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Facebook Review 2021 – legit or a scam?

Facebook Review 2021 – legit or a scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The reputation of the brand speaks out for itself.
  • Protection of your data. Despite the number of scandals that accompany the Facebook company, it still proved its reliability in terms of security.
  • Single account. It’s not necessary to create a separate account to access Facebook Dating – it is right here in your main Facebook account.
  • Integration with Instagram helps to place all the pictures from your Instagram account on Facebook Dating; therefore, you are saving time to deal with two different applications.
  • Diversity. Facebook has a policy of equality and diversity, so on Facebook Dating, you can meet people of various nationalities, any age, and from any location.
  • Supported only in the app, it is not available in the web version.
  • Ability to contact anyone without creating a match, which causes overloaded messages request.
  • Can get a match from the Facebook groups you are already a member of - this can be an issue if you want to stay totally secure.
  • It doesn’t link your relationship status from Facebook, so you can not be sure about the status of your communication partner.
  • Many use dating services to share some pornography content, but Facebook Dating is not a case.

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In 2018 the founding father of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of another child – Facebook Dating. This service designed to connect people who are looking for long-lasting relationships, not just one-night stands or a hookup. The heart of Facebook Dating belongs first to safety and security, which is quite a harsh question for the whole dating industry.

Reputation and History of Facebook Dating

Probably you will not find a single person on the Earth who would not know about Facebook. For more than 15 years, this outstanding service which helps us to stay in touch with anyone around the globe. The announcement of launching Facebook Dating was back in May of 2018 and was followed by a testing period. We can tell the real spreading of was in 2019, when the service expanded to countries in South America, Asia, and North America. In 2020 citizens of Europe also will get a chance to use the service. From now on, the number of users equals the number of Facebook app users from these countries.

Currently, the adult Facebook users from these countries can search for a couple on Facebook Dating:

  • Argentina
  • United States
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Uruguay

The brand has very high reliability, and many people trust it due to the awareness of the Facebook brand. Yes, some recent scandals connected to data lick dropped the popularity; still, many people use it as the main social network and therefore take the benefit of Facebook Dating as it works from the same application.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

So far, it is available only for app users. The interface is the same as for Facebook, so for many users, it is very simple and familiar, besides it doesn’t require any additional registration. All you need to do is to know how to navigate through the app.

Sign up Process. Is it Easy Here?

To begin, open or download the Facebook mobile application, and log in with your existing Facebook credentials. As it already integrated into Facebook, you are already familiar with it. They are a separate profile and message system, and you must navigate to a special tab to use it. The next thing you need to do is to open the menu in the Facebook app to find the Dating tab and click «Start» to set up your profile.

Facebook Dating is allowed for people who are 18 and older.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Since Facebook verifies its users through email and phone numbers, it increases the number of real profiles and drops down the number of scams. But it is still recommended to follow general safety tips and be careful with sharing your personal information with strangers.

Website and Mobile Version

Unfortunately, the fans of the web version of Facebook are not able to enjoy Facebook Dating, as it is only available in the app. But the good news here is that it supported for Android and IOS. So pretty much everyone who has a smartphone can check out Facebook together with in-built Facebook Dating.

Special Features

Facebook Dating is based on Facebook technologies and algorithms. Besides single sign-on from the Facebook or Instagram account, it also searches for matches, which have a similar interest, members of the same group, or event on Facebook. It also doesn’t search among your friends or Instagram followers; the only way to search among these users is to activate the Secret Crush feature.

Facebook Dating is free of charge and was not created to make a profit on someone’s desire to make a couple, rather provide a safe environment within the Facebook community to find someone, which matches you.

Partner hunt can be very easy with Facebook Dating, but for this, you need to be clear with the preferences setting in your profile. It reminds Tinder a little bit as you are getting the profile on the main screen, and you can either reject it or tap to check out more details. But unlike Tinder, you don’t get a chance to swap here – a new match will appear only after have responded to a previous one.

How does Facebook Dating Work?

The search based on a few algorithms:

  • Personal data and information indicated in the profile;
  • The preferences, which you have set up in the Facebook Dating settings
  • Based on the action you perform in your Facebook profiles, such as likes and shares;
  • Based on the Facebook Events, you are going to attend and/or Groups, members of which you are.

Searching Options and Filters at Facebook Dating

But besides automated algorithms, users of Facebook Dating can also adjust their settings to establish their search preferences and filter out the users they want to communicate with.

  • Basic info such as:
  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Interests
  4. Religion views
  5. Children
  6. Distance
  • Events: You can initiate match searches by the users, who are going to attend the same event as you are. If the suggestions seem to be irrelevant, you can cancel your attendance, and the matches based on this specific event will not come out anymore.
  • Groups: Very logical to say that people who are joining the same group would have the same interests, so these rules also apply to Facebook Dating – the services will offer you suggestions based on the joint groups’ membership.

    If you want to check out who would match you the best from a specific event or group, you can just run a specific function, which called «Check for matches.»

