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Pure App Review: Does it work in 2021?

Pure App Review: Does it work in 2021?
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s a real hookup app that works very fast and efficiently without beating around the bush.
  • Quicktime for setting up: to start, you just need to download one photo.
  • There are many women on the app because they get access for free.
  • No sophisticated conversations are needed because the time is limited to one hour.
  • If you match by mutual likes, there is no need to invent ways how to start the conversation.
  • There are very convenient and understandable mobile and desktop versions.
  • It is effortless to cancel your membership.
  • Pure has a user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive interface.
  • It has a trial period free of charge.
  • The location-based approach limits the number of choices.
  • The one-hour time limit places an extra load on people.

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What should you know about the Pure App for discreet or casual dating and hookups? It is about minimalistic private data requirements, data security, and transparency of services. Many people nowadays rely on apps for different occasions, and dating is not an exception. No wonder that there is an app that helps find casual and anonymous sex partners. That app is Pure, and its site provides dates on demand. Unlike many other apps of this kind, this one is not about serious relationships or longevity. In that case, we recommend visiting other sites.

The Pure App: History Accounts for Reputation

The Pure App: History Accounts for Reputation

The Pure App started its history for the first time in October 2014. It was regarded then as a serious competitor for Tinder because finding sex partners with it was much more comfortable and quicker. The central concept of the Pure App is its self-destructing profiles that maintain discretion and anonymity. All the unique characteristics of the app help it to become more and more popular. The number of its users has recently reached 100,000 people, and its rating ranges from 4 to 5.

The question is – how far can Pure find matches concerning your location? It may be up to 1000 km (or over 621 miles) away. Let us consider its characteristic features, prices, and opportunities it can give to its users. After reading this review, you will be able to make the right choice.

Characteristic Features of Interface and Registration

Characteristic Features of Interface and Registration

The process of registration takes about 2 or 3 minutes. However, you need to allow using your data. Then you should verify your email. You also get some payment information before you can proceed. The main feature to remember is that you will have to create a new account every time you would like to use the Pure App again. You also have to turn on your GPS to be able to use this app.

The Sign Up Process Is Quite Straightforward

To start, you should download the Pure App onto your mobile device. The app is available on the App Store or Google Play. Downloading is completely free. Though, you may need to make some in-app purchases.

When you want to create an account, you have to open the app. Give the app your permission to operate with your data. The data includes your phone number, email, and payment information. It is done because of the temporary character of profiles when the system needs to finetune your experience when you enter again.

After you have got access to the Pure App, choose the way of registration. You can opt for phone or email ways of registering. Then, select your gender, provide your phone number or email address, verify them, pick out the option of creating an entirely new account or an old one, and, of course, indicate who and what you are searching for and expecting.

When you have completed the entire process, turn on your location settings because the app works fully with your GPS to offer the users located in your area. You also have to upload your photo because the app is a visual one asking for your gender and sexual expectations and preferences.

Real Accounts from Nearby

Real Accounts from Nearby

The question may arise whether this dating app provides you with actual and legit dates, or it will turn out to be scammy in a while.

Most of the accounts on the Pure App are real because they go from the same location where you are. However, you should beware of fake hookers and profiles while using the app. It is like with other dating sites and apps, though the location can be excellent protection against scams and bots. Remember that if a woman sends you a message with a URL in it, she’s not real.

And, of course, you may encounter some women who are using Pure to make money. That is why you need to ask a woman first what she is looking for before continuing the communication. Many of them will answer you directly that they are here for the money.

Mobile Version Is Easy to Use

You can get access to the Pure App from your mobile downloading the latest version to your phone from the Google Play or App Store. Pure has also recently released its version for a desktop, which can provide you with more opportunities to meet interesting and sexual women immediately from your home.

Design and Usability Are Special

Design and Usability Are Special

The positive features of the Pure App are displayed not in its concept but also in its design. It looks quite trendy and attractive to young users. It features a white background, minimalistic cartoons, and black fonts. It completely corresponds to its name – it is pure and pristine. The easiness of use is provided by the lack of animations and messy design.

The straightforward premise with just a few buttons does not allow its users to get lost. The interface is quite neat and user-friendly, so it is straightforward for people to navigate it intuitively.

Searching for a Partner as a Game

Apart from your selfie, no other information (like your name or contacts) will be displayed on the profile. So, make sure that your photo is the exception to attract someone’s attention. You will be able to see the chat pop-up window if you receive «like» in response to yours.

