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TinyChat Review October 2021: Is It Trustworthy?

TinyChat Review October 2021: Is It Trustworthy?
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Pros and Cons

  • To interact, you can use a mobile version after downloading the app (it is available for both Android and iOS devices);
  • This site has an intuitive interface;
  • With this website, you can communicate with people from all around the globe;
  • TinyChat provides lots of features for conversations;
  • You can get a lot of features for free.
  • It takes less than five minutes to create your account;
  • To get rid of ads and get access to additional options, you have to purchase a premium membership;
  • You do not need to verify your email to create your account, and it makes it less challenging to meet scammers on TinyChat.

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Have you got bored with conventional websites for people looking for a hookup or a long-term relationship? Then TinyChat is a platform you need to try. This site is not a traditional platform for online dating. Its main difference is that users here cannot search for a particular individual. They ought to communicate with lots of random people before they meet their significant other. Even though such a journey can take some time, this online service is trendy among young adults as well as more senior people.

The reason for the popularity of TinyChat is its exceptional usability. This website has a user-friendly interface, and you do not need to waste hours learning how to communicate via this platform. So, your experience here will be quite enjoyable. Nevertheless, not all of the features of TinyChat are available for all members. Some of these functions are provided after purchasing a premium subscription. So, this fact makes TinyChat a controversial platform. Do you have to buy a membership? Or is it enough to have a free version of the service? To get aware of all aspects of TinyChat, read this review.

Reputation and History of TinyChat

TinyChat Review

These days it is impossible to imagine a person experienced in online dating and not knowing about TinyChat. This website has millions of members who live in different countries. Each day new users join this platform. The fact that the account of TinyChat on Twitter proves that because this service has almost a million followers there. Nevertheless, was it always such a popular platform for interacting with random people? To find out the answer, we should learn some facts about its history.

The owners of TinyChat presented the first release of this website in 2009. Then they launched a feature called Tinychat.tv that offered users to conduct live streams for their audience. However, soon this service was closed.

Nonetheless, after having such a failure, the founders of TinyChat created the feature known as «Next.» With this option, members of the service could interact with random people. This launch happened at the beginning of 2010, and in the first part of 2011, they raised it to $1.5 million. After that time, nine years have passed, and today, TinyChat is a different platform with a more convenient interface and the possibility of HD streaming.

Such an enormous number of users is achieved because TinyChat is possible to utilize for different purposes. Some members of this service create accounts here to find their online friends. What is more, you will also find thousands of users signing up to meet their significant others via TinyChat. This fact makes it easier to find someone for a conversation regardless of your status or gender.

The possibility of using TinyChat for different goals makes it useful for all generations. However, most of the members are from 25 to 35 years old. The only age restriction this platform has is that you ought to be at least 13 to use this site for communication.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

As we have said, TinyChat is a platform with a user-friendly interface. You do not need to have any experience in online chatting if you want to become a regular member of this website.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

TinyChat Sign Up

Before you start watching one of the video streams conducted online or interacting with random people, you ought to create a new account on TinyChat. To become a member of this community, you do not have to provide any private information. This fact makes the process of registration less complicated. To sign up, you should:

  1. Go to the first page of this service.
  2. Click on the button on the top right side of the screen.
  3. After tapping on the link, you will see the form. To create your profile, you have to fill out the gaps and add only general data, including your:
  • Username;
  • Email address;
  • Password;
  • Birthday.

As you can see, this site does not require to provide too much. So, registration is fast. However, if you are eager to make this procedure quicker, click on the «Continue with Facebook» button located under the form. When you have done it, the system will add all information independently.

