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Geek2Geek Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles

Geek2Geek Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles
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Popular age 26-35
Beauty 45%
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Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to use. Although free members have some limitations, they can do a lot of things and reach their purposes.
  • Great search feature. The customization of the search is functional.
  • User-friendly interface. It is always good to have simple navigation.
  • Straightforward registration.
  • PayPal is supported.
  • No mobile app.
  • Bad customer support service.

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The internet can show us a massive number of different dating sites and services to help you to find a partner. Unfortunately, our world is tending to omit the question of morality for the sake of entertainment. Thus, those platforms are more about quick flings and casual sex. Geek2Geek is a place that accumulates people who in love with the digital world and want to share their interests with someone for the entire life. This site is free to join; therefore, many geeks are already here: men and women from different locations with the same intentions. Do not hide your hobbies, find the one who understands you. Geek2Geek will help you find your soul-mate. Everyone needs a lifetime partner because this world is a cold place, especially if it comes to people who face many misunderstandings in real life.

In this review, we will discover all the facts and aspects of this platform to see if you should try it or not and why. Let us look at how it works!

Reputation and History of Geek2Geek

Geek2Geek Review

People had met this platform almost 16 years ago in 2004. From that time, the community of the site has not changed, and it is tolerant of the LGBT community. The average rating of Geek2Geek hovers from 5 to 6, according to reviews on the internet.

Today, the platform has more than 200,000 users, which is not the biggest number regarding dating services. People have common interests here. Unlike members on the other sites, these members are similar to each other. They love and do the same things, and they have the same purpose here — to find a serious relationship, a partner for marriage.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Let us describe the first impression of Geek2geek. You see an excellent modern design with a little shade of good old days when you visit the homepage. Dominant colors are blue, white, and orange, which is more between gold and brown than red and yellow. Such a palette is a fascinating solution; thus, the site looks fresh, friendly, but serious. What comes to the interface, the homepage contains not much information: login/sign up form and useful links below, such as “About Us,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Terms of Use.” You are not able to browse until you complete the registration. However, all the other pages look almost the same. The main page consists of the inbox on the left and the search on the right. Below these features, there are many different lists and settings, for example, account settingы, images, and matches. Everything works fine and without lagging.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Geek2Geek Sign Up

If you decided to become a user of Geek2Geek.co, just click the big orange button right in front of you. It is the “Join for Free” button, of course. Don’t worry, the whole operation of filling in some details is quick. Just follow instructions on your screen and enter your actual data. Don’t worry, the whole operation of filling in some details is quick. Just follow instructions on your screen and enter your actual data. Here is what you need to sign up: email, password, displayed name, address, gender, preferences, and any photo of you. You can’t continue without a picture, but you can choose to hide it from other members.

Also, you don’t have to verify your email address, which makes the procedure faster but worsens protection. Anyway, do not forget to check your email if you want to get a discount for purchasing a premium account.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Geek2Geek Accounts

Due to the specific community, all profiles on this dating service are complete and interesting to browse. People put their effort into describing themselves, and it’s a great sign. It denotes that the community aims for long-term relationships and commitment. When you open someone’s profile, you see the list of photos in the middle of the page. On the left of it, there is a brief description of a member that includes the following characteristics: gender, age, whom does a person look for, location, ethnicity, education, children, alcohol/cigarette habits, religion, and political views. On the right hand, there is a description section that is written in a free form. Members describe themselves and their ideal matches. If you want to get more success on Geek2Geek, you should keep these things your mind:

  • Be honest. You are trying to find a partner that is supposed to spend as much time with you as possible. The truth will be revealed anyway, so do not waste your time on such a useless thing like pretending to be someone else.
  • Be positive. Positive vibes always make other people feel comfortable. Thus, a good sense of humor, for example, can have a significant influence on your conversation.
  • Be polite. Simple rules of the etiquette are required for every aspect of our life, especially for dating and relationships.
  • Be creative. It’s complicated to notice you among thousands of accounts, even with the help of search. So think up something unique that will grab other members’ attention.