The Pure App Works Effectively

The specifics of temporary profiles on the Pure App account for the peculiarities of further contacts. There are some characteristic features you need to remember.

  1. The way you can express yourself here is a selfie.
  2. Your profile is displayed in response to the meeting request from another person living in your neighborhood and using the Pure App simultaneously with you.
  3. If someone’s profile attracts you, you can always hit «Yes.»
  4. If you receive the ‘like’ from this very profile, you will see the pop-up chat window to continue communication.
  5. After an hour, all your messages with the entire profile will disappear.
  6. It is a sort of a game of luck to interact with others.
  7. Two factors may restrict your activity – the location and time limits – so you should always remember about them.

The Pure App also has quite minimalistic features for dating opportunities. You have an hour to arrange a date with someone in your location. It means that there must be many Pure users in your area. The best time for using the app is the «peak hours» characteristic of your place.

The Pure App is considered quite trendy. However, you can chat with others basically. For further contacts, you are sure to like each other mutually to activate the chatbox.

It is always better to find out whether there are many app users in your area and how intensive their activity is.

Searching Options and Filters in the Pure App

Searching Options and Filters in the Pure App

Some characteristic features of profiles on the Pure App distinguish this application from others of that kind.

  • Profiles are temporary, and they are destroyed after an hour of use.
  • You do not have to provide any private details in your profile apart from your selfie picture.
  • If you do not like the selfie photo you have uploaded, you can easily replace it with some pictures looking better.
  • For the next use of the Pure App, you need to create a new profile since the previous one has been destroyed.
  • The design of your profile is quite minimalistic.
  • The profile represents your selfie image rather than personality.
  • All the profiles represented by the app belong to the people from your location for more accessible further contact.
  • There are no special filters for age, weight, and other physical characteristics, distance, school, or anything.

Communication Should Be Fast

Communication Should Be Fast

The most surprising characteristic feature of the Pure App account is its self-destructive properties. You will have an hour after creating the profile to locate your potential partners in your area, find out something about them, communicate with them, and get them to like you, get their contacts, and, if everything suits you, arrange the real-life dating. After this hour has passed, your profile with all the messaging is immediately deleted, and you will have to start from the very beginning.

The Pure App Alternative Choices

If there are not many women using the Pure App in your location, you can use the other choices for hooking up. There are some of them here:

  1. Ashley Madison;
  2. Adultfriendfinder;
  3. Flingster.

The most important difference of the Pure App is that its profiles are self-destructed, and the chatting time is limited to one hour. There is also a limitation put by GPS – you can search for matches in your location.

Is the Pure App Fee-Paying?

The trial and subscription rules correspond to those used by Google and Apple according to their standards. The exciting feature is that women can use the Pure App for free while men have to pay fees after a three-day trial period. The monthly payment request for the subscription is automatically charged after this period to your account. Though, you may cancel the trial at any moment. The automatically renewed subscription can also be quickly canceled. You can make these cancellations immediately through the app or the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The previously charged fees are not refunded due to the cancellation date. If you delete the Pure App or just cancel your account, your subscription is still active.

What Can Be Done for Free?

What Can Be Done for Free?

The registration is always free. However, to continue, you need to provide your payment information (banking card) first. There is also a 3-day free trial period. And women can use this app for free.

Payable Accounts or Premium Membership?

There is no premium membership on the app. Everything depends on the type of subscription you choose. After paying the charge, you can send the geo requests in your area. You also receive the chance for instant messaging for an hour.

Some additional fee-paying features include:

  1. Instant Chat: while the extended conversation usually starts when you like a woman and she admires you back, you may pay some fee to start the chat immediately, without any mutual like. The price you pay is for the chat with one woman. So, you cannot use it for all the other women connected to the app.
  2. King of the Hill: it is when your bio and profile are above all other men in the same location so that interested women could see it first.

To purchase a premium membership, use your credit card.

How Much Are Dating Options on the Pure App?

The dating options on the Pure App depend on the type of subscription you have chosen. Here is the table with the most popular subscription options and their prices:

Duration Per Month Total
1 Week 14.99 USD 14.99 USD
1 Month 29.99 USD 29.99 USD
3 Months 19.66 USD 58.98 USD
12 Months 6.30 USD 75.60 USD

Why Is Safety the Pure App Priority?

