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Omegle Complete Review September 2021

Omegle Complete Review September 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 687000
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Visit rate 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Anonymity. Omegle is a new service for meeting new friends. This service chooses another user at random and allows you to talk to each other. The chats are anonymous, although you have nothing to interfere with revealing personal data.
  • Free. Omegle is a free anonymous service that allows users to connect and chat with “strangers randomly”.
  • Personalization. Users also add interests, and Omegle will match them with someone with the same interests.
  • No registration Omegle does not require its user's registration.
  • College chat. College students can enter email address college (.edu) to communicate with other students.
  • The site is full of perverts. Omegle is loaded quite slowly (or maybe this is “protection” from such “companions”). You can already guess through pixels what awaits you and quickly switch the chat partner.
  • Unfortunately, it does not always work and not everywhere, but that is, that is. There is a certain list of tags that you should not add, as perverts curl around them, which already mentioned just above:
    • Teen, girls, boys.
    • Gay, Lesbian, etc.
    • Any separation of sexual or gender affiliation entails (not always, but often) many perverts. If you want to find a site with LGBT topics, it is better to turn to special resources to avoid perverts.
      Hey, What's Up, etc.
    • Popular catchwords, phrases that don't make any sense.
  • Random and unpredictable selection of the companion has become not only strength but also a weakness of the service. Often, instead of a pleasant and interesting dialogue, you can get a not quite adequate result. In the best case, it will be a joker who depicts artistic performances for popular tracks. And at worst, the visitor will grab a close-up demonstration of other people's virtues. Such an experience can push away even the most persistent ones from using video chat.
  • Not all foreigners are adequate. You should not communicate with the inhabitants of Indonesia and India, because the inhabitants of these countries, as a rule, are very anxious, have a poor command of English, and very slowly type. Look for the British and Australians - at least they have the right speech.

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Omegle.com is a web service that allows you to communicate in a tet-a-tet mode (online chat). The choice of the companion, in this case, occurs randomly. Communication is completely anonymous: companions are displayed on the site as You and Stranger. There is the possibility of communication both in a simple text format and using a webcam. The main language of communication on the site is English.

This service allows you to contact strangers around the world in either chat or video format. It is a kind of analog of the famous Chatroulette roulette site, created by a Russian schoolboy in 2009. He also does not require registering. Just turn on your webcam and switch video chats with strangers.

Omegle: When It Was Founded?

The service was founded on March 25, 2009, by 18-year-old American Leif K-Brooks and quickly gained popularity among English-speaking users: in less than a month after opening the number of site views reached 150,000 views. The main meme associated with the site, perhaps, is the widespread use in the dialogs of the abbreviation asl (from the English age/sex/location)), which means a question to the interlocutor of the form Age/gender/location. Traditionally, it is the second phase of the interlocutor, after, in fact, a greeting.

In March 2009, the first Omegle Chatroulette was introduced to people. The idea was to connect random interlocutors using video calling quickly. A special algorithm randomly chose people, and they already decided whether they want to communicate. If not, any of them could use the «Next» button to switch to a new interlocutor, who also fell out randomly. The mechanics turned out to be incredibly popular and quickly gained fans.

Communication with the most unexpected strangers gave users a lot of positive emotions. People over and over returned to video chat to chat, joke, share opinions, and even find a soul mate. Since its inception, Omegle’s functionality has not changed much. The user still connects to the chat without registering. For a more relevant selection of the interlocutor, you can indicate your interests – the system will focus on your list, and the search will become a little more predictable.

As an interesting bonus, Omegle has the opportunity to save the message history or share a link to it, for example, on Facebook or Twitter. Special attention deserves the “spy” video chat mode. Anyone can publicly ask a question that will be answered by a random pair of interlocutors. The author of the issue can observe the dialogue from the side. Respondents, of course, tentatively agree that outsiders should see and hear their discussion.

The Website and App of Omegle

Omegle.com is a website created exclusively for communication. You go to a page, select a language, enter interest, and you automatically connected with a person with the same interest. Registration is optional.

