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Alt.com Review October 2021: Real Cost Revealed

Alt.com Review October 2021: Real Cost Revealed
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 65%
Popular age 27-39
Beauty 45%
Profiles 1.000.000
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Visit rate 3.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site experiences a lot of traffic at any point in a day. The number of active members is very high throughout the day.
  • It offers people the service of meeting others who are into alternate sex. This way, they can bring together an alternative sex community.
  • The site is open to all kinds of relationships.
  • The website's design and layout are not very good, which makes the user interface very complicated for the users.
  • The site will eat your head with the extended profile questions after you sign up as a member.
  • The website's design and layout are not very good, which makes the user interface very complicated for the users.
  • The site has many fake profiles and scammers, which brings down the credibility of the website
  • The site will eat your head with the extended profile questions after you sign up as a member.
  • The site has many fake profiles and scammers, which brings down the credibility of the website.
  • Even when you can be a free user, there is nothing much you can do without upgrading yourself to Silver or Gold membership. You cannot also view profiles or send messages with a free account.

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Alt.com is an adult dating and hookup website developed for people who are looking for alternative sexual relationships. It is why it is called Alt.com. The users can dive into sexual practices like fetish sex, bondage, and BDSM, including discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, and other related consensual adult activities. The site can be used as a dating site to meet new people or only as a hookup site where you can spice up your sexual relationship. The users can also explore the original videos and articles which are available on the website. Most of the members join the site with a fake name. The website is very particular to ensure that all the members are above the age of 18. It is because the site is a hookup site and also offers explicit sexual content. The site ensures the correct use of language by its members and has banned words like ‘rape’ from making the members feel safe about choosing the website. You can sign up for the site if you are curious to see the different sexual activities people are into nowadays and even try to find someone for yourself.

Reputation and history of Alt.com

Alt.com Review

Alt.com was launched in 1995, so it is evident that it has been in the game for a long time. The website was launched by people at FriendFinder Networks to bring together an alternate sex community. Alt.com brings together those people who want to have casual sexual encounters and are into practices like BDSM, fetish sex, and bondage.

Website, App, interface, registration

The review will look into the Alt.com technicalities and bring you the usability of the website along with other essential aspects like registration, accessibility, etc.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

You can sign up and become a member after following five steps of the registration process. You cannot make your profile unless and until you complete these steps. It is interesting to note that Alt.com is not restricted to singles, but even couples can register as users. While recording, you have to provide details like age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. The registration process of Alt.com is smooth and light till here. It gets a bit tiring after this point, as you have to answer a few questions to improve your profile. These questions help others to know whether you are the type of person they want to engage with. In case you are clueless about these questions, there is an option where the website can assist you in answering the questions. You can also click on prefer not to say option in case you feel shy. However, this reduces your chances of getting paired as people won’t get clarity regarding your other sexual preferences.

Are the accounts real here?

Alt.com accounts

The site claims to have more than 2 million users signed up in Alt.com. The site has a lot of engagement, but there are many fake profiles. It is said that the active users on the website are only half a million compared to the total user base of 2 million. The age composition of the members usually oscillates around 25-34 years. Male users dominate the site with four males against one female user. This ratio is inferior if you compare it against their peers. The site takes special care to ensure that the members are above the legal age of 18. The users have an ordinary mind who are either curious or are into other sexual practices. Alt.com is open to all kinds of a relationship like Straight, Gay, Lesbian hookup apps, Bisexual, Couple, and Group. There have also been complaints of fraud users. Members have complained that overseas members have tried to extort money from them in personal chats.

Website and mobile version

Alt.com is not available in the form of an app. People who want to avail of the services need to access the website itself. It is a negative aspect as this limits the accessibility of the website. The design of the website Is not anything extraordinary. The site has a black background with the text written in white or yellow. The design of the website is not very pleasing to the users and looks complicated. The site has a lot of pop-ups, which is very irritating to any user.

Special Features

Alt.com has some unique features that help the site to differentiate itself from its peers. These unique features are;

  • Hot or Not

It is similar to the right and left swipe feature. You will see many profiles, and you have to rate whether they are hot or not instead of swiping it right or left.

  • Astrological Compatibility

There are certain beliefs regarding zodiac signs where it is ideal for a person with a zodiac sign to date others from sure specific zodiac signs. Alt.com puts this belief into use and tries to match your Chinese zodiac with other members to know the compatibility.

