BeautifulPeople Positive & Negative Reviews July 2021

BeautifulPeople Positive & Negative Reviews July 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 87%
Popular age 27-35
Beauty 97%
Profiles 84 123
About Site
Visit rate 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a reputable service, which has proven its reliability for almost 20 years of its existence.
  • It provides a high level of security to the personal data of the website’s members.
  • In the majority of cases, the photos of the members are real.
  • BeautifulPeople offers various entertaining services and means of communication between members.
  • The price for the account creation is not extremely high.
  • BeautifulPeople is titled as an elite club because approximately one out of ten applicants receives positive feedback.
  • The administration may remove the member’s profile if the member gains weight.
  • No money is refunded in the described above case takes place.
  • Many of the services available at BeautifulPeople should be paid additionally.
  • Absence of the precise criteria of being beautiful for both males and females.
  • The application can deteriorate the quality of photos, which decreases the chances of applicants to become members.

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BeautifulPeople is one of the most controversial websites among the dating services available throughout the world. However, many people have a strong desire to be among the members of BeautifulPeople. It is due to the fact that that there is a serious selection provided by other members of the service. This leads to the fact that the decision to either accept the application of the person or not is rather subjective. The eloquent title of this dating service underlines that only beautiful people can be among those looking for their true love. The members of the BeautifulPeople decide the range of the beautifulness. There are no official criteria for the evaluation of the applicants. When a person wants to register at the website, he or she has to create an account by placing real photos and a short description of the profile. Then, there are two days or 48 hours during which the members of BeautifulPeople should estimate the appropriateness of the applicant to their community. If the majority of votes are favorable, then the applicant is accepted to the members of the dating service. When the result is negative, then the candidature is rejected, and a person can undertake some further steps by changing the profile description and choosing other photos that may be accepted.

  1. What is the way of becoming a member of BeautifulPeople?
  2. Why my photo is considered not to be beautiful?
  3. Is it possible to delete my account?
  4. How can I promote my account to become more popular?
  5. What are the advantages of a paid subscription?

The website’s restrictive policy raises lots of conflicting issues, such as discrimination on the background of appearance. Many reliable editions, such as CNN, BBC, and other media, described BeautifulPeople from the adverse side. However, the question of appearance has always been and will be subjective because aesthetic standards are quite individual.

Reputation and History of BeautifulPeople


As compared to many other similar services, BeautifulPeople has a much longer history, which has brought many opposite thoughts concerning the reputation of the service. The founders of the BeautifulPeople launched their website in 2002 in Denmark. In 2005, the countries who enjoyed the world of the dating service joined the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2009, BeautifulPeople was spread worldwide. Almost each developed country has BeautifulPeople website. Almost immediately, it has received many waves of criticism from the media, which blamed this service for the separation of the society where only perceived attractive persons can be members of the community. Data varies, and it is claimed that only from 10 to 20 applications are accepted into the service.

A resonance event took place in 2010 when five thousand members were removed from the website because their body weight did not fit the standards of beauty according to the person’s weight. Such an attitude hit to the ego of people who tried to break the website to achieve justice. As a result, the system was broken, and several thousands of applications were accepted without preliminary voting. However, all of those profiles were deleted. This issue was even highlighted in the media. There, the virus was titled Shrek as an allusion to a famous cartoon depicting the love of not beautiful people, who were happy despite all the prejudices. The other attempts to hack BeautifulPeople allowed to steal the personal information of members, including their financial status, employment history, and intimate preferences. Despite all these failures, the number of members does not decrease and reaches about one million registered members throughout the world. More than 100 thousand are the residents of the United States.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

 BeautifulPeople Interface

The website of the BeautifulPeople is easy to use. It is not overloaded with unnecessary information. The first sentence, which is seen to the website’s visitors underlines that the site is only for the beautiful people. Below, there is a motto or the main principle of the BeautifulPeople, which claims that members of the website determine the fate of new applicants. As it is written, the residents of BeautifulPeople are the owners of the key to the website’s doors. Also, on the website’s first page, visitors can see the profiles of the newest members on whom they can vote.

