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Flirthookup Review 2021: SAFE COMMUNICATION OR SCAM?

Flirthookup Review 2021: SAFE COMMUNICATION OR SCAM?
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Popular age 26-30
Beauty 53%
Profiles 145 630
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Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website’s registration takes a couple of minutes.
  • There are plenty of filters that you can use to find matches.
  • The premium membership fee is average.
  • A special abuse button allows you to report annoying people as well as scammers and spammers.
  • A “Block” button allows you to get rid of the contacts you don’t want to chat with anymore
  • You can use some functions without creating your account.
  • Special sexy mode allows you to filter explicit or sexual content.
  • There is a photo verification, which is a kind of protection against fake accounts.
  • Flirthookup offers a great FAQ section where you can find the answers to the most important questions about the service.
  • There are many profiles with photos that you can choose from.
  • You can pay with credit cards only. No payment alternative is available at the moment.
  • There is no tool to manage blocked users. If you block someone, you can’t unblock this person in the future.
  • The volume of free features is strictly limited.

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Flirthookup is a kind of mix where you can find both romance and a partner to spend a night without any obligations. This is one of the simplest ways to get in touch with someone. Flirthookup offers a user-friendly interface and a bit outdated design, which doesn’t prevent the users from finding matches. Read this complete review of the Flirthookup service to learn more about how to start online dating there.

Reputation And History of Flirthookup

Flirthookup Review

The brand was launched in 2010. There are plenty of reviews and testimonials on different websites about Flirthookup. Most of them are positive telling us that the reputation of the brand is outstanding regardless of several negative opinions about the service.

There is no exact information about the number of members of the service. Even so, we can imagine that they are numerous as the website is rather popular.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Flirthookup’s website looks a bit outdated as we have underlined that before. However, this is not a reason to blame it for. The main task of any dating website is to provide the users with the opportunity to meet each other and to chat. Flirthookup is the right place to find a partner, even if it looks like an old-school service.

Can you upload an application for the most popular mobile platforms? Unfortunately, Flirthookup offers no software for the mobile OS. Even so, you can use the web version of the website benefiting from all its advantages and features.

The interface is user-friendly. It means that you can use the website having low to zero PC user skills. This is one of the best parts of this dating website. The navigation is easy, while all filters are understandable. The creators have decided to avoid complex features. This is also a great advantage of the service.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Flirthookup Sign Up

There is nothing easier than creating an account with Flirthookup. To do this, you need to provide your email address and create a password. The next step is to indicate your birth date and to accept the Terms and Conditions. That’s all. It takes around a minute to become a member here.

Bear in mind that this is the first step. Later, you will need to complete your profile information with some data, including your appearance and interests. The list of options is the following:

  • Height.
  • Race.
  • Hair color.
  • Eye color.
  • Body type.
  • Profession.

It is to mention that you are not required to indicate all those parameters. For example, you can choose “Other” for the profession if you don’t want users to know your occupations.

Flirthookup leaves it to you to decide whether to upload a photo or not. While posting your image is not obligatory, it is not recommended to skip this option because the photo significantly increases your chances of finding better matches. By the way, not all the pictures are allowed here. Later we are going to uncover a bit the process of image verification on the website.

Are The Accounts Real Here?

Flirthookup Accounts

It is impossible to say whether all accounts are real here. However, Flirthookup does its best to fight against scammers and spammers. The first tool they use to prevent fake accounts is photo verification. You can’t upload anything but your photo. Moreover, it should be of high quality. There are three main rules for the images that you should keep in mind:

  • You need to upload a photo of yourself (we have mentioned it previously). No cars, landscapes, or celebrities are allowed. By the way, the photo can contain cars or landscapes, but you should be there.
  • Any contact information or advertisement is not allowed on your photos.
  • The photo can not contain any underage (the minimum required age is 18+).

