EquestrianSingles Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles

EquestrianSingles Review 2021: Best Website to Meet Local Singles
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 137000
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Visit rate 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This website unites people who have at least one important similar hobby - love for horses.
  • EquestrianSingles website is simple to navigate and use all the features.
  • Paid subscription at EquestrianSingles is rather cheap as compared to other similar services, especially when to buy a one-year subscription
  • The website offers its users an advanced search filter that makes the search process easier.
  • It is possible to search for singles near you by your ZIP code.
  • The EquestrianSingles website does not have a mobile version or application for smartphones.
  • Only residents of the United States and Canada can be members of the community.
  • The users have quite limited features without a paid subscription.
  • An ID confirmation is absent at EquestrianSingles; it leads to the existence of many fake profiles created by scammers.
  • Users of EquestrianSingles complain about the absence of an appropriate quality assurance department, which will solve various issues.

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Among the dating websites and services, some gather people according to their field of interests. EquestrianSingles is not an exception to the rule. This website was launched in 2001 by two people who are fond of horses and everything connected to them. Their love of horses helped them to meet. Thus, they believed that they were not the only ones who love these beautiful animals and were looking for their passion among equestrian lovers. EquestrianSingles gather like-minded people. They are interested in rodeo, horse riding, polo, and everything related to the cowboy’s theme. Even though only the residents of the United States and Canada can be the members of the EquestrianSingles, every month, about a thousand of new singles join this community. Each of them has their purposes: meeting true love, meeting an engaged interlocutor to talk about horses, or finding a business partner is a horse-related sphere. It is not a secret, that horses are expensive, and members of EquestrianSingles realize it and transform their hobby into a business. That is why it is said that the geography of EquestrianSingles’ users is limited only to the North American region. In other continents and states, there are many horse lovers, who could enjoy the communication with singles with the same interests.

Reputation and History of EquestrianSingles

Reputation and History of EquestrianSingles

There are various opinions about the functioning of the EquestrianSingles website. Due to the limited geography of the website’s members, the number of users is rather small. However, during the EquestrianSingles’ existence (it was launched in 2001), the number of users has risen to many thousand. When the website’s founders created this community, they pursued a goal to unite horse lovers from all over the United States and Canada. But sometimes, users complain that the majority of EquestrianSingles’ users are the residents of Texas. In such a way, it is difficult for horse lovers from other states to meet with the website’s members in reality. It restricts the possibility of real meetings, and subscribers are only limited to messaging via the website. Such a situation generated the existence of other Equestrian dating services with the same purpose. The EquestrianSingles’ competitors have taken into account all the drawbacks of this website and managed to attract no less number of subscribers, despite the fact that their time of existence is much shorter. In any case, EquestrianSingles will always continue to maintain the status of the first dating website, which focuses on the interests of horse lovers.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The main advantage of the EquestrianSingles website is that it appears at the first link in Google search. This makes it easy to find. The design of the website is as simple as it can be imagined. It seems that it was not changed since the time it was created. The only sign which hints that EquestrianSingles is designed for horse lovers is a brown horseshoe on the website’s first page. Such a bald interface may be one of the reasons why the number of subscribers is not high, and they prefer more modern websites.

The registration process at EquestrianSingles is also simple and clear. It asks to enter the email address, zip code, applicant’s name, and create a password. Also, at the initial stage, it is necessary to choose your gender and whom you are looking for. At the further stages, you will enter more advanced features of yourself by indicating your height, eyes, and hair color. All these features will be taken into account when other members of the community use an advanced search filter.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here

At EquestrianSingles, the sign-up process is straightforward. The administration of the website took care of this process and made it as simple as possible. It is necessary only to enter an email address. After the registration, EquestrianSingles will send a confirmation letter to your email, and you will prove your registration and sign up process. Also, the sign-up process is simple because it does not require ID confirmation. In such a way, the system will not check the reality of the photos that are uploaded. All these do not take the time to create an account. The account is created immediately after the registration. All the adjustments to personal information can be made at any time.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

The majority of the accounts at EquestrianSingles are real. Taking into account that the number of all subscribers is not very high, it is easier to detect false accounts, which, unfortunately, are present here. The unreal accounts’ presence can be explained by the weak confirmation standards of the users’ profiles. There is no photo verification and ID confirmation. That is why some members of EquestrianSingles may be engaged in fraudulent activities. One of the reasons for this is that horses can be a profitable business and can bring significant money.