  • Testimonials

It is a feature where other members can write about you and mention about your qualities that attract them. Even you can use this feature to write testimonials about others.

  • Blings

Blings are small icons that you can use to make your profile or posts more interesting. You can either create them or take them from the ones who make it.

  • Kinks

It is the space where you can mention the kinks you are into. It will help you to find matches that are into the same kinks.

  • Purity Test

Purity Test is a fun test that reveals how pure or wild you are in your sex life. The score is marked on a scale of 0 to 100. You can share these scores with your friends on Alt.com and know who is pure and who is not.

Alt.com search

Searching a partner is the most crucial aspect of any dating site. In Alt.com, you can search your partners from the top menu. The primary filters will be already set for you based on what you selected while creating your profile. You can consider changing the age filter as it is set to maximum by default. You can also change the Last Login Date filter as it is set to any by default. It is better to change it to online users, or else you may find users in your search results who have not logged in for months or years.

How does Alt.com work?

Alt.com tries to bring you with profiles the parameters you set while searching for a partner. The parameters include age preference, gender preference, Last Login, etc. However, you cannot message anyone or see the messages received until you upgrade your account to premium membership.

Searching options and filters at Alt.com

You can search for members using standard search options. You can alter the advanced filters to get a more refined version of members in your search results. Alt.com takes into consideration the alternate sex practices preferred by the users, their age preference, distance, and Last Login of users for finding the ideal match for you. The search results will show members who are into the same alternate sex practices. You can also add members to your Hotlist or make them your friends if you find the member interesting. You cannot flirt or send messages with a free profile. The hot or not feature and testimonial feature are other methods with which you can connect to users on Alt.com. Free users can use the basic search. Silver and Gold users can also use the advanced search. There are interesting search options like Kink search and search by location. You can also search the users with their username.

Communication methods

You can communicate with people you like through the usual chatting system. However, there is a condition here. You can’t message any of the users until you upgrade your account to premium membership. You can neither view the messages that you receive from users who are interested in you. It is a real bummer as Alt.com is not free to its users in the true sense.

Alt.com Alternatives

Alt.com Alternatives

Other websites/apps that give way to alternative sexual practices are Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder. Ashley Madison doesn’t have as many members as Alt.com, thanks to its experience in this field. However, Adult Friend Finder has a huge base of users because of the brutal premium membership policy of Alt.com. It is a positive thing that Alt.com has a larger number of active members compared to Adult Friend Finder.

Membership Price and Payment Method

There are two kinds of a premium membership in Alt.com. One is Silver membership, and the other is Gold membership. It is very clear from the name that Gold membership is an improvement of Silver membership, and Silver membership is an improvement of free membership. The rates for both of these types differ and are further classified as per the period. For one month, the silver membership comes at 22.94USD, while the gold membership costs you 34.44USD. The silver membership comes at 41.37USD and 123.51USD for three months and twelve months, respectively—the price increases to 68.97USD and 185.26USD for the same periods in a gold membership. Alt.com accepts payment through credit and also through cheque for the payment for the premium membership. If you are desperate for alternate sex, you will end up paying for premium membership as it is not much you can do if you are a free user.

Free Membership Features

Alt.com Features
  • You can register for free at Alt.com.
  • You can upload any amount of photos in your profile.
  • You can join chat rooms to chat with a group of people.
  • You can send virtual flowers to the profiles that you like.
  • You can add other profiles to Hotlist.
  • You can send friend requests to other users and make them friends.
  • The Hot or Not feature is open to free users.
  • You can search for people by customizing the filters as per your preference.
  • The feature of Kink search is available to free users.

Premium Membership Features

The features of the premium membership in Alt.com differ as per Silver and Gold membership.

Silver Membership

  • The silver user gets all the benefits of free users.
  • Silver users can contact and chat with other users.
  • Gold members show up in the search list of Silver users, not a service provided to free users.
  • Silver users can access the videos of members that they prepare as their introduction.
  • Silvers users have partial access to the blogs and magazine features.

Gold Membership

  • Gold users have access to all facilities of Silver users.
  • Gold users are shown at the top of the search list.
  • They have full access to blogs and magazine features.
  • They get to know about the ICQ, AIM, and MSN ID of the members.

How much is dating on Alt.com?