  1. When you have provided your information, you can click on «Create Account.» Nonetheless, we recommend you to read the legal materials of this service before doing that. To get access to this document, tap on the «Terms of use» link on the bottom of the page. After reading this text, you will find out what requirements the website has and what rules you ought to follow while interacting via TinyChat.
  2. After going through this process, you will get your URL. It is your link, which you can use while conducting public streams on TinyChat. It is possible to share this URL with your friends or even random members of this platform to invite them to the conversation.
  3. The last step you have to do to become a permanent member of TinyChat is to add your profile photo and your gender. After that, you can get access to all the free features of this site. If you want to have all opportunities of this online platform, it is possible to purchase a premium subscription.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

TinyChat Accounts

The most significant question almost all newcomers have is who is behind other accounts. Although this platform itself looks trustworthy, some people do not believe that users here are real. And this question is not meaningless because you do not need to verify your email address to create your page. So, it is easier for scammers to set up their profiles on TinyChat. That is why we recommend you to be careful. In this case, it is better to know these simple rules and follow them while having conversations with strangers on this platform:

  • If you have noticed that some of the members are misbehaving, it is better to block this person immediately. By doing this, you will make it impossible for him to send you any content. Moreover, you can send a request to customer service to ban this individual. If they consider that member suspicious, you will be able to protect other people from a scammer.
  • Try to interact only with people with serious intentions. It means that it is better not to communicate with users without a premium membership. In most cases, these members will leave the platform after several days. So, it is impossible to build a relationship or even become friends with these users.
  • Avoid having conversations with members without any images. Most of the accounts without at least an avatar are fakes. By doing this, you will have a lower risk of meeting a profile, which is not real.

Website and Mobile Version

TinyChat Mobile Version

Since live streams are one of the main features of TinyChat, most of the members of the community use this platform via their computers. With a desktop version, they can view online videos in better quality. The interface of the website looks excellent, and, for navigation, you can use a toolbox located at the top of all pages. By using this menu, you can visit different sections of the service, including:

  • Upgrade now. On this page, you can purchase one of the types of premium membership.
  • Promote a room.
  • Store.
  • Live directory.

What is more, you can click on the «Instant Room» button. However, this feature is available for particular browsers. For instance, users having Safari cannot get access to this option.

Despite having a desktop version, the owners of TinyChat have also presented a mobile one. To get access to it, you ought to download the app to your smartphone. This application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. One more thing to say is that this version has a contemporary design. It is bright, and it looks more minimalist than the website. So, the app is more suitable for teenagers who prefer having private conversations.

With this program, users can get access to the same number of functions for interaction. It is also possible to get access to this version for free, but if you want to use advanced features, it is possible to pay for a premium membership.

Special Features

TinyChat Features

TinyChat is not a regular platform for interacting with strangers. The reason for this is the number of additional features people can use here. The main of these functions are:

  • Promotion of your room. If you want more people to get aware of your public chat, it is possible to use this feature. For advertising, you ought to pay 500 coins. By getting this feature, you will be able to rise to the top of the feed. As a result, thousands of members will be able to see your live stream, and you will gain your popularity quickly.
  • Virtual store. Do you want to surprise one of your online friends? Then you ought to visit this category. In this store, you can purchase virtual gifts. There is a vast range of categories. For example, you can find lots of seasonal presents for particular holidays such as Christmas or Halloween. To pay for the gifts, you can use real money or coins. What is more, it is possible to purchase presents to increase your social status on this platform. So, more gifts you are buying more popular you are.
  • Live directories. In this section, you can see three categories. The most popular online streams are in the «Promoted» section. If you want to see only videos by individuals living in your area, you ought to go to the «People Near You.» To find out how members with the most significant number of gifts look like visite the category called «Most Gifted.»

After creating your profile, you get access to lots of features for communication. You can simply watch videos or have private conversations with random people. So, how does TinyChat work?

How Does TinyChat Work?

If you want to view one of the hundreds of online streams, you should go to the «Live Directory» page. After that, select a particular category and find the most appealing performer. So, you can start watching this video. However, you can also conduct your stream. In this case, it is possible to promote it for coins. Nevertheless, if you are eager to invite particular participants, share your URL. So, after receiving this link, these members will be able to join your online video.

