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LittlePeopleMeet Review: Does it work in 2021?

LittlePeopleMeet Review: Does it work in 2021?
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Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1.500.000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The length of the registration process on LittlePeopleMeet is medium
  • The registration is free on LittlePeopleMeet
  • LittlePeopleMeet is an open platform for everyone. The age, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity do not matter if you want to join the website
  • LittlePeopleMeet does not have any Trial Plans
  • The mobile application of the website is not available yet
  • The cost of the premium membership of LittlePeopleMeet is quite high

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As the name suggests, LittlePeopleMeet is a platform where little people can meet and find their matches. However, the website is open for everyone who shares the same beliefs, values, and lifestyles. LittlePeopleMeet belongs to Disabled/Illness Dating website category. This is an ideal place for people looking for serious and long-term relationships and even marriages. LittlePeopleMeet aims to find and suggest the most compatible matches for you.

Reputation and History of LittlePeopleMeet

LittlePeopleMeet is a niche website operated by People Media. The current CEO of the website is Joshua Mayers. Initially, LittlePeopleMeet was created to join people who were short and did not have so many options to find their ideal matches near their residences. Later on, the website opened up its “doors” for everyone, thus becoming one of the most popular dating websites. The website is founded in 2005 and has been operating for over 15 years, joining more and more people on one platform. The site is located in the United States. Approximately 17800 people visit the LittlePeopleMeet monthly and 594 ones daily. The average time people spend on the website is almost 5 minutes. This shows the quality of LittlePeopleMeet.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

Website, App, Interface, Registration

So, once you finish the registration process on LittlePeopleMeet, it is high time to have some fun. The website is for those who are looking for a serious commitment and relationships. If you do not have any serious plans, the website is not the best choice for you. The registration is not long, and overall, there are nine required fields to fill. The rest is up to you. The more information you provide, the better for you. The interface of the website is not complicated. It is quite straightforward and user-friendly. The profiles on the website include all the basic features that you need to find your match online. Your username, age, residence, height, and gender will be shown next to your profile photo. Exactly, under the profile picture, your short biography is visible. It is recommended to devote enough time to complete the questions asked by LittlePeopleMeet’s system. Imagine you are looking for a serious relationship, and you see a profile with incomplete information. Surely, the profile will not catch your attention and may even seem suspicious. Thus, if you want to be visited, liked by more people, you should complete your profile with enough information. Next to the profile picture, the messaging field is displayed. If you want to communicate with the person, you should type your message there and click on the “Send” button.

One of the crucial drawbacks of LittlePeopleMeet is the non-availability of a mobile application. Those who cannot devote too much time sitting in front of the desk are encouraged to use the mobile version of the website.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

The registration process on LittlePeopleMeet is quite easy and streamlined. However, only US and Canadian citizens above 18 can register on the website. It may take up to 15 minutes or even less. For the first step, the site asks gender identification and to mention the gender you are interested in. The next step requires your email address and a strong password. On this stage, you should also choose a username for your LittlePeopleMeet account. To make your profile more attractive, you should choose a more enjoyable and engaging username. You can use descriptive words to give others an idea of what kind of person you are. After this, the system asks to provide some necessary information about you, including your location, age, and so on. Overall, the registration process on LittlePeopleMeet has nine fields that you have to fill; the rest is up to you. The more information you provide, the higher chances you may have to meet the most compatible partners. After completing these steps, you can start your enjoyable journey with LittlePeopleMeet.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

The registration process of LittlePeopleMeet requires an email address and a zip code. However, an account can be used even without providing a reliable email address. This means that there are many fake profiles. To fill this gap, the registration process asks you to complete your profile with more detailed information. Moreover, LittlePeopleMeet encourages to upgrade your membership to premium one. There are no fake profiles having a premium membership. Anyway, if you think the profile looks suspicious, you can report about that to the system. LittlePeopleMeet’s team does everything to make your journey safe and enjoyable.

Website and Mobile Version

Since there is no mobile application available for the LittlePeopleMeet users, you can use its mobile version. If you browse the website with your mobile phone, you will make sure that the mobile version is not a bad idea as well. The mobile version looks like its desktop counterpart. Just, they are different in their sizes. However, you can adjust the view of LittlePeopleMeet, making it more convenient to use with your phones whenever you want.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

Special Features

There are not many fancy features that make LittlePeopleMeet completely unusual. The website offers all the essential features that you need to communicate and get in touch with other people. Those features include instant messaging, flirting, liking, and saving someone to your favorites. However, the website has video calling and voice messaging options, which are not available for many other similar dating websites. You can use these functions to get to know people better.

Another unique feature of the website is its Priority List option available for premium members. This function makes your profile appear at the top of the search results on LittlePeopleMeet.

