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Spiritual Singles Review September 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?

Spiritual Singles Review September 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-27
Profiles 1.500.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Spiritual Singles users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • A lot of members.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Safety.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • A lot of services are free of charge.
  • No mobile app.
  • It lags a bit. It takes a while to load pages.

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Spiritual Singles is a true temple for single people who practice spiritual and conscious exercises. It’s essential to connect with people with the same beliefs and values, especially when it comes to dating and serious relationships. The site has already connected thousands of hearts, souls, and minds. Two open-minded people with strong spiritual energy can form a harmonic marriage. Values play a significant role in searching for true love. This platform will help you to open your heart to other spiritually-minded members.

Join the community to see who shares your interests and lifestyle in your area. Or maybe you will find a soulmate many miles away? The number of users guarantees your success. You can find anyone you want, no matter whom you are looking for: a tantric partner, a conscious friend, or a polyamorous partner.

  • You can send private messages to other members. The limit is 50 messages per day.
  • Make your dialogues more exciting by attaching images to your private messages.
  • Start a new unlimited chat using instant messages.
  • Upload 20 more profile photos.
  • And don’t forget to upload two more videos.

Reputation and History of Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

More than 20 years ago, there were no dating sites in this niche. In 1999 the idea of Spiritual Singles was born, and the site was launched a year later in 2000. This site is operated by Conscious Dating Network, and it’s the oldest and still the largest site for spiritual dating online on the Internet. The platform provides a great variety of efficient functions.

The owner of this organization, Jill Crosby, connected her life with spiritual development, hypnotherapy, and other esoteric things more than 30 years ago. She is an environmental activist and does her best to save oceans.

Nowadays, it’s hard to count the total number of members, as Conscious Dating Network and third parties operate numerous sites. This allows to combine the communities of different dating sites into one big family.

However, the Spiritual Singles members differ from other users of typical platforms for dating. They have some specific values, such as personal/spiritual growth, yoga, meditation, healing Mother Earth, organic food, word peace, loving relationships, and so on.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The website looks fresh but a little messy; although everything is well-structured, there are quite a lot of details on the homepage. Other pages have a similar design with fewer details. The interface is user-friendly and very understandable. However, you would probably get confused with all the new words if you are not a spiritual-minded person. It’s actually a good sign because it means that the community consists of a specific audience. If you are a newbie and want to know more, you will have to spend some extra time to figure out all the nuances. Useful articles can help you with this.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

The registration procedure here is long and detailed. It ensures the best quality of matches and a more dedicated attitude towards the purposes of the platform. The first thing you have to know is that you must be over 18 to be able to sign up. Besides the general information, such as your username, valid email address, age, gender, preferences, and so on, you will have to fill in up to 26 fields. These fields will describe you as accurately as possible. Make sure you put enough effort into answering the questions. One of the interesting things is a headline that will be shown under your username. This headline is similar to Facebook status.

Becoming a new member of Spiritual Singles is not a fast process. So you’d better take your time and prepare to spend about 10-20 minutes on filling the necessary information.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Once you have registered on the site, you have a complete profile with lots of personal information and details about you. While visiting your profile, members will be able to explore all your content. What exactly can they see? Let’s begin with some general characteristics. Any profile contains the following information: body type, other physical parameters, sun sign, spiritual beliefs, alcohol/tobacco use, and many other interesting facts about your. In addition to this, you can write a description to tell something special about you. Remember to be positive, honest, and creative. It’s essential to grab people’s attention if you want more matches. Keep your description short and informative to get more success. Also, your profile may contain up to 3 photos and a short video.

The last section is an essay regarding your ideal relationship. Answer the questions about your hobbies, preferences, and priorities. After completing your answers, you can take some tests to figure out what you want to see in your future partner.

Website and Mobile Version

For some reason, Spiritual Singles does not have a special mobile app. But, actually, there have been some updates on the site recently to make it mobile-friendly and more straightforward. Thus, you can easily use this platform via your favorite mobile browser. The functionality remains the same, so you don’t have to worry about the absence of your favorite features.

The opportunity of using this dating platform on your mobile device makes it possible to stay in touch wherever you are. It’s especially important for those who are always on the road.

However, it would be great to see a specially-developed mobile app one day. Such apps have smarter optimization and look better.

