EthiopianPersonals Review 2020

EthiopianPersonals Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-23
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Ethiopia Personals allows us to meet singles of Ethiopian descent in different corners of the world.
  • The website has an extensive search option for searching singles throughout the community.
  • The sign-up process does not take much time to register (there are not too many questions, and some of them are optional).
  • At EthiopianPersonals, technical support works to meet all the problem questions and issues facing by their members.
  • New visitors of EthiopianPersonals may try a free membership stage to evaluate the website with its benefits and drawbacks.
  • There are a few photos that members of the EthiopianPersonals community can upload: the maximum number of photos is 20.
  • Members of the website often complain about the quality of photos after they are uploaded to the EthiopianPersonals.
  • The community’s membership price is unreasonably high compared to similar sites, which are even better-looking.
  • The main features of the website are limited to text messages as the primary means of communication there.
  • Absence of the mobile application either at Google Play Market or at App Store.

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EthiopianPersonals is one of those dating websites, which are oriented on a specific target population. From the title, it is easy to understand that EthiopianPersonals were developed for single men and women who belong to Ethiopian diaspora throughout the world. Thus, the members of this community must not live only on the African continent. Those who are interested in Ethiopia Personals service may have some roots related to Ethiopian ancestors. Some of them have never been to Ethiopia. Also, there are many interested African men and women because of their exceptional beauty and exotic appearance.

EthiopianPersonals website does not have unique features, which could make it better than other dating websites. But it has all the necessary characteristics that allow it to accept EthiopianPersonals as a decent website, which successfully implements its primary function. There are two possible ways of membership here: free membership and fee-based membership, known at EthiopianPersonals as premium one. When you registered as a free member, you have a limited list of functions to be performed. As a rule, most of the website’s users want to continue their subscription and enjoy the more extended number of features. The website does not only post members’ profiles, and offers a search tool. Additionally, EthiopianPersonals has the option of a “personality match” test. The results of the test are displayed at the user’s profile. It significantly simplifies the searching process of the desired candidates for dating. Also, it is possible to install limitations on those who may be recommended to you and even block other users if you do not like them or notice some inappropriate behavior from their side.

Answering the question mentioned above, it is possible to say that EthiopianPersonals is a good website that responds to its initial dating community’s initial purpose.

Reputation and History of EthiopianPersonals

Speaking about the reputation of Ethiopia Personals, it is necessary to take into account the comments of its users and their feedbacks. The understanding of the validity of these comments will be more clear after looking through the website’s history. It is difficult to find an exact date when EthiopianPersonals was launched. According to the information on its official website, EthiopianPersonals belongs to the projects of World Singles Networks. It is underlined that more than 17 years, this network helps millions of people throughout the world to connect with other single people and find their true love. Thus, it is possible to assume that EthiopianPersonals exists for about 17 years at the dating websites market. Throughout its existence, the service helped thousands of singles to find their love and even create families.

The reputation of Ethiopia Personals is dubious. On the one hand, it tries to facilitate people to find their love, but from the other, it fails to complete its functions fully. The customers of the website complain about the high price of the service. Moreover, they underline that the only free thing there is registration. Such a claim may be slightly exaggerated, but in any case, it should be taken into account. Also, at EthiopianPersonals, the support department should work better in order to respond to all the upcoming issues, the number of which is high.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

EthiopianPersonals offers its members only a website because the designers of this community have not developed smartphone applications. But it is good that the website is easy to find. It appears at the first line of any search engine. The interface of the website is rather attractive. At the front page, you will see a smiling Ethiopian girl with a guitar who welcomes other users to join the community. On the same page, there is a column for registration. There, it is necessary to indicate your gender and whom you are looking for. The following step is to choose your date of birth and country of residence. Entering your email and password will be the last steps for joining for free. After that, it will be necessary to confirm your registration by answering the letter that Ethiopia Personals will send to your email.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

