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Pros and Cons

  • Great activity
  • Trusted company with a good reputation
  • Free to use
  • Safe
  • The fast and easy sign-in process
  • Lags on the website
  • Advertising

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What do you know about Amino Apps? Do you want to check if you know everything that you need? Let’s begin with a simple introduction or description, as someone says. This site is a platform to connect like-minded people so that they can share their feelings, emotions, and exciting moments. A significant amount of content, dozens of different communities, and a lot of members make this site one of the best places for any kind of geeks for dating. Anime, video games, cosplay, LGBT+ community, and much more — you can find anything you like.

What exactly can you do here? You can talk to people who understand you, watch videos and read interesting articles, share something you like, post your blogs, read the news, and customize the profile of yours. Amino Apps can become a shelter for you if you have no one to talk to. It’s hard to realize that you can’t share your interest and beliefs with someone else. So what could the site bring to you?

Reputation and history of Amino Apps

The idea of the site was born in 2012 at Anime Boston, where Ben Anderson and Yin Wang were surprised by the audience’s enthusiasm and activity. It gave them an idea of making a sort of online convention that doesn’t require your attendance or a special ticket to participate in. They made a concept of a platform for people who want to discuss their favorite things, sitting in a comfortable chair at home.

This concept was not something new because of Reddit. But it concerned computers and wasn’t established on smartphones. Thus, in 2012 Yin and Ben launched K-Pop app and Photography App for mobiles. These apps created for specific groups of people that had to generate the community on their own. It was innovative to divide people into several independent applications. The app itself was nothing but a social web with posts, private messages, public chats, and followers. The community was growing fast, back to days, and Amino increased the number of apps to 15 by 2014. That was the actual start for the company so that they could raise $1.3 million from Union Square Ventures. Later in 2015, the number of apps had grown to 41. The amount of total funding was about $25,7 million by 2016.

Nowadays, the Amino Apps can count more than 10 million downloads and plenty of good feedback with an average rating of about 4.8. Users spend many times each day on this app. These facts make the company very trust-worthy.

Website, App, interface, registration

The whole concept of Amino is about mobile applications because today’s world can’t imagine without smartphones and social networks in everyday life. That’s why the website is just a main page for anyone who wants to join the community. Here you can sign up, get a link to download the app, according to the type of your device, browse communities, and set your profile a bit. The interface of the website and the application are simple and user-friendly, the design is great, although there are some lags sometimes. Everything made beautiful so that you can enjoy your time.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

The easiest way to create an account is to log in with your Google account or Facebook account. You can also authorize your phone number or email. Anyway, you will have to think up a password and a username. For those under 18, it’s better to use nicknames instead of your real name to ensure your safety. The whole procedure takes just a few moments to complete. Later, you can fill in your profile if you wish. The simplicity of the sign-in process explained several aspects. First, every mobile user has an account in the Playstore/AppStore already, or on Facebook, which makes the process simpler. Secondly, Amino offers anonymous browsing that doesn’t require a lot of personal information. So do it quickly and let’s move forward.

Are the accounts real here?

Okay, you have joined as a new member using your gadget or maybe even a computer. What’s next? Look at your profile — it’s empty, isn’t it? So you would probably want to get rid of those blank areas. Unfortunately, the desktop version doesn’t allow you to customize your profile a lot. So you have to download the app first and login to your account. Then, you can press the home icon to get to the main page, where you can find your profile pic that will bring right to your profile by clicking on it. There are different fields that you can edit: your name, the profile’s image, location, and bio. Tap on the field you’d like to edit and enter new information. Cover image — is a background of your profile. It could be uploaded from your device (one or more pictures) or chosen from a gifs’ library.

As was said, real name and location not suggested for users under 18. Be careful when you are providing your personal information. Other details that show in your profile are the number of your followers and your title. Choose some communities to join and read interesting news every day. Also, you can post here some short stories if you want or create posts on the wall, to keep your account fresh and up-to-date.

