Fruzo Review July 2021: Legit or Fake?

Fruzo Review July 2021: Legit or Fake?
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatting is allowed right after you accept friends request, no one will spam you with unwanted messages
  • The free trial period means you will benefit from the service for 30 days with no strings attached
  • Sophisticated design and user-friendly interface. It makes you want to stay longer on the website
  • A unique combination of social media and dating apps. Everything depends on your preferences
  • The idea behind the Fruzo is not that creative, we have seen many analogs in the dating industry, so it’s better to keep up with the users need and satisfy them
  • Not all the people here have serious intentions regarding future relationships. It is better to show your real expectations upfront
  • Instructions to download the app are not straightforward. It is not on the first page of the search, and there is no button on the website
  • As the system chooses random chats for you, it can take much time until you find a person with common interests and values

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The world is accelerating. The communication will not remain the same as it was just a few years ago. Fruzo is a dating app created to speed up interaction and bring it to the next level. It is not about texting anymore; Fruzo replaced long read messages with the cam-to-cam format to feel some live emotions. It can be used both as a social media platform and a dating application. It helps discover and connect millions of people worldwide and demonstrates that there are no limits or boundaries to love and friendship.

Chat and fall in love after having eye contact and hearing the person’s voice on the other side of the screen.

Reputation and history of Fruzo

Fruzo Review

Fruzo is quite popular in social media and often compared to Tinder, but with the ability of face-to-face communication. Its application was highly rated, and people like it because on the contrary to location-based dating application, Fruzo doesn’t have any territory limitation, and you can meet a person from any part of the world. Users also like this service due to cultural diversity. Fruzo welcomes everyone, who has turned 18, but it is popular mostly among users from 25 to 44. It also offers an equal representation of men and women. The statistic shows that 45% female and 55% male users enjoy dating online, which means that almost everyone can find a match among 5,5 millions of registered users.

Fruzo has a lot of positive responses and success stories. Users describe it as a relaxing place to have some fun and leisure. They enjoy meeting people from other cultures and even start some serious relationships with them.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Fruzo is represented as a very robust website. It has also launched the application for iOS 2016, and Android users got it one year later. The app is free to download and has no differences in its functionality. The application gives more freedom, but if you cannot download, it is easy to stay mobile and use the mobile web version. The website and application design looks very modern and updated. Fruzo’s theme is blue, which is associated with calmness and relaxation; therefore, it reflects on the quality of time spent chatting online. Besides it, Fruzo is very user-friendly and intuitive; even a person with low-technical skills will get around easily with no complications.

Nonetheless, you may have a difficult time finding the Fruzo app in the Apple Store or the Play Market. It is better to search by Chatrandom for a precise match, which supports Fruzo.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Fruzo Sign Up

The registration process doesn’t require any additional efforts or special knowledge. It is straightforward and takes minimum time. The whole signing up process takes less than 5 minutes. First of all, you need to pick up the gender. So far, the options are limited to males and females. Also, there is an option for a couple to start using Fruzo. Once the gender is selected, a newcomer should consent, that he or she read and agreed with terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox. As the next step, the system will ask your permission to access the webcam and microphone. If you are not ready, it is possible to keep up with text messages. The search options will be available right away, but to answer you need to proceed with authorization. 4 options to join are available:

  • Through Google
  • Through Facebook
  • Through Apple ID
  • By using email

That’s it. You are in with millions of options to spend good and quality time.

Are the accounts real here?

Fruzo accounts

It is hard to confirm whether the accounts are real here or not, as users are not forced to indicate a lot of information here, provide and confirm personal details. Even the picture is not required. But Fruzo intends is to provide its users with the ability to have a cam chat, and it is impossible to hide the appearance, but no one will check and confirm personal data. Also, there is an option to chat only by messages, and this is the case when it is complicated to check who your opponent is.

As with any other dating services, it is recommended to use common sense and follow general security precautions.

Website and mobile version

Four years ago, Fruzo became available for Apple users; a year later, they released Android application. Today, every smartphone owner can become a Fruzo member, and over one million people already did that. However, for people who are comfortable with laptop or PC experience would be the same, as all the features are the same, and all the functions can be accessed. No matter which options you prefer, the journey will be the same fascinating.

Special Features

Fruzo is a cam-to-cam chat dating application, and it is what makes it different. This service allows us to see the person and have a feeling of chat with eye contact in real-time on the go. But the broad functionality of Fruzo is not limited to that:

  • Video Chat – have a private conversation in real-time and don’t waste your time texting someone;
  • Unlimited Pictures – no limitation in terms of pictures uploads or scrolling through pictures of other people;
  • Follow People to see their latest updates and what they up to;
  • New Feature Updates. Fruzo is really good at making their service better. They also keep all the users posted with any new updates for a better experience;
  • Friends List allows you to stay in touch with those you liked and want to develop the relationship with;
  • Search – robust search engine allows finding a perfect match to carry on the communication to the next level.

Fruzo gives its users a unique opportunity to meet and talk through the web camera before the actual date. The partner search is available based on a few criteria:

  • Gender
  • Country

It makes a choice range wider and gives more chances to meet interesting people.

How does Fruzo Work?

Fruzo Work

Once a user joins Fruzo, the system will offer to start chatting right away. The search for a potential partner is random, but after a few minutes of conversation or a few comments, you can switch to the next one. This is very handy as there is no need to limit yourself to particular criteria. When you are done with one chat, you can search for the next one by clicking next. To make it different, you can also start a private chat. You can also indicate some of your interests and preferences, and the system will pick up the right choices for you.

It is also possible to like people and create a friendship with them; this will allow you to switch to private chat with them later on.

