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Compatible Partners Positive & Negative Reviews August 2021

Compatible Partners Positive & Negative Reviews August 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Large customer base
  • Nice design
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Great matchmaking
  • Easy to use
  • Messaging is not available for basic members
  • View photos
  • View the list of members who marked you as their favorite
  • Exchange messages
  • Use anonymous browsing
  • Get 30 more matches outside your preferences

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Compatible Partners is a platform for LGBT singles of any ages, cultures, and races to find a partner. It aims for serious relationships rather than casual encounters. So this site will suit you if you are tired of living alone and decided to settle down. Family, love, commitment are the most significant values of this site. With the help of the service’s functionality, you can easily find someone who will become your lifetime partner.

Moreover, the matchmaking system makes it much easier for you. Thanks to the specially-developed questionnaire, your matches are accurately selected from millions of users just for you. Gays, bisexuals, and lesbians that have complications in finding real love or just don’t have enough time can join the site for free and start changing their lives.

Let’s go through all the aspects of Compatible Partners and decide whether you should try it or need something else. Get to know about the site’s features and how to use them with our today’s review.

Reputation and History of Compatible Partners

Compatible Partners Review 2020

Regarding the history of Compatible Partners, it’s needed to tell you about eHarmony, which is the parent of this site. Twenty years ago, in 2000, Dr. Neil Warren, who had worked as a clinical psychologist, decided to create a service to help people find their love. Over the years, it became one of the most popular and famous dating sites, which now connects around 15 million people a day. But there were some tough moments as well. Thus, in 2005 the society sued eHarmony for discrimination of same-sex couples. Four years later, in 2009, to solve this problem, eHarmony launched its own dating platform for gays and lesbians called Compatible Partners.

The same technologies powered compatible Partners platform for LGBT singles as eHarmony used to provide the best matching to its customers. However, not there is no separate site for these purposes, so it’s just a part of eHarmony now. Straight, gay/lesbians, bisexual men and women for date can register for free and start searching for a partner.

The community of this platform is incredibly vast, which ensures a violent activity. More than 65 million registered users from 200 different countries. Besides, the community has an equal gender distribution: about 56% male accounts and 44% female ones. According to the site’s main idea, two leading age groups here are “from 25 to 34” and “from 35 to 44”. These members are the most active site’s users, and they are almost all real.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Compatible Partners Review 2020

The design of the site looks great, to be honest. It’s modern, stylish, yet strict and user-friendly; which is very cool because usually you either have a beautiful design or a convenient one. This is an example of good cooperation when beauty meets accuracy. The main colors of the brand are different shades of turquoise and some red to orange gradients. It’s an interesting palette that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed but also keeps you in tone when it’s necessary. All the icons and buttons, fonts are done in a minimalistic style; therefore, everything is easily readable. Meanwhile, the animations are outstanding and smooth.

What about the interface, it is also lovely. Thanks to the minimalism, you don’t have to spend hours figuring out where is the feature you’d like to use at the moment. The homepage consists of the sign-up box and some useful information below. Or you can switch to the log in screen if you already have an account and go to the main page. Here you will find three main tabs: home, matches, and messages. The home page has everything you need from matches to settings, while two other pages don’t even need to be presented. Also, you can access the page with the profile information by clicking your avatar on the right side of the site.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Becoming a member of Compatible Partners is a responsible decision. You should realize that it’s not a game or something like this, it’s a serious step in your life. Everyone who has decided to connect one’s life with the life of another person and create a family must be motivated and seriously-intended. That’s why the registration process here is long and elaborate. Of course, the first steps are pretty the same, compared to any other dating site on the internet. Everything begins with providing some general information about you, such as your nickname, email, and so on. But the most essential part of signing up is the compatibility test that is developed for eHarmony. You will have to answer five blocks of questions to make a portrait of you. You will be asked to choose some statements that you consider as more correct or traits that suit you the most. The whole procedure requires about 20 minutes, so you’d better be prepared. After finishing the test, you should upload a photo, and you can finally use the service. The results of the test are used to pair you up with other members.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Compatible Partners Review 2020

The model of eHarmony profiles creation that was also applied to Compatible Partners makes it essential to complete your profile, in order if you want to achieve the best success. Besides the information you provide during the test, you can add more to your profile page. Thus, you have a great opportunity to describe yourself in your own words and tell people something special about you using the “about me” section.

Informative and filled profiles are interesting to read and easy to analyze. For example, the amount of information affects the percentage of matching on a member’s page. The more information the matchmaking system has to process — the better and more qualified matches you obtain.

What exactly can you find in the compatibility tab? Here, your characteristics and attitude are demonstrated, compared to your potential match’s preferences:

In addition to all these questionnaires and tests, you can answer a bunch of questions to let others know what you think about particular situations or things. This option is not obligatory, but many people on Compatible Partners do so. Besides, your match’s answers will be shown to you after you save your own results. It helps you to understand how compatible you are.

Due to such strict rules for creating an account, there are no fakes on the site. Which means you can be sure you are talking to a real person.

Website and Mobile Version

Compatible Partners Review 2020

The mobile application is just as good as the desktop version of the site. Nothing is surprising, actually, for such an industry giant. Everything that could be found on eHarmony now is ported on mobile devices, so you can easily continue searching for love while on the road. This possibility makes dating experience even more exciting and enjoyable. It also provides many opportunities for traveling because you never know whom you will fall in love with. Your match may be miles away from, but is it an obstacle? Not anymore, with a mobile app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. No matter what device you use, you are now able to go online wherever you are.