Website and mobile version

Since the Amino is supposed to be a mobile feature, it’s much easier to use it via special apps, rather than in the browser. The desktop version is a little inconvenient to use due to the mobile-oriented interface. However, apps are great and super easy to use. There are only a few tabs at the main screen that help your navigation: news feed, public chat, notifications, your chats, and so on. There is no need to have a high-end device to afford to be a part of the community and discuss themes that are interesting for you with others. Almost every smartphone is capable of running Amino’s apps.

Special Features

The reason why so many people fall in love with these applications is that they are very specialized. Each app has its own topic, community, and even its «climate.» The idea of providing mini fan-clubs with their app, instead of having all kinds of fans in one place, makes your participation unbelievable. Once you have successfully registered and posted something, you get hundreds of comments, likes, and messages. You can be 100% sure that your thoughts and opinions about a specific phenomenon are going to hear if you have downloaded the appropriate app. This motivates you, elevates you, and gets you high! Especially if it comes to a kid who doesn’t have an opportunity to find a friend like him in his school, for example.

What concerns finding a friend, this is the culmination of Amino Apps, probably. We are all here to find the best place with the best people to share our interests, and these places are communities. You can use the search tool to find different communities, users, and chat. Millions of people are waiting for you; they are all very like-minded, and that’s what makes them the same. Everyone came here to become a part of something bigger. You should always remember that because forming an active community is everyone’s commitment.

How does Amino Appswork?

The search based on names. If a name contains matching words, it will display in the results. You can open profiles to read some information about them. If you have found something or someone interesting, you can either click the «join» button or the «follow button» to keep an eye on this one. There nothing outstanding in searching, frankly saying. But the main thing is that it works well for the purposes you have.

Searching options and filters at Amino Apps

Unfortunately, that’s all about searching at Aminoapps.com and its apps. It would be great to see some filters, maybe, because the number of communities is damn massive. Some additional criteria can help you to narrow the range of results and find the best solution for you. Imagine you want to join to Anime fans, you type the word «Anime» in the search and receive more than a hundred communities. What is best for you? The only way you can decide is to open it and explore it. It takes a while before you will get through all of them. But if you could only set some filters!

Communication methods

Luckily, communication is available for everyone here. There are two ways you can communicate: public chats and private chats. Everyone in the community can join a public chat, and meanwhile, private chats require invites.

To join a public chat in a community, open the Side Menu, and choose the appropriate tab. Public chats have a rating system based on recent activity. The symbol «…» opens a tab with more information: the name of this chatroom, who organized it, a description, and members of the chat. Click the «Join Conversation» button to take part.

  • «+» button used to invite friends.
  • The organizer of a chat can moderate a chat or pass his title to someone else
  • You can turn off notifications by tapping «Do Not Disturb.»
  • Also, you can pin a chat on the top of your list
  • Use «Leave Conversation» button to leave a chat

Amino AppsAlternatives

Communication is an everyday need for all of us. The thing is that some of us are more into social life, some — less. But it doesn’t mean that people who don’t want to be social that much do not have a great number of friends are not interested in communication. It all depends on the way of realizing it. That’s why the internet has many services to help different people to connect with each other. We are not trying to say that Amino Apps is the best solution for you because each situation requires its own solution. So it’s up to you to decide whether this site is good for you or not. But to make your decision more objective, we offer to look at the following sites and compare them with Amino:

  • Chat Avenue. It has a great daily activity, many chatrooms, and a fast sign-in process, supports guest accounts, and anonymous chatting doesn’t have any advantage of a social network.
  • Reddit. A great source that provides you with a large community, thematic treads, and so on. It doesn’t have such great mobile support.
  • Facebook. The most popular social network all around the world. It has a lot of great stuff, but it could be quite confusing. It’s much easier to have everything you need, regarding your interest, in one simple app.

The list of similar sites is rather long, and sites can be very competitive on some occasions. But it’s useless to compare all of them, to be honest. May we continue?