Searching options and filters at Fruzo

Search options and filters are available in paid options. Once your account is upgraded, you will be able to indicate the gender you prefer or the country where you want to meet someone. It is useful, especially when you travel to another country. Also, you can indicate hashtags reflecting your sexual preferences and the purpose of being on service. It will narrow your matches to people sharing the same ideas with you and having the same sexual orientation.

Communication Methods

Fruzo Methods

Webcam chat is a Fruzo specialty. There is no limit in time, but you can talk to one person at a time. No group chat options are available. Once the friendship is established, you can proceed with the private encrypted chat. Masks are trendy for the cam chats. It makes communication even funnier and adds gamification.

The text chat is a better option for people who are not ready to switch on their cameras and prefer to learn more about a person without seeing them. The paid option also allows making chat private, which is encrypted and cannot be edited. In your text messages, you can use different emojis to express your feelings and emotions.

Fruzo Alternatives

Dating services are very popular today, and it is difficult to stand out. Here are just a few examples of services which compete with Fruzo:

  • EliteSingles
  • FriendFinder
  • VideoChat US
  • Tinder
  • iMeetzu

Each of these services has the same purpose – to provide people with a space for chats and online dating, however, Fruzo offers a unique combination of social media and online dating services with live cam chats. It helps to forget about the partner’s endless choices just based on photos or text messages – 1 minute of live talk can replace 1 hour of pointless photo skips.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Like many dating apps, Fruzo offers some options for free, but some of the users still have to pay. Fruzo doesn’t put limits on communication, which means that you don’t need to count words or minutes of your interaction with the person you try getting to know. It offers a simple and clear tariff plan based on weekly and monthly subscriptions. It accepts all MasterCard, Visa, and regular bank transfer.

Free Membership Features

Fruzo Features

Fruzo doesn’t charge for registration or any means of communication. You are welcome to sign up and start to communicate with the randomly picked people right away with no charges. You can skip and choose to talk to the next person; however, search options will not be available for you when you have a free account.

Premium Membership Features

What are you getting with a paid option?

  • You can get rid of the annoying advertisement, which pops up pretty often inside the application
  • Find your match based on the gender preferences
  • Use the location filter to find someone at the specific place
  • Get the verification badge and gain more trust among the users
  • The best option here is that you can start the private chat, which will be encrypted, and your communication history will be safe.

How much is dating on Fruzo?

Fruzo offers reasonable rates and even has a weekly subscription option, so anyone could try and see whether this service is suitable.

1 week – $ 6.99

1 month – $ 19.99

Is Fruzo Really Safe?

Fruzo Safe

Fruzo is safe until your behavior is appropriate, and you use common sense while using the platform. Fruzo doesn’t request any personal details, and the user is welcome to release only that data that he thinks is secure to share. Webcam chat option allows us to see the person and understand it based on the live talk if this person is trusted.

Additionally, it won’t hurt if you keep saving your credit card data and current location. Once someone shares their communication means in chat, such as phone number, email, username on Instagram, or Facebook, the system will automatically display a reminder for you to avoid sharing any personal data.

Technical side of protection

Fruzo offers to pass the verification and receive a badge for it. This shows that the service checked and confirmed that your data is reliable. This option is available in paid version only.

Besides that, you can report the user for any reason if you find his or her behavior unacceptable. This button is available in every chat window for your safety.

Customer Support

Fruzo Support

Online support is accessible from a personal account. You can leave your email and question, and the support team will get to you shortly. Usually, it takes a couple of hours to resolve the issue. Also, it is possible to fill out the contact directly from the website and help them arrive right away.

How to Pass Fruzo Photo Verification?

Fruzo doesn’t have any specific requirements for a photo, and verification is not obligatory. Users may upload any image they want. However, some other users may find some content on the photo offensive and report it. In such a case, your photo may be deleted.

How to Delete Fruzo Account?

To delete the account is even more straightforward than to create it. For this purpose, you need to visit your personal account. The first thing you will see there will be your email used during the registration. Below you can find an option to delete your account. That’s it.

How to See Who Likes You on Fruzo Without Paying?

Fruzo doesn’t charge for expression of interest. When someone enters a chat with you, there is a heart on the right side from the name and location. Click on it, and the same second, the other person will see dozens of small hearts flying around the page. It is also possible to see how much likes that person already received.

How to Block Someone on Fruzo?

In case someone annoys or bothers you, it is possible to report this person. After accessing this option, the dialogue window will disappear, and this person will not be able to contact you again.

How to Cancel Fruzo Subscription?

Fruzo has a special support team, which deals with billing questions. Once your mission on the service is completed, please contact support from your account, and they will cancel your paid subscription; otherwise, you will be billed within the next payment period.

Please note that there is no reimbursement if you decide to cancel the subscription in the middle of the paid period.


Fruzo opens a fascinating world of social contacts from all over the world. This place is for both to find a friend to chat with and a person to spend your life with. The specialty of the service is in the ability to talk and see each other through the webcam. Fruzo doesn’t request any personal data, and you can skip filling out long boring questionnaires. The system will randomly choose someone you can start the dialogue with.

The prices on Fruzo are reasonable, and many features are available for free. Here you will not pay for the number of symbols you have written or a number of minutes your live cam chat lasted. However, keep in mind that search options are unlocked only in the paid version; otherwise, you will be forced to talk with the people offered by the application.

Fruzo has a very nice-looking website and outstanding application. This perfect combo creates an ideal journey in finding an online date.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
MS, RD & Writer
Luis is an approved relationship coach who can communicate in French and Spanish. He gets his motivation from the desire to help other people excel. He has also learned a lot from his relationship encounters, which enables him to understand his clients better. Luis possesses powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The knowledge enables him to assist other people to strengthen and enhance their connection with themselves.
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