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TeenChat Review September 2021: Is It Trustworthy?

TeenChat Review September 2021: Is It Trustworthy?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 55%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 40%
Profiles 2 345
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers an optimized mobile version.
  • Easy to use.
  • This application will be one of the easiest on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate and access Teen Dating fast.
  • Meet teens every day on the best site.
  • Most importantly, you can find a couple in your application, completely free.
  • A teenage chat room for dating teens and free chats near you.
  • Registration and use do not require payment, it's absolutely free.
  • The site is poorly moderated.
  • No mobile app.
  • Messages and group chats may contain sexually explicit information.

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TeenChat is made especially for teens! Boys and girls can find free chats and blogs here, chat, gossip, and discuss school and teachers, and more. TeenChat only accepts users between the ages of 13 and 19. If you are a teenager, you can easily create an account and register in chats. To use the chat in full, you just need to register. It is free, and there are no hidden charges.

Reputation and history of TeenChat

TeenChat Review

TeenChat is a free chat site for teens to communicate and find other teens online anonymously. You can talk about social issues, fun things to do after school, or gossip about celebrities. Teens can add friends, chats, and send private messages.

TeenChat values your privacy and never stores personally identifiable information without your permission. The site has a zero-tolerance policy for cyberbullying and abuse. To use this site, teens must be over 13. The website was created by a small group of web professionals with many years of experience creating fast, efficient, and easy-to-use web applications.

We live in a century when young adults and teenagers are surrounded by things like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, various sects, promiscuous sex life, and much more to be right. Some of young people can consider them fashionable and cool. Therefore, moderators decided to open such a portal, forum, or just a place where teenagers may be able to change their worldview, find really necessary activities, find interesting people from all over the world, and possibly even love. We would like to say a little about chatting for teenagers without registration at TeenChat. If this is your first time entering the chat, don’t be shy, get acquainted, for example, write to those whose nickname is telling you something. The main thing is not to insult; after all, we are civilized people. And if you are not noticed, ignored, you can always use the “call” function.

Website, App, interface, registration

TeenChat interface

In the chat room for teens, you can enjoy every moment with boys and girls from all over the world. Teenagers are always registered here for the same purpose. You can meet these people in the future or just have a good friendship on the Internet. This site offers a search for serious relationships with teens, just meeting and flirting, or the opportunity to gossip on different topics with like-minded people. If you are looking for a useful chat site, check out this review about TeenChat.

Every day, newcomers enter the chat, and you can always find yourself a good conversationalist, friend, or even love. TeenChat is a real world where people who want to go the right way of life and not get lost in some drunken companies live. Moderators are trying to make TeenChat better and take into account all the suggestions and wishes of users.

In TeenChat, the user gets the opportunity to customize the profile. You will not meet this feature on other dating sites or in applications. You can customize the appearance of your profile, change the username’s color, select a profile theme, and show your personality. Modern dating sites offer a ready-made, formatted profile. It is also worth noting that teenagers like such manipulations with accounts more than adults.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

TeenChat Sign Up

TeenChat strives to be the most innovative and fun chat on the web. You can read the rest of this review, or spend just a few minutes to log in. Logging into the site is very simple; you do not need to go through a lengthy registration process, as geek dating sites offer. To join the community of teenagers, go to the login page. There is only one field for entering information – this is your username. After you write the username, feel free to click on the Join Room button and get to know teenagers from all over the world. As you see, it is effortless to become a TeenChat member. Site rules require you to be between 13 and 19 years old. Before you log in, you must accept the Terms of Service. You can also link your Twitter account.

Are the accounts real here?

Registration takes no more than a minute, so there are a lot of users. Nonetheless, we believe that the site should have a more rigorous registration process. Moderators propose to register using the email confirmation. But email verification cannot guarantee that the accounts are real or fake. Also, users can get full access to the site without email confirmation. Thus, there is no point in doing verification. On the other hand, the TeenChat team should know that this is an active address, not a fake one.