At EthiopianPersonals, the sign-up process is easy and fast. The website’s administration does not ask too many questions at the initial stage of registration. They explain this because the majority of visitors are looking for their love and want to find it as soon as possible. But further, of course, members can extend their profiles by adding new information, which can be exciting for other users. Everyone can include information about their hobbies, preferences, education, work field, and many other close data. All these will make your profile more interesting for looking through. As a result, more winks and likes will be under your photo.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Taking into account that the security system at EthiopianPersonals is not so useful as it could be, the possibility of fake profile existence cannot be denied. The main disadvantage of this service is that there is no photo verification. Thus, you may upload any photo you wish, even those found online. The website’s administration explains such their policy that posting fake photos does not bring criminal responsibility. That is why clients of EthiopianPersonals should be careful by themselves and try to detect any scamming activity with the subsequent reporting about it to the support department.

Website and Mobile Version

Unfortunately, Ethiopia Personals has only a website version. There is no mobile application for it. That is why it will be impossible to find any information about this service at Google Play Market or App Store. But the EthiopianPersonals website can be reached through any device at any time. However, it would be better if there is a specified application for smartphones.

Special Features

In the majority of aspects, EthiopianPersonals does not differ from its competitors. But among the distinctive features that may be noticed at this dating website, we would name the presence of Chat rooms, where community members can discuss various questions and use it either for fun or serious discussions. Also, when filling the profile information, members may include their video introduction, where they represent themselves from different sides. This is an effective possibility for both sides: the applicants can introduce themselves to the audience from their best side, while the users can faster understand whether the person fits them or not.

EthiopianPersonals also offers to take the “personality match” test, which can demonstrate the compatibility of two people according to their fields of interest and individual characteristics.

At EthiopianPersonals, the partner search is committed via the search tools, which vary depending on the membership type of the user. The detailed search options allow providing simple, broad, or premium search. Also, it is possible to use keywords for finding an appropriate candidacy. In most cases, the search success will be determined by the search criteria that the user has chosen. It is possible to narrow them down and be more specific in finding a person you would like. Here, it is possible to use the user name of the profile. Thus, everything depends on your desire and awareness of what you want exactly.

How Does EthiopianPersonals Work?

The principle of work of EthiopianPersonals is quite simple. The community member should register the profile and then search for the Ethiopian singles. During the registration procedure, the applicants enter the information about themselves. This information becomes key when someone uses search filters. If the user likes the other one, they may send a wink or like the photos, indicating sympathy towards the possible partner. When sympathy is mutual, they can continue their communication through personal messages free at EthiopianPersonals. Then, everything depends on the intentions and wishes of the partners.

Searching Options and Filters at EthiopianPersonals

As it was mentioned above, searching options at Ethiopia Personals varies depending on the membership plan and wishes of users. Simple search options are available for all the registered members. There, it is possible to use gender, age, country of residence, and zip code as searching criteria. When EthiopianPersonals’ user buys premium account, he or she receives premium searching opportunities. This method may use such characteristics as hair and eye color, height, hobbies, and other more extensive features. If there are many profiles that the user likes, it is possible to create a “favorite list” to which it is possible to return any time.

Communication Methods

Among all the possible means of communication, at EthiopianPersonals, only messaging is available. With the selected match, the users may communicate through an internal mailbox. Also, there is a possibility to find interlocutors in Chat rooms, where various topics are discussed. Unfortunately, there are no video chats. It could be a powerful feature for those who have passed several communication stages with their selected match.

EthiopianPersonals Alternatives

EthiopianPersonals is not the only website of its kind. On the Internet, other services deal with individuals of African descent. For example, it is possible to name SouthAfricanCupid, African Love, Afro Introductions, African Beauties, and some others. It would be unfair to say that EthiopianPersonals is the best among them, but it is not the worst. All they have similar features and prices for their services.

Membership Price and Payment Method

At EthiopianPersonals, there are two membership plans: prepaid (or premium) and free. The price for the premium account depends on the duration of the subscription. The longer the subscription is – the cheaper will be its price per month. Payment may be conducted with the help of a Credit Card, PayPal service, via phone, or postal card. The user may choose which is more convenient for them.