Website and Mobile Version

Website and Mobile Version

When speaking about the EquestrianSingles dating application, it is necessary to underline that there is the website only. The mobile version looks pretty much the same as desktop one. You also will not be able to find an app for the smartphones neither at Apple App Store nor at Google Play Market. Thus, members of EquestrianSingles can provide their communication only via the official website of this dating service.

Special Features

What about the features of EquestrianSingles, we can say that some manipulations can be made without a paid subscription. There are chat rooms and forums, where members of the website can communicate and discuss various topics related to equestrian occupations and activities, as well as some love-based topics. All the members of the community can rate and block other users when they feel it is necessary. For introducing themselves, users of EquestrianSingles may record a video presentation, where they demonstrate their appearance and communication skills. However, there is no video chat. Those who experience mutual liking can communicate only with the help of text messages. Compared to the competitors, the EquestrianSingles loses because it has no other features or activities except for forums.

Partner Searchn

For finding a partner, there is a search tool at EquestrianSingles, which pays attention to different characteristics. In the majority of cases, the search is committed within your selected age range. An advanced search filter available at the website will help you find all those who have the same interests and fit your search criteria.

How Does EquestrianSingles Work?

The main principle of work at EquestrianSingles lies in the fact that all registered members of the community may search for the singles they prefer. Here, there is nothing special as compared to other similar dating websites. The service facilitates finding singles who fit the age range of the user and other criteria. If a member of the community likes someone’s profile, he or she should press an appropriate button. Only then will it be possible to look through the other photos in the profile and chat with this member of EquestrianSingles.

Searching Options and Filters at EquestrianSingles

Searching Options and Filters at EquestrianSingles

At EquestrianSingles, there are two options of search: a basic search and an advanced one. Basic search allows us to look for the singles according to their gender, age, and several other major features. An advanced search option will help broaden the selection by including the candidate’s height, hair, and eye color. Also, there, users can choose according to the person’s occupation and income. If you would like to find someone nearby, you may enter a ZIP code, and the search tool will find people who live in your required state.

Communication Methods

The only way of communication at EquestrianSingles are text messages. When the user likes someone’s profile, he or she can start a chat with this user by sending a message. When the message is sent, the recipient will be informed by the EquestrianSingles’ administration via email that they received a message. When the person is currently using the website, he or she will receive a notification immediately. If your recipient responds, you will receive the same notifications, and the conversation can be continued in messaging inbox.

EquestrianSingles Alternatives

EquestrianSingles Alternatives

Among the alternatives to EquestrianSingles, it is possible to name simple dating websites and those related to the horse-loving theme. For example, the service Match can be a serious competitor, although it is not exclusively for horse lovers. Among those related to the equestrian theme, there are EquestrianCupid, HorseAndCountryLovers, EquestrianDating, EquestrianDatingSite, and some other. All they are newer and include more features as compared to EquestrianSingles.

Membership Price and Payment Method

EquestrianSingles is considered to be one of the cheapest dating services. The price depends on the duration of the membership. If you pay for a month, the price will be the highest. But when to pay for several months or the whole year, the price decreases several times. The membership may be paid with the help of a credit card, PayPal, or a postal check.

Free Membership Features

At EquestrianSingles, a free membership is available, and it offers some limited opportunities. Among them is creating a profile and uploading photos. Also, it allows us to create a list of favorite profiles, which can be reviewed later. The possibility of sending a friend request and viewing the photo profile of others is also available within the free membership at EquestrianSingles. As a free member, you can send flirts and use the search tool.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership at EquestrianSingles provides its users with the same features as free membership and add more advanced ones. Thus, only with a premium account it can be possible to send emails to all the members and reply to them. Also, it allows us to use chat rooms and store some additional person’s data if there is a need. With this account, it is allowed to post an unlimited number of photos, see the last visit of the profiles, and monitor who visited your page and liked.