Website and mobile version

TeenChat mobile

TeenChat does not have a mobile application. But, as an alternative, you can use the mobile version optimized for smartphones. The mobile version of the chat is also free and does not require downloading.

The adapted version for a mobile phone has the same functions as the desktop version of TeenChat. However, it looks much denser and more compact. Instead of sitting at home all day and using the desktop version of the site, you can always open it on your mobile phone and use it if you are on the move or relaxing outside.

Special Features

TeenChat Special

TeenChat can offer its users an innovative karma system. This system improves traditional chatting capabilities by creating social incentives and additional opportunities. How does it work? The system allows you to improve chatting for valuable users and reduce the load on trolls. Which other tools can be found on TeenChat?

Forums. These are a variation of blogs that provide textual information of various kinds. You will find everything about online dating, video games, television series, school filming, and much more. Forums have no sexual content, but only the most interesting information for teens. Users can view this information and write their comments under blog posts.

Chats are another service that the service offers. In chats, teens communicate with each other on various topics. The downside of these chats is that you may be asked to talk about sexual themes. Not every teenager is ready to discuss this.

Friend requests. This function is created by analogy with that offered on social networks. You can send and receive a friend request. The user you make friends with will appear in the Friends list in your profile. This feature also facilitates searching for accounts of participants with whom you would like to chat.

The site does not offer users a standard partner search engine like dating sites do. On the main page of the site, there are several profiles with photos of users. This opportunity is the first to find an interlocutor. Next, you can click on the Teen Links section. The site will offer you to choose one of the categories: Chat Services (here you create your chat and users can find you), Chat Rooms (these are ready-made chats, just choose the one that suits you), Chat Directories and Student Resources. If you found a person in the chat that you liked and are pleased to talk to them, you can always send them a request to add to Friends.

How does TeenChat work?

TeenChat work

TeenChat is not suitable for the frivolous exchange of personal data. Here, unlike all other chats and dating sites, you can just humanly communicate. However, if you find someone you would like to chat without anyone else, you can make the conversation private with that person. You can upload the main photo to your profile. The site does not have rigorous verification of photo organizations. Perhaps that is why most profiles have images of characters from films, popular TV shows, and anime. In your profile, you will find the section “About me”. Here you can publish your “Mood” for the day, as well as tell about yourself. Users write about their hobbies, describe their looks, and the like. In your profile you will find the “Friends” tab. All users you have added will be displayed here. If you often communicate with the same user, it will be easy to find them in this tab. If the user annoys you, or it seems to you that you are communicating with a scammer, you can always add him to the “Ignore” list.

Searching options and filters at TeenChat

Modern dating sites and communication platforms most often have a search bar to find a suitable partner. In this line, you can select the specified criteria (age, habits, the presence of a tattoo dating, hair color, and physique). Unfortunately, TeenChat does not use this search option. You can choose a partner on the main page of the site, or through the use of group chats. Of course, this type of search complicates the process of finding a partner and interlocutor. Moreover, you will need to look at each profile and decide whether you want to communicate with this particular teenager, or whether you should seek further.

Communication methods

TeenChat methods

TeenChat makes communication with users even easier. To find a friend, you can join the group chat, or add the user to the “Friends” tab and chat with them in private messages. As soon as users accept your application, they will be automatically placed on the “Friends” tab in your profile. As mentioned above, group chat is not the only opportunity to communicate with peers. You can send a private message to the user you like. In many reviews, we found information that immediately after registration, newcomers begin to receive messages. Unfortunately, many of them can carry sexually explicit content. Noteworthy will be the fact that all chat users are very active and not bots.

For those who do not like group conversations and feel insecure in private conversations, the site offers to browse TeenChat blogs and forums. In these sections, users will find various materials on different topics. Here you will find “Pieces of Teen Advice”, “Gaming”, “Sports” dating sites and even the “Television Series”. Under the articles, you can leave comments and express your opinion on the information read. TeenChat offers users the video function, but it is used much less often than a way to communicate with other participants like chat.