Owing to the one-hour time limit and self-destructed profiles, you can keep your anonymity and confidentiality of all your private data. However, the ease of using the app is the reason why your payment information and other private data are collected immediately.

Moreover, the app needs access to your location to deprive you of the chance to meet a girl accidentally living next door. The app also needs permission to use your photo and camera settings.

Protection Is Ensured Technically

Protection Is Ensured Technically

All your private data is protected by encryption. It is completely deleted when you unsubscribe. The private data that are encrypted include the data of your subscription, your picture, and the user’s ID.

What about Customer Support?

Like on any other dating apps, there is no customer support service on the Pure App. However, if you encounter some technical problems or the problem of being banned from the app without any reason, you can refer your questions to the app administrators and moderators using the email feedback@getpure.org.

Usually, you can be banned when you download the wrong photo. It should be on your face. To avoid banning, read the app policy quite attentively.

User Questions That Are Asked Frequently:

There are some frequently asked questions which the users often ask because they feel they are essential. If you have any other questions or issues, refer them to the app administrators or moderators.

How to upload and delete photos on the Pure App?

While registering using a tab for «Photo.» Upload your selfie photo or the photo you think is the best of yours. You need one picture for your account that will be seen by other users. Remember to upload the photo of your face according to the Policy. Otherwise, you will be banned.

If you have submitted the wrong photo, click the X sign in the top left corner of this photo and add another picture. If you have already placed a meeting request with this photo, click «My Request» and delete your previous request to submit another one with a new photo.

Can the Pure App account be deleted permanently?

All the accounts on the Pure App are not permanent. They are self-destructive after an hour of using them. All your chats will be removed correspondingly. When you make a subscription, the information about it, as well as your ID, are preserved. Everything else is deleted.

It may happen that you would not like to use the app anymore. Just remove Pure from your device. You will also have to unsubscribe through the App Store or Google Play Store.

How to see those who like me and respond to them on the Pure App?

How to see those who like me and respond to them on the Pure App?

To see who likes you, give the Pure App your permission to send new notifications to you. You may have denied getting information accidentally, so go to the phone settings, find the tab with notifications, and ensure that your phone has allowed access to the app. If the issue is not solved, reinstall the app. After getting the notification with the like back, you can continue your chat immediately through the pop-up chat window.

How to block someone unwanted on the Pure App?

You cannot block anyone on your own. If some person has violated the rules and regulations of the app, you can make a complaint to the app moderators, and the unwanted user will be blocked.

How can the Pure App subscription be cancelled?

You cannot cancel the subscription through the app installed on your device. To do that, you need to enter the App Store or Google Play.

Even if you have canceled the subscription, you will be able to use it for all the period you have paid for. When this subscription expires, after cancellation, it won’t be renewed. However, you can choose to get back at any time.

All the previously charged subscription costs will not be refunded. If you delete the app on your device, it does not mean the cancellation of the subscription.


There are many reasons for looking out for the Pure App dating options. Its unique concept and brand-new minimalistic design account for its convenience for your adults who are looking for an instant and casual sex experience. Some extra spice is added to the dating options by the one-one limits and self-destructing profiles. And the cherry on top is provided by the completely free access for women. If you are looking for random and discreet sex contacts and your chance to live in the areas with Pure App users, this app is right for you.

