Much Does eHarmony Cost
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How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

Are you looking for a quick and easy breakdown of the cost of eHarmony? Well in this article we will explore all of the different pricing and membership options and also show you how the site works!

Currently, the basic plans start at $7.95/£12.95 a month. And you can create an account and unlock limited features completely free! To find out more about the different eHarmony subscription plans keep reading!

A Fast Rundown on eHarmony Cost

If you are looking for a popular dating site with lots of users and awesome features which is also affordable then eHarmony is a great choice! You can purchase an eHarmony basic plan for just $7.95/£12.95 a month for a 12-month plan and also access a 3-month or 6-month deal for a slightly higher price. eHarmony one month plans are not available.

The eHarmony cost is slightly above other dating platforms, however, this is actually a good thing as it creates an element of exclusivity and filters out users who are not serious about finding a life partner. Also, the higher cost allows eHarmony to invest in its platform and provide its users with world-class features including the best personality-based matching algorithm on the market.

eHarmony is one of the biggest online dating platforms in the US, Canada, and the UK and currently has almost 20% of the online dating market share. eHarmony was founded in 2000 by Neil Warren a Christian theologian who was looking to build a site that could help people find better-suited husbands and wives.

eHarmony leverages its large user base, exclusivity (almost 20% of sign-ups are rejected), and algorithm-based matching to create an amazing online date site where people can easily find multiple potential life partners. eHarmony consistently has one of the highest successful relationship percentages and also the lowest divorce rates of any platform and continues to be the top site to find a husband or wife.

US and Canada eHarmony Subscription Plans

Here is a full breakdown of the eHarmony membership options and prices for users from the US and Canada:

Subscription Length Price Discount
12 months $7.95 76%
6 months $13.95 58%
3 months $32.95 0%

At this stage, eHarmony one month subscriptions are not available but that may change in the future. The savings percentages are based on the 3-month eHarmony price.

eHarmony is serious about taking care of its users and building long-term relationships. This is why the total price for the 12 months ($95.4) and 6 months ($83.7) deals is lower than the 3 months offer ($98.85). eHarmony is committed to helping its users find a serious relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.

The eHarmony cost is also manageable for all budgets as the dating site has a payment plan system. Users can pay for the 3-month plan, 6-month plan, and 12-month plan in three equal installments, so even if daters can’t afford the total amount they can still access eHarmony’s amazing platform and find their new love! With the 3-month deal, users can make 3 payments of $32.95 while the 6-month option can be paid off in 3 installments of $27.90. Finally, users can play the yearly plan off in 3 installments of $31.80.

If you are going to purchase an eHarmony subscription you may as well opt for the 12-month plan as it is cheaper than the 3-month deal and only slightly more expensive than the 6-month plan. Also, the great thing about eHarmony is that the more you use the platform the more accurate the algorithm becomes which means you are more likely to land successful dates the more you use the site. After 12 months of use, you should have no problem finding multiple dates with people who are absolutely long-term relationship material.

What Is The Cost Of eHarmony’s Premium Plan?

Are you looking to unlock all of eHarmony’s features, receive VIP treatment and easily match with the love of your life? Then the premium plan is exactly what you need. A premium plan at eHarmony costs as little as $12.95 if you opt for the 12-month plan.

Here is a complete breakdown of the eHarmony prices for premium plans. As you can see the price is heavily discounted if you opt for a 12 month or 6-month plan.

Subscription Length Price Discount
12 months $12.95 64%
6 months $18.95 47%
3 months $35.95 0%

eHarmony’s premium plan is perfect for those users who are looking to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer and want to maximize their chances of finding love. While the price is slightly higher the additional features and the increased number of high-quality matches make it more than worth it!

With an eHarmony premium membership you receive:

  • Unlimited matches – Receive hundreds of different matches who you can start messaging immediately
  • Detailed search features – Filter users out so you only match with users who meet all of your criteria
  • Tips on finding a date – You can contact eHarmony’s relationship experts who will help you find your ideal match
  • Communicate via phone – Within eHarmony’s platform, you can call your matches and get to know them over a fun voice call.
  • In-depth personality analysis – Help eHarmony’s algorithm send you users who you will instantly connect with by filling out detailed personality tests

With so many amazing additional features which have been proven to greatly increase your chance of landing the perfect date, eHarmony’s premium plan offers incredible value! If you can’t justify purchasing the premium plan right now you can start with the basic subscription and upgrade your package whenever! But trust us after knowing about these exclusive features you are going to want to try them for yourself.

What Is The Cost Of eHarmony In The UK?

