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Hornet Overview August 2021

Hornet Overview August 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 23%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 21-33
Profiles 25.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A huge base of avid users
  • Free users can enjoy lots of features
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Hornet is available on iOS, Android and the web
  • Some features are accessible for premium users only
  • You need Facebook or Google account to log in
  • An overwhelming amount of ads

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Being #1 gay social network, Hornet is a spot to meet single gay singles on the web and build up a relationship with them. It has highlights and capacities to make open doors for coy gays to meet up to talk, tease, and discover soulmates. As a matter of course, everybody can just participate as ‘a man searching for a man.’

It empowers men to interface in more important manners than dating and hookups. Other than its web-based dating capacities, Hornet is a stage with unique, however inciting content custom fitted for gay and bisexual men. The application is accessible in various languages, thus encompassing a huge audience. Its community has increased to 25 million users around the world.

This platform offers features that will make gay flirting simpler and spicier. To back it up, profiles and principle photographs are accessible for free, so you can have a vibe of the kind of individuals who join the site before you purchase premium.

The Story Behind Hornet

The Story Behind Hornet

Established in 2011, Hornet is the world’s leading gay dating platforms. With more than 25 million avid users, the Hornet strategic is to enable gay men to come out and participate in the fun and astonishing of the gay network.

The Hornet Feed includes content from acclaimed editors, a large number of network pioneers, companions, and the local influencers.

Controlled by driving edge innovation, Hornet has become the main gay application in such countries as France, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, and Taiwan, and is quickly growing its sizable client base in the United States. Programming business visionary Christof Wittig and activist and lender Sean Howell established the application in 2011, meaning it to become a ‘digital home’ for the gay network.

From that point forward, Hornet has developed consistently. The application has additionally made key acquisitions en route to add to its contribution. It incorporates LGBTQ+ online magazine and gay city specialists Vespa, who give the application’s movement guides. The application has a major following in many countries, which makes it a leading gay platform on the Internet.

Website and Interface of App

Website and Interface of App

Both the main version and the app look pleasant and appealing. It’s easy to navigate the site since its interface is intuitive and user friendly. Hornet is the place where you can be yourself and join a fun and exciting gay community. Here you can get involved in discussions with the community leaders on the hottest topics and learn about the hottest trends from the team of editors at Hornet and the worldwide network of influencers. Filters allow you to find who you are looking for and where you can find them. Hashtags allow you to find and communicate with guys who share your interests. The feed shows the locations of the guys you subscribe to, the guys around you, the influencers, and guys we think you’ll want to meet. Posts reflect you and your interests by allowing others to respond to your posts.

But if you take a look at social networking, you can get lost since the left and right sides topped with promotions that cramp up space. Nowadays, we are all ads-immune, but the Hornet arrangement truly peeves and upsets the experience. There’s likewise the befuddling choice of organizing the rundown of new users on the top tab while your messages sequestered to the base right. The seemingly insignificant details strike the eye and make for an irritating perusing experience. However, if we consider the bigger picture, everything is not as bad as it seems. The irritating ads make no odds when it comes to the authentic atmosphere and experience that Hornet offers.

How to Become a Member?

The registration process is not difficult at all. As you come to the Hornet website, the first thing you see is the welcoming page that invites you to sign up. You can either use the main version or download the app – it doesn’t matter since registering is easy in both ways.

On the website, you need to provide your email and a secret key. Next, you need to fill in your name, age, and a short description. You will be given an automatic 5-character username. The registration is so quick, and it can take 5 seconds (or less, depending on your internet connection). You also have to add your profile photo later. You will be presented to the Hornet community as a New Guy, so use this opportunity to make a perfect first impression. The best way is to make a profile of yourself in Hornet so that people can start a meaningful conversation based on who you are and what you are interested in. When you are all set, you offered to share more information about yourself to get in the spotlight. Hornet is a great way to find the righteous hot people for a common interest. Add your interests to your profile and search hashtags with other Hornet members.

The Quality of Profiles

The Quality of Profiles

Hornet is quite subtle when it comes to providing in-depth personal information. You can skip all questionnaires and get to the dating experience right away. That’s why most profiles are not very detailed. Profile pictures are visible to all users. It’s also possible to update your password, photos, and personal info later.

