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321Chat Positive & Negative Reviews September 2021

321Chat Positive & Negative Reviews September 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are more than 14 official chat rooms. You do not need to register and can always enter as a guest.
  • There are thousands of people online simultaneously, so you can easily choose the best match.
  • You can choose age, interests, location, and other filters according to your wishes.
  • You can simultaneously communicate with many users and use the webcam to chat with someone in private.
  • You are offered different options according to your preferences by the system in a few seconds.
  • 321chat.com site is a reputable service with a wide choice of options and a high level of security.
  • The website is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and competent customer support.
  • This site has an outdated and minimalistic design that may seem simple at first sight.
  • Here, you do not find brand-new technologies, such as video conferencing.
  • The updates are made slower than expected.
  • The interface needs some modernization as well since it does not seem quite trendy.

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There should always be a place where single people can meet someone for short-term or more serious relationships or even marriage. 321Chat is one of the best places for this. It is a reputable dating site that can allow you to form compatible matches. That is why you must read a short overview to help you make a choice. This article will cover the most frequent questions.

Reputation and History of 321Chat

321Chat Review 2020

The service 321Chat has been developed and is now maintained by Greg Barrow. He studied Computer Science at Hunter College and SUNY NewPaltz. He’s been in website development and design for more than 20 years. Nowadays, Greg is a 321chat.com administrator, and he is doing a lot of work for search engine optimization and marketing. Thanks to him, the site is full of creative content and always gets a lot of positive feedback in the media. There is another person who does moderation and deals with banning appeals and rules. He is known under the name of ChatMaster.

The site of 321Chat was launched in 2002. At first, it functioned as a gateway to the 321CTA domain network dealing with various topics and age categories. Over the years, the number of topics and categories has grown thanks to DigiChat software.

In 2008, an interactive 3D chat room was launched, but it didn’t last more than a year. Some years later, the site creators revealed this domain, which is now used as a portal to webcam chat rooms. It was done in 2011 alongside the redesign of the whole project.

In 2013, 321Chat was completely rebuilt with a new official logo and a more professional design. New chat rooms (for example, Lesbian Chat or Singles Chat) were added.

In 2015, webcam chat rooms replaced an outdated DigiChat. However, the latter remained popular for a while until it was closed in 2016.

In 2017, the 321Chat website was redesigned again, turning into StelivoChat. The same year, the site was expanded by adding some new content consisting of articles and other website reviews.

In 2018, the website transitioned to CodyChat with an excellent user-friendly interface. The forum was closed because of bots and spam caused too frequent exploitation. The site started to look more modern and attractive. When displayed on mobiles, it showed better quality as well.

321chat.com site has preserved these unique characteristics to the present time. That is why there are about two million real users, and their number is constantly growing.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

321Chat Review 2020

321Сhat service has a great website with a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Although it does not have any separate app, using the portable version seems very easy and comfortable.

The registration procedure is effortless as well, and it is completely free of charge. You may want to make donations for some specific services and options while using the premium account.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Yes, the sign-up process is quite easy and streamlined. The entire procedure can be completed within approximately 15 minutes. You just need to click on 321chat.com sign-in tab. Of course, you should provide some information about who you are and what you are looking for.

Then, you will have to give your present valid email and think of a strong password. You also need to pick out your username. Try to make it expressive and fun by using descriptive words and a lighter tone.

You may then be asked to fill out some other boxes with personal data, such as your present location and age. Finally, you will get your 321Chat login and start meeting people without any more delay.

Website and Mobile Version

Although the 321Chat site does not have a special app for either Android or Apple, its mobile version does not differ much in functionality from the desktop version.

The mobile site is pretty user-friendly. When checking out 321Chat mobile with any smartphone browser, you can see all the integrated features and get the same amazing experience as when using the site from your PC. There are almost the same perks and unique features you can use.

Special Features

321Chat Review 2020

The 321chat.com site differs very much from its competitors because it provides a very user-friendly and comfortable environment. It ensures complete relaxation and offers the chance to find your soul mate.

The fees are not exactly charged for every other service, but they are considered donations. The customer can apply for a refund if the service does not satisfy them for any reason.

Moreover, there is a unique feature of the site, which was introduced some years ago. It provides additional information about some online dating trends and competitors. There are many interesting articles to read thanks to their simple language and the friendly appeal to the user.

The process of searching for a potential partner is quite easy. If you provide enough information, the site algorithm will do everything for you.

How Does 321Chat Work?

The algorithms of looking for a partner require a thorough and consistent set of personal details, your needs, and preferences, so you should not neglect to provide it. The whole step-by-step procedure includes the following:

  1. Registration.
  2. Sharing your information.
  3. Watching offers and videos (if it is a VIP account).
  4. Choosing some potential partners from the offered ones.
  5. Messaging them.
  6. Waiting for a response.
  7. Creating a personal chat for further communication.

You can get all the necessary information and tips on following these steps from the customer support team.

Searching Options and Filters at 321Chat

There are many searching options and parameters according to which you can look for the best match. You can set some filters, and the 321chat.com site algorithm will help you with your search.

Communication Methods

321Chat Review 2020

You can always contact a professional customer support team that is available 24/7. They can help you to start using the service and find out everything you would like to. The best communication method is via live chat. However, email messaging is also handy. You can receive the answer to all your questions within 2 hours.

321Chat Alternatives

The 321Chat site is, unfortunately, not the only one on the market. However, its unique feature is that this site provides the names and information about its competitors online. Among them, we can name the following:

There are also many other rivals. The main difference between these sites and 321Сhat is that they do not provide so many technological options and information. The most important advantage of the 321chat.com site is its constant readiness to follow the wishes and desires of the customers by using brand-new technological advances. This constant way of experimenting makes the site unique.