Membership Price and Payment Method

As any other site that wants to get a revenue, to continue providing you with amazing services, Amino Apps has an option to change your account status. Of course, it’s not free because we are talking about premium accounts. You can use the site for free as long as you want without any restrictions. But the company should be financed somehow to keep doing business. Thus, you can buy a subscription that makes you a premium one and gives certain features. These features are not available for free users, so you will definitely highlight among the others!

Free Membership Features

Every new account automatically treated as a standard account. This type is free of charge and has no limits. You can chat, join communities, create/edit profiles, and the rest of the site’s functionality. This is awesome because it’s hard to meet free dating sites today. Most of them have stiff restrictions for non-paid members. But the other side of such a great aspect is that you have to deal with tons of advertising sometimes.

Premium Membership Features

Members that want to be special or to say «thanks» to the company can buy a premium membership called «Amino+.» Here are the features that are available for subscribed users:

  • New stickers pack corresponding to your community, the possibility of creating your own one.
  • Moods and updates for it. Choose the one which fits better.
  • Bubbles for a chat. Make your chat look fresh.
  • Exclusive badges. Mark your status!
  • Members with Amino+ can upload images up to 2048×2048.
  • Also, you can fix one broken check-in streak per month for free.

How much is dating on Amino Apps?

First things to first, you ought to know about coins on Amino apps. Coins — is the inner currency that can be used to buy special features. You can buy coins in the store or earn them by completing tasks, such as watching videos, completing special activities, playing Lucky Draw, or turning on «Opt-In Ads.» All these options can be found in your wallet, as well as the number of coins and spending history. Coins will transfer to your wallet right after completing one of the tasks.

Prices for in-game purchasing:

  • Chest of Coins for $49.99
  • Bag of Coins for $19.99
  • Tall Stack of Coins for $9.99
  • Stack of Coins for $4.99
  • A handful of Coins for $0.99
  • The trunk of Coins for $99.99

Amino+ Price:

  • 1 Month Subscription — $2.99/499 coins
  • 3 Month Subscription — $6.99/ 1.499 coins
  • 6 Month Subscription — $12.99/2.999 coins
  • 12 Month Subscription — $25.99/5.999 coins

Is Amino AppsReally Safe?

The apps rated for 13+ (16+ in Europe), which makes them kids-oriented. A lot of kids using these apps, and this is the main reason to ensure the security of Amino’s users. Unfortunately, not all the users are innocent; thus, there are scammers as well. Perverts and maniacs can use anonymity as their advantage. To be calm about what your kids are doing on the internet, good to discuss the basics of internet safety. The site is doing its best to secure all members, but it’s impossible sometimes.

Technical side of protection

Amino Apps has a great team that is working every day 24/7 to ensure your safety. These people are looking for any violations, inspecting the content, and removing inappropriate materials. Following things are considered as prohibited:

  • Explicit content
  • Discrimination and hate speech
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Self-harm
  • Things that are not corresponding to the Community Guidelines.

Members can help this team by flagging content that doesn’t obey the rules.

Customer Support

The support team is also working on the same shift to make your user experience better. You can visit Amino Help Center to find an answer to a question you are interested in. Or you can submit an inquiry if you haven’t found anything helpful. It won’t take more than 24 hours to receive a response.

How to pass Amino Appsverification?

There is no verification for those who use their Google/Facebook accounts. Otherwise, phone or email verification is required.

How to delete Amino Appsaccount?

Just go to settings, chose «account,» and «delete my account» then. You can restore your account within seven days after making a request.

How to see who likes you on Amino Appswithout paying?

There is no such feature on the site. But you can view the list of followers ob the profile page for free!

How to block someone on Amino Apps?

To block communication with any user, navigate to a profile, tap «…,» and select «Block User.»

How to cancel Amino Appssubscription?

For those who signed up with a credit card, you have to cancel a subscription in your market. Also, you can turn off the Auto-Renew option.


