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Dabble Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles

Dabble Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 1 000 000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This app has a good-looking interface;
  • You do not have to spend much time to create your profile;
  • The matching system of Dabble works excellent;
  • A lot of features Dabble provides are free for all members;
  • It is possible to use this app for casual dating and long-term relationships.
  • It is impossible to use Dabble on your computer;
  • The app is available only on the App Store.

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Do you want to meet your perfect match while being on the go? Then Dabble is a platform you should choose for your conversations if you are going to start casual dating. Additionally, this app can become your solution if you are eager to find someone for long term relationships. Although this application is a new one on the market, it has become well-known among people experienced in online communication. The reason for it is the number of features provided for interactions and a straightforward design. With this interface, you should spend less than ten minutes to find your perfect partner for communication.

Many advantages make this app accessible in different parts of the world. Nonetheless, you can use this platform only on your mobile phone. Dabble is not available for your desktop. This factor can give rise to doubts if you prefer communicating via your computer. Thus, do you have to choose this service for dating in such a situation? You should read this Dabble review to find out the answer to your questions.

Reputation and History of Dabble

These days Dabble is a mobile program available for users from different countries. As the statistics say, there are thousands of members, and this number is increasing daily. It means that you do not have to waste hours looking for a potential partner regardless of your location. Moreover, your purposes do not play an essential role because people use this good-looking application to achieve different goals. Most of these individuals are eager to find one-night stands.

Nevertheless, with Dabble, you can also meet your significant other for long-term relationships. However, we recommend you to share your goals in your profile description before communicating with other members. It will help you avoid situations when you and your interlocutor have different purposes.

As you see, Dabble is a multifunctional platform. However, does it have a trustworthy reputation? It is better to learn more about its history to find out the answer. The owners of this mobile program launched it at the beginning of 2016 for people living in the USA. At first, it was accessible only in English-speaking countries.

Nonetheless, Dabble’s user-friendly interface has become the reason why people living in other parts of the world started to create their accounts there. Even though it is impossible to translate this app into other languages, you do not need to be a native to understand how the main features operate. As a result, you will meet your destiny via Dabble, even if you are from a small suburban area located far away from the USA.

Since this application is a marvelous solution for different purposes, the number of female accounts is the same as male ones. Furthermore, this service is available for gays and lesbians. There are lots of people on Dabble who are not straight.

As for the age, this app has a contemporary interface. That is why Dabble is more suitable for young adults. So, it is more complicated to meet your significant other if you are over 50 years old. Although this app is full of people under 35, you cannot become a member of Dabble if you are younger than 18. This program does not allow sending any intimate content to other members of the community. However, some people can still misbehave while communicating with others. Thus, this restriction protects users, who have not reached the age of majority, from harassment and abuse.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

As you understand, this app has a marvelous reputation. Nonetheless, it is not the main reason why you should choose Dabble over other online dating applications. One more advantage of this service is that you do not need to have much experience in using such programs to understand how the main features operate. The only thing you should do before starting your conversations is to create your profile.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

The registration is quick. To pass this procedure, you only need to download the application to your smartphone. Dabble is free and easy-to-use. That is why you have to spend less than ten minutes to create your profile. In this case, you should provide only general information about yourself. This data includes your email address and a password.

We recommend sharing only the correct info. It will help you avoid getting a negative response to your application. Without the right email, it is impossible to verify your profile and continue using Dabble for communication. Moreover, it is better to create a strong password consisting of letters and numbers. Otherwise, the risk of being broken open by hackers gets higher.

After registration, you can personalize your page. It will help you make your account more appealing. As a result, the matching system will start working even better, and you will find your suitable candidate in several seconds. In this case, you can add your profile description that cannot contain more than 500 symbols. Even though this text is that short, it is better to create something unique. Otherwise, people who see your account on Dabble might think that you are an annoying person. It will decrease the number of people who are eager to start a conversation with you.

One more thing you can use to personalize your profile is to add your photos. Although you do not need to verify these images, we do not recommend using pictures that do not belong to you. Furthermore, it is better to avoid using filters and face masks while editing your photos. So, your potential partner will not get disappointed when he or she meets you in reality.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Even those who have been dating online for a long time pay much attention to this aspect. It is essential to know beforehand if you can trust the profiles at the app. As the owners of Dabble claim, they try to avoid any fakes in their community. Nonetheless, it still depends on you how protected you feel while interacting with other members. Thus, we recommend you to follow these simple rules if you want to avoid dealing with scammers on Dabble:

  • You should pay attention to the description. It is better to read the text added to the profile carefully before sending your first message. We do not recommend communicating with people who have provided only general descriptions. There is a high chance that these people are fake or do not have serious intentions.
  • Do not interact with people without any pictures. The possibility that it is a fake account is higher when a particular person has not uploaded any images. What is more, look at photos carefully and never send texts if that user has added pictures that belong to someone else.

You can block a member if you think that he or she is suspicious. Nonetheless, it is also possible to report customer support if a user starts misbehaving or blackmailing you. As a result, moderators will ban this individual if they also find this account strange. Additionally, you will help other people using Dabble because you will protect them from a scammer.

