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Introduction to Dirty Tinder

Introduction to Dirty Tinder

This review will answer the, what is dirty Tinder question. Not everyone knows about hookup apps. There are various scams online, and you need to know about them if you want to succeed in online dating. Even the most experienced online daters can get scammed. So, it would be best if you were extra careful.

The best news is that there are expert reviewers who share everything regarding dating services. They write about copycat sites, scams, and much more. It would be best if you read such articles before you join a dating platform. It will save you a lot of drama, headaches, and money. Dirty Tinder is one of the platforms that have a lot of controversies online. The regular Tinder has many prospects for individuals that want hookups, casual relationships, or long-term affairs. There are also many other websites popular for hookups. Among them are Ashley Madison and BeNaughty. The ones known for long-term relations include the eHarmony website.

You are likely to stumble upon web pages promoting Dirty Tinder when searching online. You will come across pictures of naked females and a text saying how the people on the site are naughtier than those that use the Tinder platform. You might get tempted to see if the above claims are valid. Many of the ads you come across can direct you to the free dirty Tinder, which may take you to other dating platforms based on where you are.

However, the domain is presently inactive, and it is not possible to tell whether the redirects are functional or not. There is a text indicating that people can make an offer to claim the domain. The statement shows that the domain owner has nothing for users presently.

Do the above outcomes imply that the site does not exist? That is where things become unclear. The redirects are many, and only a few people manage to sign up on the site. Getting the redirects, you will often need to look for online dating platforms. Some of them will direct you to Dirty Tinder, which further takes you to other sites.

Fake things on the Dirty Tinder platform

Below is what you should have in mind regarding the redirects since most of them are fake.

  • Presence of Tinder dating site logo.
  • A countdown timer.
  • Age verification.

The most noticeable thing about sites advertising the platform is the Tinder logo. The images can make you think that the site gets connected to Tinder and is safe to use. People should know that the presence of a logo does not mean that the services have something to do with the regular Tinder platform. The adverts are fake. So, do not mistake them.

The next noticeable thing is a three-minute countdown timer showing you the remaining time to enter the site and meet sexy women. Counting is also a fake feature that gets used to speed up decision-making. It can make people click to join the platform. Besides the above, you need to respond to various questions to prove that you are above eighteen years. The truth is that the questions don’t matter since there is no way to verify one’s age. So, you can lie.

Once you respond to the questions, you will get redirected to another dating platform not connected to dirtytinder. For example, most redirects take people to the QuickFlirt website, where there are many naked women. It is advisable not to join the site since it is not genuine. If you register, they will steal your details.

The platform does not have real users. The site displays too much erotic content on its landing page. You will see images and videos that will stimulate you to open an account. Account creation might work for some people. However, the pictures of naked women are there to distract members from the unreliability of the service.

There is no helpful information on the main page, and even the terms and conditions are not there.

The profiles on the site are also fake. They display fictional people who you cannot date. The site includes them to increase the number of users. The website is a cheap entertainment service.

The presence of fake profiles and chat services is to persuade people to pay. The subscription is costly, but the site uses an affordable trial to attract customers. However, once your trial period is over, the membership will get extended automatically, implying they will steal your money.

There are many reviews online about the payment trap. Some customers reveal that the affordable trial subscription extends to the costly premium membership. There is no way to avoid it. So, you will pay so much money for a fake service. The reviews also reveal that it is impossible to find an actual date on the platform.

The homepage is designed like the usual dating platforms. The operators want people to click the enter option and answer some questions. Once you do that, you get transferred to another website called sex Badoo. Bear in mind the site is not the official Badoo dating platform. Expect to find many women, a timer, a questionnaire about age, your partner, whether you will use protection, etc. In the end, you will reach a site known as QuickFlirt or any other they try to make you join. There you will encounter images of naked girls. You will have your profile duplicated, and your details will get used in any manner they like.

Another scam-

Dirty is another popular scam connected to Dirty Tinder. The online platform intends to profit from the popularity of the Tinder service. The moment you register on the site, you will see many pictures of sexy women. The platform allows scrolling the images to make customers think the females are genuine and want to meet men for hookups.

Everything on the platform is fake. So, avoid opening an account. The site also claims to have many testimonials where people praise Dirty Tinder. Do not get fooled by the fake positive reviews. The site uses false advertisements to attract users.

If the service were legit, it would not have the .co domain. Instead, it would have an eminent domain like .org, .net, or .com.

People who have registered on the site revealed that they got redirected several times before opening an account. Even after registration, they got diverted to another website. The redirection was due to an IP address. The site sent them to the CPA offer that pays the best for their location. So, the was only a landing page. They attempt to take you to the page but make you sign up on a different one. Bear in mind that any site you get redirected to is not accurate.

The users are not real. You will only encounter people like you who tried to join to find hookups. The websites will require you to pay. Remember, the site stole the logo of the biggest dating company online. So, they are not scared of stealing your money either. Are the beautiful girls real?

No. Any images of a sexy woman you see on the site got scraped from other platforms. So, none of those girls is on the website. Remember, the site does not exist. It is only there to scam innocent customers. You will purchase the membership without meeting real users.