Special Features

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

Spiritual Singles is special itself, but it has something unique for you to make this site absolutely amazing. One of the steps of filling in a profile is selecting “Matchmaker Preferences” to specify your potential partner’s personality and other attributes. After this, you will be provided with automatically selected recommended members according to your preferences. You may also view the preferences of other members and compare them to yours.

Moreover, there are different categories where you can answer “Match Questions”:

Again, you can compare your answers to other members’ answers. It can help you to decide whether you suit each other or not. Or you can just check a “Match Percentage” on users’ profiles.

Spiritual Singles has one more useful feature, and this feature is in-depth astrological reports: New Couples, Romantic Compatibility, Romantic Forecast, and New Couples Planetary Compatibility. These predictions and forecasts tell you about how strong your connections might be with another member.

Going through all these steps may be exhausting, but you can breathe out the air of complications now and fill your lungs with freedom. You are finally able to search for a partner. The search has two options: a quick search and an advanced search. Both types are free to use, which means every member can use both functions.

Providing free search features for all members is a good idea. It increases the chances of successful matches. By the way, you can read success stories on the corresponding page of Spiritualsingles.com. There are quite a lot of them, to be honest!

How Does Spiritual Singles Work?

The algorithm is based on the filters system and preferences. The first method is pretty standard nowadays among dating sites. All you have to do is to check various boxes with preferable criteria and click the search button. A moment later, you will get results with all profiles that meet the selected criteria.

Meanwhile, the second one is more complex. The matchmaking system analyzes your information, test results, and answers to recommend you the most suitable profiles. It calculates your match percentage, according to the given data.

Searching Options and Filters at Spiritual Singles

Quick search includes only general details about members: age, location, gender. With regard to advanced search, there is an ocean of filters you can apply. Everything that you set in your profile can be used as a searching option. Thus, you are able to search for people, according to their lifestyles, habits, political views, Chinese signs, and many more. You also can try Political Dating Sites.

Communication Methods

After finding someone worthy of attention and meeting your preferences, you must start communication with this person. The first step is a pre-written Hello that is supposed to establish a pleasant atmosphere between two of you. Or you can show your interest by clicking the “interested” button.

The main communication method of Spiritual Singles is, of course, messaging. Free members and paid members have different possibilities. Basic account users are able to read and reply, which means they can’t initiate a conversation. Meanwhile, premium users can either send up to 50 private messages per day or use an unlimited instant message function.

Spiritual Singles Alternatives

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

The most curious fact about this platform is that you can’t find any working alternatives. If you practice this lifestyle and share values that are crucial for every spiritually-minded person, it will be complicated to find another service. All other sites offer a great variety of features, a significant number of unique users, and more, but they don’t have what you need: a like-minded community that is essential in our occasion.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Spiritual Singles has a membership system that divides all users into two groups: basic free accounts with limited functionality and members who bought a premium status. Purchasing subscriptions is not an obligatory condition of using the site. You can stay a free user as long as you wish. However, premium accounts have additional perks that are very helpful. Sometimes, it makes sense to use the platform for free. The rest of the time it’s definitely better to have premium advantages.

Free Membership Features

The list of functions available for free members is rather big, in fact. It’s barely possible to find the same conditions on other dating sites.

Here’s what you can do as a new member:

  • Create a complete member profile that consists of 3 profile photos, essay answers, a short video, matching questions, “about me” section, and other personal information
  • Create new essay questions on your own
  • Browse and view all profiles without limits
  • See who is online
  • Add members to your list of favorites
  • Make notes
  • Read messages and reply to them if they were sent by a premium user
  • Chat in the instant messages feature with premium users (you cannot initiate a conversation)
  • View a match percentage with a particular member, based on answers for Match Questions
  • Send interests
  • Choose one of the pre-written messages to use as a “Hello” message
  • Accept invitations to live events

Premium Membership Features

It’s highly recommended to upgrade an account for those who don’t want to wait and would like to initiate contacts themselves. This upgrade broadens your possibilities and increases the match rate. It’s more enjoyable to use the site as a premium member. Here are the things that premium account unlocks:

  • You can send private messages to other members
  • The limit is 50 messages per day
  • Make your dialogues more exciting by attaching images to your private messages
  • Start a new unlimited chat using instant messages
  • Upload 20 more profile photos
  • And don’t forget to upload two more videos

How Much is Dating on Spiritual Singles?

