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Best Dating App for Young Adults: Their Pros, Cons, Features, and Pricing

Best Dating App for Young Adults: Their Pros, Cons, Features, and Pricing

There are many dating sites accessible nowadays, but it appears as though the bulk are geared at older people. It is because more senior people, especially professionals, have greater buying power. One of the best features of the dating app for young adults is the variety of possibilities for meeting new people. With a few swipes, you’re on your way to date. It’s that simple. Additionally, the quantity of suitable individuals is astounding.

You may explore a diverse range of men and women of varying ages, weights, height, relationship status, religions, body types, races and ethnicities, educational and economic levels, and sexual orientations.


And you may do it in bed, on the sofa, while eating supper, at school or work, or while traveling in a vehicle.

As you keep scrolling this post, you’ll have a firm grasp of which of the best dating sites for 20-year-olds is the best fit for you!

Best Dating Site for the 20s to Checkout in 2024

According to recent research conducted by Tinder, the top three characteristics sought by millennials and Generation Z in existing or potential relationships are respect, independence, and loyalty.

According to the research, 70% of women between the ages of 18 and 35 put a premium on finding a mate who appreciates their preferences and who they are. Women, too, valued loyalty, as 68 percent of those polled agreed.

While many young people use free online dating services, premium sites such as, Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, eHarmony, and Zoosk provide much more features and are relatively cheap. Monthly subscription fees for these top date sites for young people is an average of $17. That is an incredible deal for a casual hookup!! So here is the list for you.



According to the Piper Jaffray study, 27% of single millennials and 22% of single non-millennials said Tinder was their preferred dating app, which may be attributed to the app’s ease of use.

“For a generation that is usually highly computer savvy and expects a user-friendly experience, Tinder’s simplicity is a big advantage,” Bennett adds. “You’re presented with a brief profile and a few pictures, and then you swipe. It is a simple yet effective method.”

Tinder is one of the most popular young dating apps due to the significant number of young individuals who have registered. Tinder’s swipe feature has essentially transformed the online dating landscape. However, this dating site has been verified to be legitimate and accessible.

At Tinder, potential matches are presented one at a time. If you’re interested in a match, you’ll swipe right on them. If you’re not fond of your match, swipe left on them. If two matches swipe right on each other, a conversation room is opened. It’s straightforward to find a prospective partner and start communication within a short time. It is pretty easy to sign up as well. Within a few clicks, you can create your account.

The primary issue with Tinder is the low quality of the matches. Moreover, given there is automated match-making, you cannot search on your own.

Tinder is an excellent dating tool if you buy the Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold edition and want to travel. The software enables you to teleport between places to swipe in various areas around the globe. Tinder is a fantastic choice if you’re going and want to meet some people before you arrive.

Again, the free edition of this dating app for young people falls short of what a dating app should be. Tinder + is available for $19.99 per month on a month-to-month basis. Monthly subscriptions are $12.50 for six months and $8.25 for twelve months. The amount needs to be paid in full in advance instead of monthly premiums.



The study discovered that Bumble was the second most popular app among Millennials – an app that first gained popularity for emphasizing women’s empowerment on dating apps, but has now grown to include features such as Bumble BFF (for meeting friends) and Bumble Bizz (for business)

Bumble’s concept is simple yet profound: a good relationship is necessary for a productive and happy existence.

Signing up on Bumble is simple, and you may do it directly via Facebook.

Additionally, if desired, you may link the profile to your Instagram account.

Although Bumble is mainly intended for smartphone users, it is fully functional when viewed on a desktop. There are approx. 11M users on Bumble, out of which the majority of them are under 30 years of age.

Apart from romance, Bumble is ideal for individuals seeking friendship, developing and extending their professional networking opportunities, and finding employment.

Yes, this is one of the young professional dating sites.

Although it is said that “Bumble is free and always will be,” this lyrical statement contains much more than meets the eye. Lifetime subscription package($149.99/month)is most cost-efficient.

The additional features included with a premium subscription are Rematch, Beeline (which allows you to see who liked you), and Busy Bee (which provides unlimited 24-hour match extensions).

Additionally, special coins can be used to buy SuperSwipes, which significantly increases your chances. You can opt for either Bumble Boost ($24.99/month)or Bumble Premium(.

