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AntiChat Review 2021

AntiChat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 75000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can stay anonymous while searching for other users and interacting with them;
  • It is possible to translate AntiChat into 9 languages;
  • There are more than 26 million members;
  • This platform has a user-friendly interface;
  • It takes less than a minute to become a member;
  • This site is an excellent option for both love seekers and people looking for online friends;
  • AntiChat has a mobile version, and to access it, download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Not all features of AntiChat are available for free members.

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Online dating can be quite complicated because you have to provide detailed information about your personality and upload some pictures of yours. What should you do if you do not want your friends or relatives to find out that you are using this way to meet your partner? In this case, you need to stay anonymous, and AntiChat is a platform that will help you. With this online service, you do not have to provide any description or add your pictures to become a member. What is more, you do not have to waste your time searching for the right interlocutors because this site is accessible worldwide.

One more reason you should choose this website is the opportunity to use its services for free, and you can stay in touch with your online friends regardless of your location. However, not all the features of AntiChat are available for free. To get access to some of them, you have to pay for your membership. Nevertheless, is this version worth the money? To understand if you should get it, continue reading this humble review.

Reputation and History of AntiChat

Reputation and History of Amor en Linea

As you understand, AntiChat is an excellent solution for people who want to stay anonymous while having conversations with strangers. Well, you should join this international community if you are one of these individuals. Nonetheless, we recommend getting acknowledged with the origins of this online service before creating your profile here.

AntiChat is one of the oldest services for online chatting in the world. The first version of this online platform was created more than 18 years ago. At first, it engaged only Americans. Today, the number of US citizens is not so huge compared to the overall number of the members of this site. The reason for its international popularity is the possibility to translate it into 9 languages, including:

  • French;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian.

Thus, you do not have to live in one of the English-speaking countries to access this online service.

One more thing to mention about AntiChat is that more than 26 million people have joined this community. The reason why it is so appealing is that users create their profiles here for different purposes. Some newcomers come to this website to meet their significant others, while others create accounts to find some friends or simply enjoy their free time chatting with strangers. To achieve both of these goals, you can stay anonymous using funny animals pictures instead of the image for your avatar. Thus, the chance of meeting someone you know in reality is extremely low, and you will not get embarrassed as on other similar platforms that do not provide such an option to their members.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Although this website allows you to stay anonymous while interacting with other members, you still have to create your profile before accessing its features. However, this procedure is straightforward. That is why it would take less than a minute to become a user of AntiChat, even if you have never used such chats for communication.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

The process of registration is quite quick. You should follow this easy instruction if you want to create your profile faster:

  1. Visit the main page of AntiChat and select the languages you prefer. In this case, choose the icon with the flag located at the top of the screen.
  2. When the site is translated, tap the “Register” link under the form for logging in.
  3. Next, you have to enter your username. You should create a unique one. Otherwise, it will be impossible to become a member. In this case, you can exploit both letters and numbers.
  4. Then create a strong password. It is better to use a more complicated combination of at least 6 symbols because it will help protect your profile from hackers and scammers trying to break your page open. After that, you have to confirm that you are not a bot and pass the reCAPTCHA.
  5. Select your gender and age.
  6. The next thing you need to do is to choose the gender you are interested in. AntiChat is a platform that is friendly to the LGBT community. That is why you can select both genders. What is more, you need to choose the language you prefer to speak while interacting with other members of this chat. It is also possible to select several options if you are eager to access strangers living worldwide.
  7. On the next page, enter your email address. It must be valid. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass verification process or recover your account if you forget your password.
  8. The last but not the least information you have to provide to become a user is to enter your phone number. You can skip this step if you are afraid of sharing such data. However, after reading Anonymity Warranty, you will understand that this site does not collect such info to send you any spam messages and does not resend it to third parties. Be sure that no one will ever access it.
  9. Before visiting chat rooms or interacting in private conversations, you have to confirm your email address. In this case, you will receive a link, and you need to click on it to verify your information.

