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Bumble Review November 2021 – How Does It Work?

Bumble Review November 2021 – How Does It Work?
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Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 2 000 000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Ease of use: The app gives you a seamless user experience to help members evaluate their options wisely. It is easy to use for anyone new to dating service. It lets users swipe left or right to show their interest, and when both parties seem interested to take it ahead, a match is created.
  • Variety of Options: Bumble is out with a free and premium version. The users can access profiles easily and get the conversation rolling in the first place with the basic version. The premium version Bumble Boost is also available if you want advanced features like a list of people who liked you already, Reconsider expired matches, and more than 24 hours to approach their preferred profiles.
  • Profile options: The platform helps you choose the role you want to play here. Are you interested to only meet some like-minded individuals to hand around with? Or are you looking for serious relationships?
  • Women Centric: Women are encouraged to define their preferences and make the first move saving a lot of time on wasted efforts on wrong choices. Women are indeed shown respect to take the lead and express their liking as their personal choice and not as a forced response.
  • Mutual Liking: When both the individuals show an interest, a match can be formed, which cuts off many non-genuine chat requests and inundated approach messages. You are not receiving messages from anyone unsolicited, and women no longer need to feel insulted by receiving messages from uncalled for profiles.
  • Men privileges: Men have to wait longer to receive a request from the women he likes already. The time-lapse of 24 hours may seem very less to receive a response from their preferred options.
  • Lack of Complete information in basic Version: The basic version may fetch your necessary information from the Facebook account, which may not be enough details to evaluate the suitability of a match.

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Bumble is a woman-dominated dating platform that gives them full autonomy to choose whom they want to go out with. The platform lets women decide whom they want to ask out on a beautiful evening dinner. There are an equal number, if not more, women and men, using this app. Have you always wondered how it is to be lovestruck? Have you ever dreamt of a perfect romantic date with treasured conversations over a cup of coffee? Have you always found it hard to find a person who has similar ideologies as you? Bumble could be your lucky cupid. The online dating world comes with specific questions and uncertainties from the people opting for it. Will this work out? Am I on the right track? It may just be their first step to welcome a stranger in their life and know them from scratch. This is a gender independent platform that gives integrity and respect for women an upper hand.

Reputation and history of Bumble

Bumble was founded in January 2014 by an ex-tinder employee, Whitney Wolfe Herd. She wanted to have women take a stand on whom they are willing to date rather than waiting to be found. Bumble has gained tremendous popularity since then and grown over 80 million community members. Bumble takes pride in its values and has been witness to countless happy and successful relationships.

With every growing iteration, Bumble is enhancing its reputation as a networking app, helping people make meaningful connections.

Website and App Interface, Registration

The app is visually appealing, with more straightforward navigation over different sections. The sign up is only one click away. It gets initiated by linking your Facebook account with the app. It fetches your necessary information from Facebook credentials. Another way you could register is by using your phone number. This option has lately been introduced to show accurate results.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

The sign-up process is a simple and straightforward play for first-time users. The app asks for your location to show you location-specific results, and requires your latest profile photo for identification. The necessary information is taken from the Facebook profile leaving it to your discretion to share details with the right people.

Are the Accounts real here?

Bumble uses third-party software to verify the Genuinity of your credentials so that no suspicious account gets created. It uses cookie data and other web technologies like Captcha to stop breaches of privacy. A Bumble administration team reviews the profile pictures as per their verification guidelines. The slight discrepancy in your profile picture and real-time selfie may result in rejection of your profile. This will make sure you are talking to the same person whose profile you chose.

Website and Mobile Version

Bumble rolled out its web version a few years back. Starting with an only app platform, it has now extended its features over the web interface. Since then, its usage and popularity have gained tremendous momentum.

Special Features

Although Bumble is open for all platforms, it offers additional features in its premium version. If the user intends to take other benefits to come across some genuine people and gain popularity, he may as well do that.

