, just try it out and see what happens.

These are some fun examples:

Which celebrity would you have dinner with?

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

Tigers or lions?

These questions are so great because they take only a few seconds to consider and respond to. Your matches can easily take a minute out of their day to quickly respond. Also, they are fun and interesting, who doesn’t want to think about their favorite animal, food, or what celebrity they would like to meet?

A random question is so much more exciting than a boring “Hello” and this is why it has such a high response rate. You can literally ask any question you want but we had the most success discussing different celebrities, travel destinations, food, and animals.

Give A Name Pun A Shot!

Let’s face it girls can’t get enough of puns. Puns have been popular on Tinder since the app was first created and are still being used with great success.

With this strategy, you incorporate your match’s name into a funny story or joke. Check out some successful examples below.

I just want to “Brianna” date with you!

Your parents obviously got your name wrong because you aren’t a “Penny”, you are a dime!

I’m feeling very awesome right now especially with the “Ellen” in it

Using name puns on Tinder can also be a bit of a high-risk strategy, as some girls don’t appreciate their names being used in your joke. However, girls who get offended are usually the ones who aren’t interested in hooking up anyway. To increase your chances of success you should try to keep your name puns respectful and make sure they are at least mildly funny!

Tinder Conversation Guide

Now you know how to get laid on Tinder all you need to do now is follow these conversation tips to get set up your hookup. If you follow our 4 Tinder conversation steps you will be able to get laid on Tinder in record time!

To become a Tinder conversation master you need to understand these 4 very important steps:

  • Teasing
  • Understanding
  • Sexualizing
  • Taking a lead

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to perform any of these steps as we are going to break it down in an extremely easy-to-follow fashion. And we will even show you practical examples that you can use that help you get laid on Tinder extremely quickly!

How To Flirt And Tease?

To start hooking up with women on Tinder you need to create attraction and establish a level of comfort. When you do this women will open up and start accepting the idea of not only meeting you but hooking up with you.

This can be achieved through teasing which is a great way to increase attraction and establish a strong bond between you and your match.

The secret to teasing effectively on Tinder is to use humor. What woman can deny a man who makes her laugh?

A great way to start teasing is to browse through your match’s profile and pick something and then make a funny slightly obnoxious comment about it.

For example, you could give a positive comment on one aspect of her outfit while jokingly putting down another part of her clothing. You could also joke about hating her favorite food or describe an unfortunate incident you had in her hometown.

Another great way to tease a girl is to make fun of her favorite band. If she likes rap you can talk about how you only listen to country music or talk about the personality characteristics of girls who like rap. There really is no limit when it comes to the topics you can tease girls about on Tinder.

It really doesn’t matter what you say as long as it relates to the person you are talking to, is a little bit cheeky and funny but not overly rude. Effective teasing is all about being slightly negative but in a fun and playful way.

However, many men on Tinder take teasing way too far and end up insulting their match. If you insult a girl on Tinder expect to be instantly unmatched and ever have your account reported. Before you send any teasing messages make sure you read them a few times and double-check they are not too harsh or offensive.

Good teasing is obviously a joke and very light-hearted. If your message could be interpreted as being serious then you need to rewire it!


If you and your match are not on the same page then no sexual attraction will occur and you can say goodbye to getting laid on Tinder.

The key to getting on the same page is building mutual understanding. This understanding can be developed through connecting via similar experiences, through understanding each other’s jokes, and to be looking for the same thing out of the relationship.

If you have nothing in common with a girl, she doesn’t understand your jokes and she is looking for a serious relationship then what are your chances of hooking up? You guessed it close to zero percent!

Developing understanding is both a screening and development process. If there is no baseline understanding then you shouldn’t even bother with the conversation and just cut things off and move on to another girl.

However, if there is some level of understanding you need to cultivate this and increase it to the point where you are both very attracted to one another.

The best way to start building this understanding is with humor. If you both start laughing at each other’s jokes this is a great sign there is potential for a hookup.

After you start laughing then you can start building this understanding further through connecting over similar experiences. For example, maybe you grew up in the same town, you may know similar people, go to the same places or partake in the same hobbies.

Another great way to increase this understanding is to have similar life goals. For example, maybe you are both coming out of relationships or you both have been happily single right now and are just looking for fun. If you can find common ground with your match you will connect on a deep level and the chances of you hooking up shoots through the roof!


Being funny and getting a girl to feel comfortable around you is all well and good but it won’t lead to sex if you don’t how to introduce sexual energy into the conversation. This is the step many guys struggle with as they go from joking around and being silly to somehow try to get interested enough to actually hook up with them. This is a bridge that is extremely hard to navigate without some guidance.

Some guys either never have the courage to introduce sex into the conversation or they come off way too eager or they do it in a jokingly manner which girls just quickly brush off.

To start introducing sex into a Tinder conversation you need to start off with light flirting and slowly increase the sexual innuendos. You need to push the boundaries and see what you can get away with. If the girl responds receptively then keep going and see what you can get away with. If she responds negatively then slowly back off and keep trying again but a little more subtly.

