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Black Dating for Free Review 2021

Black Dating for Free Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 72%
Popular age 27-42
Beauty 45%
Profiles 14 452 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Black Dating For Free is 100% free of charge for its members.
  • The website has an application that allows its users to search for matches at any time and place.
  • It is possible to preview the selection of potential matches on Black Dating For Free using a simple search tool that can be used before the registration.
  • Apart from a basic search, Black Dating For Free offers an advanced search tool that covers many additional criteria for a match.
  • There is a live chat room and a forum chat where users can have a casual discussion.
  • Both the website and the Black Dating For Free app are simple in design and use, even for people without experience using dating websites.
  • As a free and open dating platform, Black Dating For Free offers relatively low security and user information protection.
  • Plenty of reviews and the website itself warn that Black Dating For Free is occasionally home to scammers and spambots.
  • The website design is basic and needs an update; certain features (small font, mismatched design of specific buttons) make it more challenging to use the dating website with full comfort.
  • There are fewer opportunities on Black Dating For Free for non-Black users, non-US residents, and representatives of the LGBT community to find a match.

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Black Dating For Free is a website that offers a dating platform specifically for Black people looking to connect with other people. The very title of the site clearly and eloquently states the purpose of Black Dating For Free, which certainly makes it easy for users to find the service. As the introduction page of the website states, the service is 100% free of charge. Although the website is one of many similar dating services for Black people, its specific benefit is that it is completely free of charge with no hidden fees and paid premium features. The goal of Black Dating For Free is to remain a free service with the simple objective of providing the best opportunities for its users to meet people with shared interests in the Black community. The website does, however, rely on the goodwill of its patrons. There is an option to donate available for those who want to support the project. The registration process on Black Dating For Free is simple and only requires an email address.

Reputation and History of Black Dating For Free

Black Dating for Free Review

Black Dating For Free was launched in 2006 as one of the dating content websites of E Dating For Free, Inc. The mobile app was released in 2014. E Dating For Free, Inc owns Black Dating For Free alongside a significant number of other dating websites for Black singles. It is a major online Black dating service provider. Users in the United States create the majority of profiles. The website does not discriminate against people based on their age, gender, ethnicity, income, or location. However, as the website is primarily a Black dating service, Black and African American users comprise the majority of Black Dating For Free’s members. There are many accounts from African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Zambia. Profiles from Europe are less frequent, as are profiles from Asian countries. The number of male accounts on the website constitute the majority (60%) of profiles. An overwhelming majority of Black Dating For Free users identify as straight, while only around 3% identify as gay or bisexual.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Black Dating for Free Interface

Black Dating For Free offers a website and an application with a simple and convenient interface. In the standard registration form, the user needs to fill in basic personal information, including gender, orientation, age, ethnicity, as well as location. Black Dating For Free warns that only users over the age of 18 can register on the website to use its services. After the initial registration, the users fill out a profile by providing further details about themselves. You can edit the profile at a later date, except for the basic information about gender, age, location, etc.

A clear disadvantage in the design of Black Dating For Free is the website’s interface’s small font. Such font is difficult to read, especially for a prolonged time and for people with poorer vision. Otherwise, it is easy to navigate the website without difficulties. Additionally, the color scheme and the design of certain features is a little inconsistent. Together, this makes for a somewhat outdated forum website design, which is why Black Dating For Free may not be to the tastes of the younger category of users.

Sign up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Black Dating For Free offers a standard procedure of registration with an email. You can also use a quick sign up with a Facebook account. It is simple and efficient for users with different levels of experience.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Black Dating for Free Accounts

The personal profiles on Black Dating For Free give sufficient information about the user. The standard questionnaire ensures that the search system can easily use all of the basic details about a person to automatically create a match. Members of the website can put specific information about their profile page interests or preferences in the description paragraph. Based on the description paragraphs, you can determine if an account is genuine. However, there are many bot accounts, as well. Additionally, some users of Black Dating For Free simply do not upload pictures or additional information.

Website and Mobile Version

The mobile application for Black Dating For Free was released in 2014, making it easier for the users to use the service at any time. The app’s design is similar to that of the website. However, users may have to get used to some of the app’s features, as the app interface is a little bit different from that of the website.

Special Features

Black Dating For Free is by far not the only black dating service out there. In terms of options, it does not have any distinctively unique features that other Black dating sites don’t have. Instead, the website is simple to use as well as absolutely free.

Black Dating for Free Search

To search for people on Black Dating For Free, one simply has to use the search tool to mark the preferences for a potential match. Alternatively, users can look to connect with people based on their activity on the website. One can search for a match in such categories as new users, people with recent activity, and people currently online, although these categories may contain bots and spam accounts.

How Does Black Dating for Free Work?

Black Dating For Free operates as a platform for online interaction. The website’s algorithm compares the registered users’ profiles and creates matches based on shared characteristics and criteria. Afterward, the user can look through the search results and manually select profiles they want to interact with. Black Dating For Free also provides its users with a forum as well as a live chat service for users to communicate.

Searching cand Filters at Black Dating For Free

Black Dating for Free Filters

Black Dating For Free offers a basic search option as well as an advanced search option, which contains additional criteria and filters for more precise matches. In the search tool, you can indicate your gender, age, body type, and other preferences for a potential date. Black Dating For Free also does not limit one’s purpose when searching for a potential match. The options to look for a partner, a friend, or a talk buddy are always available. Although one can use the search tool and look at the profiles before a registration, communication on Black Dating For Free is available only to registered users. For its members, the website automatically offers matches based on the profile information provided by the users. One can choose a match out of the automatically-generated list or use the search function. To start communication, users simply need to send a wink or a private message. Apart from the options of winks and private messages, the website offers a chat forum and a live chat. To communicate in the live chat, you only need to enter the chat room and start messaging into the general conversation. As for the chat forum, one can choose one of the available threads to reply to other users’ posts or create a new post. It is important to note that neither the live chat nor the chat forum is particularly popular amongst the Black Dating For Free as there is little activity there.

