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BBWDesire Complete Review October 2021

BBWDesire Complete Review October 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 43%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 28-41
Profiles 18312000
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and easy registration.
  • A decent number of real BBWs on the site.
  • Powerful search engine.
  • Text and webcam online chat.
  • X-Rated photos of some users disable public site usage.
  • Poor and old-fashioned design.
  • Your email needs to be real to sign up.
  • Fake profiles still present here.

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You can understand what the BBWDesire website dedicated to just reading its name. Indeed, it is fully about big beauties that have so much love you can only dream about. Taking into account the fact that nowadays dating-oriented network society is overfilled, the BBW Dating sector is quite vacant. Thus, the prime advantage of this platform is a vast database that contains many profiles of attractive ladies to contact.

Note that the website offers two subscription types: free (free-of-charge) and paid (fee-paying one). The last is represented in several ways. It is necessary to understand that if you don’t achieve any real result from using this platform, it will be better to use the paid subscription. Browsing the home page is filled with eccentric photos of female members, and you can get the first impression of the service. To learn more, you will have to register.

Reputation and history of BBWDesire

As for the history of this site, we cannot say too much. However, it is not very bad because this fact proves that BBWDesire has not involved in any scandal. Thus, you can trust this site. Taking into account the specificity of the provided services and the peculiarities of the occupied niche, BBWDesire can confidently be considered one of the most popular and visited sites in this dating field.

Website, App, interface, registration

There is only one drawback of the site that can point out. It is its old-fashioned design and combination of orange and black colors that remind of Halloween celebration. This issue could be significant only if you came here to assess the website’s appearance. The design style assists users in concentrating on important things such as looking for real hot women to chat with, whatever sense you contribute in these words.

This is the main thing BBWDesire gives to you, namely the possibility to communicate and flirt with the babes you were always looking for. And one shouldn’t forget that you can search for a match whatever your taste is. Due to the site’s unique characteristics, many ways of communication are available to you.

From the first moment of the site using, you will see that its interface is as user-friendly as possible. But if you get used to a gorgeous website’s designs, you can be disappointed a little, as BBWDesire looks quite poor. Nevertheless, it has significant advantages due to its simplicity, and it is effortless and convenient for users to navigate the site and familiarize themselves with all the essential functions.

It should also be noted that its mockup doesn’t look overfilled, which is very important for a general site’s appearance as you simply can’t be confused while looking for exact features or functions. The peculiarities mentioned above provide the site with its perfect usability and effectiveness but don’t forget that you came here not to enjoy the website’s appearance.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Signing up is quite a simple process on BBWDesire, and it is one of its significant advantages. All you need is to do the following steps:

  • Specify your email;
  • Coin a reliable password;
  • Confirm your address (just follow the link you receive).

And here you are! Now you can start to enjoy the site usage. Now you can search for your love or just enjoy communicating with chubby babes that are always many on the site. One should keep in mind that for providing the highest security level, it is necessary to specify an email address where there is no confidential information. This tip will assist you not to get into the embarrassing situations which can appear if you occasionally or consciously used your address or the one you need for your job.

Are the accounts real here?

The database of the BBWDesire website consists mostly of women. This feature enables male subscribers to contact any of them in their way. It should note the so-called “ambassadors” are present on the website, or just fake profiles: bots created on purpose to keep you company in case you cannot chat with a person who is real.

One should realize that sometimes it is rather difficult to differentiate them. Some ladies provide their erotic entertainment services for the money. Take your time to report those: they are quite legal to make money; make no mistake to take them for swindlers.

There are some women-members to earn money by providing their erotic services. This practice is widespread in the dating area, so do not be in a hurry to name such members scam artists. Everything is fair until they are honest about their interest to you, and warn you that their attention is worth money. You don’t have to pay if you are not interested in such a way of spending time. But there are a lot of subscribers who consider this peculiarity practical – it said about those men who want to get adult service.

Website and mobile version

On the one hand, there is no BBWDesire mobile application, but on the other hand, a carefully-done functional mobile version is available. It has all the main functions and features of the original site, and it can be used both on tablets and smartphones.

Special Features

BBWDesire delivers a lot of chances to search and socialize with lovely women of different shades of size 0. The site provides its users with the possibility to email, chat, and text. It can be said that the site’s system is intuitively clear, and its operation reminds the ordinary dating service: after your registration is done, you can visit some user’s profile pages.