When you have confirmed your email address, you can personalize your profile. Since this chat is anonymous, it is impossible to upload your photos or write a description. However, you can make your avatar more outstanding. For example, buy some accessories for your animated character. However, to get these items, you need to become a premium member or be an active user to earn your karma for free.

After becoming a member, you can enter your page via your phone number or username.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Are the Accounts Real Here

Even though the owners of this chat provide features allowing users to stay anonymous, they pay much attention to their safety. In this case, they require everyone who creates a profile to verify their accounts via emails.

What is more, 70 professional moderators protect all the people chatting via AntiChat from misbehavior. In this case, these specialists pay attention not only to the users’ activities themselves but also to their age. According to the rules of this online platform, it is impossible to become a member if you have not reached the age of majority. Although it is almost impossible to meet people acting up here, some members can be suspicious. So, this restriction protects children and teenagers from scammers.

However, even the most skillful moderators cannot prevent all unexpected situations. That is why you should take some measures if you do not want to deal with peculiar people. In this case, follow these straightforward rules:

  • It is better to interact with members with premium membership. It means these people have more serious intentions and do not want someone to block their accounts. That is why they follow all the rules and do not assault other members of this community.
  • Do not answer people who start asking you for money or offering you to move to another website to continue your conversation. There is a high risk that this stranger is a scammer.

You can also block a particular individual if you think he or she is strange. To do this, visit this person’s page and select this option there. Additionally, moderators will send this member to prison if they understand that he or she is breaking the rules provided in the User Agreement.

Website and Mobile Version

Website and Mobile Version

You can use different versions of AntiChat if you want to interact with other members. In this case, the most useful way is its website. This desktop version has a user-friendly interface, and you will find out how its main features operate in several minutes. To access the main sections of this site, click in the gear button located at the top right side of the screen. On the left side, there are your main contacts, and you will see your avatar above. To change your data or select some accessories for your character, press this icon.

Although the website has a smart design, it is not the only way you can keep in touch with your online friends. You can continue your conversation outdoors. In this case, the only thing you have to do beforehand is to download the app. This application is available for free for Android and iOS devices. The main advantage of this version is that it allows you to turn on notifications. That is why you don’t have to constantly check your messages to find out if you have received a new one.

Special Features

Special Features

To make this chat a magnificent option for people searching for their interlocutors, its owners added lots of additional features, and some of the services are available for free. The most useful functions of AntiChat are:

  • Karma. That is how they call users’ social status on the platform. The higher your karma is, the more popular your profile becomes. So, you should increase it to enjoy your time on AntiChat. To get it, you have to complete some funny daily tasks and be active. What is more, with karma, you can purchase digital gifts and send them to other users. It is also used to buy accessories for your avatar to make it more stylish. However, it decreases if you do not follow the rules.
  • Digital gifts. You can present your point of interest with one of the gifts to show this person how much you admire spending time together. Since these gifts are not expensive, you can afford them regardless of your membership. The cheapest gift is a rose that costs 100 karmas.
  • Funny avatars. Since this platform allows users to stay anonymous, everyone can exploit animated characters instead of their real photos. In this case, members can pick the most suitable picture and personalize it. To do this, they can buy accessories for karma.

Even though this chat is anonymous, it still allows people to search for their interlocutors. However, it is impossible to select particular filters.

How Does AntiChat Work?

How Does AntiChat Work

The first thing you can do to meet a person for a private conversation is to visit a public chat and to pick one of the members there. You can continue talking if this member is also interested in you.

What is more, it is possible to find a particular user. To search for this individual, click on the plus icon, and enter the username. You will see this person and can start chatting.

However, what can you do if you do not feel confident enough to start a private conversation? In this case, it is possible to interact with other people in public chats. There are lots of options, and you can also browse for the most suitable one. Nonetheless, it is possible to enter a random chat if you feel adventurous.

Searching Options and Filters at AntiChat

As mentioned above, this site does not provide any filters for searching. The only thing you can exploit is a username or the name of the chat room you are eager to join.