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by Lani Oct 23, 2021
As a first-time representative, The way we wish relish the experience. It's very easy to socialize, so long as you are generally active and consider some other customers. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll discover your perfect complement? I don't treat today. A few excellent times is enough personally thus far, and I'm hunting and waiting around much more ventures before concentrating on a prospective life partner. I notice that this site is actually absolutely worthy of my favorite aim. Town is actually acceptable, and no person tries to bring below your complexion. Therefore, i'm comfy getting using the internet a lot of fun as well as my friends. We get a few things to share, and also the times I've received had been really fascinating. Very, I'm happy with our membership, and an affordable outlay is actually an added bonus.
Patricia Steele
by Patricia Steele Oct 16, 2021
Used to don`t get a hold of you to definitely big date since it is early on for my situation however . Im a novice on the website. Continue to, I'm happy with just how this application simple to work with. All things are user-friendly, so I achievedn't need to waste time and figure things out anytime I subscribed to the web page. In addition including how personal pages come out prepared. It's really easy look through photo, send emails, prefers, and look about users' shows and characters. We specify the area considering that the point is very important in my situation and am thrilled to find out plenty matches incorporate anyone near myself.
Ruby Hogan
by Ruby Hogan Oct 16, 2021
Nice dating site! We enrolled with it last year and furthermore, as then fulfilled a couple of partners with pros. Additionally, I talk to many owners from my favorite identify. Communicating is excellent, as a chat screen is really convenient. Individuals tend to be open-minded, friendly, and productive. We have certain tastes, without any judges me personally. Very, i'm totally safe and comfy.
Lorraine Cruz
by Lorraine Cruz Oct 09, 2021
I really like this particular service. After becoming a signed up cellphone owner for two months, i came across unique close friends, generally there is absolutely nothing to grumble about. The screen lets you produce a unique member profile with quite a few attractive photographs. Should you decide don't become it essential to fill in those areas, you might forget about them. I guess that photos include a key point given that the rest you can unveil while texting and talking. We don't need a person for going out with nowadays, but I'm on my method. I live in a rural place, and most fits is definately not me. However, considering our current preferences and our on-line discussion, i shall venture out soon. At any rate, the application really works, plus the area rocks. I unapproved some freaks, but I've met not a soul therefore bad relating to obstruct all of them from calling myself.
Barbara Robertson
by Barbara Robertson Oct 05, 2021
The internet goes inside page have become great and attention-grabbing knowledge for my situation. It works flawlessly for my favorite self-esteem and let creating brand new links. They may not be affairs nevertheless but looks promising. Also, actually charming for my situation to split the snow and speak to people from any nation I enjoy. Surfing profiles try engaging, often. It's constantly interesting to determine just how people promote themselves while looking for intimacy.
by CarrieFleming Sep 28, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to obtain another potential at really love. Treasure our site for assist since I have obtained the hope. We really do not create too many lasting projects and simply relish both. Most of us evening, adventure, and promote a wide array of techniques. This is the most incredible part of our relations. I really enjoy simple companion and expect our very own romance will build up and look at the next stage. Many people are searching for couples at marriage on line organizations, and in most cases, that type of things happens to be stressful because you think that goods in specialist computers running windows. This software varies. You can start with conversation and result in the chapel. The service has actually an appropriate technical environment. I take advantage of the web page generally to my laptop computer, but often I correspond with owners and check my techniques from my new iphone. No problems anyway. I've noted no pests . anything is helpful, without bugs. Whenever I log on, I use the web page provided that Needs without interruptions and annoying reloads. I am hoping they continues to be that way, as well as look after good quality. If only everybody all the best ! since your has receive myself.
Mary Smith
by Mary Smith Sep 21, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to find another opportunity at adore. Thank this web site for support since I have had gotten my want. Do not produce too many lasting campaigns and simply relish each other. We date, trips, and express a variety of recreation. Essentially the most incredible part of our very own interaction. I love our partner and wish our personal love will develop and navigate to the next level. Many people are looking to find partners at relationships on the internet firms, and typically, that type of things was disturbing given that you seem like merchandise in shop microsoft windows. This app differs. Perhaps you may focus on conversation and result in the ceremony. The service possesses a good technical back ground. I take advantage of your website generally on my computer, but occasionally We correspond with consumers and look your activities from my apple iphone. No troubles whatever. I've mentioned no insects . every little thing is helpful, without problems. As I join, I prefer your website so long as Needs without interruptions and annoying reloads. I really hope they remains like that, and keep good quality. If only everybody best of luck since the has recently discover me personally.
Kimberly Garcia
by Kimberly Garcia Sep 18, 2021
The dating website is straightforward, and course-plotting is easy. We access an adequate few information and experience for people that appear popular with myself. To tell the truth, i really do appreciate being on this incredible website. I really couldn't come across simple newest pal yet. Still, I found two interesting individuals to keep in touch with. I feel free of cost and comfortable while chatting with all of them. I would suggest that our site to everyone whos finding great companionship, no matter what the particular connection.
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Great opinions. I have found plenty of ready and intriguing folks and some freaks . that's the norm while on the web. Some games weren't within my venue . that's the reason we stayed close friends. I ought to claim that this specific service gives lots of tools to generate some other customers keep in mind you. Initial, it's room enough to develop your own account and provide sufficient the informatioin needed for your appearance and personality. Next, chatting was fine. Normally, we receive complete online connections that can also receive a night out together any time while equipped to satisfy the best in the real world.