Alt.com Price

You can understand the pricing system of premium membership from the following table:


Duration Price per month Total cost
1 Month 22.94 USD 22.94 USD
3 Month 13.79 USD 41.37 USD
12 Month 10.29 USD 123.51 USD


Duration Price per month Total cost
1 Month 34.44 USD 34.44 USD
3 Month 17.24 USD 68.97 USD
12 Month 10.29 USD 185.26 USD

The prices vary when the site comes up with special offers.

Is Alt.com Really Safe?

Alt.com is serious when it comes to its member’s safety and privacy. They don’t entertain any kind of harassment, spam, etc. They are very particular and strict about verifying the age of the member and don’t allow people below the age of 18 due to its explicit content. Certain words like ‘rape’ are strictly prohibited for any kind of use.

Technical side of protection

Alt.com Technical

It is a matter of concern that there are a lot of fake profiles in Alt.com. On top of this, there are many scammers on the site, which is not a good aspect. All this can slow the website to a great extent. It is ironic and scary that even though the word rape is prohibited from use in posts or messages, there are users that have the word as a part of their username. It shows that the technical department of Alt.com is not equipped or not serious about this matter. It can be said that Alt.com tries to make the members feel safe, but they are not trying enough and are failing at this point.

Customer Support

All members are free to contact the customer care of Alt.com in case any member has any kind of problem during their time of using the website. There is no such discrimination between free and premium members regarding customer support and reporting harassment.

Due to its overgrowing popularity, there are tons of questions that arise in the minds of the users. The writer has listed and answered a few of such queries below:

How to pass Alt.com photo verification?

There is no such procedure as photo verification in Alt.com. You are free to upload your photos, even if you are a free user. The photos must not have any nudity; the site can block your profile or take down your picture.

How to delete Alt.com account?

You can delete your account by going to the ‘My Account’ section. There you will find the Delete Account option. Click on the option to delete your account permanently. You will have to make a new account in case you feel like going back to Alt.com.

How to see who likes you on Alt.com without paying?

You cannot view the profile of other members until and unless you upgrade your account to premium membership.

How to block someone on Alt.com?

There is no such option of blocking profiles if you are a free user. You can block someone’s account if you are a premium user. You just have to visit the profile of that user and then block the profile.

How to cancel Alt.com subscription?

You can find about everything related to payment and subscription when you open the ‘My Account’ section and go to billing history.