Sign up Process

There is no signup process as you do not need to register on Omegle. You just choose either a text (spy mode)) or video (unmoderated section) mode and begin your communication with strangers. After you have selected the desirable mode, you just confirm that you are not a robot, and the communication starts. Everything is very easy and takes less than thirty seconds.

The Authenticity of Accounts at Omegle

All profiles are real. There are no fake profiles on Omegle. But there are some tips and recommendations on how to avoid inadequate interlocutors. For example, you should not communicate with the inhabitants of Indonesia and India, because the inhabitants of these countries, as a rule, are very anxious, have a poor command of English, and very slowly type. Look for the British and Australians – at least they have the right speech.

Website Vs mobile version

Unfortunately, they do not have a mobile app.

Omegle: Special Peculiarities

Some unique differences make Omegle exceptional in comparison with other competitors. To them belong:

  • Real anonymity

You are not required to provide any personal information about yourself not only to the interlocutors but also to the service itself.

  • You always have a certain right to choose

And, unlike real life, it is implemented in one click. The interlocutor is not interesting – there is no need to explain and apologize. Just switch to the next dialog. No conventions and prejudices. Complete freedom of decision making.

  • The «peeping» mode

It became a particularly interesting feature of the service: go to the chat, ask a question, the answer to which you want to get from strangers and watch those who will answer it. The service will show you a couple of interlocutors who have agreed to participate in this curious social experiment and are ready to speculate on specific topics.

  • User selection for specific countries
  • No need to register
  • High-quality video broadcast without failures
  • Separate uncontrolled section, where there is no framework for communication
  • Quick connection

How Can I Find the Partner at Omegle?

Chatting in chat roulette, undoubtedly, causes less stress for those who are afraid to get acquainted “offline.” On the one hand, you have live eye contact, and on the other hand, you can stop communication in 1 second, it does not oblige you to anything. It helps people to be franker, easier to talk about their interests, feelings, and desires.

Omegle: Mechanism of Work?

There is a certain algorithm to look for partners. Here you can see the basic steps of how to start the communication with strangers:

  • Go to the Omegle homepage

It’s simple, and you only need a working Internet connection! So, enter Omegle.com in the address bar of your browser. Next, you will see several chat options, which we will talk about later. However, before starting communication, it will not be superfluous to look at the rules and conditions for the provision of services. It includes your confirmation of being of the full legal age or having the permission of parents to hang on this chat, your agreement not to transfer obscene photos or videos, and not to insult other users, as well as your agreement not to break the law.

  • After that, make your choice – either text or video chat.

There is no catch: either you communicate with strangers only in text, or you also have the opportunity to communicate with him in voice (and vice versa), viewing the image from his webcam. You can start chatting as soon as you choose your preferred option.

However, for a video chat, you will need a working and configured webcam and headset. Most of monitors are already equipped with them, but you should not blindly hope that your monitor is one of them. If you are sure that you have nothing of the kind, you will have to purchase it all, and then remember to set it up.

  • Begin chatting!

Choosing the right option, you will directly connect to the chat, where the interlocutor will be waiting for you. You can send messages by pressing Enter or through the Omegle interface. If you are chatting in a video chat, then, in addition to the replicas of the interlocutor, you should also see him. If you chose video chat, you would receive a pop-up notification asking you to access the webcam – indicate the application you are looking for.

  • When you get tired of talking, click “Stop”

This button located at the bottom left when pressed; it will change to “Really?” (Exactly?). To output from the chat, everything you should do is clicking on it. At any time when the chat is active, you can quickly press this button twice to immediately exit the chat – a useful option if you suddenly see what you do not want to see. Please note that other Omegle users will very quickly complete the dialogue with you (perhaps even before someone has time to send something to someone). Do not take this to heart – some just like to «choose» their interlocutors in the first place.

Omegle: Searching Options & Filters

While looking for a partner on Omegle, you can also add your interests, and Omegle will match you with someone who has the same interests. For example, if you have some hobbies, it is also worthwhile to point it out.

How Can I Contact the Customer Service?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to contact the service. If you do not like your interlocutor, you can just leave the chat.