  • How to understand that you are trying to chat with a fake profile? First of all, it is recommended to contact accounts with photos only. This is one of the ways to guarantee that you are dealing with a real person. To avoid marketers, you can block all users who contact you offering something to buy or to visit. You can also report such users to the service to help them deal with spammers.

    There is another important advice for the users of Flirthookup or any other service of a kind. Do not share sensitive information in your profile or while chatting with the users. Do not provide other others your credit card number or banking account credentials (except cases when you use a credit card as a payment method). The same is for your photos. Avoid posting images that may compromise you. Even so, if you are ready to post some explicit images, it is up to you.

    Website And Mobile Version

    Flirthookup Mobile

    Flirthookup offers no mobile app to users. However, this is not a big problem as you can use the mobile version of the website, which is well-adapted to different screen sizes. Both the PC and mobile versions have the same features. You can create an account, complete your profile information, search for matches, and conduct other activities using your smartphone or tablet.

    Special Features

    Flirthookup is not just another dating website. You can find romance there and a partner to spend a night with. Thus, we deal with a great mixture of features. While browsing profiles, you can find some explicit content. If you are not ready for this, you can use a special sexy mode to show or to hide those images. For the rest, this is an ordinary dating website with multiple filters to find matches.

    Flirthookup Search

    Searching for a partner is the main idea of this website. Flirthookup offers a great number of filters that you can use to improve the results. We are going to describe them in the next part of our review.

    How Does Flirthookup Work?

    Once you have done with your account, you need to create your profile, which will be visible to all the members of the network. There you will add some characteristics to help the system make matches.

    You can contact other users without any search mechanisms. Once you are in, you have plenty of profiles available that you can choose and study. However, this is not the best way to find matches. The system offers multiple filters that you can switch to have better search results.

    Searching Options And Filters at Flirthookup

    How to find a partner using the Flirthookup website? The best way is to set up special filters. They are the following:

    • Choose the gender of your eventual partner. You have only two options there – man or woman.
    • Location. You have an opportunity to set a location where your eventual partner can live. Bear in mind that you can choose a country only. You will set up a locality during the next step, called “Near”.
    • Ages. Here you set the range of ages.
    • There are also two checkboxes called “Online now” and “With pictures”. The first will sort the online accounts. The second will filter the profiles with photos only.

    • Once you have set up all the options you want, you can hit the “Search” button to proceed. The number of filters is limited, and you may found that it is even lower as compared to many other websites. However, this amount is enough to create great matches. This is the main reason why Flirthookup offers those options only.

      Communication methods

      Flirthookup methods

      There are several ways to communicate the administration when you use Flirthookup. You can report abuse, for example. However, if you need some help, you need to get in touch with their support team. And here comes the greatest disappointment. You can’t find the Contact us button within your profile. To send a message to support, you need to go to the About us page. There you can find support@flirthookup.com email address. This is the only way to get in touch with the administration.

      They also advise using the online support form. But once you hit this link, you will be transferred to the FAQ section. By the way, the FAQ includes the most frequent questions about the service. You may find answers there and avoid contacting the administration. However, if you have any alternative questions, you are welcome to write them a message.

      Flirthookup Alternatives

      It is not a secret that Flirthookup is not the only dating website on the Internet. There are many competitors with their benefits. They include Jdate, AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison Agency, and others. There are plenty of dating websites in the niche, to be honest, but we are going to compare only a couple of them.

      What are the benefits of Flirthookup as compared to the competitors? We have already mentioned that this website is a mixture of genres allowing you to find a friend, a soulmate, or a sexual partner for a couple of nights. The majority of other dating websites are focused on one or two of those aspects.

      Another advantage of Flirthookup is the quality of filters. They are not numerous; you can find many more options while dealing with the competitors. However, Flirthooup offers the most important options to improve search results.

      Membership Price And Payment Method

      Is Flirthookup free or not? This is a dating website meaning there are free and premium accounts inside. Free users have limited access to the service. Moreover, to start chatting, they need to upgrade to premium membership.