It would be a good idea to spend some time making up your profile since it will give you a big plus in reaching the goal. There are various ways of making your profile prominent on this site: upload your pictures, fill out the fields that provide all the necessary information to understand who you are and what exactly you want to be in a partner. You can also share some information about yourself. There can be found some special functions on the site for you to get the most desired dreams:

  1. System of matching: it implies a science-based system that finds your partner who doesn’t only look good, but also has the same interests, similar views on different things. In short, this person will be fully compatible with you.
  2. So-called “Ambassadors:” they are nothing else but bots. Usually, they can be applied to entertain users in situations when they can’t find a match or there are no people online.
  3. List of Favorites: here, you can add men or women that conform to some criteria of yours to a special list under the name “favorites.” Also, you will be able to find them easily further. Thus, you will always have in mind the people you added to this list, and you will be aware that you wanted to know them better at that time. And vice versa: it will be possible for you to see who exactly added you to their list of favorites.
  4. Search: you can look for puffy chicks placed according to their age and location.
  5. Text messaging: this peculiarity allows you to text directly with the woman using the phone number specified in her profile.
  6. Messaging by email: everything is easy and simple here. Start emailing by sending messages or if it is too boring to choose a flirty emoji.
  7. LiveChat: this feature is usually used for exchanging some flirty messages and jokes for you to know more about the choice you made.
  8. New members: This makes you able to see the newcomers who recently logged on.

Speaking about the website is necessary to point out its search engine because it is one of the most impressive things about it. Probably you don’t know, but all dating sites use such engines, but not all of them are effective.

How does BBWDesire work?

As for BBWDesire, you can search and get either personalized or automated results. Those people who look for automated BBWs should try an ultimate function as “best matches.” It uses search algorithms of the site to offer you different kinds of matches on your location, previous search history, and personal profile. It noticed that the longer you use the platform, the more accurate information would be provided.

Searching options and filters at BBWDesire

Everyone wants to find the one who will share his/her tastes, interests, intimate desires. You can set criteria to engage the target accurately. Sort all available profiles according to age, location, online/offline option, profile images or videos, and zip code. There are additional online functions on BBWDesire, such as communication through chatrooms or via webcam sessions.

Communication methods

This digital dating platform makes everybody capable of socializing with their favorites in various ways. The hot-topic item that BBWDesire users highly appreciate is messaging (texting or sexting as it called): you can contact a lot of women-members using phone numbers that specified in their profile information.

This possibility gives a new section to the dating game: you cannot find it at other platforms, and still, it helps you imagine you are in closer relationships with your interlocutor. There are a lot of other ordinary ways of communication at the site: direct messaging, emailing users who are not available on the site at the moment, making up favorites’ list, etc.

BBWDesire Alternatives

There are a lot of similar websites on the Internet. The most popular platforms among them are Ashley Madison and Whellhello. In comparison with the websites mentioned above, BBWDesire has irrefutable advantages to its competitors. It requires only a few easy steps to register and continue using the site. One shouldn’t forget about such a thing as an excellent profile number of busty and chubby females on this very website.

Membership Price and Payment Method

It is necessary to remember that you will have to pay money to have real communication with site members. So, be sure that you want it before buying a premium account. There is also a possibility to purchase credits In case you reject to use premium. They can be used to send separate messages to your matches.

Free Membership Features

Even though you can create a BBWDesire account for free as well as personalize it, you still can’t use several primary functions of the website. This means that you will be able both to browse website users’ profiles and apply matchmaking tools with the search.

All that you will find out will prove good expectations for a paid membership. Free membership has some limitations concerning the number of profiles you can daily view and sending messages.

Premium Membership Features

Speaking about BBWDesire paid function, we can point out two ways of their usage. You can either buy a Premium account or just pay for BBWDesire credits. It’s up to you what way to choose, but your decision should be based on the duration and activity you are going to apply to the website’s function. The users with a Premium subscription have such extra functions as:

  • Personal Matchmaking,
  • Private Friends Photos,
  • Unlimited Profile Views,
  • Multiple Search Feature.

If you don’t want to pay for a premium account, and intend to use credits, be ready to enrich their number each time you do not have enough credits, continue the communication on the website.

How much is dating on BBWDesire?

There are several kinds of membership:

  • Gold membership (a 6-month offer) – $69.90 / $11.65 per month.
  • Silver membership (a 3-month pricing plan) – $49.95 / $16.65 per month.
  • Monthly membership (a 30-day package) – $29.95.

There is also a possibility to use a 3-day trial, which costs $2.97 per day.

Is BBWDesire Really Safe?

All the pages associated with confidential information of the user. One should know that there is no identity verification, so there is no way to determine whether the user is who he claims to be.

Technical side of protection

The payment for page visiting made on protected with a help SSL encryption. This is the prime preventive measure to protect users’ profiles from scammers. If the scam alert takes place with you, contact Customer Support to solve this unpleasant situation. Report on fake accounts as well to prevent other users from false profiles.

Customer Support

There is a special contact page where the customer care service located. There you can complain about everything that disturbs you or about something that went wrong. You can send a report about the issue. But before sending it is highly recommended looking through the FAQ website section very attentively and browse Terms and Policies. Be sure to do it because the response from customer care service can take some time, but no more than 24 hours. The point is that you can easily find the necessary answers on your own.

How to block someone on BBWDesire?

Some people don’t like the extra attention. Our site can offer many options to block unwanted attention.

  1. If you get a message from an undesired person, just click the Block User button in your on-site inbox.
  2. If you don’t want to hear from a particular member, you can clock on Account Settings at the top of the page, and after that, click the Set My Global Blocking link.
  3. You can control your Friends Network Privacy on the Account Settings page. The Profile Visibility section of Account Settings serves to hide your profile from everyone in case you want to have a break.

