LoveAndSeek Positive & Negative Reviews July 2021

LoveAndSeek Positive & Negative Reviews July 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 26-31
Profiles 492 300
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The user interface is smooth and easy to understand, so any new user will not have any trouble using the application or the website.
  • Signing up and creating your profile is free of cost, something that interests most of the users.
  • As this is a community targeted platform, it is easy to find people from a specific city.
  • Unlike many other dating platforms, LoveAndSeek allows you to record video interactions. In this way, you get a better look at the person you are interested in.
  • The messaging feature, which the creators provided, cannot be used as effectively if you are using the free membership. You cannot send messages to potential matches directly, which is not the case with the premium membership.
  • Many filters and factors will give you information about the other user, but there are no advanced personality tests available, unlike some dating platforms.

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LoveAndSeek is a dating website that has been present on the internet for about 20 years now. The business of dating applications and sites has grown tremendously in the past few years. People are looking for a suitable partner to get along with by reaching out to their mobile phones or computers. Let us ignore the people looking for casual hookups or just a fling, and talk about something more meaningful or long term. When looking for a deep connection, specifically marriage, you will probably look for someone with the same beliefs or someone from the same community.

LoveAndSeek is an excellent platform for Christian people to meet their ideal partners who share their spiritual beliefs in Spiritual Dating Sites. The creators have also shared several success stories on their website, which makes this site worth trusting and gives you the understanding that it is genuine. Statistics have shown that the user base consists of 500,000 users worldwide, and roughly 15,000 users active every day.

Reputation and history of LoveAndSeek

Reputation and history of LoveAndSeek

LoveAndSeek has an excellent reputation among Christian dating platforms because of its higher success ratio compared to the other platforms. It was established back in 2000, and it has been performing very well since then, pulling in new users every day. The reason why 500,000 users have registered and continue using their services is this platform is designed and presented in front of people.

Website and App Interface, Registration

This service is currently available on your mobile phone as an application and directly via the website if you prefer using your computer. It is available both for Android and iOS devices.

The design on both of these platforms is not something you can call crisp or modern, but the smoothness and the ease in navigating through pages is excellent, which covers up for the primary interface.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

LoveAndSeek is one of those platforms which has an easy sign-up process. You just have to go to their website or application, just enter your necessary information such as name, age, gender, location, date of birth, email address, country, zip-code, and that’s it. Later, you are also provided with optional steps, where you are expected to upload your picture and write a description of yourself in roughly about 1250 characters.

Once you sign-up, you will be able to browse through all their features and profiles registered on the platform.

Are the Accounts real here?

Just like any other platform, there are a few fake or bot profiles present on the platform. But apart from those few, you will observe that the registered profiles are genuine and authentic.

The team is working very hard to eliminate or prevent such fake profiles from signing up, to make the user experience better.

Website and Mobile Version

You can directly access their site on your browser, and once you open it on your computer, you will be taken directly to the sign-up or login page from where you will complete the process and start using their services.

The app also has the same features as the computer version, but few glitches or complaints make people choose the desktop version over the mobile application.

Special Features

Many features make LoveAndSeek stand apart from other dating platforms. Let us take a look at some of those critical features which might interest you.

  • The site hides any profile that has not uploaded their profile picture. This indirectly encourages users to upload their profile photos. A profile with a display picture seems genuine and thus exponentially increases your chance of landing a mate. You don’t want to see a profile without a profile picture, and just take a guess which precisely the person is.
  • There is a unique feature that lets you interact via videos. This feature gives other users the exact idea of what the respective individual looks like or how they are.

Partner Search

Partner search is easy and can be done according to your preferences, which helps you find a much more meaningful connection with a partner, as the more similarities or beliefs you share, the better. Filters are provided to make it easy for you by letting you choose only among the potential profiles.

How does LoveAndSeek work?

Once you sign-up on their website using your email, you are supposed to put in a description about yourself, and you will find potential profiles through which you can browse and choose accordingly. You can flirt, favorite the profiles you are interested in, and if they do the same by swiping right, you both have a match. The instant message service can be used by the users to send messages, but it is only available for the premium members.

Searching options and filters at LoveAndSeek

Searching options and filters at LoveAndSeek

There are many search filters available on which you can filter profiles. Using these filters might help you find profiles you think are the closest to your preferences. Filters available on LoveAndSeek are:

  • Age: You can filter profiles based on age by creating an age window within which you want to find people.
  • Location: Filtering profiles based on location helps you match with people closer to your location. This way, you can take your online date to a real-life date easily.
  • Ethnicity: If you are looking for marriage, you mostly prioritize someone who shares the same culture, belief, or ethnicity; this filter helps you with that.
  • Height: People still do have preferences when it comes to someone’s stature, as you don’t want a complete mismatch between you and your partner.
  • Appearance: Filtering profiles based on how they also look available when you try narrowing down the profiles.

For greater accuracy, many filters such as age/height/ethnicity/location/appearance have been provided to show you profiles based on your preferences, which will show you just the potential matches instead of all the profiles on the website.

Communication Methods

Communication Methods

The only primary communication method between you and your partner/match is the instant message service available. Premium members can directly message the profiles they are interested in.

LoveAndSeek Alternatives

Many dating websites provide similar services, like finding a potential partner based on your preferences worldwide. As mentioned above, this platform is a platform specially made for Christians, so if exact competitors are considered, you won’t find a lot of them, but some big names can be directly compared to LoveAndSeek.