  • Bumble BFF: If finding a partner may not be your real intent, you might only want to use it to find like-minded friends. You may switch profile mode to BFF to only come across people interested in making long-lasting friendships.
  • Bumble Bizz: As the name suggests, you might want to use the app for making professional connections with business interests. It can be used as a knowledge warehouse for getting the latest updates of your industry. You may grow your supplier network and widen your customer base with this feature in play.
  • Bumble Hive: Bumble organizes real-life events for its users to personally meet with their love interests, business connections, and online friends. They hold conferences for users to come and share their expertise on topics of mutual interests with their acquaintances.
  • SuperSwipe: SuperSwipe is a premium feature used with the Bumble Coins-inherent app currency feature. With every coin you use, you can leave a heart in someone’s profile to confirm that you are interested. It is an opportunity to build the ground for your preferred match to notice you.
  • Beeline: Beeline is the listing of all the profiles which have swiped right on your profile, showing interest in initiating the conversation.

Bumble does not allow users to search for someone by their names on the platform. It will enable users to see suggested matches but has no bias against anyone before connecting with them.

How does Bumble Work?

The app allows women to take the lead and choose the right partner for themselves. All the suggested matches are visible to every user. If you find a profile interesting, you swipe their profile right to indicate your interest. If the user at the other end also finds you attractive, they may also swipe right. In this case, a match has been made.

Within 24 hours, the woman has to send a message to the man, after which he gets 24 hours to respond. Once he responds, they can keep the conversation going as and when they want.

If a profile does not appeal to you, you make a swipe left to ignore them.

In the case of platonic or same-sex relationships, any party is free to make the first move, and if the other party replies, they can freely communicate henceforth.

Searching options and filters at Bumble

You may filter your search to continue seeing the profiles of the acceptable connections. This generally gives you only the relevant results in the first place.

You can choose to set certain basic filters like age, religion preferences, location to customize the profiles that appear in your swipe dashboard. These filters are the most sought-after initial criterion to facilitate choices. Apart from that, two advanced filter options are open to everyone. If you wish to set more advanced filters, you can go in for Bumble BOOST subscription.

You have the autonomy to decide on your filter options. This depends upon the weightage you give to a particular criterion on a personal level. This might be different for every other user. To create a filter:

  • Click on the filter
  • Choose your acceptable answers for a criterion.
  • Click on the Apply filter.

Communication Methods

The app comes up with the suggested matches as per the filters applied by you. Women are allowed to initiate the conversation by swiping right on their favorite profiles.

Once a match is created, the woman sends an in-app message to man to break the ice.

Within 24 hours, if the man replies to her message, they can continue chatting hereafter.

Members can chat in the chat room, and all conversations can be easily viewed in the match queues with the latest chat showing right at the top or unread messages.

Bumble Alternatives

  • Zoosk
  • Match
  • Elite Singles
  • Friend Finder

Comparison with other dating services:

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Membership plans available are:

Free(Basic) Plan:

  • Free app download
  • Profile Registration
  • Suggested Matches
  • Chat and messaging service
  • One re-match/day with an expired connection

Premium Version:

  • Extend response time beyond 24 hours
  • Re-match feature enabled with expired connections.
  • SuperSwipe
  • Visibility of Beeline

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Phone

Free membership features

  • The easy registration process with a single sign-in with Facebook account
  • Display suggested matches as you register
  • Sending messages is free to all users
  • Visibility of profile pictures without premium membership
  • All Photos and profile information is public by default
  • Fake Profiles can be reported and blocked
  • Photo Arts available to have fun with pictures
  • Opportunity to bind your Instagram profile to your Bumble account
  • Swiping right on favorite profiles is possible to express interest in other users.
  • The match can be found without spending anything
  • 24-hour window is available to anyone to respond to a message
  • Minimum details required to activate an account

Premium Membership features

Bumble BOOST is the paid version of the app.

It has the following features:

  • Beeline: Helps see the list of all the people who have swiped right on your profile and may be interested in making a connection
  • Re-match Feature: If the connection has expired due to non-responsiveness from a party, this feature can reactivate the match again
  • Busy BEE: The 24-hour time limit can be extended with this feature to keep the potential match/connection between two people alive for a longer time. You may want to wait a little longer for a prospective partner to respond to your message.
  • Bumble BFF: This feature is enabled if your intent to join the app is to create long-lasting friendships with new people and expand your network of like-minded individuals.
  • Bumble Bizz: This feature enables the use of the app majorly on professional grounds. You can contact suppliers and investors to get associated with you to expand market reach.
  • SuperSwipe: You can use the feature of Bumble coins to send out a heart to any profile to indicate that you are interested in them. It notifies the other party that a super swipe has been used by you to grab their attention. It stresses the point that their profile is worth much more than the amount you have spent on this feature.
  • Backtrack: If you swiped left on a profile accidentally instead of swiping right, you could undo it by using this premium feature.
  • Virtual Dating Badge: Bumble lets the users indicate a virtual dating badge on their profiles to indicate your availability for a video or voice call. This feature allows users to go beyond chats and establish intimate conversations with their matches.