There are no coins or other in-site currency, which means that everything you can buy is a premium subscription. Spiritual Singles supports payments with credit cards and PayPal.

Premium Membership prices:

  • 1 month costs 23.00 USD
  • 6 months cost 72.00 USD / 12.00 USD per month

As you can notice, it’s profitable to purchase the longer subscription plan. The opportunity of saving almost 50% is awesome.

Is Spiritual Singles Really Safe?

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

User experience consists of many aspects, and one of these aspects is the security of the service. It’s essential to feel safe while using the platform. First of all, you can check the privacy policy of Spiritual Singles. It ensures the protection of your personal information. None of the information you have provided to the site can be shared with third parties.

It can be said that this site is 100% not a scam. However, it’s still possible to meet fraudsters. Although there are almost no fake accounts at all on this dating service, you should be careful anyway. Do not trust your financial information, passwords, and logins to anyone. Beware of suspicious profiles and tell the corresponding department about such cases.

Technical Side of Protection

Your account must be approved before you can upgrade it. The first step is to confirm your email address. Unlike many other sites that do not have any verification, this site does its best to ensure your protection. Moderators are inspecting your account for any violations. In case of any infraction comes up, your account will be permanently banned. Fraud, offensive behavior, harassment, explicit content, and other inappropriate things are prohibited. You can submit a report if you have noticed something harmful.

All these measures prevent the creation of fake accounts and scammers’ activity. It forms a dedicated and responsible community that helps you become a part of the Spiritual Singles family.

Customer Support

Sadly, you can’t find the FAQ section on the site. It’s a pity because the majority of issues can be solved on your own without contacting the support team. Regarding the support service, you will find the “Contact Us” page at the bottom of the website. Contacts of different departments are represented on this page. Depending on a subject, you should choose the department and contact it via email.

Spiritual Singles Review 2020

How to Pass Spiritual Singles Photo Verification?

To verify your account, it’s enough to confirm your email address and complete a profile. This will help moderators to approve your account.

How to Delete Spiritual Singles Account?

At the moment, you can delete your account only permanently. Just open the account tab and search for this option at the end of the list. Fill in some fields if you want and click the confirmation button.

Soon, you will be able to deactivate an account. Once you log in again, it will be re-activated. But if you do not use your account for a year, it will be removed.

How to See Who Likes You on Spiritual Singles Without Paying?

The list of those who have visited your profile, as well as those who is interested in you, is available for free.

How to Block Someone on Spiritual Singles?

You can’t block people on your own. To do so, you should contact the technical support service


How to Cancel Spiritual Singles Subscription?

Cancelation is a matter of the Billing Questions department. Thus, you can write an email at billing@spiritualsingles.com. Or you can do it on your own in the account tab.


Spiritual Singles Review 2020

The Spiritual Singles site is a unique project that deserves more positive feedback. The conditions that this platform offers are decent. Moreover, despite that there are no competitors, prices are still very reasonable. It’s great to have at least a few honest projects on the Internet. Perhaps, the only downside of this website is its optimization. Everything seems to be a bit slow at first. However, you won’t notice this after a while. Using this service is a pleasant and comforting process.

Thus, this site will suit you the most if you are a mindful single. Long-term serious relationships are the main idea of the platform. The community is very friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy. Even if you are not a part of this culture, you will be encouraged with all these esoteric things. So you may begin your journey here to investigate the word of spiritual people. Give Spiritual Singles dating site a try and let us know whether it is a success.

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Karen Dixon
by Karen Dixon Sep 17, 2021
Great feeling. I've found many ready and interesting anyone and some freaks . that's the norm while you are on the web. Some meets are not during locality . that's why we remained friends. I should point out that this service gives most means to help some other owners note one. Initially, it's enough space generate your own page and provide sufficient information about your appearance and figure. Consequently, messaging is acceptable. Typically, we use full online interaction might create a night out together whenever while prepared to see your preferred in real life.
by Rachael Sep 14, 2021
I'd like various other daters to know that this particular service 100percent does its job without techniques. Individuals who truly long for to find in contact with a special someone won't regret his or her alternatives whenever registering for the platform. The main thing isn't to stop. I have currently came across my personal loved, and we are currently pleased. I feel arousal and harmony, and this implies a ton. Hence, we are now crazy, and now it is never ever too-late for folks of all ages and criteria. I will suggest this incredible website, very simply check out.
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