If you are based in the UK don’t worry you can still access eHarmony and start finding your new love today. The prices are slightly higher in the UK compared to the US but still offer fantastic value. UK users can access a 24-month basic plan for £12.95 per month.

Check out a full breakdown of the eHarmony prices for UK users below:

Subscription Length Price Discount
24 months $12.95 71%
12 months $27.95 38%
6 months $35.95 20%
1 months $44.95 0%

If you want to give yourself the best shot at finding a serious life partner we recommend you opt for the 6-month plan at a minimum. While eHarmony is great at matching you quickly with suitable dates you should be patient and only contact users who truly tick all of your boxes. Also, the great thing about eHarmony’s matching algorithm is the more data it has on your preferences the more accurate it is. So by using the site for a few months you will receive matches that meet all of your preferences no matter how specific they are!

eHarmony makes it very easy for UK users to pay for an upgraded account. You can use your debit or credit card and also PayPal. The payments are processed instantly so you can immediately start matching with users who live nearby. Also if you don’t want to pay the entire membership fee in one lump sum you can take advantage of eHarmony’s installment plan where you can make 3 equal payments over 3 months.

If you are based in the UK then you should be able to effortlessly find a date on the eHarmony due to the millions of UK users. While it is possible to connect and meet up with British-based users with a free account it is much easier with a paid subscription due to the unlimited matches, detailed personality-based matching, in-depth search filters, and other great features. UK users typically report that they are able to find high-quality dates within a few weeks of using the profile which is much quicker than other platforms.

If you are serious about finding love in the UK then we highly recommend you invest in yourself and take advantage of eHarmony’s valuable paid subscription plans!

What Is The Difference Between eHarmony Subscription Plans?

eHarmony offers 3 different subscription options which include a free, basic, and premium plan. The paid plans have additional features which help you find a partner and enhance the overall user experience. Check out below how much eHarmony costs and what different features you can access with each plan:

Free eHarmony Plan

How much does it cost to join eHarmony? It is absolutely free to join eHarmony and everybody can access a complimentary account.

A free eHarmony plan offers amazing features that make finding a partner incredibly easy and stress-free! Some of the top features include:

  • View profiles of users you have been matched with – your future husband or wife is on eHarmony all you need to do is browse through the different profiles
  • Upload photos – increase your matches by uploading high-quality photos that show off your best features. eHarmony recommends uploading at least 3 photos and try to include photos that showcase your personality as well as your physical features
  • Fill out a bio – stand out from the crowd by showcasing your unique qualities, make sure to include information about hobbies and personality, the more detailed the more likely you are to find suitable matches
  • Complete personality testing – fill out an extensive questionnaire to help eHarmony’s algorithm match you with suitable dates, the higher quality the answers the higher quality the matches!
  • Limited messaging function – you can reply to some messages from your matches and also send icebreakers. However, you can not freely send and receive messages or use eHarmony’s instant messenger function

While eHarmony does give you access to lots of features for free, if you want to increase your chances of finding love then it makes sense to upgrade as you will be able to connect with far more users and won’t have any restrictions placed on your communication.

It can be a little frustrating using a free eHarmony account because who wants to connect with users when you can’t even access their profiles and see all of their pictures. Also having a conversation with a free account is almost impossible. And we know that a relationship is not going to go anywhere without effective communication. Fortunately, all of these problems can be quickly resolved by simply upgrading your account for a few dollars per month!

To find out about all of the valuable features you can access with a basic and premium eHarmony account keep reading!

Basic eHarmony Plan

If you are looking to take your dating life seriously and are tired of wasting your time aimlessly browsing online dating sites then you need to upgrade to eHarmony’s basic plan! We a basic subscription you can unlock the following features:

  • Send and receive as many messages you like – you won’t have to worry about flirting or organizing a date as this can all be done within eHarmony’s instant messaging platform
  • See complete profiles – check out all of the photos of your potential date
  • Check who has liked your profile – know exactly who is interested in your profile to increase your chance of finding a match
  • See when your matches were last online
  • Unlimited matches – connect with thousands of potential dates instantly!

How much is eharmony’s basic plan? eHarmony’s basic plan costs just $7.95 per month on a 12-month deal. We think $7.95 is more than reasonable especially with eHarmony’s long successful track record of helping users find their true love.

The basic eHarmony plan offers a tremendous amount of value as for a great price you get to access a range of features that have been proven to not only increase your number of matches but actually find you a serious relationship with a compatible partner!

Thanks to the ability to send and receiving unlimited messages you won’t have to stress about the conversation grinding to a halt. With eHarmony’s top-tier instant messaging platform you can chat away to the early hours of the morning and not pay a single cent, unlike many other dating sites which charge you per message!