How Much Is Dating on EquestrianSingles?

Duration of subscription Price per month Total
1 Month $19.95 $19.95
3 Months $13.32 $39.95
6 Months $9.16 $54.95

Is EquestrianSingles Really Safe?

Is EquestrianSingles Really Safe

Despite the presence of fake accounts at EquestrianSingles, this website can be considered safe because the administration cares about its members’ security. At least, such information is written in the website’s documents. All the inappropriate behavior from any user can be reported to the support department. Also, the user may block abusive profiles by themselves. The activity of possible scammers is controlled and prevented here.

Technical Side of Protection

To ensure safety and security issues, the owners of the EquestrianSingles website use all the available means. However, they do not want to disclose this information to prevent scammers from breaking their security system.

Customer Support

The support department is going to help with various issues (including technical ones) their customers face by using the EquestrianSingles website. If you have a question or some problem, it is necessary to write the support department to their email address: support@equestriansingles.com. If some inappropriate behavior was noticed or you would like to cancel your subscription – the support department will help with all these questions.

How to Pass EquestrianSingles Photo Verification?

There is no verification procedure for the photo at EquestrianSingles. However, there are some restrictions on the photos that can be uploaded. Such photos are checked and deleted if they do not fit the main requirements. But the authenticity of the member’s photo is never checked, which brings some danger to the community’s real members.

How to Delete EquestrianSingles Account?

The cancellation or deletion of the account at EquestrianSingles is rather simple. For this, it is necessary to press the following buttons in the right order: Navigation menu – Settings – Remove profile. It is also asked to indicate the reason why do you want to delete your profile. After doing so (the website does not offer any options; the reason must be written on your own), it is necessary to click the Remove button. If the time of subscription is not ended, the refunds are not provided to the former members.

How to See Who Likes You on EquestrianSingles Without Paying?

At EquestrianSingles, only fee-based profiles can monitor who likes them. Without paying, this information is not available. With the advanced membership, the website’s users can see and respond to all the likes and winks.

How to Block Someone on EquestrianSingles?

Only those members who message you can be blocked. For this, it is necessary to open a received message, click on the “More options” button, and choose the “Block” button. The administration reviews all such complaints, and the blocked account may be deleted when some sober dating reasons for it are present.

How to Cancel EquestrianSingles Subscription?

Both basic and premium memberships can be canceled at the EquestrianSingles website. Only several steps should be performed for it. Thus, it is necessary to click the following buttons: Navigation menu – Settings – Manage subscription – Cancel subscription. Also, there is the other way to ensure the cancellation of the subscription. It lies in writing a cancellation request to the support department. The request will be considered within the nearest 24 hours. Online cancellation is considered to be the most effective because it is the fastest way. Here, it is also necessary to remember that money that was paid for the subscription will not be refunded.



As can be seen, there are many benefits and drawbacks of the EquestrianSingles dating website. The main benefit is it unites people who are fond of horses and would like to share their interests and hobbies with other single-minded persons. By pursuing various purposes (dating, business, simple communication), people register at EquestrianSingles and remain satisfied. However, exceptions to the rule always exist. One of the drawbacks is that the website members’ geography is limited to only the United States and Canada, although there are many horse lovers on other continents. Many website’s competitors take this nuance into account and enjoy sometimes greater popularity than EquestrianSingles does.

EquestrianSingles is a leg behind some of the competitors because it does not offer any other means of communication but messaging. Nowadays, it is not enough to attract customers’ attention. It would be better if there are published articles about various equestrian activities and events. Also, it would be better to implement video calls where people can share their real emotions and impressions from what they are doing. In general, EquestrianSingles enjoys some popularity because it is the first equestrian-based dating website, where people can talk about their hobbies and find their true love. So, if you would like to combine you hobby with finding someone for dating, welcome to EquestrianSingles. Here, this aim will come true.

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