What about the reviews? Since the site is fake, the testimonials are not real either. Instead, the operators download pictures of people from the internet and write positive reviews to attract users.

The Dirty Tinder app: Is it genuine or fake?

Besides the desktop website, there have been discussions about the platform’s app being available for iOS and Android users. The dirty tinder application is not available on the App or Google Play stores. So, it is possible that there has never been one, or it got removed. You can find installation files on other websites. However, they might be outdated, and it is not safe to install from other sites apart from Apple and Google Play store.

People who managed to install the third part app reported that it does not ask for access to some device features. Among them is the GPS. Most dating services require customers to share their location to enable the matching algorithm to find partners in their vicinity. The proper apps do not use the feature to steal people’s identities or anything else. It is only for finding better matches.

If the GPS feature is inactive on the dirty tinder app download, it might imply that the algorithm functions differently. Also, the platform will not even match users with anyone but fake profiles.

Another thing that people noticed is that the app is not a dating service but a live cam site. The finding can make you think it will be great to have a live chat with the sexy women displayed on the home page. However, that is not possible. The people who tried chatting with the women got an error message. So, people who installed the app ended up deleting it.

The profiles on the Dirty Tinder platform

If you succeed in opening an account on the site, you will see dirty tinder profiles. The pages are all full of pictures of naked women ready to have sex. However, since you are not sure whether the site is authentic, you need to be careful. There is no need to rush. Start by checking how credible the profiles are. Below is what people who checked found out.

The images of naked women are pretty appealing. They look horny and ready to hook up with men. Before contacting any girl, go through the reviews of people who have used the service. You will find that most people got many creepy messages from female accounts but were only able to have meaningful conversations with a few of them. The platform is not the same as other online dating services. You can get responses, and women can interact with users. However, there is no proof that females are genuine.

Whenever you attempt to push things forward, the women prolong the chat without clear explanations. As a result, you can even end up with no date even after using the website for several months. The profiles might not be bots but individuals hired to communicate with members.

Many other reviews are claiming that the platform is not genuine. So, it is true that Dirty Tinder gets aimed at advertising other sites and profits through clicks.


You now may have the question: Is dirty Tinder legit? The site is an online platform that benefits from the popularity of the official Tinder dating service. It’s there to lure people into clicking and joining other dating platforms. The platform’s elements to achieve its objective are the official Tinder logo and reputation, a timer, and fake questions to confirm that users are above eighteen years.

You also know now how the profiles on the platforms look. In conclusion, all or the majority of the profiles are fake. They could be people paid to keep the conversation going without leading to actual dates. It is advisable not to use Dirty Tinder since there is no proof that you can find real sexy women on the site.

If you are determined to find a date, whether for fun or a long-term relationship, use the official Tinder site. There are many success stories and tips to guide you on how to find the person you want. Tinder is a popular dating platform that gets used by people from any place around the globe. The app even has additional features like a passport, enabling you to meet partners from other countries.

So, you don’t need to spend time on a fake platform like Dirty Tinder. Alternatively, you can look for other reliable dating platforms similar to the original Tinder. The apps can introduce you to beautiful women that will love to interact with you.


Below find responses to the frequently asked questions regarding the Dirty Tinder service.

Why does the official Tinder site redirect people to dirty dating?

The widely known brand Tinder is legit and has many success stories. Many users have found hookups or even future marriage partners. However, the company is not the one that redirects people to dirty dating platforms. Instead, different websites use the platform logo to act.

Is Tinder dirty?

The official Tinder dating platform is not as dirty as most people assume. The site connects individuals who want to hook up, date casually, or find long-time partners. Like other dating platforms, people find matches, communicate, and arrange to meet outside the site.

The site with too much erotic content is Dirty Tinder. The platform is fake, and it redirects customers to platforms full of naked girls’ images. You will never find actual dates there. The pictures and chat feature are there to make it look natural.

How can one bump in on the Dirty Tinder?

You need to search for dating platforms that can take you to the supposed dirty tinder app. Unfortunately, what you find will further direct you to other dirty web pages.

What is the Dirty Tinder website?

The platform is an online site that attempts to make money by using the popularity of the official Tinder service. When you open an account on the site, you will see many images of naked women you can scroll through on the upper section of the page.

Are the Dirty Tinder profiles genuine?

No. The profiles on the Dirty Tinder platform are fake. They are primarily of different people from what you see in the photos. They are there to chat with users without meeting them in person.

How can I access the Dirty Tinder platform?

The dating app is not available on iOS and Android devices. However, you can access the platform using redirects from other sites.

What do you mean by Dirty Tinder malware?

Malware is a dangerous adware parasite that hides itself the moment it enters your computer. The software has an ad-supported program that shows annoying ads linked to pornography services.

How does Dirty Tinder find people on social media?

If you join a site you get redirected to from Dirty Tinder, you become vulnerable. You are prone to danger because the platform will have access to your details. In addition, the

website will use your data to target you using your Instagram account.

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