How to pass BBWDesire photo verification?

Unfortunately, there is no such function here because there is no personality verification; thus, the site cannot tell if a user is or isn’t who he pretends to be.

How to delete BBWDesire account?

Just enter your account, click on Account Settings at the top, then click the Remove My Profile and Delete My Account link.

Note: deleting your account is OBLIGATORY and cannot be canceled. We STRONGLY recommend not to delete the account, but just adjust your profile to “Not Viewable to All Members (Profile Suspended)” in the Account settings page.

How to see who likes you on BBWDesire without paying?

There is no such function, though you can make your page more attractive. You can add some photos. But the pictures of your face are preferable and NOT the pictures of your private parts. Try to give information about yourself in your profile HONESTLY. It’s a good idea to brighten up your strengths. But if people suspect some lie, they will stop contacting you.

Additionally, you can add a video or people to your Friends Network. There is a link in the top navigation, and you can play the Quickie game. In a shorter time, it will show your visitors what you are interested in and vice versa. It is better to upgrade your membership. The higher your membership level, the higher you show up in the results of searching.


If you want to find a hookup site where men and chubby babes can meet and communicate, then BBWDesire is a useful finding for you. As you can see from this article, the prices are quite reasonable and offered services are smart and user-friendly. This website will perfectly suit those who are looking for pleasant and erotic pastime. Casual dating and casual sex are quite achievable here. There are more advantages than disadvantages to BBWDesire.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
MS, RD & Writer
Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
by Stephen Oct 11, 2021
Very good dating site! I joined it just last year furthermore, as after that found multiple family with advantages. In addition, we talk with numerous owners from my favorite list. Speaking is great, as a chat windows comes in handy. Customers are generally open-minded, pleasant, and active. I have particular inclinations, and no an individual judges me. Therefore, I believe absolutely safe and comfy.
Annette Taylor
by Annette Taylor Oct 11, 2021
I stumbled upon myself wanting loosen up and jump into recovery gender or maybe laid-back going out with after a split. However, I managed to get little idea of the steps to making it online. Nothing practice helped me afraid. I attempted swiping, but these a shallow tactic just isn't my favorite powerful suit. I try to find the application in which people were hooking up, but We nevertheless demanded an excellent site. This 1 was a middle soil I think. No-strings-attached connections, good profiles, and meets, basic screen, chatrooms. Which is all we actually ever hoped for. I went on a good number of horny times, and then I really feel a lot better. Fantastic assistance for singles with free choices and great usability. The nice layout is actually a decent contact.
Jorge Diaz
by Jorge Diaz Oct 04, 2021
The internet dates for this site have become an awesome and attention-grabbing adventure I think. It works absolutely for my favorite self-respect and permits generating newer connections. They're not interactions however but search providing. In addition, its beautiful I think to break the ice and speak to folks from any nation I like. Checking pages is definitely partaking, possibly. It's often interesting to check out how people prove when shopping for intimacy.
by RODRIGUEZ Sep 30, 2021
Exceptional provider for those who are unafraid of online dating services and open dialogues. The application is actually well-organized and has now several signed-up people. Messaging will be easy, and all sorts of additional options are really easy to use and discover. In terms of myself, I've currently realized a friend with who all of our biochemistry is basically hitting.
by Nicole Sep 23, 2021
This great site is perfect for me personally. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, they became a middle crushed for my personal specifications. I don't organize any significant dating now, but I won't run away right after I meet my personal adore. This site does indeedn't force me personally and permits obtaining all amazing features of high quality dating. Besides, I enjoy it software is really handy to use, if it is about routing or payment. Rate try typical, but do not grudge cash with them since I have have the best price for charges they need. I've previously satisfied some respectable individual acquire beautiful goes. Besides, we message with a few customers to talk, laugh, and reveal numerous posts, including sexual intercourse. I'm that i'm in my category since neighborhood is often rather genial. Anyone don't evaluate your, since it can be when you yourself have acquired somebody in a bar.
Helen Morgan
by Helen Morgan Sep 20, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and direction-finding is easy. I use an adequate range issues and understandings for owners that seem appealing to myself. The thing is, i actually do love located on this page. I really couldn't find my current pal yet. Nevertheless, I recently found a few inquisitive individuals to correspond with. I feel free of cost and relaxed while talking with all of them. I propose this site to all or any whos wanting good companionship, regardless of sorts of union.
by Hansson Sep 13, 2021
Really good feeling. I've found loads of nice and intriguing someone and some freaks . that's the norm if you find yourself using the internet. Some meets weren't throughout my location . that's why we remained friends. I should claim that this particular service gives a lot of devices which will make some other owners keep in mind an individual. For starters, it's enough space to construct your very own page and offer sufficient information regarding the way you look and individual. After that, chatting try acceptable. Typically, one access full online correspondence and may see a date at any time while you are all set to meet the best in the real world.