Free Membership Features

Those who have registered at Ethiopia Personals as a free member will enjoy the following features of service:

  • Possibility to create a profile and see profiles of others;
  • Create a list of favorite accounts;
  • Use simple search features.
  • Use chat rooms and send emails to full members of the EthiopianPersonals.

Premium Membership Features

Those members who have purchased the Platinum membership, may enjoy the same features as free members and add the following:

  • Use premium search tool;
  • See who liked your profile;
  • Send to and receive emails from free members;
  • Have a privilege to appear on the top of someone’s search.

How Much Is Dating on EthiopianPersonals?

Duration of subscription

Price per month


1 month



3 months



6 months



12 months



The above table demonstrates that more extended subscription ensures cheaper fees for membership at EthiopianPersonals.

Is EthiopianPersonals Really Safe?

At EthiopianPersonals, the administration of the website cares about the safety of their customers. For this, they check profiles when they raise some concerns. Also, in their terms and conditions, they write some tips on how to secure your profile better. They recommend not communicating with dubious users who put stress on the money. Such profiles are more likely to lead by scammers. To a certain extent, Ethiopia Personals is safe. But one should be careful about fake profiles that exist due to the absence of appropriate verification of the account. It is necessary to remember that first of all we are responsible for our safety.

Technical Side of Protection

It is difficult to say for sure about the technical side of protection at EthiopianPersonals. The website administration does not mention it in its documents available on the website. However, they claim that their service is secure. Thus, we might assume that some encryption may be present at the website’s software and hardware.

Customer Support

At EthiopianPersonals, the customer support department cares about the provision of assistance and guidance to the community members. In terms of the website’s policies, it is written that customer care representatives require an appropriate attitude towards them without any signs of abusive or offensive behavior. However, many reviews to the website claim that users of EthiopianPersonals rarely received an answer to their claims and tickets. This may indicate the inconsistency between the written policy and real practice.

How to Pass EthiopianPersonals Photo Verification?

Unfortunately, at EthiopianPersonals, there is no photo verification when you register for the website. This is also a two-sided issue. On the one hand, users may be sure that scammers will not catch their personal data. But from the other side, users are also in danger, because they may not be sure of the fairness of the persons they communicate via the mailbox of EthiopianPersonals. Thus, the absence of ID verification raises significant concerns about the safety at this dating website.

How to Delete EthiopianPersonals Account?

If you would like to delete your account at EthiopianPersonals, you should write your claim to the website’s administration to their email address: [email protected] There, it is necessary to underline the reason why you decided to delete your account. After the support department reviews your claim, they will delete your account at EthiopianPersonals.

How to See Who Likes You on EthiopianPersonals Without Paying?

At Ethiopia Personals, you can see who has viewed your profile in both free-based membership and fee-based membership as well. But the option to see who likes you is available only to platinum account members.

How to Block Someone on EthiopianPersonals?

When you do not want some users to see your profile, it is possible to block them at EthiopianPersonals. You have to open the profile of that person and click the “Block” button at the top of the profile. Then, this person will see that your profile is currently unavailable. In the case of the profile’s abusive behavior, it is possible to press “Report a Concern” button at the user’s profile. Then, the administration may block that user.

How to Cancel EthiopianPersonals Subscription?

All the members of the Ethiopia Personals community may terminate or cancel their subscription at any time. For doing this, there are two ways: to press an appropriate button or to send a request of cancellation to the support department to [email protected] In the email subject line, it is necessary to write the “Cancel Service” phrase so they consider your claim faster.


As can be seen, EthiopianPersonals is concentrated on the specific category of users who are of African descent. During the 17 years of its existence, millions of users from all over the world were the members of this community. There are many questions, which are controversial towards this website: it is slightly more expensive than the alternatives, the quality of uploaded photos is low, and the safety quality also leaves much to be desired. But in any case, the website has a long history and traditions. If you would like to find your love among the beautiful persons of African descent, please join EthiopianPersonals and enjoy all the available features.

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