Membership Price and Payment Method

There are two variants of the membership on the 321chat.com site – a free account and a premium account. Apart from these, you can also enter the site as a guest with rather limited access to the functions.

Free Membership Features

If you have registered on 321Chat for free, you have many basic options to use that are exciting. You can send messages to some people whose profiles you like using the platform of the site. The chat features allow doing that smoothly and instantly.

However, if you are looking for long-term relationships, messaging is not enough. You will have to provide some additional information about yourself and your preferences. You should complete a 321Chat questionnaire to increase the chances of the site algorithm offering better matches.

Premium Membership Features

321Chat Review 2020

So, the question arises of whether 321Chat is free or not. It is free. Though, the number of services and options you can get with a free account is rather limited. If you want to get more, you will have to buy a premium account.

Try to define the value you would like to get from the site. There is an essential thing to remember while buying a premium account: when you become a VIP member, you will remain a VIP forever.

Here, there is a list of the most popular features and options for VIP members.

  1. Special Emojis.
  2. Name and Text Colors.
  3. Paste It Option.
  4. Chat History.
  5. The Top of the List.

Each tariff plan has its advantages. It is up to you to decide which one fits you best.

How Much is Dating on 321Chat?

There is another question here that is constantly being asked: how can I become a VIP? The matter is that you will have to donate some money. Of course, there is no established cost-esteem and price list because clients’ needs differ.

Here is the way of how to donate these costs:

  1. The VIP tab is located on the left panel. You should click it.
  2. There is a green button on the new page. Click it as well.
  3. You can choose whether you need a VIP registration. The last option requires providing the username that should be entered at the top of the PayPal form.

As you can see, all the payment methods are closely connected with the PayPal system. However, in some cases, PayPal is not necessary to donate.

Is 321Chat Really Safe?

321Chat Review 2020

The most important question for any user of the 321chat.com site is whether the service is safe enough. It is up to you to decide what degree of safety you would prefer while visiting a dating site. You should do some thorough research first and try to look into details.

Technical Side of Protection

321chat.com site uses your private information for communication with any third parties, but only with your consent and in strict compliance with laws and regulations.

The service may also use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide you with advertisements and other third-party services that may interest you. However, it’s always your choice whether to use these references. The website is not responsible for your safety if you decide to transfer from them to another third-party site.

321Chat may also use some other technologies such as web beacons and pixels to access and store information. It is especially important when you register and log in from any third-party social media account (for example, from Twitter or Facebook). In this case, the service will be striving to receive some profile information from your social media content provider.

Customer Support

If you ever encounter suspicious activity on the site, you can always contact the 321Chat customer service. It is recommended never to share your personal information with any third parties. It is also rather risky to give such information to other members. The policies of 321Chat mean your complete protection, but you also can help a lot by following the rules and bringing some suspicious people to the moderators’ attention.

A qualified support team can also help you when you have some issues with your account or just want to cancel your 321Chat subscription. Refer to them if you have questions about the confidentiality policy and ways to deal with your personal information. Your information will be deleted from the system as soon as you discontinue using it.

Some other organizational and technical measures have been developed to ensure the security of your personal information. You can be sure that 321Chat provides access to the services only within a safe and protected environment.

321Chat Review 2020

There are also many questions from the users, especially those using the 321chat.com site for the first time. Reaching out to the support team is always the best option. However, here we have collected the questions that are most often asked by customers.

How to Pass 321Chat Photo Verification?

You do not need a photo verification to become a member of 321Chat. You can use any avatar icon you like to. The only tip for you is to try a real one: it should be attractive for your potential match.

To change your chat avatar, you will have to click the avatar in the top right corner of the page and select the tab «My Profile.» Then, click the camera icon, which is located to the left of the username.

How to Delete 321Chat Account?

You can do this in two ways – manually or addressing technical support. However, there is no other way to delete an account than to inform a moderator about it.

So, to start with, you need to open your profile and click on the More tab. There you will see the option «Delete Account,» click on it. Your account will be deleted within seven days. If an account is not active, it may be deleted automatically.

How to See Who Likes on 321Chat without Paying?

If you want to see who liked or messaged you, click your top right corner avatar and select the «My Profile» tab. Click the «Options» tab, and you will see all the messages and likes you received.

How to Block Someone on 321Chat?

If you want to block someone from your private chat, you need to use the top right corner avatar tab and select «My profile.» It will show you the «Options» tab where you can make your choice in the «Private Chat» tab if you want to block someone from it.

If you want to unfriend or ignore some users, click the «Unfriend» or «Ignore» tab and remove the member you do not want to communicate with any longer.

How to Cancel 321Chat Subscription?

You should write to ChatMaster to cancel your subscription. It will be canceled within seven days since your application has been admitted.


321Chat Review 2020

321chat.com dating site gives you many options and extends your experience. That is why it is very important to consider all its pros and cons and the unique features that are beneficial against the competitors.

If you are still unsure about your choice, pay attention to the fact that the site’s positive characteristics outweigh its negative aspects. This main characteristic counts for its popularity among real users.

321Chat has much to offer to those members who are seeking long-term dating or even marriage. That’s why the service is quite reliable and respectable. The useful information above shows you the best possible ways of realizing your wishes and dreams at 321Chat.

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Mildred Burton
by Mildred Burton Sep 15, 2021
I would like various other daters to know that this specific service 100per cent does its job without techniques. People that truly hunger for in order to get in touch with someone special won't rue her choices when applying for the platform. The most important thing seriously is not to quit. You will find already came across the loved, so we are happy. I believe arousal and concord, and this indicates loads. So, we have been crazy, and its never too late if you are of every age group and needs. I would recommend our site, very simply try.