BeautifulPeople are also easy to find. The first link in Google search offers the appropriate website. The same situation is with the applications to smartphones. BeautifulPeople app can be downloaded both from the Google Play Market and Apple App Store. Moreover, the links to these applications are represented on the website’s first page, where they are highly visible. Thus, all those who want to have the BeautifulPeople’s app will be able to find it without any trouble. The application offers a lesser number of opportunities, but the main function of finding beautiful people is present. The registration is similar in both apps and websites. The applicants have to enter their name, date of birth, gender, passport data, and even the level of income. The last point is one of the reasons why BeautifulPeople is considered to be an elite club.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

The sign-up process at BeautifulPeople is understandable and easy. The only question is to its fairness and objectivity. The applicant should upload a photo or several of them and write a description of them in the section “About me.” The registration process takes from three to five minutes. Then, it will be necessary to activate the account via email or sign up via Facebook profile. And then follow the last stage, which lies in the waiting for two days for the voting results. The already registered members vote for the new applicants by having four options: Absolutely not; No; Hmm ok; and Beautiful. It is necessary to gain as much Beautiful and Hmm ok scores as possible for becoming a member of the community. Positive estimation means that the applicant is in, and the negative one will show that the application is out. During this period, nothing depends on the applicant. Instead, beholders of the new profile become the judges at the BeautifulPeople.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

The largest percentage of the registered accounts in BeautifulPeople is real. However, fake pages are also present here. It is since many users try to omit the procedure of registration and verification of their real profiles by posting fake photos and writing mendacious information about themselves. The management team of the website tries to detect and delete such accounts, but users have to be careful as well. Below are some tips and recommendations of how not to be deceived:

Website and Mobile Version

BeautifulPeople has both mobile and website version. The application for smartphones is available from Google Play Market and Apple App Store. Although they perform the same function, there are some differences between them. For example, the price for services in the mobile version is lower. But the mobile application has fewer opportunities than the website; not all the features are available here.

Some users complain that when uploading photos, especially in the mobile version, the quality of such photos is worse, decreasing the chances of applicants. When rating applicants in the mobile version, it takes much more time than the website version of BeautifulPeople. Voting buttons are also different in the mobile version. There, they are checkmarks and X-s. Also, Forum and Events tabs are absent in the smartphones. But the great advantage is that via smartphones, members of BeautifulPeople can use it from any place.

Special Features

It is necessary to know that only registered members of BeautifulPeople can use the website’s full features. Among the special features that are not present on similar websites are Events, Forum, and Rating. Events communicate about all the special events, both online and offline, organized by the community’s members. In the Forum tab, people may be engaged in the discussion of the topic of interest. And the last Rating feature is uniques to BeautifulPeople, no other dating service has such an option. There, the registered members vote for the aspiring members on whether they are worthy of being among the registered ones or not.

 BeautifulPeople Interface

The first stage of partner search in BeautifulPeople occurs at the Rating stage when registered members see the new applicants and have to vote for their candidacy. After becoming a certified member of the community, it is possible to use the search filter available on the website. All the profiles you like, can be added to the Favourite List and messaged later or when you wish. Also, it is possible to look through the members’ profiles via the categorical list. Additionally, when you register your profile, there is a choice of purposes of why are you on this website (looking for love, fun and flirts, business networking, etc.). Then, the program’s filter will match with the members who have the same purposes.

How Does BeautifulPeople Work?

The algorithm to look for partners in BeautifulPeople is not complicated. First of all, the website will offer you the profiles which match your features and preferences. Also, it has a filter where certified members can choose features, which must be present in the profile they are looking for. Then, members can choose among those who match all the mentioned requirements. If the liking is mutual, it is possible to continue communication in private messages.

Searching Options and Filters at BeautifulPeople

The main feature of BeautifulPeople, which is also present in all similar services is the availability of a search filter. The registered members can send winks to other members, whom they like. You can also see all the profiles who sent you a wink, liked one of your photos, added your profile to your favorite ones, or visited your page more than three times. Also, it is possible to receive access to the private photos of the member if he or she grants you with such an opportunity. Such a gesture proves that the member is ready and open for further communication.