It can fairly say that Amino Apps is a great platform for everyone who wants to find a like-minded friend. If you are low on communication and have something to share, you are 100% welcome. However, do not forget about your safety, especially it comes to children. If your kids are using this site, tell them about hot to be protected and what rules to follow. And let us know about your experience with Amino Apps!

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Alyssa is a certified Adult Relationship coach. Her sharpness, analytical intellect, and compassion make her an excellent relationship specialist. No matter the problems clients present, she ensures to put together thorough analysis and emotional intelligence. All that, including empathy and her knowledge of working with various personalities, enables her to find solutions to client’s issues.
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Customer reviews
Sara Byrd
by Sara Byrd Oct 14, 2021
Cool dating site! We enrolled with they a year ago and since subsequently fulfilled several buddies with benefits. Likewise, we talk to several owners from the best write. Talking is very good, as a chat window comes in handy. Owners become open-minded, helpful, and productive. I've certain needs, with out people judges myself. Hence, personally i think entirely as well as comfortable.
by Autumn Oct 06, 2021
I like this service. After are an authorized owner for around 2 months, i came across new pals, generally there is nothing to whine about. The screen lets you make a unique account with many different attractive picture. In the event that you don't really feel it essential to make out every fields, you can skip any of them. I assume that pics would be the heavily weighed because relax you could unveil while texting and chattering. I don't have got someone for dating right now, but I'm to my strategy. My home is a rural location, lots games tend to be not even close to myself. However, considering my own latest faves and our internet based communication, I will leave the house soon. Anyhow, the application operates, and also the neighborhood rocks. I unapproved some freaks, but I've achieved no body hence terrible with regards to block them from getting in touch with myself.
by Grace Oct 03, 2021
The internet dates about web site are becoming an awesome and attention-grabbing skills in my situation. It functions absolutely for my self-respect and brings making brand new joints. They aren't connections nevertheless but hunt promising. Likewise, it's delightful I think to-break the frost and speak to individuals from any state I really like. Scanning profiles are partaking, either. It's constantly intriguing to determine exactly how folks present themselves when shopping for intimacy.
Christopher Marshall
by Christopher Marshall Sep 28, 2021
Outstanding tool if you are unafraid of dating online and available dialogues. The app is well-organized features a lot of signed-up users. Texting is not a worry, and all sorts of other choices are really simple to receive and discover. Regarding me, I've already located somebody with whom our personal biochemistry is really clicking.
Tamara Evans
by Tamara Evans Sep 24, 2021
I enrolled with this website this past year and received outstanding practice. At this point, We have a dependable and mind-blowing companion, and we're great jointly. I'd recommend the app because i've taught from drive experiences which is effective. We realize that a lot of people usually grumble about no fits, believing that they simply spend your time and cash. Nonetheless, i will observe that when anyone cannot pick a person, they frequently boot their unique downfalls to exterior things. Task, loved ones, adult dating sites, put differently, there is always a person at fault. Nonetheless, you shouldn't give up hope, and all are going to be all right. For instance, they required virtually 7 times to generally meet my lover.
Maxine Garza
by Maxine Garza Sep 21, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and direction-finding is a breeze. We access an adequate few issues and ideas for users that appear popular with me personally. In fact, i actually do see standing on our site. I possibly couldn't run into our existing pal yet. Still, I recently uncovered a few interested individuals get in touch with. I feel no-cost and calm while talking to them. I firmly make this request this page to everyone that is looking great companionship, no matter the type of partnership.
by Jennifer Sep 10, 2021
Excellent thoughts. I've found a good amount of ready and intriguing someone and a few freaks . that's a norm whenever you are on the web. Some suits weren't my personal area . that's why we kept good friends. I should point out that this service gives most devices to generate additional customers keep in mind we. Initial, it's enough room generate your visibility and offer sufficient details about the way you look and character. Subsequently, texting is definitely fine. Commonly, a person use full online connection and certainly will bring a date whenever when you find yourself all set to meet your chosen in real life.