Goodgrief Review July 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?

Goodgrief Review July 2021 – Is it Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The application is designed for the most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android.
  • Goodgrief offers a wide range of filters helping you to match with the person who has the same difficulties.
  • The app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to start chatting regardless of your skills.
  • Goodgrief has paid membership, but the price is low.
  • There is a blog inside where you can read some interesting stories as well as to understand the creators' motives to develop this service.
  • The registration is very easy – only three fields to complete.
  • You can sign up using your Facebook account.
  • There are few fake profiles as the app is not interesting for the marketers.
  • The user base is rather small.
  • Free membership is limited to two weeks only.
  • The contact page is outside the account.

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Goodgrief is a mobile application designed for those who want to ease their loss. This is a kind of dating website but the main idea is to meet someone who suffers as you do. This will help you to overcome all the difficulties you may encounter in your grief. The application was designed by two ladies who had a difficult period and needed someone to talk at least. They found each other and decided to scale their experience to help others overcome challenging times.

Reputation And History of Goodgrief

Goodgrief Review

The application was launched in 2018 by two friends – Robynne Boyd and Kim Libertini. They knew first hand what grief is. They both had losses and they were connected by one of their friends. This was the first step to create the application, which would change the world. Nowadays, thousands of users are coming from different countries to use Goodgrief to ease their mental pain.

What is the reputation of the app among the users? The majority of testimonials are positive. Members underline that the app helps them to survive the most difficult period of their life. There are some negative testimonials about the paid membership. Let us be clear – the app is designed by the team and it needs constant updates and upgrades. The team works for a salary. It is impossible to launch such an application without a penny in a pocket. Moreover, the app fee is symbolic by comparison with any dating premium accounts!

Website, App, interface, registration

Goodgrief interface

The website has a modern design and easy navigation system. Every user can familiarize himself with it and start browsing it in just a couple of minutes. This is the biggest benefit of the interface. When you are in grief, you don’t need those top-class modern designs with a complex interface and multiple filters. All you need is to have an opportunity to meet someone in a couple of clicks. The creators of the service know this as they had similar problems in the past.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

The sign-up process is very easy and not annoying. You need to pass through several steps answering questions and providing the service with basic credentials. The first step requires your email address and password. You will also need to repeat the password. By the way, it is possible to sign-up using your Facebook account. This will save your time a bit. Even so, you cannot skip the following mandatory questions.

Creating a profile is not a hard task to complete. You will be asked several questions about your grief and losses. Once you have done the questionnaire, you can pass to searching to find someone and start chatting. The whole process will take around five minutes, and after that, you are free to add other members to your connections list.

Are The Accounts Real Here?

Goodgrief Accounts

There is no guarantee that all accounts are real here, but Goodgrief is not an ordinary dating website with all those gifts, winks, and other romantic attributes. Goodgrief has a unique atmosphere, which is not favorable for different types of marketers. The service fee is too low. It is unlikely they are going to push or to stimulate you to buy a premium membership. There are no ads inside as well. People in grief are unlikely to buy something.

Moreover, you need to answer several questions before you start searching for other members. This is a kind of protection against fake accounts.

Are there any tips and recommendations on how to avoid chatting with fake accounts? We have a couple. When you start chatting, you can understand whether your interlocutor suffers, or he/she is playing to start interacting with you. Another way to verify profiles is to look for users on Facebook. If they are real and they have real Facebook accounts, the risks to meet fake accounts are very low.

Website And Mobile Version

The website looks modern and has a user-friendly interface. You won’t have any problems using it. Once you have completed the sign-up procedure, you will be transferred directly to the search page, where you can find someone to talk to.

Goodgrief has both a web version and a mobile application. There are two direct links to Google Play and the App Store to download the app to the smartphone or tablet. You can use the same account with the same credentials for the mobile version and desktop browser service. By the way, the number of features you have using the web version is similar to the volume of functions you have dealing with the mobile app.

Special Features

Goodgrief Features

Goodgrief is a unique mobile application. It stands alone in the line of dating websites where you can find love or friends and has no competitors. This niche is free. Goodgrief is a place where you can find an interlocutor to ease your mental pain. It has several special futures including their filters and connections list. You will not find questions about your future interlocutor’s appearance. There is no need for this here. You will find questions about your loss instead. Those questions will help the service to match you with those users who may have the same issues or griefs.

It is not difficult to find someone to talk to here. Goodgrief offers some special filters allowing users to significantly increase the chances to find matches. Bear in mind that everyone has to complete a special questionnaire. All the answers are included in the profile, and they are used later to create matches. Moreover, once you are in, you can choose any user in the big list offered to you by the website.

How Does Goodgrief Work?

Once you have done with the account creation, you have a huge choice of profiles that you may click and look through. Even so, this is not the best way to start talking to someone. You need some additional tools to make the search even more precise. One of the benefits of this service is that the information about the user is not hidden within the profile. You can see it on the user’s card in the searching window.

Searching Options And Filters at Goodgrief

Goodgrief Options

There are plenty of useful filters that help you to improve searching results. They are the following:

  1. Age range. You can choose from 18 to 125.
  2. Gender. Three options are available here – Male, Female, Non-binary.
  3. Location. You can choose the default option (without precising your current location) or type your city/town.
  4. Who lost there. Here you can choose among several options (friend or spouse, for example).
  5. With a loss from (you choose the reason. This may be divorce or an accident, for example).
  6. Who has been grieving for…. This is a range of years you have been grieving for your loss.
  7. Marital status. You can indicate the marital status of your eventual interlocutor.
  8. Religious beliefs.
  9. Children.