Communication Methods

At BeautifulPeople, communication is possible only for the registered members, those who have paid for their subscription. If you are registered, you can send and receive messages. Sending winks can also be considered as nonverbal means of communication because it inspires singles of the website to continue communication. Also, there is a LIVE chat where members communicate with the help of video calls. If you want to communicate with more members at one moment, it is possible to participate in forums and discussions.

Apart from communication with other members, it is possible to message the BeautifulPeople’s administration via email or by pressing a “Report User” button, if you detect a suspicious profile.

BeautifulPeople Alternatives

 BeautifulPeople Alternatives

BeautifulPeople is not the only website of such kind. Among its competitors, it is possible to name the following dating services: Ashley Madison, Adultfriendfinder, Elitemeeting, and Dreammatches. However, the number of dating websites outweigh several hundred.

Among the advantages of BeautifulPeople is its price, which is lower as compared to competitors. Also, BeautifulPeople can be considered more democratic for some users who want to see here only beautiful people. However, for other people, democracy is out of the question here. But the BeautifulPeople is one of the most honest because it reflects the real attitudes of others towards a person.

Membership Price and Payment Method

 BeautifulPeople Price

There are two options at BeautifulPeople: free and fee-based. The price for membership varies depending on the duration (from 25 to 12 dollars per month). The payment methods include credit cards and PayPal.

Free Membership Features

Free membership at BeautifulPeople offers quite limited options. It is only possible to create an account, look through the other profiles, send winks to the registered members, and vote for or against new applicants.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership at BeautifulPeople provides you with the completes spectrum of features. Additionally to those provided for a free membership, fee-based ones allow seeing who voted for you, who added you to the Favourite list. But the main advantage is the possibility to send and receive messages. There is one tariff plan, but the price can vary according to the duration of the subscription. Also, only those who have bought premium accounts may ask for private photos of the users.

How Much Is Dating on BeautifulPeople?

Duration of subscription Prices per month Total
1 Month 24.99 USD / Month 24.99 USD
3 Months 16.99 USD / Month 50.97 USD
6 Months 12.49 USD / Month 74.94 USD

Is BeautifulPeople Really Safe?

 BeautifulPeople Safe

In general, BeautifulPeople can be considered as safe service because the website’s administration cares about the safety of the users’ profiles. Only the administration can see the complete private information of their members. BeautifulPeople uses necessary software and encryption to protect all the accounts from unauthorized access of third persons. However, some of the personal data may be used by the site’s administration for their other projects.

Technical Side of Protection

BeautifulPeople uses SSL encryption for securing any personal data and firewalls, which prevent any penetration of the third persons to these data.

Customer Support

BeautifulPeople has been functioning since 2002. During this time, they managed to develop a strong customer support system. In case of any questions regarding payment, security issues, and others, the users can email the support department to the following address support@BeautifulPeople.com.

 BeautifulPeople Questions

How to Pass BeautifulPeople Photo Verification?

The administrator provides photo verification. For this, it is necessary to upload the document with the photo. It can be a passport or driving license.

How to Delete BeautifulPeople Account?

At BeautifulPeople, members can deactivate their profiles by clicking the following buttons: Account – Settings – Deactivate profile. Also, it is possible to delete a profile in the same way. But after such action, your profile will only disappear from other users’ eyes. The administration will be able to the data because it will be saved at the website’s servers. For the hard delete of the account, it is necessary t email the support department.

How to See Who Likes You on BeautifulPeople Without Paying?

At BeautifulPeople, it is impossible to see who liked you without preliminary paying. Only prepaid accounts have such a possibility.

How to Block Someone on BeautifulPeople?

If you experience some press of discomfort from someone’s profile, you can block this profile of member’s page by pressing the “Block User” button.

How to Cancel BeautifulPeople Subscription?

You may contact the support department with such a request if you would like to cancel your subscription at BeautifulPeople. But it is necessary to take into account that the money is not refunded.


As can be seen, the BeautifulPeople dating website is rather controversial because of its specific internal policy of voting for being a member of the community. Nevertheless, it enjoys great popularity among the users of a similar website because people believe that here they will find lovely people for themselves. If you are accepted, you can enjoy the website’s features for a relatively low price, which will allow you to see premium photos of other members and, in case of mutual liking, continue communication via messages or live chat available at BeautifulPeople.

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