Loveaholics Review July 2021: Is It Trustworthy?

Loveaholics Review July 2021: Is It Trustworthy?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.400.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Sign up process is free – you won’t need to pay money to become a Loveaholics member.
  • It has a special algorithm behind the website that makes Loveaholics matching system so precise (it analyzes information that you provide to the site and gives you a match based on shared interests)
  • You can go unlimited with the number of likes and friends’ requests.
  • You can freely send your pictures and videos to your favorites.
  • It has a huge member base with lots of different women being online and logging in to the website every day which means you will always have someone to chat with
  • Loveaholics is intuitive and straightforward to use, so even if you aren’t very good with computers, you still will be able to use it.
  • There are lots of positive reviews about Loveaholics on the Internet, which confirms our words.
  • Loveaholics had apps both for iPhone users and Android phones.
  • Some accounts on Loveaholics might be fake (There are no dating websites that don’t have fake or scam accounts)
  • There are lots of paid features, while membership costs might look a bit too high.
  • The site doesn’t offer Facebook or another social media integration and syncing.
  • For some reasons mobile apps do not work anymore (perhaps thing will get better in future)

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In this Loveaholics review, probably one of the best dating platforms will be discussed. If you are tired of endless swiping and waiting for a perfect date, you should read our Loveaholics review because there are plenty of great news.

Reputation and History of Loveaholics

Loveaholics Review 2020

Thousands of people worldwide already tried Loveaholics and found it extremely fun and easy to use. This website is for young and single people who don’t have much time to go out. That’s why Loveaholics offers its’ users different dating options that easily connect people who are looking for dating, fun, and new friends. There are thousands of people online daily, so it won’t be a problem to find someone to chat with, even if you are a picky kind of person. It will be the best place for men who don’t want to spend their time in clubs with drunk people but still want some socializing. Yes, the website also has some fake accounts, but if you know how to spot them, it won’t be a problem for you to avoid them. After all, which dating platform nowadays has no fakes, huh?

Website, App, interface, registration

Keep reading, and soon you will find out more about the website, how it looks and feels like, what apps are there and how you can make your profile on the Loveaholics website.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

To start searching for your perfect match, you have to register first. Luckily, it’s not hard to do. Remember that you should be at least 18 years old because if you are not, then you shouldn’t use this dating platform. The whole process of creating a profile will take you only two to three minutes. It’s effortless, and you can do it basically while you are drinking your cup of morning coffee. While making a profile website will ask you for e-mail. Ensure that you give them the right address because that’s where all the essential information from site administrators will go. Another reason you should provide only your valid e-mail address when signing up is in case you lose your password, the reset link will be sent to your e-mail. Unfortunately, there is no Facebook integration or syncing with other social media. That’s why you will have to provide all the necessary information like your age, sexual preference, location, etc. While it’s kind of a routine job, it still won’t take you much time.

Are the accounts real here?

Loveaholics Review 2020

One great thing about this website is that you can look at member profiles without paying for it. That’s why it won’t cost you anything to spot a fake one. Alternatively, you can check all their photo galleries and what they are looking for, but it will require a Premium membership. Every profile on Loveaholics contains necessary information that includes age, user’s avatar, his username, and location. Of course, if you want to get more information about a particular person, you will have to look at their Photo Gallery, which isn’t free. The same goes for sexual preference, while the location is visible even to the free members. While there are many complaints about bogus accounts on Loveaholics, you should not be over suspicious when you see a half-empty profile. The main reason why there are so many such profiles is that it’s easy to skip customization when you are making a profile on Loveaholics, so many people prefer to take the bull by the horns. If it’s fake, you will quickly understand it by how he or she communicates with you, so don’t be afraid.

Website and mobile version

Most people nowadays prefer dating websites through their smartphones because this provides a much more pleasant experience. While Loveaholics claims there are apps for Android and iPhones, it turned out they aren’t working. Perhaps, website owners are reinventing them, or they are changing something in their platform structure. But if you used to run most of the sites on the Web through your smartphone, you shouldn’t get upset. While Loveaholics might not have any dedicated working apps, it still offers you a great mobile experience thanks to its’ mobile-friendly design. That means you can access Loveaholics from any of your mobile devices by using your browser. You will get all the desktop websites’ features while using your phone.