Website and Mobile Version

Geek2Geek Mobile

The most curious thing about the geek dating site and its community is that it does not have a mobile app. This fact is the only serious downside of the platform because it is so convenient to have an opportunity to have your favorite services in your palm. Smartphones now are much more popular than computers and laptops. Thanks to the mobile internet, it is possible to stay in touch wherever you are. Many of us are too busy to spend some free time in front of the computer. Besides, smartphones and tablets do not require such concentration, so you can check your newsfeeds, messages, or likes even at a coffee break.

However, Geek2Geek.co is well optimized for mobile browsers. So you can use the full functionality of the site on your device with no limits.

Special Features

You can always find something interesting on the site because it’s essential to have unique features that will highlight the platform from other services. What exactly can you find here?

  • Top. This section contains ten profiles that have the best rating. The community chose these people as the most popular, attractive, and entertaining.
  • Tips for dating. If you want to increase your theoretical base about dating and making a good impression, you can check out free articles.
  • Geek Goddess. Here you can submit an inquiry and receive a full answer. Also, you can view other members’ questions to know more.

Geek2Geek Search

Searching is that kind of the site’s features that can be considered as a good one. Geek2Geek has an excellent searching function. The most pleasant thing about it is that this feature is available for every user on the site. Besides, it works well and does not require a lot of time to figure out where to click.

The process of finding your love or at least someone who worth a try is not fast. Usually, this is the most exhausting process of the whole dating. It is like fishing when you must sit and wait. That is why this site does its best to provide you with the best search.

How Does Geek2Geek Work?

What makes Geek2Geek search good? Various filters that ensure the best results. It does not matter whether you are a standard member or a premium one; you can apply all filters. The system analyzes all profiles and excludes those that do not meet your preferences. All criteria that are viewed in profiles can be applied as a filter. Note that if a person has some blank fields, he will not be displayed in the results. For example, if you a looking for someone who does not drink alcohol, all profiles that have not checked this box will be excluded from the search results.

Searching Options and Filters at Geek2Geek

You can use the following filters for searching:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Ethnicity
  • Level of education
  • Children
  • Alcohol use
  • Religion
  • Political views

Communication Methods

Geek2Geek Methods

Communication depends on your account type because this aspect has some restrictions for free users. Although limits do exist, you can use basic features and feel comfortable. As a new member, you can only read messages until it is a Gold user. But you are allowed to send flirts. If the member you are flirting with has a premium status, this person can send you a message. In that case, you are free to chat.

Geek2Geek Alternatives

What comes to the specification of Geek2Geek, it is necessary to realize that there are not many sites for such people. This factor was the main cause for creating this platform. Likeminded people should form a close-knit community and be together. That is why the dating service for geeks is popular. To be honest, we have been exploring the internet for similar sites and have not found anything with the same functionality. Here what you can try:

  • ChatAvenue
  • AminoApps
  • Different forums

These are the most authentic dating sites who like computer games, anime, comics, and so on. But they have other goals. They are more like fan-clubs rather than dating platforms; meanwhile, Geek2Geek is a serious site for serious things.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Geek2Geek Price

Such sites are usually organized in very similar ways. One of their similarities is a membership system. Users are divided into two groups: basic or standard members and premium or VIP members. The second group consists of those who upgraded their accounts by purchasing a premium status and have a lot of features for better results. This group is also subdivided into “Silver” and “Gold” groups while the first one is free of charge and has limited functionality.

Free Membership Features

If you have recently created an account, you automatically receive a basic member status. These are your possibilities on the site:

  • Use the search function
  • Read and receive messages
  • Send flirts
  • Send messages to Gold Members
  • Reply to Gold Members

Premium Membership Features

Silver Gold
Search + +
Receive and read messages + +
Send Flirts + +
Exchange messages with Gold Members + +
Reply to Gold Members + +
Send messages + +
Reply to all +
Receive messages from Basic Members +
Receive Replies From Basic Members +
Be the first in the match results +

How Much is Dating on Geek2Geek?

The prices are not low, frankly saying. If you want to use Geek2Geek for full, you would better prepare your wallet. New members have a decent discount on the first purchase.

