GirlsDateForFree Review 2020

GirlsDateForFree Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Popular age 26-34
Beauty 69%
Profiles 21 452 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Lack of advertising;
  • Many free features;
  • Ability to upload videos and photos to your profiles
  • Free mobile version;
  • Ability to upload up to twenty photos;
  • Moderators approve each user photo
  • Ability to record video;
  • Three-day free trial available;
  • Fake profiles; It would help if you acquired an additional function to communicate with other participants;
  • Deleting a profile and unsubscribing takes a long time

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To get acquainted with your soulmate in GirlsDateForFree, you should seriously focus on finding a partner and regularly spend time on a dating site. Communicate with different people until you find the one that suits you. If you know that you cannot be in touch, warn her. Otherwise, you may not make the best impression of yourself as a fickle and frivolous person. These simple tips will help you get to know the girl and establish a relationship with her. Most serious dating sites have an advanced search engine. It includes various filters that you can apply to find a partner. For example, you can indicate the desired height or weight, education, bad habits, etc.

At the first search attempts, such a variety of criteria can be confusing. Therefore, it would be good to imagine a chosen one even before searching for a partner. Ask yourself questions about how you see her, what you want her to do, and the like. Answers will significantly facilitate your acquaintance with a girl. When communicating online, it is essential to remain polite and enjoyable. The inability to see each other lively creates the image of the person with whom you interact. Therefore, make sure to create a pleasant and exciting picture in the head of your chosen one. Your half may not find the first time, but do not despair and give up. Try to get to know people again and again, and soon your efforts will be rewarded.

Reputation and history of GirlsDateForFree


The site GirlsDateForFree thinks about its reputation, understands its importance, and tries not to allow actions that discredit the reputation. At this level, the site is trying not to build a reputation, but to maintain and not destroy the existing rash actions. The site periodically publishes information and news but does not force the situation artificially. Even though the site GirlsDateForFree for girls and women is free, the number of registered men exceeds five times that of women. Every day, the site is visiting six hundred thousand visitors, mainly residents of the USA, Australia, and Great Britain.

Website, App, interface, registration

There are several positive aspects of the GirlsDateForFree site interface:

  • Simple and self-evident – users should not think about where they need to click and what action to take to find this or that information.
  • Fast – essential and relevant information for the user lies “on the surface” of the site, within one or two clicks;
  • Accessible – report that the user should see posted on the main page;
  • Visible – search box, links, and various modules should be visible, not merge with the general background;
  • Viewable – text information is divide into blocks.

To start registration, you must go to the site and fill out several fields:

  • Who are you looking for (woman or man);
  • Indicate your age;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Location (City, Zipcode);
  • After filling in all the fields, click on the “Join Now.”

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

GirlsDateForFree Sign Up

The site’s GirlsDateForFree registration process is not long; you will need a few minutes to fill out your profile with relevant information. The website’s process is not long; you will need a few minutes to fill out your profile with valuable information. First of all, you should describe yourself:

  • Hair color;
  • Eye color;
  • Body type;
  • Height;
  • Ethnicity;

Occupation Information:

  • Industry;
  • Employment;
  • Income

Lifestyle Information:

  • Religion;
  • Drinking;
  • Smoking;
  • Education;
  • Children

Information about your Interests

  • General interests;
  • Favorite newspapers, books or magazines;
  • Favorite activities;
  • Favorite films or TV shows;
  • Want to visit;
  • Have visited;
  • Favorite music;
  • Favorite sports

You can also upload a small video to profiles and 20 photos. After filling in all the information, you can begin to get acquainted and use all the site functions.

Are the accounts real here?

GirlsDateForFree accounts

In addition to real participants, fraudsters may be on the GirlsDateForFree site. Remember that sharing personal information about yourself can be dangerous because scammers who want to outwit can be on the site. Do not rush to share links to your profile on social networks, do not take candid photos, and do not send pictures with documents. Do not forget that bank details – information is confidential. If the interlocutor shows a suspicious interest in your money, end the conversation. Be sure to pay attention to the characteristic of the candidate’s hobby. From the information in the questionnaire, you can learn many useful things to start an acquaintance.