The former enables you to SuperSwipe (similar to Tinder’s Super Like feature), prolong matches for an extended period, swipe indefinitely, backtrack, and can use Bumble Spotlight. At the same time, the latter includes all of the features of Bumble Boost, plus limitless Advanced filters, the ability to view who has liked you, rematching with people, and travel mode.



While some items are meant to be “burned after reading,” one dating app is paradoxically “intended to be erased.” Perhaps there is no irony in it, huh?

The goal is to connect with other individuals looking to ditch dating apps, but only after finding the perfect mate, which is where Hinge comes in. Because, after you’ve met someone suitable for you, there’s no need to utilize a dating app, correct?

By encouraging users to discuss their habits, beliefs, interests, and education, the site’s primary goal is to connect like-minded individuals.

Creating a profile is not a complicated process, but it does take a little extra time. It helps to demonstrate personality since what people are seeking is much more than appearances.

One must submit six photographs and register by phone number or Facebook; however, bear in mind that phone verification is needed. Following that, there are three distinct fields to fill.

The site is built on swiping, which means it caters to the requirements of current customers who live fast-paced lives and are always on the go.

What makes this different from swiping is that recommendations are made based on various characteristics shared by users. That is why it takes time to create a profile since these data serve as filters for the site’s algorithm to provide the most accurate recommendation possible.

Thus, users are presented with suitable matches with whom they might have a good and pleasant discussion rather than mindless and endless swiping.

Given that the site is owned and managed by the same group that owns and operates Tinder, Twoo, and Match, this emphasis on a mobile-first culture makes perfect sense.

As with the many dating sites, certain aspects are free, while others need a paid membership. You are not required to pay to submit comments, messages, or likes.

Standard users are restricted to ten likes each day, whereas preferred users (those with premium membership) get unlimited likes. Though it may seem insufficient, it is quality, not the number, that counts on this platform.

We Met, Video Prompts, Who Liked Me, and many more features are enabled as part of the premium membership, and they provide a whole fresh perspective to the app and its total potential.

The best choice is to sign up for a 6-month subscription, which costs about $4.99/month.

Hinge has developed into an excellent dating app for geeky young people who are always on the go.

Finally, probably the most significant disadvantage of this dating site is its sluggish customer service.

Apart from this, Hinge is amongst the most recommended apps that cater to the mindsets of young adults.



eHarmony is the most exemplary dating service for younger people seeking a long-term commitment. The members of the site are interested in long-term commitments instead of casual flings. So, if you are looking for one-night stands, eHarmony is not for you.

Although utilizing eHarmony may be rather costly for some young singles, it is well worth it since the site excels at connecting people for significant, long-lasting partnerships or even marriage. It has about 66 million subscribers in more than 200 countries. eHarmony has worked diligently to develop a winning matching system based on aspects of compatibility. Their efforts have paid off handsomely, as they are amongst the highest success percentages when forming happy marriages.

Dating specialists connect young professionals on the top dating apps based on their comprehensive dating profiles.

eHarmony is best utilized when a six-month subscription is purchased since this allows ample time to interact with that special someone (eHarmony is also $65.90/month). Paid memberships to eHarmony enable you to contact other users, see an unlimited number of pictures of your matches, learn who has visited your profile, and access your Personality Report.



Those searching for “fun dating without the wait” will find this an ideal option ever.

It’s not always about seeking other singles; it’s about searching for the naughty ones, and due to internet dating, this is no longer a fantasy or daydream—and certainly not a taboo!

Registration is straightforward and needs just a few pieces of information: your age, gender, location, and e-mail address, in addition to your sexual orientation.

Among the most notable features of the BeNaughty platform is that all of the search filters provided are completely free to use, which certainly improves your chances of finding exactly what you’re searching for.

In terms of tools and choices, you may send a wink, utilize the chatroom, play an adorable or not-so-cute game in the Like gallery, or send messages for free (that is, if you are a female).

When a dating platform has such an enticing name, it’s reasonable to expect that something enticing will be available—and it is. Apart from images, there is also the option to submit videos.