Another option, which is supported by Facebook Dating is a Secret Crush. The system itself doesn’t offer matches from your follower or friends list. Basically, this feature is intended to start chatting with the person with whom you are friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram, and you are interested in this person. If you add the person as a Secret Crush, this user will receive a pop-up message to join the conversation. But don’t worry, your name will be visible only once this person will add you as a Secret Crush as well.

Communication Methods

Messages remain to be the main communication option for Facebook Dating services. The good news is that you can start chatting with anyone you like just based on their profile. You don’t need to wait until you get a match from this person. On the opposite, it can play a tricky name with users who receive too many messages.

You can begin the conversation simply by liking somebody’s photos or answering the question.

Another important feature to keep in mind that the messages are only texts, unlike many other dating services – links, video, and payments are not allowed here due to security reasons.

Questions are another option to communicate. You can simply answer the question on your profile and comment or reply

Facebook Dating Alternatives

Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are the main alternatives to Facebook Dating. All these services are very popular and highly ranked among the users, but Facebook Dating has some advantages over these services:

  • No need to download and keep a separate app;
  • Build in a social network with a broad database of users;
  • Ability to fill out your profile based on the Facebook profile and synchronize picture from it and also from Instagram;
  • Brand awareness;
  • Easy to use for those who have zero experience in online dating.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Facebook policy and main principle are that it is free and always will be. As Facebook Dating is part of its global social network, it is also absolutely free and doesn’t sell any specific memberships.

Free Membership Features

Unlike many other dating services, which are trying to make money out of everything: paid messages, rates for videos, chats, stickers or gifs, Facebook Dating sticks to a free access policy. It doesn’t charge you at all, but due to security and safety reasons, all you can do is exchange messages with no limits. Messages are available only in text forms. It means you will not be able to share any pictures, links, or videos in messages.

Premium Membership Features

No paid option offered by the service, everyone is equal in the access to features of the Facebook Dating. Many think that no barrier would cause fraud; however, in this case, it minimizes the number of frauds, as there are no that many schemes to make money on. Everything is free and transparent.

How Much Is Dating on Facebook Dating?

Just to sum-up and emphasize again, service is absolutely free of charge, and if you have the intention to find someone to build a relationship with no investment, you are welcome to try it on!

Is Facebook Dating Really Safe?

Even though Facebook has recently got into a few scandals with using personal data inappropriately, however, it remains one of the safest social networks. The process of verification minimizes the number of scammers, more than that Facebook Dating as a part of Facebook has control over the discrimination activities.

Still, Facebook Dating provides a list of safety tips, which will help to detect and avoid anyone who has suspicious behavior. It recommended to watch out for scams and be careful with the information you share with other users. Do not switch to other personal communication means or agree to meet in person until you feel safe and know some details about the person on the other side of the screen.

Technical Side of Protection

Facebook Dating is not only relying on your well-developed common sense but also allows technology to protect yourself.

You can share your location using GPS with a reliable friend or a family member when going out with someone you’ve met via the app – 15 minutes before your live meeting this person will receive your actual coordinates;

If someone bothers you or behaves inappropriately, it is possible to block such a user. Anyone who is on your Blocker list will not be able to contact you, your groups and event will also be invisible for them.

You can repost anyone who seems to be suspicious or asks for money – this way, and the moderators will check this person and block in case the fact of scam proved.

Customer Support

Go to the support tab and choose to report a problem. Simply describe your issue, and Facebook Dating will get back to you shortly. Facebook Dating supports replies usually promptly and notifies how long it will take to solve your issue. There is a single channel for communication with support, and they don’t offer a phone line or email-based support.

As all the user, who joined Facebook Dating familiar with Facebook and its policies, they still have some questions left, here some of them:

  • How Facebook Dating is different from Facebook
  • Who can use the service?
  • How to edit a profile?
  • How to delete the profile?
  • How to turn off notifications?
  • How to stay safe?
  • How to report or block someone on Facebook Dating?

How to Pass Facebook Dating Photo Verification?

All the pictures can be uploaded to your Facebook Dating from your Facebook, Instagram, or uploaded from the camera roll. General rules to verification are applied here: any discrimination or pornography content is not allowed and will be blocked automatically right away.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Account

To delete the profile, you simply need to go to the main menu – tap dating – scroll and find Delete Profile. Once you delete it, all your matches together with the communication history will be gone, however, keep in mind that the other people you have communicated with still will see your messages in their Inbox.

How to See Who Likes You on Facebook Dating Without Paying

Facebook Dating doesn’t charge for anything and doesn’t offer the functionality to review who liked your profiles. This feature not simply supported by the app. However, you can see who liked your pictures, and basically, this is an alternative to see who is interested in you.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Dating?

You can block another user just on the menu, which shows the status of your connection with the user. Keep in mind that users blocked in the Facebook account will remain blocked in Facebook Dating as well. However, this doesn’t work on the opposite. Blocking someone will prevent them from viewing your page, texting or contacting you in any other way. This feature is very handy as there is no limitation in terms of the people, who may contact you – people outside your match list can send you messages, and sometimes it can be a real problem.

How to Cancel Facebook Dating Subscription

As Facebook Dating doesn’t offer any paid membership, you don’t need to provide your credit card details and be careful as someone asks for them. Therefore, you don’t need to do any additional steps to cancel your subscription.