Website and mobile version

On a mobile device, the website dashes without any delay. The GirlsDateForFree site is mobile-friendly, fully adapted for viewing, and functioning on a mobile device. The site’s mobile application has not yet developed.

Special Features

GirlsDateForFree has a variety of features and offers its users many opportunities to have a good time. All additional functions are not free. The principal paid services of the website:

  • Fast Flirt;
  • Wink;
  • Icebreakers;
  • Chatrooms;
  • Email;

The site offers its users the “Fast Flirt “option. That is a quick message sending to your profile. You can search for your profile and start flirting with it.

The “Wink” function is available absolutely to all participants of the site. To express your sympathy for another participant, you can wink to him/her. To do this, you need to go to the participant’s page and push on the “Wink” button.

“Icebreakers” are cute short messages to contact other members. Standard membership users can send up to five of these messages per day. To send an unlimited number of such texts, and to answer them, you must purchase a paid membership. This restriction applies only to men; women can post and respond to icebreakers in unlimited quantities. To send an “icebreaker,” you must click on the profile you like and click on the “Send icebreaker” button.

GirlsDateForFree has a public chat room where you can exchange video and audio messages. From a general chat, you can go to other chat rooms. There is also a function to block the interlocutor.

Only signed-up members of GirlsDateForFree can send and read mail. To use the mail service, hover over the profile and click on “mail,” write the text and send it to the recipient by clicking on the “Send” button.

The GirlsDateForFree site’s search engine allows participants to find their half according to any criteria vital to them; The site offers its users two types of partner search:

  • Basic search;
  • Advanced search;

Basic Search includes:

  • Age range;
  • Sex;
  • Gender;
  • Location;

Advanced search includes:

  • Photo;
  • Video;
  • Who is online now;
  • New members;
  • Search by sexual orientation;
  • Lifestyle, etc.

How does GirlsDateForFree work?

GirlsDateForFree work

To become a full member of the GirlsDateForFree dating site, you will need to create a profile, upload a photo, as well as fill out personal information, including your appearance, location, education, etc. After creating a profile, users can view the profiles of other participants and contact them using online video and voice chat. Be sure to pay attention to the characteristics of the candidate’s hobby. From the information in the questionnaire, you can learn many useful things to start an acquaintance.

Searching options and filters at GirlsDateForFree

The search function is simply an essential thing on a dating site GirlsDateForFree. In most cases, the user, having first visited the site in search of a new partner, will not understand the navigation panels, drop-down menus, and other navigation elements. Still, in a hurry, he will try to find something similar to the search string. It is possible to find a partner on the site by any criteria, for this you need to record by what standards you are looking for a partner. The search system instantly finds you a partner that answers all parameters.

Communication methods

Communication on the site GirlsDateForFree is the primary tool for connecting users to each other. Registered site members can use chat rooms, as well as send emails. Participants can exchange video and voice messages and wink at each other and send “icebreakers. “Also, participants can participate in a group conversation and send a private message to a specific person they like.

GirlsDateForFree Alternatives

  • EliteSingles.com;
  • Zoosk.com;
  • BeNaughty.com.

Membership Price and Payment Method

GirlsDateForFree Price

GirlsDateForFree offers one type of membership – Premium. The Premium subscription allows users of the site to use the private functions that provide many services for communicating with members of the website. Any woman who wants to get acquainted can register on the site and use it without any restrictions. Men can pay membership in several ways:

  • Paypal;
  • Credit card;
  • Check;
  • Via Mobile Phone

Free Membership Features

Free membership of GirlsDateForFree includes:

  • Registration;
  • Search Profiles;
  • See who has viewed your profile;
  • View Profiles;
  • See who is online now;
  • Ability to send winks;
  • Chat access

Premium Membership Features

Premium membership of GirlsDateForFree includes:

  • Use the advanced search;
  • Unlimited “Icebreakers”;
  • Use the mail service;
  • Unlimited Instant Messenger access;
  • Highlight profiles;
  • Send premium smiles for messages;
  • Customizable mail background

Advantages of paid features:

For an additional fee, GirlsDateForFree users have the opportunity to play games and quizzes. You can find the “Games” section in the “Advanced” tab. Games design for entertaining users. The following games are available to users:

  • Arcade / Action;
  • Brain Teaser;
  • Games For Girls;
  • Mahjong;
  • Puzzle games;
  • Solitaire / Casino.

