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Feabie Review August 2021 – How Does It Work?

Feabie Review August 2021 – How Does It Work?
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Pros and Cons

  • The service has an application for smartphones for both iOS and Android.
  • Feabie is a unique social network for full people, where they can find friends, even their love.
  • The application has a chat system integrated into the messenger, where all correspondence is stored.
  • The service does not have a huge user base yet. But its popularity is growing, and perhaps soon the situation will change.
  • To use additional features at Feabie, you need to pay for a Premium subscription.

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Feabie is a social network for people who think that there should be a lot of good people. You may be interested in it if you are feeders, feedees, fat admirers, and BBW/BHM. You can find people whose interests and life values are the same as yours. Do you love lush women and dream of such a wife? Come here for you! Will you find well-fed men? This platform is just for you! The site will satisfy the needs of the heterosexual feederism community, but to register here, looking for their love and friends can be people of different orientations. Welcome to the world of magnificent people!

Reputation and History of Feabie

Although the Feabie website does not have a long-term history, there are 114973 registered users, and every day about 4000 members come there. It indicates the popularity of the site.

This social network is a BBW community. It is a unique application of its kind. The name Feabie raises a lot of questions, as it is very much like a female name. People are wondering who this woman is? But it is an abbreviation for FA/BHM/BBW («fee» is an abbreviated version of «feeder» and «bee» is similar to «BBW/BHM»). The name of the site is specially designed so that it can be easily pronounced and quickly memorized.

Feabie Review 2020

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Feabie is more like a social network than a dating site in terms of structure and functionality. The original purpose of the site was to create a place where people who are overweight can find friends, communicate with people who look like them, and meet someone to start dating. It is the uniqueness of this platform. And it has greatly influenced the structure and design of the site. The mission of the site is to connect men and women who are in feederism. You can register here even if you are gay or bisexual for BHM Dating. This service is a free open space for dating. What is more, the site and applications are convenient and intuitive. It is worth noting that here almost all the most necessary options are free.

Sign up Process. Is it Easy Here?

The registration process on Feabie is straightforward. It will take you no more than 5 minutes. In this case, you can choose what information you want to provide. You can specify a minimum of details and in a minute to become a fully qualified user of the site. Also, you can spend a little more time and specify as much information about yourself as possible. It depends on what you want this site for. If you are eager to find a match, then, of course, it is worth as much as possible to tell about yourself, so that you can find the right person.

So, during registration, you will first need to come up with a unique username (try to choose something original and catchy) and password. You will also need to provide a valid email address. This address will be used to confirm your registration and to restore your account if necessary. You will also receive various notifications from the site to this address. Among the required data, you will also need to specify your gender and who you would like to find (man, woman, etc.).

The next step is optional. But here you are offered to tell more about yourself. You will need to answer questions such as food preferences, favorite books, what other social networks you use for communication (also provide links to them), your experience as a feeder, and feedie. Once you have provided all the information, it is best to recheck it. By the way, you can change this information in your profile later.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Most of the users of Feabie are men and women who are feeders and feedies. But also there can be just people who have sympathy for lush people. It has everything that attracts so many people. But at the same time, many users are interested in the question, is not there a Feabie account? Of course, no service is protected against it. But mostly here are registered people who want to find friends and love, who want to solve the problem of their loneliness. In turn, you may encounter a suspicious account. In this case, the most appropriate decision is to inform the administration of the site.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Website and Mobile Version

In addition to a beautifully built website, the Feabie platform also has a mobile application. It can be downloaded and installed for free by Apple and Android users. The app is designed quite conveniently and has an attractive modern design. It has all the functions that the site has. Here you can view user profiles, upload your photos, send messages, as well as delete a profile or cancel a paid subscription. Additionally, using the mobile application, you will always be online and will be able to respond quickly to messages and notifications.

Special Features

There are many exciting features on this site that we would like to tell you about. In general, the site is convenient and functional. So, what can you find there?

  • The ability to customize the news feed;
  • Ability to comment on other photos of other users;
  • Convenient search system with many parameters;
  • Ability to specify your location;
  • There is a room for video chats;
  • There is a mobile app;
  • Feabie web site is safe from unauthorized login, which means that user information is protected.

This site has everything you need for exciting and convenient communication with other participants.

Special Features

The site is intended primarily for communication. Here you can find your friends or meet new people and expand your circle of contacts. But, besides that, you can look for someone for romantic relations. To avoid disappointment and waste of time, it is better to clearly identify who you need and purposefully search using these options.

How Does Feabie Work?

When you register, you provide some information about yourself. The more you write about yourself, the easier it will be to find you. You are also likely to be interested in profiles with complete information and photos. Your profile is your face on the site. It is how you want to present yourself to others. That is how you want to show yourself in front of others. You open a search and specify the search parameters you need, the so-called filters.

Searching Options and Filters at Feabie

When you registered, you specified gender, preferences, name. This information also helps to search for other people. The search filters are the same for the free version and the Premium account. There is no advanced search. To find the person you want, select their sex, age, nationality, and location.

Communication Methods

To communicate with the person you like, you can use standard tools. These include instant messenger messages and video messages. You can also flirt with people to send attention signs. You can write something on the wall or comment on the post or picture. This way, you can draw attention to yourself and make it clear that you care about the person. Do not forget the rules of healthy communication and the laws of behavior on the Internet, and then you will be sure to succeed.

Communication Methods

Feabie Alternatives?