Communication Methods

You can contact Black Dating For Free either at admin@blackdatingforfree.com or through a Contact Us page directly from your profile.

Black Dating for Free Alternatives

Black Dating for Free Dating

There are many alternatives for Black Dating For Free, such as Match.com or BlackPeopleMeet.com, although few can offer the same spectrum of services as this website without hidden additional fees. Therefore, as a 100% free Black dating website, Black Dating For Free is the optimal choice amongst the many alternatives.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Black Dating for Free Dating

Black Dating For Free clearly and openly states that its platform is completely free to use. Registered hosts can easily access all of the website’s functions with no premium paid features or fees for additional services. Black Dating For Free explains such a position as a genuine desire of the creators to provide the Black community with a quality dating service. Therefore, the platform operates on online advertising sponsorships as well as the donations of its hosts. One only has to register on the website to use the full extent of Black Dating For Free’s offered services.

Free Membership Features

All of the features and services of Black Dating For Free are offered free of charge to registered users. Therefore, free membership is the only form of membership offered by the website. This membership gives the user of the website a wide range of possible actions to connect with another person. As a user of Black Dating For Free, you can:

  • Create and use a personal profile with comprehensive information about one’s preferences for free.
  • Upload the main profile photo as well as up to 7 photos to the album.
  • Search for matches using the website’s basic and advanced search engines.
  • Control who can message you and block smokers/drinkers/people of a particular age group.
  • Wink at profiles and send private messages.
  • See the members who viewed your profile.
  • Participate in a live chat room and a chat forum.
  • Use a free Black Dating For Free app to make finding matches more convenient.

Premium Membership Features

Black Dating For Free does not offer a paid membership option. The website offers all of its services completely free of charge. One can use the platform either in the classical version of the website, in a mobile version, or the website’s app. The app for Black Dating For Free can be downloaded free of charge from AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon.

How Much is Dating on Black Dating For Free?

Service Price
Creating an account Free
Messaging other users Free
Using a live chat room/chat forum Free

Is Black Dating For Free Really Safe?

Black Dating For Free takes a firm stance on the protection of is users and their personal information. The service has administrators who monitor the activity on the website in live time. It also features numerous warnings for its users not to share their contact information or send money. The site asserts that its users’ data is protected at all times and that the administrators immediately take down any suspicious profiles or behavior. As a user, you can report another profile as questionable for the administration to take action. It is important to note that Black Dating For Free is an open community that is completely free for its users. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to do a quick search of potential matches according to the user’s preferences even before the registration. As a result, users who are not registered can see profiles of registered users, including their profile pictures and location. Therefore, users of Black Dating For Free should be cautious about the personal information they share on the website.

Technical Side of Protection

Black Dating for Free Technical

Black Dating For Free uses standard security technologies to protect its members’ data. As a user, you can rest assured that your email is hidden from other users at all times, while your password is encrypted. Have in mind that Black Dating For Free sends your profile details, including your login name and password, in an introductory email.

Customer Support

Black Dating For Free offers its users an opportunity to contact Customer Support regarding any issues on the website. Additionally, live website administrators monitor the website at all times.

Black Dating for Free

Most popular user questions on Black Dating For Free are related to technical issues such as changing basic information or deactivating accounts. Quite a number of questions are to do with relocation and visa-related questions from people who want to update their location or ensure that Black Dating For Free is not a marriage broker service.

How to Pass Black Dating For Free Photo Verification?

A clear disadvantage of the Black Dating For Free profile is that many users do not upload a profile picture. Moreover, seeing as no personal documents are required to become a member, there is no way to verify whether the image of a user is real.

How to Delete a Black Dating For Free Account?

If a user is not satisfied with the services provided by Black Dating For Free or has found a match in real-time, they can delete or deactivate their account. However, figuring out how to disable a Black Dating For Free account takes some time, as there is no option in the account setting. One has to open the Help/FAQs page where a deactivation account page is linked.

How to See Who Likes You on Black Dating For Free Without Paying?

As all Black Dating For Free services are free of charge, you can easily see who likes you at any time. You can monitor profiles that wink at you, add you to their favorites, or simply look at your profile.

How to Block Someone on Black Dating For Free?

The block option is available on Black Dating For Free at any time on the user profile you would like to block. It is important to note that you cannot send messages to people who limited their age preferences. If a user selects a specific age category for their preferred match, people outside of this age group will not be able to message them. Similarly, you can choose to block smokers and drinkers from messaging you. Users of Black Dating For Free can manually select their preferences and change them in their account settings.

How to Cancel Black Dating For Free Subscription?

To deactivate, the user has to confirm their intention with a password and security code check. In this instance, Black Dating For Free does not delete the profile but makes it so that other users will not see it. If you change your mind, it is possible to reactivate the account later. However, if you choose to delete your account for good, you can not recover your profile later.


Black Dating For Free is a dating service with a clear goal of providing Black singles worldwide with an opportunity to find a match. The website offers a platform where singles can set up personal profiles and communicate with other hopeful users according to shared interests and preferences. The website offers a casual and friendly environment for people to communicate and find a potential love match. The website’s greatest benefits are that it is simple to use and that it doesn’t charge you any money at any point of use. Therefore, for Black singles looking for a quality dating service without the obligation to pay, Black Dating For Free is definitely a worthy option to consider.

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