Fastflirting Overview July 2021

Fastflirting  Overview July 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 82%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 55%
Profiles 21 680
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The process of an account getting is entirely understandable.

     Members from all over the world are available to join the platform.

  • There offered different ways of communication.

     The platform is entirely free. The system requires no payment membership plans.

  • Unique options are available to do your search and flirting more exciting.
  • Such a website is full of scammers, as there is no necessity to undergo robust verification.
  • No apps are available for users.
  • The website interface is a little old-fashioned.

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This Fastflirting platform was launched in 2018, aimed to unite single men and women throughout the world. The service is available globally, offering the users a straightforward interface and understandable functionality. Meanwhile, the Fastflirting review accentuates the scammers and catfishes are easy to join the service, as the registration process takes about a minute and implies no robust verification system.

Reputation and history of Fastflirting


This dating platform was launched in 2018 in Australia. The dating website helps single men and women to share their interests and meet someone special. The Fastflirting review indicates that users having all dating purposes are free to join the platform.

The platform entered the top-2000 most visited Australian websites. The number of monthly visits is 169 000. As for the geographic distribution, the following countries have the highest number of representatives on the platform: the USA (55.18% of all users), Ghana (15.25%), Puerto-Rico (7.69%), Philippines (3.61%), Russian Federation (3.07%).

Thus, the Fastflirting dating service gains popularity globally.

Website, App, interface, registration

Fastflirting interface

The platform offers the web version only, which is characterized by a straightforward interface. All options are accessible in several clicks.

There are ten different inserts located in the left-hand menu; therefore, it’s easy to control all the processes (viewing messages, received likes, etc.).

The registration process takes you a few minutes. The system requires some general information, while most fields are optional.

Sign Up process: Is it easy here?

You need to undergo the following steps, while signing up the platform:

  1. Visit the official webpage of the platform.
  2. Click on ‘Register’ to start getting an account.
  3. Insert your email address and create a password.
  4. Inscribe your nickname.
  5. Fill in your age (Note that persons 18+ only are available to join the Fastflirting service).
  6. Select your gender and whom you are looking for.
  7. Press on ‘Finish’ to complete your registration.

Furthermore, visitors are accessible to use their Facebook and Google profiles to undergo the registration process. The system requires no additional information or verification. Those steps are optional.

Are the accounts real here?

Fastflirting accounts

Among all verification options, an email address verification is accessible only. While signing up, users indicate their email addresses. The system sends a verification link to those addresses. You need to follow that link to confirm the reality of your email address.

The email verification gives you a ‘nice’ mark near your profile thumbnail photo; otherwise, the system marks you as a ‘naughty’ user.

Such a verification option is not robust, as the members are available to use temporal email addresses.

Thus, the Fastflirting review points out the number of scammers and catfishes on the platform is rather large.

Website and mobile version

The service is available as a web version only, accessible from all web browsers. Moreover, users may get access to the platform from their mobile devices as well: the platform is mobile-adapted.

The website offers a smooth, relaxing design oriented to a romantic mood creation: blue and green shades are dominating ones, and the white color is a background. Both icons and fonts are distinct; therefore, the Fastflirting website is called convenient in use.

Special features

Fastflirting features

The service offers the following exclusive features for users:

  • flirt room:

Flirt with other members through a flirt room. The platform offers a user to indicate some shortcuts, making flirt quicker and more successful.

  • friends:

The Fastflirting service reminds a social network, as users can add other members to their friends’ lists and follow the recent activity of friends.

  • hot photos:

There is a collection of the hottest photos worth viewing. Select recent, today’s, or previous photos to show and enjoy the hottest cuties. Note that a platform allows no nudity content.

Fastflirting search

Foremost, users need to fill in their profiles; otherwise, the partner searching option is not accessible.

The following information should be added to your profile:

  1. Create your motto. Such a field helps others to understand your interests and preferences. The system limits it by 250 characters, so be informative and precise!
  2. Select whom you are looking for: either male or female profiles. Users are free to choose a ‘both’ option as well.
  3. Indicate which language you prefer. The system offers to choose the preferred language option among the following ones: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. Note that only one language can be chosen.
  4. Say your star sign.
  5. Indicate a country you live in: 58 different countries are accessible on the list.
  6. The system requires age and gender, while signing up, but you may change that information.