So far, Facebook Dating is just starting its world expansion and available in a limited number of countries. But hopefully, soon, everyone will be able to get a chance to find a match through this service. We believe that the popularity of Facebook Dating service will grow over the years and will even eliminate some of the major players in this industry like it initially happened with Facebook as a social network.

It was a great step forward for this world-leading social media to launch such a service as Facebook Dating. It took them a while to launch it. Therefore, we can expect a really unique product with high quality. It differs on the market of dating services as it is intended to people, looking for serious relationships. The biggest advantage of this solution is that it is free and doesn’t have any limitations in terms of several contacts you may have or messages to send. It greatly minimizes the number of scammers who often use dating websites with the purpose of making some money. If, of course, you don’t want to send video and photo content with pornography elements on Facebook Dating. It is a safe place to be.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
MS, RD & Writer
Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
by Grace Oct 14, 2021
I like this service. After becoming an authorized user for around 8 weeks, i discovered brand new friends, so there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The software enables you to produce a unique account with many different appealing footage. So long as you don't become they important to fill-in many of the areas, you'll forget them. I suppose that images are considered the key factor within the rest you are able to expose while texting and speaking. I don't posses a person for matchmaking immediately, but I'm over at my ways. I reside in a rural locations, and most matches are far from me. However, contemplating your newest preferred and the on the web interacting with each other, i'll venture out soon. At any rate, the software runs, in addition to the society rocks !. We turned down some freaks, but I've found no-one extremely dreadful so that you may stop them from getting in touch with myself.
by Alexander Oct 07, 2021
I recently found me trying to chill out and hop into reaction sex or perhaps even laid-back internet dating after a breakup. However, I managed to get no idea of how to make it on the internet. Zero event made me afraid. I tried swiping, but these types of a shallow method isn't really my stronger fit. I try to find the app just where users become setting up, but I nevertheless necessary an outstanding webpages. This 1 came to be a middle soil for me personally. No-strings-attached joints, respectable users, and fits, straightforward interface, forums. That is all I actually desired. I went on multiple beautiful periods, and after this I really feel a lot better. Great services for single men and women with cost-free selection and good features. The neat design try a great reach.
John Anderson
by John Anderson Oct 05, 2021
The net dates in this particular website are becoming a superb and attention-grabbing feel for me. It does work properly for my own confidence and allows producing brand-new connections. They are certainly not interaction nevertheless but have a look encouraging. In addition, it's wonderful for my situation to-break the ice and speak to folks from any country i love. Checking users is participating, often. It's constantly intriguing ascertain how consumers prove while looking for closeness.
by Julia Sep 26, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved to discover another potential at admiration. Thank this great site for facilitate since I acquired our intend. We really do not create some long-range schemes and simply relish both. All of us date, vacation, and show a wide range of tasks. It's the gorgeous part of all of our affairs. I adore our spouse and hope our personal relationship will develop and navigate to the next level. A number of people are searching for spouses at wedding online businesses, and typically, that sort of issues try stressful due to the fact think products in shop screens. This application is different. You'll begin with speaking and end up in the ceremony. The service provides a great techie environment. I prefer the website mainly on my laptop, but in some cases We talk to customers and look the activities from the new iphone 4. No troubles in any way. I've mentioned no insects . all is useful, without glitches. Whenever I sign in, I use the internet site assuming Needs without disruptions and irritating reloads. Hopefully they keeps in that way, and uphold high quality. If only everybody all the best ! since your has now discovered myself.
Ralph Walker
by Ralph Walker Sep 22, 2021
This site is perfect for myself. As I'm a tad sick and tired of swiping, it grew to be a middle floor for your desires. I don't program any big relations right now, but We won't try to escape once I meet our adore. Website doesn't force myself and permits receiving all bells and whistles of good quality relationship. Besides, i love that application comes in handy to make use of, whether it be about direction-finding or cost. Price is average, and I do not grudge bucks to them since I have the best advantages for charge they might require. I've currently came across some reasonable individuals and take horny periods. Besides, we email with a few customers to talk, chuckle, and reveal various content, contains sex. Personally I think that I am with my league since society is incredibly welcoming. Customers don't determine one, because might should you have obtained people in a bar.
by Jennifer Sep 21, 2021
The dating internet site is easy, and navigation is easy. We use an adequate many knowledge and ideas for individuals that appear attractive to me personally. To tell the truth, i actually do enjoy due to being on our site. We possibly couldn't hit my existing good friend yet. Continue to, I recently found two interesting individuals correspond with. Personally I think complimentary and peaceful while chatting with these people. I would recommend this incredible website to everyone who is selecting excellent companionship, whatever the sorts of connection.
by Jaylin Sep 11, 2021
Needs additional daters to find out that this specific service 100percent performs optimally without tactics. Individuals that really crave to receive in touch with that special someone won't rue their unique choices when becoming a member of the working platform. The most important thing isn't to quit. I have currently came across my favorite beloved, and we also are now happy. I'm arousal and consistency, hence means a great deal. Thus, the audience is in love, plus its never too-late if you are of various age groups and needs. I suggest this web site, very just test.