How much is dating on Bumble

Finding a match is free to any Bumble user. However, to avail Bumble BOOST Feature, the price ranges as below.

Bumble Boost Subscription

Duration Costs Total
1 Week 8.99 USD / Week 8.99 USD
1 Month 24.99 USD / Month 24.99 USD
3 Months 16.66 USD / Month 49.99 USD

Bumble Credits

Credit Costs Total
1 BumbleCoin 1.99 USD 1.99 USD
5 BumbleCoins 1.60 USD 7.99 USD
10 BumbleCoins 1.50 USD 14.99 USD
20 BumbleCoins 1.25 USD 24.99 USD

Is Bumble safe?

Bumble lets you interact with other users through video and voice calls. Thereby your private number is not disclosed to anyone till the time you share with them.

Bumble photo verification feature ensures matching your profile pic with a real-time selfie before you start conversations. This restricts them from creating any false identities and connects with anyone on immoral grounds.

The app also restricts the users from putting photos with similar locations as backgrounds to ensure their safety at all costs.

The “private Detector” feature blurs inappropriate images in the first instance and gives the user an option to view it or report the other user.

Technical side of Protection

The app uses a cookie feature to store all the user activity, and the time they have spent on every page. They also save information on the device memory where the app was last accessed. It may also signal unauthorized access to your profile.

All the users’ data is stored on secured servers using firewalls to protect their privacy and keep their credentials confidential.

Web Technologies like Captchas are used to confirm that the communication is happening between real people and not bots.

The app also makes autonomous decisions to block/remove a person’s profile if they are involved in any suspicious activities as per the app’s guidelines.

Customer Support

Bumble’s customer support team can be best reached over the following:

  • Queries sent in writing under the section “Contact FAQ.”
  • Direct email to the support team
  • Through their Facebook and Twitter support pages

How to pass Bumble Photo Verification?

  • Click on the verification button in your profile.
  • The app offers you around 100 random poses. You can choose any pose and take a selfie imitating that pose. Send the photo to the Bumble administration team following the step by step verification process laid down by their team.
  • A real team member verifies all photos.
  • Your profile will get activated once verified or rejected for the lack of picture clarity or any discrepancy between real-time selfie and your profile picture.

How to delete an Bumble account?

  • Go to the top left corner of the app.
  • Press the gear icon
  • Click on the icon and press the option log out and delete the account.
  • You will be asked to type “Delete” in the blank to confirm if you want to delete the account.
  • Once you confirm your account is deleted permanently.
  • If you decide to revisit the app anytime again, you will have to make an altogether new account.

How to see who likes you on Bumble without paying?

  • Go to your profile and click on the profile settings.
  • Try editing just about anything about your profile and save the changes.
  • Now someone who has liked you recently might show up in the top in the blurry profile queue.

How to block someone on Bumble?

  • Click the profile of the person you want to block.
  • Click on the option Block and Report.
  • Furthermore, you might specify the reason you are blocking someone.
  • Communication on both ends might disappear.

How to cancel an Bumble subscription?

  • Click on the menu icon on the left corner of the app.
  • Click on Bumble Boost Icon below the profile pic.
  • Click on the option “Manage Subscription.”
  • Select the option “cancel” on screen.


This dating website offers a broader reach with its different features like BFF, BIZZ to users as per their individual choices. A social network that can be tweaked and used as per the user preference is out of the box. Its growing userbase nearing about 421,000 per month over the last months with average ratings coming about 3.7 out of 5 speaks volumes about its potential and firm grip in the market. Bumble is not just an app; it is a medium to connect with similar people in many respects to make lifelong connections. Go on and make your lifetime connection through Bumble today.