However, you may have thought that this would open the door to some provocative and nude images—nope, the website strictly prohibits pornography and nudity. All of this is done in the interest of safeguarding members and reducing the likelihood of unpleasant circumstances.

BeNaughty has a plethora of specializations that cater to a variety of orientations, interests, and places. According to the membership structure, the majority of members are female. Thus, there are users with all sexual orientations, foreign people, multiracial people, bisexual people, married people, elderly citizens, and mature people.

When you join BeNaughty, you become a complimentary member. It grants you access to the majority of the service’s functionality but restricts you in many ways. It includes the ability to see certain sections of a member’s profile and full-size member pictures. As a free member, you may send up to five messages each day to five different users. Fortunately, BeNaughty memberships are affordable, often costing less than $20 per month. Additionally, BeNaughty usually runs deals that may save you up to 60% in certain instances.

While there is now an Android app, the web version is quite mobile-friendly. The website is designed intuitively and is simple to navigate, especially if you are new to online dating.

In summary, unlike many other sites that cater to both casual and serious relationships, this one is geared toward adventurous encounters, hookups, and the like. If that is what you want, have no worries that BeNaughty will provide it for you.

Essentially, the features and much more that this top online dating service for young adults provides attract users.

The main disadvantage is that profile information is not as comprehensive as on some other sites. If nothing else, they undergo verification to ensure that the individuals behind those appealing images are real.

Benaughty is one of the safest dating services for young people as a result of the verification process.

Among the top dating services for young people serious about finding that special someone, for casual hookups or one-night stands, is one of the greatest options. It is because has such a big and varied group of individuals. On, you will discover individuals from all walks of life who are seeking a partner.

However, make sure you have the finest dating profile on the show, along with a beautiful photo to make it stand out from the crowd. You can also take the help of the profile builder tool as well. has an outstanding matching system, is very popular, and offers a plethora of attractive and helpful features such as Video date, MatchMe, and their Match guarantee. is a great place to start your search for love. is also one of the most reputable online dating services, so a young dater may feel secure in the knowledge that they are not wasting their time on a fly-by-night dating scam website. Even though is a paid dating website, their prices are very reasonable: low enough to attract more young people but high enough to keep the time wasters at bay.

Leverage the benefits of the Match guarantee and spend more time searching for the perfect person by signing up for a six-month subscription (which costs only $68.94).

Plenty of Fish offers two major advantages that young people appreciate: it has a large number of users, and it is one of the finest free dating services for young adults available. POF has well over 32 million members in terms of membership, making it the most comprehensive online dating service available. Youngsters on the PoF website will find it extremely simple to meet people from various walks of life, regardless of their age or background.

Young individuals aiming to meet and connect with new people, make friends, and maybe enjoy a few hookups will discover that PoF is the ideal fit for their requirements. Although there is a chance of meeting someone wonderful for a long-term commitment on PoF, it should not be the main emphasis since the site is more about interacting and having fun than finding someone special.

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a dating website that has been around for a long time. As part of the registration process for the mobile app, you can anticipate being asked several questions that will help POF better determine who you might be a good match with. This whole test, on the other hand, causes the sign-up process to be tedious. As a final point, recent research by POF discovered that the three least popular pictures on dating apps, according to singletons, are toilet selfies, gym selfies, and photos that have been excessively altered or filtered. As a catch, avoid posting these kinds of pictures on Plenty of Fish, and you will soon find yourself talking with salmon greats in no time. Being an Upgraded member allows you to appear more often in the Meet Me area, add up to 16 pictures to your profile, get read receipts, and see who has seen your profile and said ‘Yes’ to you in Meet Me. All of this is available for as little as $19.35 per month.

Ah, OkCupid: an old classic but a goodie in the dating world. Although OkCupid was founded in 2004 (!! ), it is still popular in the dating world. It has a whooping 50M users worldwide, out of which 25% users are in the age group of 25 to 34 years. In recent years, OkCupid has adopted the slogan “dating deserves better,” The company has prioritized assisting users in creating deeper and more meaningful relationships.

‘Dating Data Center’ is a new monthly feature on OKCupid’s blog that will provide insights into the platforms on which singles are presently interacting. The information in these articles may help you approach and connect with other singles a lot more quickly.

The registration process is straightforward, and so is the overall UI.