Omegle: Similar Dating Apps

Andrei Ternovsky, originally laid down the same basic functionality in his creation: anonymous random video chats without registration, but with the ability to switch to a new dialogue at any time. However, over time, ChatRoulette’s capabilities have expanded. At first, the functionality was as concise as possible, and the technical capabilities included two windows for video, a couple of buttons, and a window for text. Subsequently, registration was introduced: now the user needs to enter a name (nickname), password, and email to gain access to the service. Separately, in the settings, you can specify your age, gender, and interests. You can even upload your photo. A user can adjust the waiting time until the button appears to switch to the next person. Yes, that’s right; you can temporarily block your own ability to end the conversation too quickly with another stranger.

However, there are certain disadvantages of these dating portals in comparison with Omegle. The creator of Chatroulette overdid it somewhat with functionality. Because at first, everything went perfectly, and the creation of a talented teenager in college for dating turned out to be even more popular than the original service. But the more flexible and detailed the settings became, the more noticeably the number of visitors decreased. And the registration system became the first stumbling block. And the problem of «unexpected interlocutors» in Chatroulette also turned out to be relevant.

Another alternative of Omegle is WeChat. It is a mobile app for interaction with different people from all countries around the globe. To the main characteristics of WeChat belong:

  • availability of several languages;
  • an opportunity to launch a group chat;
  • you can share your photos with others;
  • a possibility to launch video calls;
  • contact Sync;
  • voice messages;
  • it can be based on the phone number;
  • a great gallery with interesting and funny stickers;
  • radio talks and discussions.

But it also has some essential disadvantages such as it is not priceless in comparison with Omegle. Moreover, you need to register here, so you cannot communicate anonymously. One more alternative of Omegle is FaceFlow. The chat function with a random user allows you to find a stranger registered on FaceFlow to chat with him or her through a webcam. If you like the stranger, you can add him to your friends’ list to arrange a video call later. If you are looking for an alternative to Chatroulette where you can chat with strangers, then you have found it. FaceFlow is the best that exists on the network at the moment (and “decent” – the site is strictly moderated).

You can use this Omegle alternative not only to meet new people but also to use FaceFlow to chat with family and friends. All you need to do is to find friends in the «search function» and send them a request to add to friends. After that, you can chat on the webcam for free and even arrange a video conference with several friends. FaceFlow is more than just chatting with casual users. It is a complete social platform for video chat and video conferencing. Spend 30 seconds to register and try to chat with a random user right now, 100% free, and 100% decent! In contrast, Omegle is much better because you do not need to register at all, and you can leave the chat with your interlocutor any time you want.

Omegle: How Much Does the Membership Cost?

There is no membership price as Omegle is free of charge.

How Much Should I Pay for dating on Omegle?

Fortunately, dating on Omegle is free of charge.

Omegle: Its Safety

Omegle is a safe website that guarantees its users communication with strangers without any dangers.

Technical Side of Protection

Since the Omegle system does not encrypt user chats, outsiders can easily control them – outsiders, including network administrators, your Internet service provider, and even hackers.

How Can I Contact Customer Support?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to contact the service. If you do not like your interlocutor, you can just leave the chat.

Some Other Questions Concerning Omegle

In this section, you can find some other interesting information, which can be useful for you when you decide to start using Omegle.

How Can I Pass the Omegle Photo Verification?

There is no photo verification on Omegle.

How Can I Delete My Omegle Account?

There is no opportunity to delete the Omegle account because you do not need to register here.

How Can I See Who Likes Me on Omegle?

You just ask someone whether he/she likes you because there is not such a function on Omegle.

How Can I Block Someone on Omegle?

You can not block someone on Omegle. But you can switch to the next dialog if you do not like the person or his/her way of communication.

How Can I Cancel Omegle Subscription?

You can not cancel the Omegle subscription as there is no subscription at all. Omegle is a free platform for communicating with other people.


To sum it up, Omegle is an excellent website for those who love new acquaintances. After all, every time you come here, you are randomly selected interlocutor on a topic that you have chosen in advance. You can communicate via messages or videos with people from all over the world using your knowledge and gaining new ones on Omegle.

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