Also, the HIV status option allows you to display it in your profile, as well as receive friendly reminders about the need to check. Press for more information about other options and their meanings.

Website Vs App

Hornet’s web-based dating site is an offshoot of its fruitful iOS and Android applications. This dating administration checks more than 18 million clients at present, with individuals originating from all over the world. Hornet accounts are free, so you can check out profiles, contact possibilities, and more without spending a penny. You can unlock certain limits and open extra highlights by getting a paid membership. Highlights like ‘Explore’ help grow your inquiry skylines, while ‘Know Your Status’ takes care of your wellbeing. Regardless of whether you search for a drawn-out relationship or an easygoing connection, Hornet is an incredible destination to begin.

Hornet started as a gay dating application for iOS and Android, but since then, it has extended to an electronic system too. Enlistment is free and simple, particularly with Hornet’s Facebook and Google account login. If you are fine with connecting your Hornet profile with your accounts, you can sign in.

Probably the best thing about Hornet is that the greater part of its highlights is free. You’ll have the option to make a profile and transfer photographs, and the procedure takes less time than you’d regularly need with other dating venues since you won’t need to take any character tests or similarity evaluations. The absence of those equivalent highlights implies you can’t expect programmed matching or other comparable systems from Hornet.

Unique Features

Unique Features

Hornet is a dating app for gay men, but with an added community edge, that has quite a few unique features in store for you.

  • Stories

Hornet’s primary site seems as though an online magazine with authentic news and diversion articles. Even though they have an in-house publication staff, a portion of these articles and stories are put together by Hornet users themselves. Anybody can apply to be a network. Members can likewise submit pictures and recordings.

  • Occasions

Occasions are the forthcoming LGBT events close to your territory. It’s more similar to a release post as opposed to the Facebook Event you are presumably acquainted with. Just the subtleties of the occasion posted with no kind of interaction accessible (for example, Facebook Going/Interested/Not going). In case you join in, you are not secured by Hornet’s terms and protection approach any longer, so practice the presence of mind in picking events.

  • Places

An application called Vespa was ‘a broad and cautiously curated database of spots and occasions in 300 urban communities in 70 nations’ for the gay millennial age. Vespa was the main city gay guide, and it was gained by Hornet, at that point, renamed to Hornet Places. These are places close to your area by LGBT men for LGBT men. Spots incorporate exercise centers, spas, plunge bars, underground piano bars, disco clubs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Searching System

Searching System

Recently Hornet has announced its structure update, which gives more instruments using a clingy search bar that moves with you as you look for matches. This helps limit down the search and make an in-depth connection dependent on personal inclinations. The update likewise offers a new feature, which the Hornet people group has been waiting for, that permits you to see when a user was last on the web and whenever sent messages have arrived at their recipient.

Hornet members likewise can put themselves in an alternate area to meet more men, which is ideal for somebody taking some time off or moving. The better than ever search bar bolts on the page as users look through their friends and can adjust filters as they search. You can also use hashtags to make your search more elaborate. Profile hashtags will help you reflect your interests and attract the perfect match. Premium filters reveal other guys’ preferences for the sexual position, height, weight, and more.

How Does Hornet Function?

Hornet isn’t just about connecting with singles found near you – it’s tied in with interfacing with guys that you need to mingle and draw in with. By redesigning your experience past just nearness based search, users offered more features to discover like-minded individuals and connect on a deeper level.

Searching and Filtering at Hornet

As for the searching options, the Hornet service offers a do-it-yourself system. You do search for potential dates via custom filters based on personal inclinations. Hornet also uses your GPS data to automatically filter results by location. Thus, you always have matches based on your location.

If you want to branch out more members or increase your chances for success, you can change your location manually. It’s even possible to connect with users from other countries if you want to. If you are planning to travel, you can use the Explore function that helps you locate other users from the intended destination.

You can also add hashtags and setting profile hashtags if you want others to know your interests. Hornet premium users have access to advanced search, which will uncover users’ inclinations for the sexual position, stature, weight, and other filters.

Contacting Other Members

The best thing about Hornet is that messaging is unlimited for all users. However, this could also presuppose security risks because anyone can reach out to you. In case you don’t know how to break the ice, Hornet gives you the Heart Sting feature, which is a pre-designed tool to express your interest to any user.

