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FuckMarryKill Review 2021 – legit or a scam?

FuckMarryKill Review 2021 – legit or a scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
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Popular age 28-36
Beauty 63%
Profiles 1 890 000
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Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The fascinating idea behind the app;
  • Available internationally;
  • The discount applies to the initial purchasing of membership;
  • The fresh design of the app;
  • Registration takes up to one minute.
  • Free to download on Android;
  • The FuckMarryKill website contains the simplified version of the app;
  • The service only supports English;
  • There is no iOS version of the app;
  • Poor user quality;
  • The VIP membership is quite expensive.

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FuckMarryKill (or FMK for short) is a dating app that goes one step further than its competitors. There have been many apps specializing in “hot or not” voting or swiping and liking people based on photos. But no one ever thought of transforming the well-known word game into the dating app. On FuckMarryKill, you sort the profiles of users displayed into one of three categories: whom  would you introduce to your parents, who is a potential one-night stand, and who is not for you at all?

Pros and Cons: Is FuckMarryKill Good?

The developers of FMK tell that if you are looking for another annoying dating app, “you should rather go to Tinder, Grindr, and Co.” They even write this on their homepage, making fun of all the rest dating services. FuckMarryKill is more than just a dating portal but a game to help you meet friendly people. The concept is relatively unusual and deserves taking a closer look.

Reputation and History of FuckMarryKill


The idea of creating the FuckMarryKill app appeared in 2016. In October that year, the beta MVP version appeared. The startup’s team consisted of 10 people who had a crazy idea and insignificant marketing knowledge. In less than a month, they reached 7 thousand users, only in Portugal, the origin country. And today, the FuckMarryKill can boast of 100 thousand downloads of the Android app.

Managing such rapid growth has been the main challenge for the FuckMarryKill team. The company behind this project is Build Up Labs, a Portuguese startups studio launched in 2014. This fact means both the app and its owners are the new players in the dating industry. The users should not judge them harshly because FuckMarryKill learns from its mistakes and has gained broad experience during its history.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

FuckMarryKill Registration

FuckMarryKill is the ultimate app for the word game that has always been popular among pubescent teenagers in the USA. Its concept is in choosing three people of the preferred gender. Then the player has to pick one role for each of them. Which one will they marry, spend the night with, or kill? You should not take the “killing” category too literally. The inventors emphasize the rough estimation in the game where killing means rejecting, or “swiping left” on the Tinder slang. FuckMarryKill is a fun alternative to boring dating apps with high addictive factor.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

To log in, open the FuckMarryKill site or download the app for Android. In the first case, the dating service’s official website offers you a simplified version of the app that looks like a program window in the form of the iPhone screen adjusted to the page. You can open this improvised app interface to click the “Play Now!” button with the Apple icon. Some would think the button will redirect you to the App Store so that you can install FuckMarryKill. But there isn’t an app available for iOS.

Use a Facebook profile, Google account, or a valid email address to sign in. As soon as you choose the convenient way to register, you access the app! It is that easy. FuckMarryKill takes your age, name, and primary photo data from Facebook to enter using this social network. In case of another signing up method, fill in these details manually, and you are ready to go.

Linking your profile to the social network page or email is a way for the support to make sure that the user has a real identity. Such a step also facilitates FuckMarryKill the registration process. After the initial profile creation, you can define your age, gender, upload a new photo, or change the matches’ location range in the account settings. FuckMarryKill is a product for millennials where the registration is as easy as possible. You do not have to choose the interest tags, write long self-descriptions, or specify personal details.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

FuckMarryKill Accounts

FuckMarryKill currently has more than 100 thousand downloads, but there isn’t any statistic concerning how many users they have.

As you browse the feed, you should tick people whom you would like to fuck, marry, or kill. Be ready to see a lot of inconvenient photos. Many users do not have a profile picture at all. Others uploaded anime stock pictures or images of their pets as avatars. The last category of FuckMarryKill users consists of people who cropped their photos poorly, and it shows the part of the image not containing the face. When you can not correctly see the person, it is hard to tell how to tick them.

Some pictures contain sexual content, which means that not all users of the service seek simple communication. At a glance, the audience of FuckMarryKill is low quality, and you can hardly find someone worthy here.