It is not heavy on the pocket, too, as most of its features like messaging and chatting are free to use. However, if you want to opt for the premium version to avoid advertisements, it starts from 7.95USD per month.



It is a perfect young adult dating service that caters to people seeking fun and casual encounters with others. It includes live cam capabilities that allow members to watch in public or have a one-on-one session with another user. Despite the fact that the site’s name begins with “insta,” it is not affiliated with the Instagram social media platform.

All of the other features are almost identical to those found on traditional adult dating websites, except for a small amount of social network integration. Rather than adding “friends,” you may add “buddies.” You can also post statuses and pictures, as well as communicate with other users.

It has approx. 50K users from the USA, out of which 60% users are males. Sign up process is easy, but profiles are not verified, which often increases the chances of fake profiles.

To start with, you can take the 3 day trial in only $1.95 USD



Once had a significant impact on the online dating industry since its inception. It was introduced as a slow dating app. Rather than having too many choices, you may give it your best shot, do things slowly, and wait for the right one to come. If you are into customized matching, like they do, or if you enjoy trying new things, Once will appeal to you. It may be a good place for individuals seeking serious and genuine connections, but be cautious of false accounts. Although their matchmakers’ staff carefully choose your matches, as they use anti-fraud procedures, you should exercise the same caution as you would with other dating services. While Once respects your privacy as well as that of other members, being a bit more circumspect might keep you safe. The website offers several significant strengths but also a few minor drawbacks. For instance, if you lack crowns, you will be unable to interact with anybody. If you are not a VIP, you will be unable to access their other features like my reviews, matching quality. Members would almost certainly discover their ideal mate, but it would take time because they would only get one match each day.

However, a one-month subscription of $29.99 can allow you to receive four matches per day, see who has seen your chat requests, and match preferences.

The Pros and Cons of the Dating Website for Young Singles


  • It provides a platform for young people to interact with one another and meet new individuals.
  • It makes it simple to meet individuals who have similar interests and viewpoints.
  • You have the option to date somebody for friendship or a casual hookup without the strain of entering a committed relationship until you are ready.


  • Inability to determine the real character of the person with whom you have been matched.
  • There are a lot of fraudsters and false accounts on the majority of young adult dating websites.
  • The majority of them are hookup and dating websites offering casual sex and dating.

How to Opt for the Best Dating Apps for Young Adults

Here are some helpful tips and hacks to consider before deciding on the best dating site for your needs.

  • A rigorous evaluation of each website or young dating apps
  • On each dating website, users’ experiences with the registration procedure are recorded.
  • Getting a partner within a short period of time, whether utilizing the free or premium version

It is strongly encouraged to use online dating platforms, as it is a fantastic method to find that special someone. However, both the young and elderly should always exercise caution while dating online.

Final Words on Dating App for Young Adults

However, since most dating apps have very stringent age limits, locating one specifically targeted toward teenagers may be challenging. However, a few good alternatives for the under-21 population have better safety measures and a less shady hookup culture.

Of course, this does not imply that these dating websites for young singles are completely secure. You should still take standard online safety measures — never give out your residential address, check for synchronized social network accounts to avoid being trapped, and choose a very public location if you decide to meet. Having said that, if you’re interested in giving online dating a try, do explore the aforementioned young dating adult sites


As a young adult, there might be many questions and apprehensions in your mind before signing up for young adult dating sites. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered.

How Many Young People Make Use of Online Dating Services?

By October 2019, over 48 percent of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 in the United States were frequent users of online dating services, according to Statista.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that teenagers and young adults in this age range are significant audiences of young adult dating sites

Name Few Dating Sites for Millennials ?

Here is the list of popular young dating apps and sites:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • eHarmony
  • BeNaughty
  • Match
  • POF
  • OkCupid

What Is the Best Young Dating Apps?

Tinder, which has a huge user base of young people, is presently the best dating app for young adults on the market.

Hinge is the finest dating app for millennials since its primary objective is to connect individuals with the same interests to form meaningful connections.

Are you a millennial who has been finding dates on free dating sites for young adults? If your answer is “Yes,” do share your experience in the comments section. Feel free to add some tips and hacks to make the most out of these young people dating sites.

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