Communication Methods

If you have any issues related to the service, you can contact them to solve the problems. However, it is not as easy as you may think. You can’t get the team from the inside of your profile. This is one of the things we don’t like in the app. You need to go to blogs, and there you will find a contact page.

To leave a comment, you are required to indicate your name, email address, and to describe the issue or a suggestion, if you have one. There is no FAQ inside, you can’t get an answer to your question without reaching the support team.

They have their Facebook and Twitter pages as well. However, even if you put your question there, you will have to wait for much longer than if you ask your question via the contact form.

Goodgrief Alternatives

Goodgrief Alternatives

There are plenty of dating websites where you can meet partners or friends. Goodgrief is unique. You can’t find another similar website with such an audience. The advantages of Goodgrief as compared to dating websites are the following:

  1. Dedicated search. Goodgrief is a special website aiming at those who want to ease their mental pain. The website offers special searching filters to help users find their interlocutors having the same problems.
  2. Target audience. There is no need for those who are happy to visit the website. This makes the target audience unique here. You can find those who suffer from divorce or lost his or her relative in an accident, for example.

You don’t need to create an attractive portfolio here. You don’t even need to upload an image. There are plenty of profiles having a standard icon instead of their images. This is not the most important part of the website. What matters here is your story! It will help you find those members who have the same experience.

Membership Price and Payment Method

All users who create their profiles on Goodgrief become members. They are allowed to use the service for free for some time. Later, once the trial period is done (two weeks), they have to purchase a membership. This is fair as you can try all the features before upgrading your account to premium.

Free Membership Features

What do free members can do here? They can benefit from all the features premium members will have for a limited period! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the website and to start chatting with someone before paying a cent. When the trial period is done, you can decide whether to become a premium member and to pay them or to leave the website.

Premium Membership Features

What are the features of the Premium membership? They are the following:

  1. You can create your profile and complete a questionnaire.
  2. You can use the searching mechanism to find matches.
  3. Premium members have unlimited access to all their chats with the interlocutors they want.

Bear in mind, you will have the same features available as a free member of the service but for a limited period.

How Much Is Dating on Goodgrief?

The price of the premium account is 4.99 USD per month. There are no packages neither discounts. 4.99 USD is rather a fair price for the service you get here.

Is Goodgrief Really Safe?

Goodgrief Really Safe

There is no 100% guarantee that any website is safe. Your network security depends on your activities as well. Although there is no suspicious activity reported on Goodgrief, you should keep in mind that you may become a victim of scammers on every website you visit. To avoid those risks, follow a couple of significant rules. You should never give sensitive information to any person online. Another important rule is to avoid posting provocative photos in your profile.

Technical Side of Protection

Goodgrief uses all modern security protocols. When you purchase the premium membership, your payment procedure is also protected.

Customer Support

Goodgrief has its customer support service. While they are dedicated to the project and work around the clock, they may not be fast to respond to the users. The support team has a lot of things to do as Goodgrief has no FAQ section. It means all the questions are addressed to the support. Moreover, there is no message filtering system. You address your questions to the general support, and they have to filter all the messages and to send them to the addressee.

While the support team is sometimes slow to respond to your requests, they give complete answers and dive into the problem to solve it.

Goodgrief Questions

How to Pass Goodgrief Photo Verification?

There is no photo verification on Goodgrief. Moreover, you can start chatting having no image uploaded to your profile. Bear in mind that we are talking about a special website. This is not another dating service where the photo is required to attract the others. Goodgrief is an online service that helps users to find fellow sufferers. The image on the profile is not the most important thing there.

How to Delete Goodgrief Account?

There is a very fast and reliable way to delete your account from the service. To do this, you need to go to your profile menu while you are logged in. There you need to click on the “Delete user” button. The notification appears telling you that if you continue, you will delete your account without a recovery option. All your contacts and connections will be broken as well.

Is there a way to pause the account? There is no such feature on Goodgrief. If you choose to delete the user, you will lose the account. You can create a new profile in the future, but you will need to start searches and to create your connections list from the beginning.

Are There Likes on Goodgrief and Can I See Them without Paying?

Goodgrief has no “like” feature as it is not an ordinary dating website. The users come here to talk and without looking for love or romance with each other (even if it is not excluded in some cases). Moreover, there is no feature to see who has visited your profile.

There is a tray of recommended users in the lower part of the page. You can scroll it to find an interlocutor without using the main filter tool. You don’t need to pay for the service for two first weeks. However, once your trial is expired, you have two options – to pay and stay or to leave.

How to Block Someone on Goodgrief?

All the users you have connected with are located in your “Connections” section in the dashboard. If you don’t want to talk to someone or break the connection with him, you need to click on his profile (within the “Connections” section) and choose the “Block” button in the popped window.

There is another useful option. You can remove a user from your “Connections” list. To do this, you need to click on the user’s card and choose the “Remove” button. You will not block the user and will be able to add the member any time you want in the future.

How to Cancel Goodgrief Subscription?

Canceling subscription on Goodgrief is equal to removing the account. That is, you can delete your account to stop paying for the service. We have already described this procedure in the “How to delete Goodgrief account” section. By the way, if you have deleted your account, it doesn’t mean you will not be able to return one day. If something happens in the future and you need to find a person to talk again there, you can create another account using your credentials. The greatest disadvantage of this method is that you will need to build your connections again.


Goodgrief is not another dating website. This is a special place or even a community where people can share their grief finding like-minded users across the world. This is a mobile application, but you can use it in your PC browser as well. You can use the service for free for a limited period. Once it expires, you need to pay for further activities.

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