Another great feature is being able to see exactly who is interested in you by seeing who visited and liked your profile. Many eHarmony users have great success finding dates by pulling up the list of users who have visited their profile and then start messaging them. These users have a high response rate as most are already attracted to you and have shown interest by liking your profile.

To truly know if you a user is worth messaging you need to be able to check out their full profile and see all of their photos. Well with a basic plan you can effortlessly browse profiles and only contact users who you are truly attracted to and who have interesting bios.

Any relationship expert will tell you that dating is a numbers game. To find your true love, you need to connect with as many people as possible until you find the perfect partner who meets all of your needs and desires. eHarmony’s basic plan makes this possible by providing you with unlimited matches. When using a basic plan your inbox will be overflowing with all of your new potential dates and surely there must be at least a few who could turn into serious relationships!

eHarmony cost for the basic plan is actually incredibly reasonable when you factor in all of the features you are able to access. With such a high rate of success, we think that investing less than $10 on finding your future husband or wife is more than worth it!

Premium eHarmony Plan

If you are looking for VIP service, an amazing user experience, and the ability to effortlessly connect with other users who share your interests and are looking for a serious relationship then eHarmony’s premium plan is a great option. With a premium plan you can access the following features as well as all the features that free and basic accounts have:

  • ID verification – you have the option of getting your ID verified and then your verification status will be shown on your profile. Users are more likely to match and connect with verified users.
  • Make voice calls via the eHarmony platform – hear what your match sounds like over the phone by calling them without revealing your phone number from within eHarmony. Voice calls are a great way to establish a connection and get to know someone better.
  • Detailed search filters – quickly filter out users who don’t meet your needs and only focus on people who tick all of your boxes thanks to eHarmony’s amazing filters. No matter how picky you are with eHarmony’s massive user base you will be able to instantly find them by using search filters.
  • Extensive exclusive personality testing – enhance the quality of your matches by taking in-depth personality tests. The more data eHarmony’s algorithm has the more compatible your matches will be!
  • Special customer support – contact customer support at any time and receive a response immediately. No matter the problem eHarmony’s team will be able to help.
  • Access to dating specialists – if you need some relationship advice or some tips on how to organize dates with your matches then reach out to eHarmony’s dating specialists who will disperse their expert knowledge and help you forge successful romantic relationships.

How much is eHarmony per month? eHarmony’s premium plan starts at $12.95 per month for a 12-month subscription. You also have the option of a 6 month for $18.95 per month and a 3-month plan for $35.95 per month.

While eHarmony cost for the premium plan is slightly higher than the basic option with all the added features we think it offers fantastic value. For example, in-depth personality testing has been shown to significantly boost the response rate of matches and lead to a higher number of in-person meetings. Also users on eHarmony who are verified benefit from significantly more matches than other users due to the lower risk of a verified account being a fake user.

Another feature that is worth paying for is the ability to have voice calls with users from within the platform without having to reveal your phone number. Hearing a potential date’s voice can help you get to know them and decide if it is worth pursuing the relationship further.

You always have the option of starting with the basic plan and then upgrading if you want to access the features listed above. But do you really think you are going to be worrying about a few extra dollars spent when you are traveling the world on your honeymoon with your new wife or husband thanks to eHarmony?

How Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony is a unique dating site that offers amazing unbeatable features. Every aspect of the eHarmony platform is designed to help you find a serious relationship. What separates eHarmony from other dating sites is that it uses a personality-based algorithm based on 29 Dimensions of compatibility.

eHarmony Personality Based Algorithm Vs Other Platforms

In contrast, most platforms use an algorithm that is based on location and then gives you a score of attractiveness based on how other users interact with you. Take Tinder for example, when you create a profile Tinder will give you a high attractiveness score and show you to a wide range of users.

Your score will then either increase or decrease based on who likes and swipes right on your profile. For example, if only a few above-average users swiped right on your profile and a large amount of average and below-average swipe right on your profile you will receive a middling score. The algorithm will then limit the number of highly-rated users who see your profile.

eHarmony does not score your profile based on attractiveness and your interaction with other users does not influence who sees your profile. Instead, you will be matched with people who eHarmony believes you will be compatible with based on your personality test results. To learn about how the whole process of creating an eHarmony account works to landing matches and organizing dates keep reading below!

Complete Your Personality Test

Once you have created an eHarmony account your first task is to complete a detailed and slightly long personality test. Don’t be put off by this stage as the answers you will provide will help the site find you a suitable match. During the personality test, you answer all kinds of questions about your likes and dislikes and eHarmony will do their best to find you dates with similar answers.