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Alex is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Alex is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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Customer reviews
by Melody Nov 24, 2021
Wonderful application, matchmaking seems to play easily, shouldn't need much time to get going. You can easily build your game account and a dashboard in a couple of minutes and use your website conveniently. Lots of people is groaning regarding settled registration, but there's no these types of factor as a free of cost lunch break, I really believe. Concerning me personally, I'm satisfied with needed. I achieved the my favorites in the real world, but I haven't preferred that special someone next. I enjoy adore, lifestyle, and customers I've received once enrolled in this application. Incidentally, additionally it is helpful on mobile phones, even without downloading program.
by Oliver Nov 17, 2021
After a couple of weeks and something some other date on this internet site, I ran across a person that shares my favorite fundamental beliefs and wish identical tasks when I love. Both of us like snowboarding and hiking, and after this, we enjoy our personal existence with each other. I am desperate to encourage this app, and I'm not shy to fairly share the dating online reviews in public areas.
by Little Nov 10, 2021
Love this specific service. We made plans to meet up folks for a coffee plus a celebration. In my opinion it has gone very nicely. We have certainly not opted however concerning the subsequent times, but I'm on my technique to pick the one that is truly specific. Okay, wanted myself chance, everyone.
by Baila Nov 09, 2021
Close assistance from all standpoints. I had several good and bad experiences previously, as well as some people also out of cash my own cardio. I'm 46, and it's difficult personally meet up with everyone using the internet for going out with. This application produces everything user-friendly and normal. As soon as stumbled upon they first, I found myself grateful to discover several available alternatives and a pleasant-looking interface. I really like these types of a strategy and, besides, i'm secure there. I don't have got so many connections because I'm bustling my personal everyday living. I favor to form my own mall inside range, and this also web site provides all possibilities for comfortable interacting with each other.
by Arjun Nov 05, 2021
I happened to be fairly skeptical it would move wherever, i will find one thing important on this site. My pal likes online dating sites, and I've merely joined up with this site for entertainment. Well, okay, honestly communicating, I just now were going to corroborate that online dating doesn't function and say to your afterwards, “There you will be, pal, I told you so.” However, I absolutely obtained online flirting addictive and begun talking with really intriguing people. We have brand new family plus some admirers. Extremely, I'm getting a night out together offline and luxuriate in brand-new experience.
by Eric Oct 31, 2021
I happened to be thrilled to get in touch with different men and women on the website which have most in common using my passions and customs. I attempted various other programs before, i should say that the standard of the fit is superior below. That's the reasons why I'm truly shocked ascertain numerous bad testimonies with this web site. However discovered that owners write adverse remarks even on the ideal programs. In doing this, they often show his or her frustration and thoughts without specifying specific problems associated with the software. Thus, i believe people only cannot get a hold of folks that would complement all of them to get crazy about their loneliness. For this reason, we have to learn how to narrow these reviews. This web site is effective, but, admittedly, it isn't magic pill. I'm thrilled to fit into town to get awesome times. Perhaps, I'm just considerably particular as opposed to others, but typically, I presume I'm happy. Numerous other everyone need more hours to acquire like-minds. Anyway, I'd recommend website for just about any types of commitments because their market was varied, and consumers incredibly effective. Personally, i could always find people using the internet to chat and flirt. Besides, the app carries out really, and routing is pretty straightforward. All required options are into the menu right in front of the vision. I'm positive internet dating hasn't ever been simpler.
by Sheila Oct 22, 2021
The wisest decision I've available is signing up with and making use of this site. I'm online dating at this point, and thanks to the application for these chances. We've been collectively for four weeks together with a superb efforts along. Hence, i suppose I became fortunate to meet up with my buddy as the whole techniques is incredible on the website. All its alternatives give you the possibility to decide upon a great deal concerning companion before getting the best day. On the internet speaking is absolutely useful to get someone who matches your own guidelines and dreams. My personal profile on this web site lead a great deal of fun and ventures to my entire life. Very, I'd advise they to all the anyone wanting quality suits.
Mary Schneider
by Mary Schneider Oct 19, 2021
I didn`t find people to meeting as it is ahead of time in my situation nevertheless . extremely a newbie on the website. However, I'm pleased with exactly how this application is not hard to make use of. Things are easy-to-use, so I managed to don't require spend your time and evauluate things after I enrolled in the web site. I also enjoy how write pages are structured. It's really easy examine footage, submit emails, wants, and read about users' performances and people. I poised the place since the range is important for my situation and was actually pleased to view many fights incorporate everyone close by me personally.