Website and Mobile Version

The only way you can interact via Dabble is the app. However, this application is available only on the App Store. So, it is not your choice if you use Android.

The interface of this app is modern. The primary colors used for its design are blue and pink. Even though the app is so bright, it does not interrupt you from a pleasant conversation with your interlocutors because Dabble is the app with straightforward navigation. The main sections of the application are at the toolbox located on the top of the screen. They include:

  • Settings;
  • Notifications;
  • Messages.

To use additional features, click on the icons demonstrated on the bottom of all pages. These categories consist of emojis, digital gifts, the list of favorite profiles.

Unfortunately, Dabble does not have a desktop version. So, you cannot use it on your computer.

Special Features

There are dozens of apps for online dating. So, why do you need to choose Dabble over them? The reason for selecting this application is the number of unique features it has, including:

  • Digital gifts. This feature is a great solution for you if you want to surprise your subject of interest. There are dozens of presents on Dabble. It is possible to find gifts for different holidays. By sending such presents, you can show your significant other that you admire him or her. What is more, they are not expensive, and you can afford one of them regardless of your budget.
  • Gift cards. While using this app, you can purchase such cards to present the other members. Moreover, it is possible to earn them when you are interacting with other users. In this case, you will improve your karma and avoid being rude to other members of the community.

After logging in, you cannot start your interactions immediately. First, you need to create a personalized page and add some of your pictures to your profile.

How Does Dabble Work?

The only way you can use Dabble is to utilize its unique matching system. After you have provided some general facts about yourself, such as your gender, age and location, this program offers you a member who may be suitable for you. You should click the «No thanks» button located under his or her picture if this person does not seem appealing.

However, you need to press the «Sure» sign if you want to continue your interaction. To make your choice, you can look at the photos uploaded by this user. Moreover, this app lets you read an ice-breaking phrase that says a lot about this individual. As a result, you will start your conversation if both of you have clicked a green icon.

Searching Options and Filters at Dabble

As mentioned above, the only way to find your significant other via Dabble is to use its matching feature. So, you cannot filter the feed with other users to meet your interlocutors. The only criterion this app uses for searching is your location.

However, the lack of searching features makes it even more enjoyable because while using Dabble you will be able to meet people with different preferences and interests. As a result, you will get along with individuals who might not seem attractive to you if you met them in reality.

Communication Methods

You should click on the «Send a Message» button if you have a match. After that, it is possible to text or to add a present to your mail. By doing this, you will be able to demonstrate that you have serious intentions. You need to click on the bubble icon at the top right side of the page to see if you have new messages.

You can also share some pictures and videos with your companions by clicking the icon with a camera. It will help you feel closer to your online partner and show your genuine emotions.

Dabble Alternatives

Dabble has dozens of competitors on the market. The main alternatives to this app are:

  • Tinder;
  • Bumble;
  • Match.com;
  • EliteSingles.

Even though these apps are more popular among users, we do not recommend downloading them. You will have to spend much more money using these applications because the premium memberships there are too expensive. Moreover, they do not provide many features for communication. Additionally, some of them have an outdated design that can distract you from your conversations.

Membership Price and Payment Method

You do not need to pay anything if you want to sign up with Dabble. Moreover, most features here are available for free members. Nonetheless, you can purchase some premium features if you are going to get more benefits. To pay for them, use:

  • Your phone;
  • Credit card;
  • PayPal account.

Free Membership Features

A free version of Dabble allows you to:

  • Send messages;
  • Upload photos;
  • Share your photos with others;
  • Personalize your profile;
  • Get matched with other users.

Premium Membership Features

People who have a premium membership on Dabble can also:

  • Send digital gifts;
  • Receive gift cards if they are polite to other members and have good karma.

How Much Is Dating on Dabble?

The price of your dating via Dabble depends on what presents you send other members. You need to pay for tokens to purchase these gifts. Their price starts at 1 token for a cup of coffee and can reach up to 10,000 for a luxurious bag.

Is Dabble Really Safe?

The founders of this app do their best to help you to feel secure while interacting via Dabble. To stay safe, you only have to follow some rules and contact customer support as soon as someone misbehaves.

Technical Side of Protection

The main thing the administration of Dabble does for protection is the absence of requirements to share any private information to verify your account. So, hackers or other third parties will never get access to these data. You do not need to worry if you pay for some premium features and use your credit card. This app has applied an encryption system. That is why it is impossible to break your page open.

Customer Support

Dabble has a good-looking interface, and you do not need to deal with customer support to understand how the main features operate. Nonetheless, you can contact moderators of this service if you have some issues. In this case, you need to submit the form and add:

  • Your name;
  • Email;
  • Subject;
  • Message.

You will receive the solution to your email address in a couple of days.

How to Pass Dabble Photo Verification?

You do not need to pass verification if you want to upload new photos. The only requirement you should follow is to avoid sharing pictures containing any explicit materials or abuse.

How to Delete Dabble Account?