Special Features

Loveaholics Review 2020

There are a few unique features that should be mentioned in this Loveaholics review.

Flirtcast – this feature allows you to send your opening lines to various women. The great thing about this feature is that it will deliver your message to a similar thinking type.

Safe Mode – safety is our everything, so Loveaholics imported so-called Safe Mode. It helps to protect the website’s users. There are two types of this Safe Mode: the first is Basic Mode – it protects you from suspicious contacts reaching to you. Another one is called Full Mode. It allows only verified members to have a conversation with you.

Guarantee of the result – in case if you will fail to find someone on Loveaholics resource, you will be able to try your luck on a similar platform.

Loveaholics Review 2020

On Loveaholics, it won’t cost you anything to find yourself a partner because the Search function is available even for Standard users. Everything changes when you decide to chat with some of the users: to do that, you will have to get yourself a Premium membership. For some people, it will look like racketeering, but in fact, it’s just a preventive function to stop scammers and other corrupt persons from using the Loveaholics dating website.

How does Loveaholics work?

Loveaholics have their algorithms that do all the work for you. Since there is no Facebook implementation, you will have to do a manual filling of forms where you need to provide information about yourself. You can write about your physical parameters and mention your hobbies, bad habits, and other relevant information. Loveaholics will use all this to ensure that you get only quality matches with people that fit you.

Searching options and filters at Loveaholics

It’s not a problem to find someone who shares your thoughts or interests on the Loveaholics website since it has a Search feature and advanced filters. For example, you can exclude all people with uploaded photos, add what kind of ethnicity you would like them to be, body type your prefer, hair, and even eye color! If you go nuts for people with tattoos or piercing, then you can easily find them here by using the mentioned above filters.

Communication methods

Loveaholics Review 2020

There are different ways of getting in touch with someone on Loveaholics. One of them would be using Winks. What are Winks? Wink is like saying “hi” without writing anything. It’s a small and simple step towards something more significant. It’s also quite a safe way: you can spend hours thinking of some witty opening line and send it to the girl that you like to find out that your funny line wasn’t in her taste. In this sense, Wink is the safer route. Also, the person you sent your Wink to may wink back, which will be a sign of sympathy.

Another great feature that you’ll find on Loveaholics is Like Gallery: it’s a lovely thing for those who don’t like to spend their time on checking every profile because there are so many of them. This feature allows you to look at users’ photos one by one and put a heart on it in case you liked it. If that person you loved will like you back, you will become matches and be able to chat.

Favorites are similar to bookmarks in our browsers. Just like you bookmark some website to come back to it later, Loveaholics allows to “bookmarks” users that caught one’s interest. This way, you will be saved from losing contacts or forgetting usernames. And of course, there is a classic chat function for those who like something more old school.

Loveaholics alternatives

Loveaholics Review 2020

Different websites fall in the same category as Loveaholics does. Most of the members are from 25-44 (males) and 25-34 (females). There are plenty of resources on the Web that have similar user bases. For example, there is a place called Chemistry. While it’s a similar website, there are no Winks or Like Gallery. You may also try UpForIt, Xmeets, or DateMe.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Like any other dating platform online, Loveaholics is making money on selling premium features to its users. These features make everything much more fun. That’s why many of Loveaholics users prefer to go premium instead of wasting time with standard features even though they aren’t so bounded as some might think (you will see it yourself if you keep reading).

Free Membership Features

Loveaholics Review 2020

If you are a standard user who has free membership, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to do at Loveaholics. For example, just like any user on the website, you can use basic search and view other people’s profiles. More than that, you can even send them winks and wait until someone winks you back! Then you can add them to your Favorites list or use the Like Gallery. So you aren’t THAT limited with a free membership.