Ann Kelley
by Ann Kelley Oct 16, 2021
I like this particular service. After are a subscribed owner for around 2 months, I ran across latest relatives, generally there is certainly not to whine about. The software lets you generate a unique visibility with lots of appealing picture. So long as you don't believe they essential to add all of the industries, you might bypass any of them. I suppose that pics will be the key factor given that the others you could expose while chatting and talking. We don't have got someone for matchmaking at the moment, but I'm to my option. I reside in a rural location, and plenty of matches are far away from me personally. But deciding on your current favorites and our very own web connections, i am going to go out pretty soon. Anyhow, the app works, and neighborhood rocks !. I turned down some freaks, but I've met not one person therefore horrible so that you may obstruct these people from speaking to me.
by Selena Oct 07, 2021
I discovered myself wanting loosen and hop into recoil love-making or maybe informal dating after a split up. But I got not a clue of steps to make they using the internet. Nothing experience forced me to be scared. I tried swiping, but this type of a shallow tactic isn't really my favorite durable fit. We try to look for the software in which consumers happen to be connecting, but I still demanded a high quality website. This amazing tool become a middle crushed I think. No-strings-attached associations, reasonable pages, and fits, basic screen, chat rooms. Often all I actually ever wished. We proceeded a couple of hot dates, nowadays I absolutely feel great. Great tool for singles with no-cost alternatives and great features. The nice style are an attractive touch.
Irene Campbell
by Irene Campbell Oct 03, 2021
Unique periods with this site have become great and attention-grabbing feel I think. It functions properly for my favorite self-esteem and makes it possible for making unique associations. They are not associations yet but hunt promising. Also, It is delightful for my situation to get rid of the ice and chat with individuals from any state I enjoy. Searching profiles is definitely appealing, both. It's often interesting decide exactly how consumers present themselves when looking for closeness.
Jeanette White
by Jeanette White Oct 01, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to find another possibility at absolutely love. Treasure this website for assist since I have acquired our hope. We do not render some long-range design and just relish oneself. All of us date, trips, and display an array of tasks. Essentially the stunning part of our personal interaction. I adore my favorite companion and hope that all of our love will develop and go to the next level. Some individuals are looking for spouses at relationships on-line companies, and in most cases, that type of things was embarrassing due to the fact feel just like products in specialist computers running windows. This software varies. Chances are you'll start with chatting and end in the chapel. The service enjoys a pretty good techie credentials. I prefer your website generally back at my laptop computer, but at times I get in touch with users and look our work from my iphone 3gs. No troubles whatever. I've observed no insects . all is very effective, without problems. Right after I visit, I prefer this site provided I want without disruptions and irritating reloads. I'm hoping it continues to be by doing this, as well as keep standard. If only everybody best of luck since your has receive me.
Samuel Rivera
by Samuel Rivera Sep 22, 2021
I signed up with this incredible website a year ago and obtained amazing feel. Now, i've a trusted and mind-blowing companion, and we're excellent collectively. I'd suggest the application because You will find taught from direct experiences that it operates. I notice that many individuals commonly grumble about no suits, believing that they spend your time and money. Continue to, I should remember that when folks cannot come somebody, they usually start the company's problems to external things. Task, relatives, online dating sites, to put it differently, you can find someone to take responsibility. Nevertheless, you shouldn't lose hope, and every little thing will be acceptable. Like for example, it required practically 7 many months in order to meet the mate.
Joshua Smith
by Joshua Smith Sep 21, 2021
We accompanied this page a year ago and have great experience. Right now, I have a dependable and mind-blowing spouse, and we're excellent jointly. I'd recommend the app because You will find figured out from drive practice that work. I observe that most individuals frequently grumble about no games, thinking that they spend time and cash. Nonetheless, i will observe that whenever people cannot find someone, they usually boot her disappointments to exterior facets. Task, loved ones, adult dating sites, put simply, often there is anyone to blame. Still, you should never disheartenment, and almost everything will likely be acceptable. One example is, they took me about 7 period to meet my spouse.
by RuthStephen Sep 15, 2021
Great thoughts. I've discovered lots of ready and intriguing people and a few freaks . that's a norm whenever you're using the internet. Some games are not during my venue . that's the reason we kept friends. I ought to claim that this service gets most methods to generate more consumers keep in mind one. Initial, it's enough space to construct the page and supply plenty of details about your appearance and characteristics. Next, messaging is okay. Typically, you receive complete online communications that can also bring a night out together whenever if you find yourself equipped to see the best in real life.