  • Christian Mingle
  • Christian Matchmaker
  • Big Church

If you are not satisfied with this specific platform at the end of this review, you can give these websites a try.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Membership Price and Payment Methods

You can start using their services immediately, and functions like profile creation and uploading your pictures are free of cost. Still, if you opt for the premium membership, you can get a lot of new and unique features that might improve your overall experience. Having a conversation with people you’re interested in will help you get to know them better so you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to take things further.

You can pay for their premium membership via Apple Pay or Google Pay or the standard visa cards. The cancellation is also made accordingly, depending on the payment mode.

Free membership features

The free membership does not consist of features that can be considered as a selling point. You will get the essential things like they will allow you to sign up, fill in details, upload your profile picture, and browse through their profiles. Other than that, let us take a look at the features you get in the free membership,

  • Send flirts to profiles you are interested in.
  • Add users to your favorites list, so in case you buy a premium membership in the future, you can find the profile you were interested in and then text them.
  • Filtering profiles based on age, ethnicity, height, location, and appearance to find yourself a more accurate match.

Other than the features mentioned above, LoveAndSeek does provide you with some unique features, but you can’t use them if you go for a free membership.

Premium Membership features

Premium Membership features

There is a reason people pay for a premium membership. They provide you with some features that aren’t available for users using a free membership, so all of that paying for premium membership depends on if the premium features are value for money not. Let us look at some premium features, and decide if you want to opt for the premium membership.

  • You can see who has flirted with you and get an idea of who exactly is interested in your profile and want to take things further. This feature is not available for a free membership.
  • You can view which members have added you to their favorites list, again another insight to find out who is interested in your profile.
  • You can directly send messages through the instant messaging service available on the platform to the online users. This increases the pace of you finding a match.
  • There is a profile highlight feature provided with a premium membership, which increases your chances of getting a match.

How much is dating on LoveAndSeek

This is one of the essential segments if you are considering using their services or, more specifically, their premium services.

The charges play an essential role in turning your free membership users into premium ones, as you look for value for money and don’t want to spend a lot of money even if they are providing you with tonnes of features. The young working crowd, who are a significant chunk of the user base, do not want to spend a large amount of money on such platforms. Let us take a look at the pricing for premium membership LoveAndSeek provides.

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
Free Membership $0 $0 $0
Premium membership $16.99 $36.97 $53.94

Is LoveAndSeek safe?

As the user base and reviews point out, there is no specific reason why LoveAndSeek should be called an unsafe platform. But, safety can be improved if verifying their email-id is made compulsory. But you can go on and start using their services without thinking much about if it is safe, as this site was established a long time ago, and has no incident which will make you reconsider signing up.

Technical side of Protection

As expected by one, email verification is not available on this platform, which is a con when considered from the technical side of protection, as that makes sure the authenticity of the individual signing up on the platform. But apart from that, the instant messaging feature they have provided is end-to-end encrypted to ensure that the conversation stays between just the two individuals.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The customer support team at LoveAndSeek is excellent and responsive, and there are multiple ways you can contact them and get your queries resolved.

  • FAQ Page: The users’ most common questions are compiled together on the FAQ page available on the site, which lets other users with similar issues get a solution instantly.
  • Via phone: They have provided a contact number you can contact if the issue is something that you didn’t find a solution to on the FAQ Page.
  • Contact support form: A contact support form is available on the website, where you fill in details like your email id and the issue you are facing, and the technical team will revert with a solution as soon as possible.

How to pass LoveAndSeek Photo Verification?

Photo verification is not that strict at LoveAndSeek as rigid as you will find on similar websites, where you have to upload a real-time selfie to verify your pictures. Still, LoveAndSeek does make it compulsory to upload your profile picture if you want your profile to be visible to others.

How to delete an LoveAndSeek account?

If you are not satisfied with their services or if you found what you were looking for, chances are you will delete your account. To do that, you just have to follow a few steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on My Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Find Account status and click on View Account Status.
  • Then further click on more account status and then remove the profile.

How to see who likes you on LoveAndSeek without paying?

This website offers a unique feature wherein you can see when someone liked your dating profile. However, you cannot see who liked you or even added you to the favorite list in the free membership, but if that makes a big difference for you, go and opt for their premium membership, which lets you see who likes/flirts/favorites you.

How to block someone on LoveAndSeek?

Blocking is easy, you just have to go to their profile, and you will see the option of block in the drop-down menu.

How to cancel a LoveAndSeek subscription?

You can go directly to the mode you opted for while paying or in my account section, and click on manage subscriptions and cancel the subscription. The cancellation will be made in the next billing cycle.


So now that you know mostly all about LoveAndSeek, you have an idea based on which you can decide if you are going to opt for their services or not. Let us help you with that by providing you with a brief conclusion if there is any confusion.

LoveAndSeek is a Christian website that helps you find people from all around the world who share similar beliefs or cultures. You can see that just in the traditional dating platform way, simply sign up using your email -id, describe yourself, add a profile picture and start swiping/flirting profiles you find interesting, and you are good to go.

The website has been online for a long time, which makes it trustworthy, and according to our study and the reviews, it is safe for us. You can avail of their services both on the desktop and mobile phones, but the user experience is much better on the desktop version.

The bottom line is that if you are serious about finding a meaningful connection with someone who shares the same community and beliefs, hopping on to LoveAndSeek and buying their premium service will be worth it.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
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Luis is an approved relationship coach who can communicate in French and Spanish. He gets his motivation from the desire to help other people excel. He has also learned a lot from his relationship encounters, which enables him to understand his clients better. Luis possesses powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The knowledge enables him to assist other people to strengthen and enhance their connection with themselves.
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