Silver Membership:

  • 1 month costs $34.99 ($5.99 with a discount)
  • 3 months cost $69.99/ ~ $23.3 per month ($16.99 with a discount)
  • 6 months cost $119.99/ ~ $20 per month ($33.99 with a discount)

Gold Membership:

  • 1 month costs $42.99 ($8.99 with a discount)
  • 3 months cost $79.99/ ~ $26.6 per month ($25.99 with a discount)
  • 6 months cost $149.99/ ~ $25 per month ($49.99 with a discount)

We have calculated monthly payments to demonstrate the benefits of longer terms.

Is Geek2Geek Really Safe?

Unfortunately, due to the absence of verification, there is a big chance to meet scammers and fakes. Such profiles are banned, but it is hard to ban them all without a special system. However, this is the only thing you should be afraid of. In general, the site is pretty safe and reputable. The privacy policy protects your private information, which is seen to anyone on Geek2Geek.

Technical Side of Protection

Geek2Geek Side

First of all, it is needed to be said that even though

you do not have to verify your identity, there is a team of moderators, of course. This team is capable of banning, removing inappropriate content, and more. Besides, you can report violations on your own and block unwanted communication. Do not forget to follow dating tips that you may find on the site. It will ensure your security as well.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, the support service is not that good as you would want to see it. We could not find any contact or a contact form. Thus, everything we have found is just the FAQ section. Geek2Geek has its email address for any inquiries, but it seems impossible to find it. This section is a total disappointment.

Geek2Geek Questions

How to Pass Geek2Geek Photo Verification?

As was already mentioned, this service does not support any verification method. Which means everyone can use the site. This phenomenon allows to make registration faster but increases the number of fake accounts.

How to Delete Geek2Geek Account?

You can either hide or deactivate your account. By hiding your account, you make it invisible for others. Just check the corresponding box in the account settings. Deactivating your account remains all your data on the site, so you can log in later to reactivate an account. To do so, uncheck the “Is Active” box.

How to See Who Likes You on Geek2Geek Without Paying?

There is no way you can view that list. Even paid members are not permitted to view others’ lists of favorites.

How to Block Someone on Geek2Geek?

If you do not want to communicate or receive any communication from someone, just open this person’s profile and find the “block” button. You can monitor the list of blocked profiles in the “My Matches” section. You can also remove people from this list.

How to Cancel Geek2Geek Subscription?

You can cancel the auto-renewal option in your account settings. A subscription will be automatically canceled after the expiration date.


Geek2Geek Conclusion

After being a while on this site, it seems like Geek2Geek is a great place with great potential but still has a lot of work. The main concept is very cool and genteel. The idea of creating a site to connect people with the same interests for such purpose as marriage is extremely romantic and right. The site works fine, features are good, but there is a feeling that you miss something. Maybe, this feeling is explained by the absence of an activity counter, so you cannot know exactly how many people are on the site. Anyway, while we were testing this service, nothing went wrong.

You can easily find a partner and start to communicate with the help of the site’s functions that are able even for free users. However, premium accounts are highly recommended for those who have no doubts left. It’s much more convenient to use Geek2Geet without any limits. Moreover, new users have a huge discount, as we all know. Just think twice before buying one month — is it enough for you?