      Free Membership Features

      Flirthookup Features

      You don’t need to pay to create your Flirthookup account and complete your profile. Moreover, you don’t need to use your credit card to start browsing and use filters (Flirthookup offers browsing opportunities even for unregistered users).

      However, if you want to look through any profile, you need to register. Otherwise, you will see a banner with a registration form preventing you from watching photos or reading personal information. You are not allowed to chat with anybody there as well.

      Flirthookup free membership offers wider opportunities to users than most of the dating websites do. For example, free members can look through other profiles and read/answer the incoming messages. However, to send messages to the others, you need to purchase a premium account.

      Premium Membership Features

      All or almost all dating websites are living from fees and ads. Otherwise, they can’t maintain the necessary number of staff members to provide the proper work of the service. Your fees are their salaries. That is why such dating websites stimulate users to buy a premium membership.

      What are the advantages of this tariff plan when you are dealing with Flirthookup? The main benefit of a premium account is the absence of any limitations. Once you have purchased the membership, you can do whatever you want (without breaking the rules of the service, naturally). You can chat, create your own watchlists, add people to your contact lists, and everything else.

      How much is dating on Flirthookup?

      Tariff Plan Cost
      Free membership
      0 USD
      Premium membership
      1 month 29.95 USD
      3 Months 19.98 USD (per month)
      6 Months 16.66 USD (per month)

      As you can see, the service offers great discounts for those who buy packages. You can save much while buying a six months subscription.

      Is Flirthookup Really Safe?

      Flirthookup Safe

      The safety of every website is doubtful. Flirthookup is not the exclusion. They do their best to protect users, but sometimes it is not enough. Anyway, you need to be cautious while dealing with every dating website that you may find across the Internet.

      How to stay safe while using this website? You need to keep your private information out of others’ reach. This is the first and the main rule of Internet safety.

      Technical Side of Protection

      Flirthookup uses all modern and updated security protocols. The payment procedure is also safe. If you encounter something suspicious, you can report such activities to the team.

      Customer Support

      Customer service is Achilles’ heel of almost all dating services. This doesn’t mean you get unprofessional responses to your question. The problem is that sometimes you need to wait for hours and even for days to hear from them. If you are using Flirthookup, be ready to wait. They are working around a clock but sometimes the volume of incoming messages to the support service may be huge.

      Flirthookup Questions

      How to Pass Flirthookup Photo Verification?

      The website has some important rules for those who want to upload their photos. By the way, it is not required to have an image in your profile. You can skip this step if you want. However, to make your account more attractive, it is better to upload an image.

      We have previously described the rules that you need to follow to pass Flirthookup photo verification. You can read them in the FAQ, by the way.

      How to Delete Flirthookup Account?

      There is a special form to delete an active account. Once you use it, you can’t restore your data in the future. If you plan to use your account again, you can cancel your recurring membership (to avoid paying the service when you are not using it). Once you need it again, you can repurchase premium membership.

      How to See Who Likes You on Flirthookup without Paying?

      You don’t need to purchase Premium membership to see who likes you on Flirthookup. Moreover, you can respond to all the incoming messages without paying.

      How to Block Someone on Flirthookup?

      The Block option is located at the top right side of the screen. Once you block a user, he or she will be removed from all your lists, including contacts. Blocked members will never appear in the searching results again. We have already mentioned that there is no option to unblock blocked users. The service advises thinking twice before using this option.

      How to Cancel Flirthookup Subscription?

      To cancel your recurring subscription, you need to visit your Account settings and find Recurring billing there. Switch it to off and save the results. Once you do this, your current membership will expire at the moment of the expiration date. You will be switched to a standard membership. However, if you want to get premium again, you can do it by purchasing a premium membership.


      Flirthookup is a dating website offering an opportunity to find a friend, soulmate, or a partner for some time. The website offers various free options, but the premium membership is the key to use all the functions of the service. Flirthookup has a positive reputation across the web.

      Luis Rojas
      Luis Rojas
      Luis Rojas
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