You can delete your Dabble account by opening settings. Find such a feature there and click on it. After submitting your action, you will lose access to your message history and the content you posted on your page.

How to See Who Likes You on Dabble without Paying?

You need to use a matching feature to understand who is fond of you. This program will notify you if another person clicks «Sure» under your avatar.

How to Block Someone on Dabble?

It is possible to block another person by going to the message history. Click on three dots located at the top right angle of the page and select this feature. After doing this, you will never receive any texts from them again.

How to Cancel Dabble Subscription?

You can stop paying for a premium subscription by visiting settings and clicking on this option. As a result, you will not be charged any longer. However, you can continue using Dabble with a free membership.


In conclusion, we want to say that Dabble can be a wonderful solution for people with different purposes. You can use it to find a one-night stand or a person with serious intentions. This program is available only for iPhones. You do not have to pay for a premium subscription to get access to the most features. The main option this app has to let you meet your interlocutors is a matching system. So, it makes your interactions even more engaging because you will talk to many people with different preferences and tastes while using Dabble.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
MS, RD & Writer
Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
Amber Lambert
by Amber Lambert Oct 11, 2021
Interesting dating site! I signed up with they just last year because then found a few friends with benefits. Likewise, I chat with many owners from my personal favorite list. Conversation is incredible, as a chat opening is really handy. People become open-minded, pleasant, and active. I've particular choices, no a person judges myself. Extremely, i'm absolutely as well as cozy.
Maria Jones
by Maria Jones Oct 06, 2021
My sex life had not been quite rich before I've signed up with this software. All those things altered immediately right after I opted and established texting those I've appreciated on the website. Needless to say, some customers declined me, but that's not a problem. Choices are different, as it would be stated. Typically, I've acquired fairly valid matches that granted me to making many buddies. One among them really grabbed under the skin. Within a month or more of communicating, we obtained the basic go out. As almost everything is good, we've planned next meeting eventually. It seems I've chose the great fit.
by RICHARDSON Oct 04, 2021
Outstanding assistance for those not afraid of online dating and open dialogues. The application are well-organized and has lots of signed-up individuals. Texting simple, several other available choices are really simple to receive and comprehend. For myself, I've already found a buddy with whom all of our biochemistry is actually hitting.
by Easton Sep 29, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and really like tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, at least at this time. Frankly, my favorite life style is way from traditional public norms, and that I frequently think depressed actually among nearest and dearest or best relatives. Many of them are actually partnered, but'm moving mix ridiculous right after I experience his or her substantial appearance. Therefore, admittedly, it's rather difficult to come and go out with like-minds for those who stay a large area, in which individuals are as well hectic which will make newer contacts. Very, this sort of chaos 's for joining this incredible website. And simple experiences happens to be seamless. We been able to line up people who desire identically things and see the need to be free of cost, without determination, pledges, and all of this additional hooey. One more cool things is that there I've met some bi-curious people. I like the functionality belonging to the webpages since it's fairly plenty of for initial communication. Maybe, anyone would like additional perks, in my estimation, you should get a date if you'd like detailed relationship. While exploring kinds, we determine a lot of empty types. I wish anyone could pay even more awareness of their particular existence on the website. Speaking of the site's abilities, things are acceptable. No troubles with join, messages, etc. Support tool is helpful as well as being accessible 24 / 7. I'm content to receive a virtual place for my own desires and fancy. It's awesome when the group does indeedn't enforce its principles it is on a single webpage.
Tracey Patterson
by Tracey Patterson Sep 24, 2021
Website is fantastic for myself. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, it was a middle surface for simple desires. We don't structure any severe commitments right now, but We won't try to escape as soon as fulfill my favorite really love. This website does indeedn't pressure me and let receiving all great features of top quality romance. Besides, I like this application is very convenient to work with, be it about navigation or transaction. Costs try ordinary, and I also never grudge money in their mind since I have get the best value for expenses they need. I've already came across some reasonable individual acquire horny schedules. Besides, we content with several consumers to chat, joke, and reveal different issues, most notably gender. Personally I think that i'm during my group given that the people may be very helpful. Individuals don't evaluate an individual, precisely as it could be for those who have picked up someone in a bar.
by Mikayla Sep 17, 2021
The dating site is easy, and navigation is easy. I receive an adequate many knowledge and knowledge for users that appear popular with me personally. The thing is, I do see standing on our site. We possibly couldn't encounter my personal present buddy yet. Still, i discovered multiple interested individuals to talk to. I feel cost-free and peaceful while communicating with these people. I strongly suggest this site to everyone whos looking for good camaraderie, no matter the sorts of romance.
James Richardson
by James Richardson Sep 11, 2021
I would like additional daters to know that this particular service 100% does its job without methods. Individuals who certainly crave for touching that special someone won't be sorry for their own decision as soon as enrolling in the working platform. The crucial thing will never be to give up. You will find previously achieved my favorite beloved, therefore are currently happy. Personally I think arousal and concord, and that mean a lot. Therefore, our company is crazy, and now it is never ever too-late for individuals of every age group and obligations. I would suggest this great site, so simply shot.
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