In case you feel confident enough to have a private conversation with some of the members. To communicate with them, you can send text messages.

Searching Options and Filters at TinyChat

The difference this website has is that it is impossible to search for other members of the community. The lack of this function makes the time you spend on TinyChat even more exciting because while being on the platform, you can interact with dozens of members. These users have different interests, and there is a high chance that among strangers, you will find your soulmate or even a partner for a long-term relationship.

Communication Methods

With this website, you will get lots of features for interaction. The main of them is viewing and conducting online streams. These videos are visible for all users of TinyChat. However, if you are eager to show this conference to a particular person, we recommend using your URL.

One more thing available for conversations on TinyChat is a private communication. While interacting with one of the users, you can send him text messages and share some pictures or videos. Moreover, if you want to show that you are fond of a particular member of the community, you can purchase a digital gift for him. In the virtual shop, you will be able to find hundreds of variants. That is why if you know that person’s interests, you will be able to select the present he will adore.

TinyChat Alternatives

TinyChat Alternatives

Do you think that TinyChat is not the best option for you? So, this website has lots of alternatives, including:

  • Omegle;
  • Chatroulette;
  • Chatzy.

Although these sites have a considerable number of fans, they are not as exceptional as TinyChat. Their main shortcoming is the fact that their premium memberships are more pricey. What is more, most of the competitors do not offer such a great variety of gifts, and their interface is worse.

Membership Price and Payment Method

TinyChat Price

A lot of features of TinyChat are available for all members. Nevertheless, if you want to become popular, it is better to get a membership. To pay for your subscription, you need to use your credit card.

Free Membership Features

To get access to this online platform, you do not need to pay. With a free version of TinyChat, you can:

  • Join chat rooms;
  • Look at the Live Directory.

Premium Membership Features

As you can see, with a free profile, you can get access to some general features. With a premium subscription, you will:

  • Get additional coins;
  • Be able to watch HD video;
  • Get to the top of the feed.

What is more, in the premium version, there are no ads.

How Much is Dating on TinyChat?

The cost depends on the type of membership you choose:

  • Gold is $37.49 per month;
  • Extreme is $6.22 per month;
  • PRO is $4.14 per month.

Is TinyChat Really Safe?

TinyChat Safe

The platform itself does its best to protect all its members. The only way you can be attacked is by scammers, and there are a few of them because of lack of any verification. So, pay attention to all strangers who want to talk to you via TinyChat.

Technical Side of Protection

If you purchase a premium membership, hackers cannot steal your data because of the system of encryption.

Customer Support

If you have issues with the platform, you can go to the «Support» section. On this page, you will see answers to the main questions. However, if you have not found your solution, click on the «New Support Ticket» button. You ought to provide the data in the application and send it. After submitting the form, you will get the answer to your email.

How to Pass TinyChat Photo Verification?

To upload your photos, you do not need to verify them.

How to Delete TinyChat Account?

Visit the «Account Management» section and click on the «I want to disable my account.» After doing this, follow the instruction the system will provide you. It will be impossible to regain access to your profile.

How to See Who Likes You on Tinychat Without Paying?

This feature is not available for all members.

How to Block Someone on Tinychat?

Click on the flag icon near the avatar of this member and select the reason for your decision.

How to Cancel TinyChat Subscription?

To stop paying for your subscription, you ought to go to the settings and cancel the auto-renewal.