Website and Mobile Version

FuckMarryKill Mobile Version

The FuckMarryKill website contains useful information about the app’s concept, terms of use, privacy policy, the support button, FAQ section, and standard details you should know in case of problems arising. The central colors of its palette are violet and blue. The site can boast of modern and sleek design, which attracts attention and invites to play. The interface of FuckMarryKill includes the button saying, “Play now!” If you click on it, you will be redirected to the window, which resembles the phone’s screen with the app opened on it. There isn’t a full website for using FuckMarryKill.

You can open the mobile version of the site from any device to register and access the game. If you open the service from a desktop, the phone window (which looks like the phone screen with a frame) will adjust to your screen size and appear at its center. When browsing the site from the iPhone, the mobile version opens like a regular window, and you can use FuckMarryKill as you would do it on the app.

Android users can download the FuckMarryKill app to their smartphones. You can only see the users if you have previously registered. The functionality and design of the FuckMarryKill app repeat those of the site. Here you can create the account, edit your profile, see users’ photos, and choose whom to fuck, marry, or kill. The instant messenger and other special features are also available.

Special Features

FuckMarryKill Special Features

The FuckMarryKill creators reject the idea that it is just an app for seeking relationships because that was not even its initial purpose. The idea is that users can have fun with friends or with their partners. The functionality of the app proves this.

The first section of FuckMarryKill is “Settings,” here. You adjust the search and state personal details. The second one is the feed containing photos of users. On every round of the game, you get pictures of three people, which you should tick as “fuck, marry, or kill.” The first tap on the screen sets the user as “fuck,” the second and the third as “marry” and “kill” accordingly. If you want, you can apply any role to all three users if you cannot decide. This option is called a “Power Vote.”

There are not many outstanding functions inside the FuckMarryKill app, which aim at dating or matching. Some of them boost your account to appear in people’s recommendations more often and see who has ticked you. Users can wink to each other or see who has power voted them. All of these features are available for an additional fee.

FuckMarryKill Partner Search

On FuckMarryKill, users continually rate each other. This voting is the only way to get a match and start a conversation. You cannot search the people according to the specific criteria. This simplicity has both advantages and drawbacks. You do not need to fill out lengthy questionnaires before finally access the profiles of attractive singles. However, the algorithms work so poorly that you risk not seeing any appropriate accounts.

How Does FuckMarryKill Work?

The principle of the app is similar to that of Tinder. If you like a profile, swipe to the right to mark it with a “Like.” If the other one also liked you, you get a match and access to the chat. On FuckMarryKill, however, you see three strangers at the same time and decide who of the three you “kill,” with whom you would have sex and who you want to marry. Or power vote to send all of them into one category.

You cannot proceed to the next round without matching all three roles and cannot redo it. If you choose to “kill” the user, FuckMarryKill will never show you their profile again. If you get a match (when both users show an interest in each other), the notification will tell you about the mutual virtual sympathy, and you can open a chat.

Searching Options and Filters at FuckMarryKill

FuckMarryKill is not the best app to search for a partner. If you are looking for a relationship, you probably want to specify more about a person than their age and gender. But on this dating game, the primary three criteria are all that you got. You can also narrow down the location, but the audience is small, and you will not get any search results then. Developers state that you shouldn’t take FuckMarryKill seriously and use it to meet someone but to have fun in the process.

It is hard to get a match here, and the chances that you will open the chat with someone you liked are not high. The algorithm app also shows you people with similar pictures together. It seems that the neural network chooses the combination of FuckMarryKill users’ pictures. For example, you can receive three empty profiles or three photos with the images from the Internet at once. Or the system may show you three pictures of beautiful people, all of whom you would want to tick as “marry.” Maybe this is the way into making you buy power votes. Because if you tick only one of the three candidates, the rest will be lost forever, and you will not be able to text them.

Communication Methods

FuckMarryKill Communication Methods

FuckMarryKill is more than a dating game but not a fully-fledged dating platform. You can use it for fun because seeking a serious relationship is useless here. The only communication method available is chatting. To access it, you should have a mutual interest with a person. Both of you should have ticked each other as “marry” or “fuck.” If you like the person from the list straight away, you can wink to them and wait till they notice. When this user chooses you as their potential hookup or marry, you can communicate.

In the conversation, there are ice breakers — short messages to start the dialogue. You can purchase them for an additional fee. The FuckMarryKill built-in instant messenger resembles WhatsApp and offers you sending gifs in the conversation. The overall design of the messenger is bright and intuitive. You can open the profile of the person you write to and check their details (age, gender, location, and a short description). If you regret a match with this user, choose “Unmatch” or “Report Abuse.”