Optimize Your Dating Profile

Once you have completed your personality test you can start optimizing your dating profile. This step is similar to other dating sites and you can write a bio, talk about your star sign, hobbies and of course upload photos. eHarmony has found that people with complete and detailed dating profiles receive much higher matches than users with incomplete profiles.

If you want to attract high-quality matches you need to display all of the best parts of yourself and that means uploading crystal clear pictures from multiple angles and sharing some interesting information about your life. With so many users on eHarmony don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and catch your future husband or wife’s attention!

Select Your Match Filters

After you have completed your profile it is time to play around with the match and search filters. These filters will ensure that eHarmony not only sends you matches who you are compatible with on a personality level but also physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You can filter users based on location, age, ethnicity, religion, smoking, drinking, and more. Thanks to these in-depth filters you won’t have to worry about being matched with completely undateable users.

Automatically Match With Users

Once you have set your match filters all you need to do now is sit back and wait for eHarmony’s matching algorithm to do its work! eHarmony will send you new matches every single day and if you have a basic or premium subscription plan you can receive an unlimited number. Many users with paid accounts are receiving hundreds of potential matches every week. With so many options you are going to have no problem finding a suitable lover.

Every single one of your matches of eHarmony will be based on your answers to the personality test combined with your match filters. This combination has proved to be incredibly effective at finding people compatible partners and is why eHarmony has one of the highest success rates of any dating site in the world.

Try Out eHarmony’s Guided Communication

After receiving all of your matches you then can further check your compatibility with these users by taking advantage of eHarmony’s guided communication system. This guided communication system will send a series of pre-written questions to your matches which will help you understand them on a deeper level. Once your matches reply to your questions you will be in the perfect position to decide if you want to continue communicating or even organize a date.

The guided communication step is completely optional and all users have the option to skip it and move directly to custom messaging. We recommend you use the pre-written questions because it is an effective additional filter and increases your chances of only interacting with people who are serious about dating!

Send Custom Messages To Your Match

After the guided communication you can progress to sending custom messages and access eHarmony’s instant messaging platform. To send and receive messages you will need to upgrade your account to a basic or premium plan.

During this phase, you need to start building a personal connection with your match. Don’t be afraid to ask some more personal questions but remember to keep it light and fun. eHarmony has found that users who send flirty messages mixed with humor and also serious questions tend to have the most success on the platform.

If you have a premium account you can even make phone calls to your matches. eHarmony has an internal voice call platform where you can contact your matches without revealing your phone number. You can learn a lot about a person by hearing them speak so we definitely recommend you try out this feature with matches you are interested in!

Organize A Date And Meet Your True Love

The final step is building up the courage to ask your match out on a date! This can seem like a big step as it feels like online is a completely different realm from the real world. However, don’t be afraid millions of people from around the world have used eHarmony to find their wife or husband. It is best to start off by suggesting a very casual date such as a coffee or a quick lunch as this doesn’t require much investment from either party.

If your match doesn’t agree to meet, don’t become discouraged, it just means they weren’t the right person for you. If you keep connecting with your matches on eHarmony you will eventually find your true love! With so many users and the very best personality-based match algorithm just be patient and let eHarmony deliver you perfect dates.

Conclusion on eHarmony’s Cost and the Platform

eHarmony is slightly more expensive than other dating platforms but you can still acquire a basic paid plan for just $7.95 per month on a 12-month plan. And a premium plan for only $12.95 per month on a 12-month plan. eHarmony has made its subscription plans incredibly affordable so as many people as possible can use the site to find their soulmate.

eHarmony has an interesting pricing structure where it does not offer 1-month plans but only 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month options. The 3-month option is actually the most expensive and the 12-month plan is only slightly more expensive than the 6-month deal. Due to the discrepancies in pricing we recommend you opt for the 12-month plan and receive all of eHarmony’s exclusive features for the whole year instead of just 3 months and still save money!

eHarmony does offer a free plan which allows you to create a profile, upload pictures and even receive matches. However, the number of matches you receive is significantly limited and so is the ability to communicate with other users. It is incredibly difficult to organize dates with a free account which is why the majority of users decide to upgrade their subscriptions.

eHarmony has over 20 years of experience helping millions of people from around the world find love and meet their husbands and wives. This is based on its incredible user base, amazing features, and world-class personality-based matching algorithm. eHarmony’s algorithm ensures that you only connect with users who share your beliefs, hobbies, religion and want the exact same things out of life as you do.

If you are sick of wasting your time looking for your future wife or husband in a bar or on a dating site designed for 20 something olds to hook up, then sign up at eHarmony today. eHarmony is designed to help users find long-lasting and happy relationships. By purchasing an eHarmony membership now, you will have hundreds of potential matches with people looking for love. Try your luck today at eHarmony!

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