Note that most fields are optional; therefore, you may not say your personal information. Select ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu and then ‘My Profile Detail’ to fill in all necessary fields.

Moreover, some members ignore users without photos; therefore, upload your cover image to complete the profile. Click on your nickname in the upper left-hand corner and press on the ‘Upload photo’ button. Choose a file from your device that is less than 10 MB. Click on ‘Upload’ to add a photo to your album.

Note the more information and photos your profile provides; the more chances appear for successful flirting.

How does Fastflirting work?

Fastflirting work

The website interface is straightforward and convenient. Log in the system and click on ‘Flirt’ option painted red to attract your attention foremost. The option opens a list of male or female profiles where you can see a cover thumbnail, age, gender, and motto added by a user. To find out more information, click on a profile.

Moreover, the website shows how many users corresponding to your preferences are online at the current moment.

Searching options and filters at Fastflirting

While signing up, you indicate whom you are looking for, and the system offers profiles based on your default preferences. Meanwhile, the members are free to add more filters or to change the information indicated previously.

Click on ‘Search Profiles’ to specify your preferences. The following searching filters are available:

  • Select the gender of persons you are looking for.
  • Indicate the preferred age. The system offers three age groups: from 18 to 29 years, from 30 to 39 years and 40+ years.
  • Select a country while wishing to meet someone from a specific location. Your country doesn’t matter.
  • Select the preferred spoken language.

Furthermore, users are able to select users with photos only and those who are currently online.

The platform suggests an option of searching by nick as well. When a user needs to find a specific person, he or she should type a nickname and click on ‘Search’.

Communication methods

Fastflirting methods

Unlike many other dating platforms, this service is entirely free, and the Fastflirting review accentuates this peculiarity as the main competitive advantage.

That means a user can send messages to other persons without any limitations. Meanwhile, there offered several communication options available inside a person’s profile. Click on a profile of someone who kindles your interests and select the following options:

  • Flirt with a user. Such an opportunity sends a flirt request. When your interests are mutual, you get access to a flirt room.
  • Send messages to a person. Click on the ‘Send Message’ icon, type your message and send it.
  • Add a person to your list of friends.

Furthermore, you may leave ‘likes’ to a person’s photos like in social networks. The system guards your anonymity; therefore, members are available to clear their inbox.

Fastflirting Alternatives

There are thousands of different dating services available globally, and those are all considered as competitors of the platform.

The most prominent competitive platforms are Sweet Date, FlirtChat, and Fastmeet services. Those are convenient and multi-functional services, but they require the premium membership to get full access. The Fastflirting service is entirely free, and this point serves as the main competitive advantage.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The platform is entirely free; therefore, no premium membership plans are offered to users. All members are equal in their statuses. Meanwhile, you are available to verify your email address and fill in profile information, making you more reliable among other users.

Free Membership Features

All features offered by the platform are entirely free. That includes the following options:

  • viewing other members’ profiles and photos;
  • sending messages and responding to received ones;
  • leaving likes to other photos;
  • adding users to friends, making them your favorite ones;
  • applying all searching filters available on the service;
  • viewing the collection of the hottest photos, etc.

No limitations exist for the users.

Premium Membership Features

The Fastflirting review underlines that the platform offers no premium membership. All users have default accounts.

How much is dating on Fastflirting?

This dating service doesn’t intend to get any money from users; therefore, such a platform gains popularity globally. On the one hand, you get the fullest functionality, while on the other hand, you spend no penny.

Is Fastflirting Really Safe?

This platform cannot be considered as a safe one, while fake accounts are rather numerous. The members may verify their emails only; therefore, still no guarantee appears they are real. Meanwhile, the members are free to send their phone numbers and other contacts to prove that fact. As the service is entirely free, an option of a contact sending is available within private messages.