Summing up, this website is the best if you want to conduct conferences or view live streams. There are several ways to use TinyChat. You can get a desktop or mobile version.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
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Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Kenneth Patterson
by Kenneth Patterson Oct 17, 2021
My knowledge to date is 100per cent remarkable. It is an outstanding app with quick texting. Technical support is also cool. When I forgot a password and had to readjust they. Okay, properly, every little thing ended up being solved in a few momemts. I've currently received some lovers to have a chat with, but I'm maybe not in a rush in order to satisfy folks brick and mortar. I'm experiencing and enjoying the system at this point because communications using my faves is absolutely cool as well as converts me personally in usually. Terrific rates, several hot pages, and direction-finding happens to be easy. I really enjoy such a facile and efficient method of on the internet hookups.
by Harmony Oct 12, 2021
Cool dating website! We accompanied it last year and since subsequently achieved several good friends with importance. Additionally, I talk with numerous individuals from the best variety. Communicating is wonderful, as a chat panel is really convenient. Users tends to be open-minded, welcoming, and active. I've specific choices, and no any judges me personally. Extremely, i'm totally safe and comfortable.
Jeanne Barnett
by Jeanne Barnett Oct 09, 2021
I ran across me attempting to loosen up and leap into recoil sex if not everyday online dating after a split up. However, I got little idea of the steps to making it on the internet. Zero adventure helped me afraid. I tried swiping, but these a shallow solution is not my own sturdy meet. We try to find the software just where consumers are actually setting up, but I nonetheless needed a good quality site. This option was a middle floor for me. No-strings-attached joints, respectable kinds, and meets, basic software, chatrooms. That is all I actually sought. I went on a handful of very hot schedules, and then Love it if more feel much better. Wonderful solution for singles with complimentary choice and excellent usability. The neat design try a decent reach.
Ricardo Grant
by Ricardo Grant Oct 04, 2021
The web based goes in this particular web site are becoming a great and attention-grabbing feel for me. It truly does work properly for our self-respect and makes it possible for producing new relationships. They may not be affairs however but hunt appealing. Likewise, truly beautiful for me to-break the snow and talk with individuals from any land i love. Surfing profiles is actually interesting, often. It's often fascinating observe how folks present themselves when shopping for intimacy.
by Jon Sep 26, 2021
Exceptional tool for those unafraid of online dating services and open dialogues. The app happens to be well-organized and also a lot of signed-up owners. Messaging isn't hard, several other options are really easy to use and see. As to me personally, I've currently determine a pal with who our biochemistry is basically hitting.
Adrian Brown
by Adrian Brown Sep 22, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to gather another chances at really love. Say thank you to this great site for services since I have received my desire. Do not generate unnecessary long-term blueprints and merely savor one another. We all evening, trips, and talk about an array of strategies. Essentially the most beautiful thing in all of our interaction. I adore your lover and wish the romance will develop and go right to the next level. Lots of people are looking to find spouses at relationships on-line companies, and often, that type of situations try disturbing given that you think items in shop windowpanes. This app is unique. You can begin with speaking and result in the religious. The service keeps a very good technological qualities. I prefer the web page mostly over at my notebook, but in some cases We correspond with consumers and check simple work from the apple iphone. No problems whatever. I've took note no insects . every single thing is helpful, without bugs. When I log in, i take advantage of the internet site given that i would like without interruptions and annoying reloads. Hopefully it keeps by doing this, and manage top quality. I wish everybody good luck since my has already discover me.
Lisa Carroll
by Lisa Carroll Sep 17, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and course-plotting is easy. I access an ample number of issues and information for consumers that seem popular with myself. To tell the truth, i really do love due to being on this incredible website. We possibly couldn't encounter my latest good friend till now. Nevertheless, I recently found several interested visitors to correspond with. Personally I think free and casual while communicating with all of them. I propose this web site to all or any whos trying to find close companionship, no matter what the sort of union.
by BENDER Sep 16, 2021
I want some other daters to know that this service 100% does its job without tricks. Folks that undoubtedly long for to have in touch with that special someone won't rue their selection if becoming a member of the working platform. The main thing just isn't to give up. I have currently met our beloved, therefore are satisfied. Personally I think arousal and harmony, knowning that ways a great deal. Extremely, we are in love, which is never ever too late for those of every age group and criteria. I suggest our site, hence simply check out.