Communication Methods

Communication Methods

This platform does not provide many options for communication. The main method is private chat. During your conversation, you can send and receive messages. What is more, it is possible to share your images. Nonetheless, this feature is available only after receiving at least two texts.

You can also participate in a group chat. You will understand that you have received a new message if you see an exclamation mark.

However, with AntiChat, you can also communicate with your real-life friends. In this case, you need to copy the link from your profile and send it to their emails.

AntiChat Alternatives

There are lots of chats that allow users to stay anonymous while having conversations. The main alternatives to AntiChat are:

  • DarkChat;
  • Nod;
  • Confess – Share Secrets;
  • My Private Journal;
  • Penzu.

These competitors do not have such a long history as AntiChat. Furthermore, they have a less useful interface and do not provide a lot of free features. One more reason to avoid creating your profile there is that it is impossible to select such funny avatars and personalize them as you want.

Membership Price and Payment Method

You do not have to get a premium version of AntiChat if you are eager to start your anonymous conversation. However, it is better to pay for it if you want to use this chat for a long time because it will help you avoid any limitations.

Free Membership Features

After verifying your email address, you can:

  • Chat in group rooms;
  • Start a conversation in private;
  • Earn your karma.

Premium Membership Features

When you become a premium member, you can:

  • Send gifts;
  • Boost your karma faster;
  • Be the first in contacts;
  • Get priority customer support;
  • Select the color of your messages.

How Much Is Dating on AntiChat?

Although a premium version provides access to lots of additional features, it is not expensive. The price depends on how long you are going to stay here:

  • 1 week is $4.99;
  • 1 month is $9.99;
  • 3 months are $24.99;
  • 12 months are $79.99.

As you see, it is better to select the last option if you want to save your money.

Is AntiChat Really Safe?

AntiChat is a platform where you can stay safe because moderators will take care of your protection.

Technical Side of Protection

You should not worry about your security because you do not have to provide any private information for registration. What is more, you do not need to upload your pictures to confirm that you are a real person.

Do not be afraid of providing your credit card data because this site does not collect this info.

Customer Support

You can always contact customer support if you are dealing with trouble. To access one of these professionals, send your messages in a private chat. It must be under all your other conversations. Additionally, you get priority customer support if you are a premium member.

However, it is better to visit the FAQ section beforehand. On this page, you can access answers to the main questions.

How to Pass AntiChat Photo Verification?

It is impossible to add photos to your profile. However, to share images in private conversation, you have to receive at least two messages. Otherwise, your images will be blocked because of your low karma.

How to Delete AntiChat Account?

To stop using this chat, go to your settings and select this option from the list.

How to See Who Likes You on AntiChat without Paying?

To understand who likes you, see users who have sent you gifts. There is a great chance that these members are interested in your profile.

How to Block Someone on AntiChat?

To block another person, go to his account page and click on the “Block” button there. Thus, this member will never send you messages again.

How to Cancel AntiChat Subscription?

Your membership is not auto-renewable, and you do not have to turn it off.


To sum up, AntiChat is your choice if you want to stay anonymous when you are interacting with strangers. This site has already united millions of users worldwide. Members come here because of its usability and lots of free features. Do not hesitate and join AntiChat now!

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Great opinions. I've discovered a good amount of nice and interesting people and some freaks . that's a norm while you are on the web. Some matches are not with my place . that's the reason we stayed buddys. I ought to state that this specific service brings several software for making other people keep in mind one. First of all, it's enough space to provide their account and offer enough the informatioin needed for the way you look and fictional character. After that, messaging are acceptable. Normally, one access complete online interaction and will collect a romantic date any time while ready to fulfill your preferred in real life.
by Ariana Aug 18, 2021
I want various other daters to find out that this particular service 100per cent does its job without techniques. Those people that undoubtedly want to receive in touch with that special someone won't be sorry for the company's preference when registering for the working platform. The most important thing just to quit. We have previously achieved our beloved, and now we are presently happier. Personally I think arousal and consistency, hence indicates a lot. Hence, we have been crazy, and is never too far gone for people of all ages and criteria. I would suggest this web site, thus simply consider.
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