The other trick is not to try to introduce sex into every aspect of your conversation. Just slip the sex talk in every now and then and keep a close eye on how your match reacts. If you keep the sex talk veiled behind flirting and innuendos and slowly increase the intensity you should have no problems eventually brokering the subject of hooking up naturally!

Take Control Of The Conversation

The final step you need to accomplish to solve the eternal question of how to get laid on Tinder is organizing the hookup and arranging the details.

It is very unlikely that a girl you match with on Tinder is going to come out and say let’s hook up, come over to my place at 9 pm tonight. While this would be a dream scenario it typically only happens in movies.

If you want to get laid on Tinder you are going to have to take control of the conversation and be the man. You will have to ask the girl out, convince her to say yes, and organize the next steps. If you fail to take control of the conversation you will be left in this no man’s land where the conversation will come to a grinding halt.

So how exactly do you ask a girl to hook up on Tinder and have her accept your offer?

It is as simple as asking them out for a casual date. If you are planning on hooking up it is best to ask for a nighttime meet-up and to strike while the iron is hot, meaning you should try to hook up on the same night you are chatting.

Ideally, you want to keep it very laid back as you don’t want to put pressure on the girl and you don’t want to come off as desperate.

For example, try something like this:

You: What have you got planned for tonight or tomorrow night?

Her: Tonight I’m not doing anything and tomorrow I am meeting some friends for dinner. What about you?

You: Cool. Tomorrow night I have a friend’s birthday party. Tonight I was going to stay in but I feel like going out. There is this bar and Mexican place I wanted to try out. Would you like to come tonight?

If the girl is into you and you have done a good job of building a connection she should have no problem accepting your laid-back invitation.

Our Research Method

We conducted primary research by testing numerous different Tinder profile setups and then measured which approach yielded the highest number of matches in the quickest time.

We also used secondary research from Tinders users who had successfully hooked up with many girls and scored lots of matches. The secondary research was largely based on users from Reddit and Quora.

Wrapping Up

We have shared so many helpful tips on how to get laid on Tinder. We know Tinder is hyper-competitive and standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. However, by following our step-by-step process you should be able to not only radically increase the number of matches you receive but also start to get laid on Tinder. Now let’s look at the top frequently asked questions on how to use Tinder to get laid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app to get laid?

Tinder is the best hookup app due to the number of girls on the platform looking to get laid. Tinder also has a great interface and one of the best matching algorithms which makes it fast and easy to find girls.

Is it easy to get laid on Tinder?

If you know how to use Tinder to get laid then it is very easy! If you follow our advice you should have no problems. Just remember to optimize your profile and keep swiping and messaging girls until you find the perfect hookup partner.

What are the best Tinder bios to get laid?

The best Tinder bios to get laid include a few snippets of true and interesting information that wants a reader to learn more. The best bios are only a few lines long!

What is the ideal strategy to get laid on Tinder?

Hooking up on Tinder doesn’t have to be hard! Just follow this strategy and start getting laid on Tinder:

  1. Upload 3 high-quality pictures, one close up of your face and one that shows your body, avoid having other people in your pictures and ensure the background is industry
  2. Write a short bio that leaves a reader wanting to learn more
  3. Swipe on lots of girls but only on profiles who you think will match with you
  4. Message all of your matches with individuals and create messages, avoid just saying “how are you” as you need to stand out from the crowd.

How do you initiate a Tinder conversation about hooking up?

To get a Tinder conversation going around the topic of hooking up you need to keep things light and playful. A great way to start is by sending a GIF. GIFS have a 30% higher response rate than typical messages.

How do you ask for a hookup on Tinder?

Asking for a hookup on Tinder is easier than you think just follow these steps:

  1. Create attraction through flirting
  2. Ask questions to see if your match is up for a hookup
  3. Casually ask to meet up, if you are looking for a hookup it is best to strike while the iron is hot and meetup on the same day you are speaking

What are effective pick-up lines to get laid on Tinder?

The easiest way to get laid on Tinder is to start the conversation with an amazing pick-up line that will prove irresistible to your match. Try out these convo openers:

  • Send a funny GIF
  • Ask a question about one of her photos or bio
  • Try out your current favorite meme
  • Ask a random question

Is Tinder just for hookups?

While many users are looking to get laid on Tinder a large percentage are looking for serious relationships and their next boyfriend or girlfriend. No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for you can find it on Tinder.

How to get laid in college using Tinder?

To get laid using Tinder while in college you should mention the university you attend in your bio, include pictures of you at university or in university clothing, and expand your radius to encompass nearby colleges.

How do I get laid immediately on Tinder?

To start immediately hooking up on Tinder you need to optimize your profile with a catchy bio and 3 photos that highlight your best features. Then you need to swipe right a high number of profiles you can realistically match with. And then start messaging every single one of your matches until you find a girl who is interested in hooking up. It is that simple!

How often can you hook up on Tinder?

Your success on Tinder depends on the area you live in, your profile communication skills, and how attractive you are. People who excel in these areas can hook up with multiple different women every week on Tinder.

How to stop being asked for hookups on Tinder?

If you want to avoid being propositioned for hookups and not get laid on Tinder you should write in your bio that you are only interested in dating and serious relationships. This won’t stop everyone but it will significantly reduce people asking for hookups.”

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