The Fastflirting review indicates users understand the platform as medium-reliable, rating the service at 3.2 of 5 stars from the viewpoint of a scam’s risk.

Technical side of protection

The platform pays much attention to the protection of a user’s anonymity. While signing up, the system requires your nickname, age, and gender. All personal information is optional; therefore, users decide either to add it or not on their own.

Furthermore, users are not obliged to indicate their real names. Such a measure is understood as a robust measure of anonymity protection.

Emails needed for the registration are not displayed in your profile. Other members are not accessible to see your contacts unless you send them personally.

The content moderation checks messages, nicknames, and photos on the subject of corresponding to terms and conditions the platform requires to follow. Any profiles that violate the indicated rules are about to be banned.

Note that this platform provides no opportunity to hide a profile. When you are active, the system marks the profile as online (green). In other cases, your profile is shown as inactive (yellow).

Customer Support

Fastflirting Support

The platform provides the customer support seven days a week around the clock; therefore, all users are available to contact the support, while having any problems or questions. To get access to the customer support, take the following steps:

  • Click on the ‘Help’ icon placed in the left-hand menu.
  • Select ‘Send Feedback’.
  • Choose the category of your message (bug report, suggestion, other).
  • Type your message in an appropriate field.
  • Press on ‘Send’.

The customer support sends an answer to your email address indicated in the process of registration.

The Fastflirting review accentuates that no matter how straightforward the service is, there exist some questions members ask frequently. Those topics move aside any problems and uncertainties referred to the service usage.

How to pass Fastflirting photo verification?

The system doesn’t provide the option of a photo verification. Members are available to verify their email addresses only. Meanwhile, the system checks all uploaded photos. While identifying unacceptable content, the system rejects photos after the process of moderation.

The platform has the following requirements concerning the process of photos uploading:

  • All uploaded photos should show your face distinctively.
  • Photos have to depict you (uploading images of nature, friends, etc. is not acceptable, according to the platform rules).
  • Photos should contain no nudity and offensive content. Note that hot photos and nude ones are not the synonyms on that website.

While facing some problems with photo uploading, contact the customer support.

How to delete Fastflirting account?

When you to delete an account for some reason, take the following steps:

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Select ‘Delete profile’.
  • Confirm your will to delete the profile.
  • Press on ‘Finish’.

Note that the profile can only be deleted permanently. You will get no opportunity to restore your messaging or flirting history in the future. Moreover, an email address used for the registration is not available for signing up once again within 72 hours.

While planning to cease using the service temporarily, a member may select ‘Log out’ option.

How to see who likes you on Fastflirting without paying?

All the platform’s functionality is entirely free; therefore, you get free access to all functions, including viewing who’s liked your photos. Click on the ‘Who liked Me’ icon placed in the left-hand menu.

How to block someone on Fastflirting?

The system checks photos, profile information, and messages on the subject of content acceptability. In case of noticing any rules violation, the platform team bans a user automatically. Meanwhile, members may block other users on their own for different reasons.

Click to a user’s profile and select the ‘Block User’ option. Such an action requires no argumentation. Blocked users cannot send your messages, leave ‘likes’, etc.

While wishing to cancel your action, click on ‘Settings’ and select the blocked list where all banned users are. Note that members are available to block 500 users maximally. Select a person you want to unblock and press on ‘Unblock User’.

How to cancel Fastflirting subscription?

There offered no payment membership; therefore, users should not worry about subscriptions. The system gets no payment information.


The Fastflirting review shows the platform as a convenient and understandable service. Users from 58 countries are welcomed to get an account and start flirting with men and women.

Members accentuate that the service requires no payments, offering all options for free, and such an opportunity is appreciated by the visitors the most.

Meanwhile, there is a list of cons that should be taken into account before signing up for the platform. No apps for mobile devices are available. The list of searching options is quite short. You cannot even specify the age of someone you are seeking (three age groups only are available).

As referred to as the main disadvantage, the Fastflirting review indicates a large number of fake accounts. The system requires an email verification only; therefore, scammers and catfishes easily join the platform.

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