In general, dating sites in our digital age are viral. You can find anything you like, depending on your preferences and needs. There are not many sites in this direction yet. This area is just developing. But as an alternative to Feabie, you can name Fantasy Feeder (FF) and WooPlus. The specific feature of Feabie is that it is not just a dating site. It is much more than that! The service aims not only to find a partner for sex and life but also just to make friends and have fun. Therefore, the audience that the site covers is much more extensive than its competitors.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Since this is not a traditional dating site, but rather a social network, you can use it for free. There is a Premium Account subscription, but for free accounts, the features are sufficient for full use. Of course, there are restrictions. And if you want to use all the features of the site, expand your capabilities, or just help the service develop, you can pay for a Premium Feabie account. You can do it with a credit card.

Free Membership Features

For users who have not yet decided to pay for a subscription, there are such opportunities for communication:

  • You can view only 25 photos in full size. The 26th photo can only be opened for a quarter.
  • It is possible to block users. But for men, there is a restriction. They can ban only ten users. Women can block as many people as they want.
  • You can see people who have logged into your profile. But there is also a limit – only the last 15 people who have seen you will be shown.
  • There is also a limit on how many people you can see in a day.
  • You can respond to someone who has answered your comment or post. You can also write comments to posts in unlimited numbers.
  • You can leave notes on posts of others. But no more than 10 per day. And also, you can start no more than ten conversations per day (i.e., you can write only ten messages to new users).

Premium Membership Features

Now we offer you to find out what extra features you can get by using a paid Feabie subscription.

  • You can open as many photos as you want and view them in full;
  • Unlimited number of potentially blocked users for men and women;
  • The ability to write something on the wall of other users as much as you want;
  • Unlimited number of private messages to anybody;
  • Unlimited access to information about who has viewed your profile;
  • You can view the weight history of any person without any restrictions;
  • Unlimited photo uploads;
  • You can comment on the status of other users without restrictions;
  • No search restrictions.
Free Membership Features

How Much Is Dating on Feabie?

As you can see from our comparison, the same features are available for paid and free users. But the difference is in the limitations that are available for free customers. It is up to you to decide whether you want unlimited features or not.

If you want to communicate very actively on Feabie, get to know a lot of people every day (for example, if you are determined to find love), then you may want to buy unlimited features. Subscription costs only $60 per year or $5 per month. It is if you immediately paid for your annual subscription. If you are not sure if you will use the site for a year and decide to pay monthly, the subscription at Feabie will cost $8.

Is Feabie Really Safe?

The Feabie team puts the safety of its users first. It is a social network, which is a closed community. Only authorized users can see all information on the site. A person who has not registered and has not logged into an account cannot access user profiles directly from the Internet, from any browser. All information you provide on Feabie is confidential. For your security, you can also block or complain about a user who seems suspicious. For more information about user security, please visit Feabie.

Technical Side of Protection

There is a tab on the Feabie site that explains in a very detailed manner the rules and security measures that administrators are taking to protect your data. We recommend that you read them before using the site. Any of your information, such as your password, payment details, location, etc. will not be shared with third parties. The Feabie website uses advanced technological tools to protect your data. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. We recommend that you take security measures on your own, such as keeping your password confidential, not sharing private information in correspondence, following security rules when using the Internet, not contacting suspicious individuals.

Customer Support

In any case, if you have any problems using the application or Feabie website, a professional technical support team is at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To report your problem, you need to send an email to support@feabie.com and wait for the operator to contact you.

Customer Support

We want to describe a few typical situations that Feabie users may find themselves in. In this section, you can find a description of your problem. If you still need a more customized solution, you can contact technical support.

How to pass Feabie Photo Verification?

You do not need to verify your profile photo during the registration process. You just upload these images. But be aware that if you post content that is not allowed online, you are likely to be blocked for security reasons.

How to Delete Feabie Account?

If you decide to stop using Feabie service, you can delete your profile at any time. To do this, simply go to the settings and find the option you need. Once removed, all your data will also be deleted and will not be shown anywhere else. If you want to return to using the site, you will need to create an account again. Also, remember to cancel your subscription if you have a Premium account at Feabie before deletion.

How to See Who Likes You on Feabie Without Paying?

Even users who have not paid for a Premium account can see who has visited their page. You will see these people in a separate list. But you can only see 15 people in your free account. If you pay for the subscription, all guests of your profile will be shown.

How to Block Someone on Feabie?

If someone misbehaves, i.e., too obsessively or aggressively, you can block this person at any time. The people you ban will be on the hotel list of blocked users. The person you have blocked will not be able to view your profile or send you messages. You can also unblock someone at any time, for example, if they are blocked by mistake.

There are some restrictions for free members of the Feabie website. More precisely, these restrictions apply only to men. They can block up to 10 people. For women, there is no such rule.

How to Cancel Feabie Subscription?

You can pay for or cancel your premium account at any time. To cancel your subscription, you need to go to your settings and select the «Cancel subscription» option. You can do this on the site or through the application. After that, the money will no longer be deducted from your account, and you will not be able to access additional options for your Premium account.

How to Cancel Feabie Subscription?


There are very few services like Feabie today. Even though the site has advantages and disadvantages, it undoubtedly deserves attention. Here full people can find friends, communicate with like-minded people, flirt simply, have a rest and spend time interestingly. The plus is that the site is built on the principle of social networking. You will find what you need on Feabie. It can be just an easy dating or someone with whom you can connect your life.

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