Alt.com is one of the best sites for alternate sexual practices and will help the ones who are bored with their regular sex life. It is a good platform to bring together like-minded people in terms of aggressive sexual methods into BDSM and fetish sex. There are still some concerns regarding the safety of the site in the technical aspect. The site has got very limited use if it is a free account. It limits the site from expanding as there is nothing much to do in a free account. The features of Alt.com set it aside from its competitors. There are again problems regarding fake profiles and spammers, and the site must decide upon tackling these issues if they want to stay in the game for the long run. The site is very good for the purpose with which it has been set up, but the number of fake and fraud profiles risk its position. These problems are followed by the problem of security and safety, which the site has not been able to provide to its users. Alt.com can be the leader in this area of dating if they take their shortcomings seriously.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
MS, RD & Writer
Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
by Hall Oct 24, 2021
As a first-time representative, i truly relish the experience. It's an easy task to make friends, provided that you tend to be productive and respect additional individuals. It's exciting and fun. Whether I'll line up my favorite perfect complement? I don't treat at this point. A couple of great dates is enough in my situation to date, and I'm appearing and awaiting even more journeys before targeting a prospective wife. I realize that this great site try properly designed for my favorite desired goals. The city is fine, and not one person attempts to collect beneath your epidermis. So, I believe comfy getting on the web enjoyable in addition to my pals. We have a few things to discuss, and the goes I've grabbed comprise truly fascinating. Very, I'm pleased with my favorite program, and a realistic price is a plus.
by Roberts Oct 16, 2021
I didn`t line up somebody to go steady because it is early for my situation nevertheless . i will be a beginner on the site. However, I'm pleased with just how this app is straightforward to use. Things are intuitive, and that I didn't have got to spend time and evauluate things as I enrolled in the web page. I also fancy just how personal pages are prepared. It's extremely convenient to look through images, submit communications, prefers, and study about users' looks and figures. I poised the positioning because the extended distance is important for me personally and got very happy to find out a great number of meets that come with consumers near me personally.
Donna Davis
by Donna Davis Oct 14, 2021
Cool dating website! We signed up with they this past year and furthermore, as consequently achieved two pals with features. Furthermore, I talk with numerous consumers from the most popular write. Conversation is great, as a chat screen comes in handy. Individuals is open-minded, helpful, and effective. I've certain inclination, with out an individual judges me. Thus, personally i think totally as well as cozy.
Deborah Butler
by Deborah Butler Oct 08, 2021
My relationship wasn't really wealthy before I've joined up with this application. Everything altered immediately after I registered and established messaging those I've liked on the website. Naturally, some individuals denied me personally, but that's maybe not a problem. Likes differ, as it's mentioned. Normally, I've grabbed rather accurate fights that allowed us to build several associates. One actually had gotten under my your skin. Within two weeks of talking, all of us got our first time. As every thing am good, we've scheduled next go steady eventually. It seems I've obtained my great fit.
Mike Thompson
by Mike Thompson Oct 03, 2021
Superb services for those not afraid of online dating services and open dialogues. The software is actually well-organized and has numerous signed-up consumers. Texting is straightforward, and additional options are easy to access and realize. As to me, I've currently realized someone with who the biochemistry is actually hitting.
by Josiah Sep 30, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and like studies. I'm perhaps not monogamous, at any rate presently. Honestly, simple lifestyle is way from old-fashioned friendly norms, and I also usually believe lonely even among members of the family or best buddies. A lot of them are usually wedded, so I'm going stir crazy while I believe their particular meaningful styles. Very, naturally, it's quite difficult to get a hold of and have fun with like-minds any time you reside in a big city, exactly where people are too busy in making brand-new joints. Very, such chaos is why for becoming a member of this incredible website. And my own knowledge was smooth. We managed to look for those that desire identically things and realize the wish to stay cost-free, without determination, anticipate, and all sorts of this other hooey. An additional great factor usually there I've found some bi-curious parents. I favor the functionality of site since it's very enough for initial conversation. Possibly, a person need a lot more perks, but in my opinion, you must get a night out together if you'd like in-depth partnership. While browsing kinds, we watched lots of blank kinds. I wish people could pay way more focus on their unique appeal on the website. These are the site's show, all things are all right. No troubles with log on, messages, etc. assistance program is helpful and it is accessible around-the-clock. I'm grateful to create an online place for my own desires and fancy. It's fantastic after the neighborhood does indeedn't inflict their standards but is on a single web page.
Lois Grant
by Lois Grant Sep 26, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved in order to get another possibility at really love. Treasure this incredible website for services since I had gotten simple hope. Do not create several long-range ideas and simply savor one another. All of us evening, travel, and discuss a wide array of recreation. This is the most breathtaking thing in all of our relations. Everyone loves your companion and expect our personal relationship will build up and proceed to the next stage. Numerous people want spouses at wedding using the internet firms, and usually, that sort of action are upsetting due to the fact think that merchandise in store windowpanes. This application is unique. You may possibly start off with conversation and end in the religious. This service membership features a great technological back ground. I personally use the internet site mainly to my notebook, but sometimes We communicate with individuals and look my recreation from the iPhone. No troubles at all. I've observed no pests . anything is effective, without glitches. When I visit, i personally use the internet site given that I want without distractions and frustrating reloads. I really hope they keeps like that, and additionally they manage good quality. If only everybody all the best since my personal has already discovered me.
by Jimena Sep 18, 2021
We enrolled with this website just last year and obtained an outstanding experiences. Now, You will find a qualified and mind-blowing companion, and we're close along. I'd recommend the software because You will find learned from lead knowledge so it will work. I note that people typically whine about no suits, convinced that they merely waste time and money. Nevertheless, i will keep in mind that when anyone cannot come a person, they often start their problems to exterior factors. Tasks, family members, internet dating sites, this means, you can find anyone accountable. Nonetheless, you should never disheartenment, and every single thing can be acceptable. Eg, they required just about 7 season to fulfill our mate.
Mary Fisher
by Mary Fisher Sep 02, 2021
Really good feeling. I've discovered so much nice and fascinating group and a few freaks . that's the norm while on the internet. Some matches weren't within my locality . that's why we stayed close friends. I ought to state that this service offers many devices develop some other users keep in mind a person. First of all, it's enough room to create the shape and offer plenty of information on your appearance and personality. Next, texting is okay. In general, an individual use whole online connections that can also create a night out together at any time if you're prepared see your chosen in the real world.