Special Features

The most unique features of Compatible Partner and eHarmony are the compatibility test and the matchmaking system. They make the service extremely competitive because there are a few dating platforms on the internet that can offer you something similar. Plus, you will find basic functions that work well:

Compatible Partners Review 2020

Usually, searching requires a lot of time and energy, which makes this process not enjoyable at all. Therefore the developers of eHarmony decided to create a thing that will search instead of you. No one wants to spend hours trying to find something or someone, even if we are talking about love. It’s just boring, especially when it comes to the necessity of browsing millions of people. Moreover, it seems impossible to view all of them. Thus, the matchmaking system that analyzes members’ data was created for this site. The calculating ability of a machine is much higher than any human being’s ability. The automatic system processes tons of information in one second. However, it doesn’t mean you should not do anything.

How Does Compatible Partners Work?

The algorithm seems to be complicated and not understandable if you are trying to figure out the technical side of the question. Meanwhile, the main concept is pretty straightforward: you provide as much information as you can by answering questions, completing profiles, and so on. The system compares your results with someone else’s results and calculates the percentage of matching. After this, everyone who has reached the same range of scores as you have for each attribute will be shown to you. You can browse their profiles and look through the characteristic on your own.

Searching Options and Filters at Compatible Partners

Compatible Partners Review 2020

Although there is no searching function on the service, you can still apply some filters for matches you have to narrow the results. The variety of match preferences depends on your membership type. Basic members can only filter people according to their age, height, smoking habit, number of children, desire to have children, and location. Meanwhile, premium users can also add a religion, ethnicity, income, or education filter. They can also specify the distance.

Communication Methods

The communication methods of Compatible Partners did not differ from eHarmony’s ones. They are rather standard, but it doesn’t mean they are bad. Actually, there is no point in having a lot of various means of communication.

The most popular and well-known method is, of course, messaging. Nowadays, we use the chat messengers every minute. A serious downside of this feature is that it’s for premium users only. Basic users can’t read or reply to messages they have received.

The next two things are the “send a smile” function and questions. The first one was already mentioned, so it doesn’t need a new description. The second method is made for free members to send up to 5 pre-written questions a day to their matches. These questions can be ignored by your match.

Another good way to communicate is, of course, the video date function. To access video chats, you have to send some private messages first.

Compatible Partners Alternatives

Compatible Partners Review 2020

Perhaps, eHarmony is the biggest dating site for long-lasting relationships; therefore, you won’t find a better place to meet your hypothetical lifetime partner. It offers a great number of matches every day, so you won’t be left alone for sure. However, you can make your own opinion if you want. So, here are some sites that are chasing the same goals:

Membership Price and Payment Method

Like any other typical site for dating, Compatible Partners uses the membership. Users are divided into basic members and premium members. The first group has restrictions on the site, which means they cannot use all the functions. On the contrary, premium users can enjoy full functionality. The point is that premium membership should be bought.

Free Membership Features

The free functions that you can use without limits as a free member:

Premium Membership Features

Members with paid subscriptions can:

How Much is Dating on Compatible Partners?

Duration Cost Payment Methods
6 Months — Light 65.90 USD
10.98 USD per month
Credit Card
12 Months — Plus 45.90 USD
3.83 USD per month
(22.95 USD
1.91 USD per month first 3 months)
24 Months — Extra 35.90 USD
1.50 USD per month
(17.95 USD
0.75 USD per month first 3 months)

Is Compatible Partners Really Safe?

Compatible Partners Review 2020

The site has a good reputation, and it’s absolutely safe to use. Moreover, there are no fake accounts due to the specific of the registration process. However, do not forget about scammers that are always hunting on such sites. Be careful and do not trust your personal/financial information to other people.

Technical Side of Protection

The verification process, the privacy policy, and the secure connection ensure your protection. Your private details cannot be stolen or shared with third parties. In addition to this, you can report members to draw moderators’ attention to inappropriate actions. If you don’t want to let suspicious accounts communicate with you, you can clock them.

Customer Support

Click on your profile icon or go to the “Home” tab to find the help section. Here you can search for a question you are currently interested in or use the contact form to inquire. The customer support service works 24×7, and it makes its best to help you. You will get a response within 36 hours after submitting an inquiry.

How to Pass Compatible Partners Photo Verification?

Photos are verified by the team of moderators.

How to Delete Compatible Partners Account?

Open your profile menu and choose “Data&Settings”. You can either set your profile status to “not visible” if you have a subscription or permanently delete it if you are a basic member.

How to See Who Likes You on Compatible Partners Without Paying?

This feature is available for subscribed users only without paying.

How to Block Someone on Compatible Partners?

You can block a member on his or her profile page.

How to Cancel Compatible Partners Subscription?

Open the “Data&Settings” page in your profile menu, then select “Amend Subscriptions”, and enter your password for confirmation.


Compatible Partners Review 2020

Since Compatible Partners is now a part of eHarmony, it’s difficult to make the conclusion about the site as a separate project, as it was earlier. Today, we see a beautiful service with lots of advantages that promotes great values. For singles searching for long-lasting relationships and don’t want to waste one’s time on something like casual sex, this site is one of the best solutions. Trust your search professionals that know exactly what they do. Therefore, if you haven’t tried eHarmony yet and you need someone to love, you should definitely give it a try. Don’t forget to tell us about it later!

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