TeenChat Alternatives

TeenChat Alternatives

Not so long ago, to meet and chat teenagers, people visited the cinema, clubs, and various cafes. Now, for free download, a variety of dating applications are available, and modern sites allow you to find a mate without leaving your home. Some applications can be used for communication; others are designed for quick dates. What applications will become an alternative to TeenChat? Among the popular dating and chatting apps, KakaoTalk is worth mentioning. This is a messenger application with which you can send text messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, and location data.

Also, for more serious searches, you can use Tinder. A feature of the application is that you can only communicate here if users mutually like each other. Management here is ideally simple: to put a Like, you need to swipe the screen to the right, and to go to the next profile, you need to swipe the screen to the left. When the couple has established, you can chat in a text chat, exchange news, and make dates.

The only thing you should consider is that the target audience of such services is not limited to the ages of 13-19 years old. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to find like-minded people there.

Membership Price and Payment Method

We are used to the fact that dating sites that advertise themselves as free after registration begin to offer the purchase of a paid membership or site currency. Let’s see how TeenChat works and whether teenagers need to prepare their wallets.

Free Membership Features

Visiting the “About” section, you will find information that the site works for free. Here is just one suggestion that registering on the site is easy and free. That is what happens. The user does not pay for registration on the website and can use all the functions in full. You will not find any hidden connotations, paid services, or fees for using the service here.

Premium Membership Features

TeenChat Premium Membership

Do not be surprised, TeenChat is a free site for chatting and dating teens. You do not need to pay a monthly membership. You sign up and enjoy all the chat features, meet teenagers, and make an appointment if your couple lives in your area.

How much is dating on TeenChat?

This service is free.

Is TeenChat Really Safe?

What are the advantages of TeenChat for teens without registration? The main pros of a free chat are the absence of ads, viruses, and chat moderators also ensure that spam messages (intrusive advertising) and flood (repeating the same phrase more than five times) are not received in the chat. The administration strictly monitors the discipline and aggression that affects the nationality or relatives of the user, and pornography in any form are strictly prohibited in the chat.

Technical side of protection

It’s hard to talk about how the site protects its users technically. Yes, there are Privacy Policy and Terms of Service sections. In these sections, all the rules for using the service are described in detail, and before registration, you can familiarize yourself with these points in person. In any case, this is an Internet space. You should prepare for the fact that scammers are among teenagers, especially since registration on the service does not require your identification. Anyone can pretend to be someone else.

Customer Support

Administrators and their assistants are almost always online. Any question that interests you, or any offer will never be rejected, that is, with any general question you will always be helped, familiarized with the chat functions, etc.

Usually, dating sites have a FAQ section. TeenChat does not provide it, but there is a Contact section. Here you will be asked to send your question. Also, below we have prepared some of the most common questions regarding this service.

How to pass TeenChat photo verification?

There is no photo verification on the site. You can upload any photo of a movie TV star, anime cartoons, and so on, it is not forbidden on Teen Chat.

How to delete TeenChat account?

Since you do not register in any way, just enter a username and join the chat, there is no need to delete your account. But if you still have such a desire, you can delete it in the profile settings. This applies to those users who have verified their accounts via email, which is not mandatory.

How to see who likes you on TeenChat without paying?

Teen Chat does not have a view function of whom you liked. The only thing you can do is to send a friend request. This is a kind of signal that a person is interested in you.

How to block someone on TeenChat?

Any annoying user can be sent to the “Ignore” list.

How to cancel TeenChat subscription?

Using the site is free; you do not pay for a paid membership, so questions with the cancellation of payment do not arise.


TeenChat is a service with a standard set of functions for sending messages and files, which is simultaneously a gaming platform and a mini-social network. In addition to, in fact, the basic functionality of a regular messenger, TeenChat allows users to share their statuses and comment on others – in general, do the same as in other social networks. Teenagers will find this place an exciting platform for communication and dating with the same youngsters since the age range is limited from 13-19 years old. Try the app and make your choice in favor of or against it.

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