Thus, if you are a fan of the digital world and want to meet someone like you to live the rest of your life together, you should try this website. It’s complicated to make your personal life better in a permanent hustle with this tempo of modern life. But the internet makes it possible to overcome this trouble. Join the community of Geek2Geek and try your luck.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
MS, RD & Writer
Eric is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Eric is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
Catherine Hawkins
by Catherine Hawkins Oct 16, 2021
I really like this particular service. After becoming a signed up consumer approximately 2 months, I stumbled onto latest partners, generally there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The interface allows you to build an appealing profile with lots of appealing photographs. If you decide to don't really feel they essential to add all the sphere, you could potentially miss any of them. I suppose that pics include main point ever since the remainder you can easily display while messaging and chatting. I don't bring a partner for dating now, but I'm back at my option. My home is a rural neighborhood, and many meets are definately not me. However, considering your recent preferred and all of our internet based conversation, i am going to leave the house pretty soon. In any event, the application work, and the area is awesome. We rejected some freaks, but I've satisfied not one person extremely awful in respect of obstruct them from getting in touch with myself.
by Yousef Oct 11, 2021
I stumbled upon myself trying to sit back and leap into reaction love-making as well as casual a relationship after a separation. But I managed to get no idea of steps to make it on the web. Zero practice helped me frightened. I tried swiping, but this sort of a shallow solution just isn't our durable suit. I try to find the application where customers tend to be starting up, but I nonetheless recommended an excellent webpages. That one started to be a middle soil for my situation. No-strings-attached joints, respectable kinds, and meets, quick interface, boards. Undoubtedly all I actually wanted. We continued a number of beautiful periods, and from now on Seriously be more confident. Big assistance for singles with free of charge alternatives and excellent performance. The nice style happens to be a pleasant contact.
by Thomsen Oct 06, 2021
Unique schedules on this particular websites are becoming great and attention-grabbing experience in my situation. It functions flawlessly for simple confidence and makes it possible for generating unique contacts. They are not commitments yet but look guaranteeing. Furthermore, really delightful personally to get rid of the snow and talk with folks from any region I like. Viewing profiles happens to be interesting, either. It's usually intriguing observe exactly how folks prove while looking for intimacy.
by Katherine Sep 29, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and really love studies. I'm not just monogamous, around at present. Truthfully, your way of living is far from conventional public norms, i frequently feeling depressed actually among loved ones or nearby family. Many happen to be wedded, and that I'm went mix insane right after I feel their meaningful appearance. Very, admittedly, it's very challenging to get a hold of and spend time with like-minds if you inhabit a huge area, exactly where everyone is too busy to make brand new joints. Extremely, this a mess is the reason for signing up for this site. And the experience try smooth. We managed to line up people that decide similar situations and see simple desire to continue to be cost-free, without willpower, anticipate, and this different hooey. An additional fantastic thing is that there I've achieved some bi-curious users. I really like performance with the webpages since it's quite adequate for initial connections. Possibly, a person desires even more benefits, but in my personal opinion, you should get a date if you want in-depth conversation. While checking profiles, I determine several blank ones. If only group could pay extra care about their appeal on the internet site. Speaking of the site's show, all things are all right. No troubles with visit, emails, etc. Support tool is very effective that is accessible around the clock. I'm very happy to collect a virtual place for my favorite preferences and fantasies. It's really cool after the group don't demand the prices but is on a single web page.
Teresa Wood
by Teresa Wood Sep 22, 2021
This site is fantastic for myself. As I'm a tad tired with swiping, it got a middle floor for the needs. I don't strategy any big affairs immediately, but We won't escape when I meet my personal really love. This website don't pressure me personally and permits acquiring all features of quality dating. Besides, I enjoy it app is very convenient to make use of, whether it be about navigation or fee. Cost are normal, i never grudge cash for them since I get the best worth for costs they need. I've already met some reasonable people and get horny goes. Besides, we email with a number of users to discuss, chuckle, and talk about several issues, including love-making. I feel that i'm my personal group since area is quite friendly. Customers don't assess you, while it could possibly be when you have picked up some one in a bar.
Janice Bell
by Janice Bell Sep 18, 2021
The dating website is easy, and direction-finding is a breeze. I use an ample wide range of information and facts and ideas for customers that appear popular with myself. Really, I do delight in located on this site. I couldn't hit your present friend yet. Continue to, I recently uncovered a couple of interesting men and women to talk to. I believe complimentary and casual while talking with them. I would recommend this incredible website to any or all that's shopping for close companionship, whatever the version of commitment.
by MONTOYA Aug 26, 2021
Needs more daters to know that this service 100% does its job without tactics. Folks that really hunger for to acquire touching a special someone won't rue the company's options any time registering for the working platform. The main thing just to give up. I've already found my own beloved, and now we are delighted. I'm arousal and harmony, and this indicates a great deal. Hence, our company is crazy, and it's also never ever too far gone for individuals of every age group and requisite. I suggest this incredible website, extremely merely shot.