How much is dating on GirlsDateForFree

This table shows the GirlsDateForFree site membership prices:

Duration Price
1 Month $23.99
3 Months $53.97
6 Months $65.94

Is GirlsDateForFree Really Safe?

GirlsDateForFree Safe

Today, it is not at all challenging to verify the validity of a site’s URL. The first trick of the organizers of phishing attacks is to make the address as similar as possible to the original one. First of all, you should use the capabilities of the browser. Check your privacy and security settings. Most likely, the default settings will not seem reliable enough for you. Manually change the rules and configurations according to your requirements. Block pop-up notifications, turn off automatic downloads and don’t give consent to tracking. Customization options vary by browser. If having completed all these steps, you still doubt the site’s security, find the contact section and, if there is one, contact its owners and check their email address in the search engine for feedback. After all these steps, you’ll be sure that the GirlsDateForFree site is reliable and protected from scams.

Technical side of protection

Special protection is a type of activity aimed at performing work and providing services for its security against unauthorized access, from its leakage through technical channels, as well as from particular influences on such information to destroy it, distort or block access to it. All confidential information participants owned by the GirlsDateForFree site are under strict protection.

Customer Support

GirlsDateForFree Support

The GirlsDateForFree site support service implies the regular implementation of specific activities aimed at optimizing the resource, ensuring its maximum functionality, attractiveness in the eyes of users, ergonomics. The site support service works 24/7 and promptly answers all user questions. If you have any questions or difficulties in using your profile or have questions about membership, please contact support, it will solve your problem.

How to pass GirlsDateForFree photo verification?

There is no photo verification on the GirlsDateForFree site. You can verify your profile using email verification. After registering, a link will come to your mail to confirm your profile. All that requires of you is to click on the link.

How to delete GirlsDateForFree account?

If you decide to delete your profile on the GirlsDateForFree site, all your data will delete. To remove your profile from the system, you must:

  • Click on “My Profile ” “Select Basic Information;
  • Click on “User Status ” “Select the “Delete” category;
  • Enter your password;
  • Confirm profile deletion;
  • Select a reason for deleting a profile;
  • Call the operator.

How to see who likes you on GirlsDateForFree without paying?

Knowing that you liked someone on a GirlsDateForFree dating site is a function of winks, which means that someone likes you. If you receive a notification that someone winked at you, you can easily find out who it is.

How to block someone on GirlsDateForFree?

To block the GirlsDateForFree member’s profile, you need to find his profile and click on the “Block” button. A member you have blocked will not be able to contact you.

How to cancel GirlsDateForFree subscription?

To unsubscribe from the GirlsDateForFree site, you must:

  • Go to the “My Profile”;
  • Then click on “Payment History”;
  • Confirm that you want to unsubscribe;
  • Enter your password;
  • From several options available, select a reason for unsubscribing;
  • Contact the operator

After completing all these steps, your subscription will cancel.


For many, meeting a woman/man can be quite a stressful experience. How to start a conversation? These questions torment many men/women of different ages. But fortunately, these simple tips will save you from anxious experiences and help you quickly meet a man/woman. Dating sites have greatly facilitated our dating process. Now it is not necessary to approach a pretty girl in a bar. You can enter the criteria of an ideal partner in the search engine of a GirlsDateForFree dating site and in a minute choose among hundreds of profiles. Yet, you will need a specific strategy for dating, even on the Web, another lively creates the image of the person you interact with. Therefore, make sure to create a pleasant and exciting picture in the head of your chosen one. Your half may not find the first time, but do not despair and give up. Try to get to know people again and again, and soon your efforts will be rewarded.

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