Premium Membership Features

If you decide to get a premium membership, you will enjoy plenty of Loveaholics features that it offers to the ones who go for their subscription. First of all, you get access to full information about the person that you liked, and you can see who he or she is looking for at Loveaholics. Also, you benefit from the advanced search and view photos in full resolution. Then you can exchange pictures and videos when chatting with someone. As an icing on the cake, you can get unlimited chats and premium customer support that will be there to help you at any time and moment of the day.

How much is dating on Loveaholics?

Loveaholics Review 2020

To get all the mentioned above benefits of Loveaholics, you should get a premium. But the question is: how much it all going to cost? Here is the answer: you can get a monthly membership just for 41.40 USD, while six months will cost you 69.30 USD, and 12 months – 111.60 USD. A hundred dollars for using dating website might look crazy, but it is well-known that the devil hides in details: when you get yourself premium membership for one year, your monthly fee will be only 9.30 USD instead of 41.40 USD when you buy a plan just for a month.

Is Loveaholics Safe?

Loveaholics Review 2020

Safety is an essential aspect of using online dating. You can be sure that Loveaholics is safe. There are tons of users online daily, lots of reviews on the Internet, SSL-protection that prevents all your sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers from being stolen. However, you still should remember that Loveaholics is a vast dating platform online, so there always will be scammers and fakes who will try to trick you and get some money out of you. That’s why no matter how protected the dating website is, you always should be moderately careful. More than that, the site offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your dating experience on Loveaholics.

Technical side of protection

Loveaholics is using SSL encrypting technology: the same technology that is used by banks, online shops, and other websites that are dealing with credit card transactions and any additional sensitive information. So it would help if you didn’t worry that someone is going to steal your credit card or something like that when you are using Loveaholics to find yourself a perfect match. This website protection is better than Fort Knox’s.

Customer Support

Bugs happen, so it’s always possible that you will face some technical issues, even browsing the best-designed website. There are so many browsers and mobile phones that it becomes almost a mission impossible to make your website compatible with all of them. So, in case if you run into some problem with Loveaholics, you always can rely on technical support. One more reason to get yourself a premium membership would be so-called VIP support. It works round the clock, and your requests as a premium member of Loveaholics will have higher priority than ones from free users. But since Loveaholics is continuously working on their website, making it match the highest requirements, you most likely won’t encounter any problems while searching for your perfect match.

Loveaholics Review 2020

At this point, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions from Loveaholics users.

How to pass Loveaholics photo verification?

It’s quite simple to do: do NOT upload naked pics, do not upload photos of underage persons and other inappropriate stuff. You should upload some photo of yours that shows you from the right side. The best would be to upload some pictures where you are enjoying life, having a great time, or doing something interesting. Let people on the Loveaholics dating website get a better view of who you are and your personality.

How to delete Loveaholics account?

You can always stop using Loveaholics. There might be plenty of reasons to do that: you found yourself someone who doesn’t want to share you with anyone else, or you decided to become a monk. Whatever the reason is, you can always stop using the services of Loveaholics by closing your account. You can do it in the Settings menu or by writing a request addressed to tech support.

How to see who likes you on Loveaholics without paying?

Unless you are not a hacker, there is no way to see who likes on Loveaholics without getting yourself a membership. But then again: if all great features would be free, who would buy premium? (that’s a rhetorical question though).

How to block someone on Loveaholics?

There is so-called Safe Mode that protects you from suspicious profiles trying to contact you and Full Mode that allows only verified members of the website to have a conversation with you.

How to cancel Loveaholics subscription?

You can easily cancel your Loveaholics subscription. To do that, head over to the Settings menu, enter your password and follow the instructions. In case of any questions or if you need help, you can always go for technical support. They will be happy to explain everything to you.


Loveaholics is an excellent dating website that connects lonely hearts all over the world. It has a modern design and high mobile adaptability. There are many users online who are willing to flirt and meet so that you won’t get bored here. The only downside about this website is that some membership plans might seem a bit too expensive. But you can always reach administrators, and perhaps they will be able to give you some discount or trial period.

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