FuckMarryKill Alternatives

FuckMarryKill Alternatives

The best alternative to FuckMarryKill would be Tinder. This app provides a winder functionality with a resembling principle of matching. You get to swipe people and communicate in care of mutual sympathy — nothing odd or lacking.

For those who seek dating apps with specifically outstanding concepts, Hater will be great. People on this platform state the things they hate and get matched to the like-minded users. Swiping on Hater is also fun and addictive.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The FuckMarryKill did not have paid features in the beta version. But three years have passed since the initial launch, and now its users can pay to receive advanced gaming tools. The membership does not provide more search filters or communication features. Everything you get applies to options like redoing the choice, ticking all people as “marry, fuck, or kill,” and seeing who has voted you in which way. Downloading the app on Android or using the service from the mobile version is free.

Free Membership Features

FuckMarryKill positions itself as a fun game to wind down and occasionally meet someone. If you approach it like this, the free set of functions will be more than enough. The next actions are free of charge:

  • Creating the account
  • Editing profile
  • Adjusting the age, gender, and location of the candidates
  • Voting people as “fuck, marry, or kill”
  • Messaging access that you receive in case of a mutual match

Premium Membership Features

Paying for the subscription will give you the next benefits:

  • Using icebreakers in conversations
  • Winking to those you like immediately
  • Power-votes
  • Boosting your profile
  • Seeing who has voted you feature

FuckMarryKill suggests that you can get a one-hour profile boost, five power votes, and one wink is you invite one friend into the app.

How Much Is Dating on FuckMarryKill?

Final price
One week € 4.99 a total of € 4.99
One month € 2.49 per month a total of € 2.49
Three months € 0.66 per month a total of € 1.99

How much do the unique features of FuckMarryKill cost for free members?

Winks 10 credits € 3.49
20 credits € 6.49
30 credits € 8.49
Account Boosts 24 hours € 1
48 hours € 1.3
72 hours € 2.5
Seeing who has voted you 15 profiles € 1.3
30 profiles € 2
50 profiles € 2.8
Power Votes Ten votes € 1.5
30 votes € 2
50 votes € 3

All charges on the app are nonrefundable. You get 30% off the first buy of the FuckMarryKill Premium Membership. Overall, prices are average for the dating sites today. But regarding the low quality of matching on the app and insufficient amount of features, the cost of FuckMarryKill services is slightly overpriced.

Is FuckMarryKill Really Safe?

FuckMarryKill Really Safe

Owners of the service state they approach safety as one of the essential basics of their work. FuckMarryKill cares about the comfortable and secure experience of users on their app.

Customer Support

Blocking the users is free and available to all FuckMarryKill members during the voting or in the chat. If you do not want to continue communication with someone, click on “Report Abuse.” Choose among the three reasons for the report you see there (inappropriate messages, photos, or spam), and you will let the Customer Support know this user violates the terms of use.

If you want to reach out to the support directly, you will find the feedback option in the profile’s settings or the “contact us” button.

Finally, what is FuckMarryKill all about?

How to Pass FuckMarryKill Photo Verification?

There is no one during the registration. For this reason, many profile photos of users are inappropriate.

How to Delete FuckMarryKill Account?

You will find the “remove profile” button in the settings.

How to See Who Likes You on FuckMarryKill Without Paying?

This is not a free option. You can receive it as a subscription-based feature or purchase separately (15 profiles per € 1.3, 30 profiles per € 2, or 50 profiles per € 2.8).

How to Block Someone on FuckMarryKill?

When you see an offensive content on the FuckMarryKill feed, you can long-press to open a person’s profile. Then, click on the “report” button under the user’s description and choose the reason for your concern (irrelevant or offensive picture).

How to Cancel FuckMarryKill Subscription?

Open the “Subscription” section on the app’s menu and choose “cancel a subscription.”


FuckMarryKill is not a fully-pledged dating app. The fact that it is a game makes the experience more social, but the matching results less fruitful. The app’s funniest part is to play together with friends and see each other’s different opinions. There are two types of users on FuckMarryKill. Those who are there for fun, the game itself, and the others seek to meet new people. Unfortunately, the second category should not wait for a prominent result from FuckMarryKill.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
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