Hornet has an entirely expansive base, with members hailing from everywhere throughout the world. This is incredible if you need to meet individuals from all over the world, yet those who are more into locals can likewise expect a decent member base thanks to the popularity of Hornet.

Are There Better Alternatives to Hornet?

Are There Better Alternatives to Hornet?

Hornet is a richly planned stage only made for all the bi, transsexual users to extend their range of circles. Its gay social network application lets you find all the impressive and fun of the gay network with the editors of Hornet, your companions, the enormous network pioneers, and the locals. However, there is always safety in numbers; that is why Hornet is not the only service you can flock to. Its closest competitors are Blued, Grindr, and Jack’d. All those platforms are designed specifically for gay chatting and dating.

But if you are looking for a welcoming community and authentic atmosphere, you’d better register on Hornet. It’s your ultimate awesome, fun, diverse, and secure Social Media gay dating platform.


Hornet is free as a matter of course, which means you have access to the main features without spending any cash. There’s a great deal you can do with only a free account, which makes Hornet an appeal for users. For this viewpoint alone, Hornet ranks high compared to other dating destinations that charge you for literally everything.

However, there are some features that you get when you become a premium member. You can buy a VIP membership for 1, 3, or 12 months using your credit card.

Free Features

Free Features

Free membership features include:

  • Registering an account
  • Adding public and private media
  • Searching other profiles
  • Viewing photos
  • Exchanging messages
  • Unlimited blocks

Fee-based Features

Although Hornet is mostly free to use, there are features that only VIP users get access to. Fee-based services include:

  • Checking out your viewers
  • Advanced search filters
  • Uploading unlimited media
  • Ads-free experience

Is Hornet Expensive?

In comparison to other providers, Hornet is more on the expensive side.

Period Costs Total
1 Week $3.99 $3.99
1 Month $9.99 / month $9.99
3 Months $8.66 / month $25.99
12 Months $4.67 / month $55.99

Hornet Safety Policy

Hornet Safety Policy

On Hornet, safety protection clients take numerous forms, among them AI-based check frameworks, different item highlights, and friends’ strategies and responsibilities. Hornet also lets you become disconnected or undetectable if you’d prefer to veil your action. You can likewise pick to turn off the profile-sharing element, so different users can’t share direct links to your profile. Blocking is also unlimited, so you don’t have to stress over any members who bother or hassle you.

Protection Measures

As a matter of first importance, Hornet firmly dedicated to all industry measures that protect clients. This incorporates freely showing the Hornet set of principles and requiring all clients to consent to it as well as utilizing paid moderators to help manage content (notwithstanding algorithmic balance of pictures and conceivably dangerous language). The service also gives buttons to clients to report any maltreatment that happens inside the application.

Support Team

If you have any questions or issues regarding the site interface or Terms of Use, chances are, someone else had it before, and you find an answer right away in the FAQ section. If it doesn’t have an answer for you, you can contact the customer support from within the app (Settings -> Feedback).


Although the usability of the platform is simple, you can still have some questions. Here is a set of the most popular FAQ.

Is There Hornet Photo Verification?

There is no strict policy regarding photo verification. However, the app will instead examine user activity to establish if the person is trustworthy and genuine.

Deleting Hornet Account

If you are unhappy with the experience the site offers, you can delete your account at any time. All you need is to open Hornet and go to your profile section. Next, go to Settings, find Account, and then press the Delete Account button.

How to See Who Likes You on Hornet Being A Free Member?

Unfortunately, only VIP members can use this feature.

Can I Block A User on Hornet?

If another user is bothering you or you just don’t want to communicate with them, you are free to block them. You need to hover your cursor over ‘Account’ in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar. Then, choose Settings and find the Privacy tab. Next, scroll down to Blocked Users, and press Edit Blocked Users.

Cancelling Hornet Subscription

The sum is automatically charged off your credit card. To cancel auto-renewal, find the Hornet subscription under Subscriptions and press Cancel Subscription.

The Bottom Line

If you are on the lookout for a dating service that has a huge network of users and a user-friendly app, check out Hornet. With over 18 million users from across the world, this service offers a ton of free features. The signup procedure is a breeze, too. Check out Hornet right now!

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