LittlePeopleMeet regularly suggests people that the system finds compatible for you. However, if you want to see more, you can use the navigation tools of the website. You can filter people using filters like age, height, and so on to find the most compatible ones. The searching engine is quite straightforward and easy to use for everyone.

How Does LittlePeopleMeet Work?

Like other dating websites for Little People, LittlePeopleMeet also uses a matchmaking algorithm. The system asks you some personal questions and, based on the analysis, suggests your compatible matches. You can keep in touch with other people using the messaging features provided by the website. If you click on the profile picture of the user, you will find more detailed information about him or her, and later on, you can decide to initiate conversation or not. If you find a profile suspicious, you can report about that or block the user. After blocking, the version cannot view your profile or message you on LittlePeopleMeet.

Searching Options and Filters at LittlePeopleMeet

LittlePeopleMeet’s search engines include such essential criteria as gender, age, photo only, and Online now. If you need more advanced functions, you need to purchase one of the suggested Premium memberships. You can search for people near your residence. However, there are many similar profiles, use the Priority List feature to make your profile appear at the top of search results.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

Communication Methods

Therefore, once you finish the registration process on LittlePeopleMeet, it is high time to have some fun. The website is for those who are looking for a serious commitment and relationships. If you do not have any serious plans, the site is not the best choice for you. Connecting and chatting with this website can be fun. The primary communication way is to use the website’s basic chat option. You can text messages to the users you find attractive, and you think that they can be desirable matches for you. However, we will in the world of advanced technologies, and websites should catch up with this tendency. Nowadays, many online dating websites offer video calling or communicating via voice messages. These features are available for the LittlePeopleMeet users as well. If you want to learn more about a person, you can use the advantages of the website. LittlePeopleMeet does everything to ensure that you will be able to know a lot about the person that you are interested in.

LittlePeopleMeet Alternatives

As we said, LittlePeopleMeet is for those who are looking for serious relationships. They are likewise dating websites for short people like ShortPeopleDating, LittlePeopleMatch, FreedDwarfDating. All these websites are categorized as Disabled or Illness Dating ones. However, all of them welcome people, no matter their background. All of the stated sites, like LittlePeopleMeet, are free to join.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Like many other dating websites, LittlePeopleMeet suggests two memberships for its users; standard and premium. Premium Memberships is quite expensive. You can purchase the premium membership paying through credit card, PayPal, and Money Orders. Almost all the premium membership plans can be bought using those methods. However, one of the premium membership plans, Coin-Plan, can be purchased only through a credit card. There are not Trial Plans available for the LittlePeopleMeet users.

Free Membership Features

LittlePeopleMeet suggests the following features for its standard users;

  • Basic search. You can search for people using the filters like age, Online Now, Only with photo and age.
  • Flirting. If you like a person, you can click on the “Flirt” button. The person will be added to your favorites.

These features are available for free users of LittlePeopleMeet. If you need more advanced features, you need to upgrade to a premium one.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

Premium Membership Features

The following features are available for the Premium Users of LittlePeopleMeet;

  • Video calling and Voice messaging. Those features will help you know people better if you are interested in them.
  • More advanced searching filters. If essential searching criteria are not enough for you, you can enjoy the more advanced ones by purchasing a premium membership.
  • Making your profile appear at the top of search results. This can be done through the “Priority List” function available only for premium users.

How Much Is Dating on LittlePeopleMeet?

Plan Duration Cost
Premium Membership
1 Month 13.99$ 13.99$
3 Months 8.99$/month Total 26.97$
6 Months 6.49$/month Total 38.94$

All the subscription plans are auto-renewed on LittlePeopleMeet, except Token Purchasing. So, if you do not want to continue your subscription, you need to cancel the subscription.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

Is LittlePeopleMeet Really Safe?

LittlePeopleMeet does not allow you to see the current profiles, if you are not registered yourself on the website. This is the first guarantee of security. There is no way to hide your picture on LittlePeopleMeet; all of them are public. Although the registration on the website requires identifying an email address, it is not directly verified through the email address. This means that many fake profiles can be along with the real ones. This is why LittlePeopleMeet encourages its users to purchase a premium membership. The security for premium users is on a higher level. Terms of Use are also another feature for LittlePeopleMeet.

Technical Side of Protection

All the data on LittlePeopleMeet is sent through an SSL connection. This means that technically it is impossible to intercept your messages from the website.

Customer Support

LittlePeopleMeet has some security tips for its users on the homepage. Moreover, the Customer Support team is always ready to help you if you encounter any issues. If you find a suspicious, you can report about that; the moderators will look through the profile. If they find something wrong with the profile, they will terminate it.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

While using online dating platforms, you may have many questions. Here are the most common user questions connected with LittlePeopleMeet.

How to Pass LittlePeopleMeet Photo Verification?

Having a photo or photos on your profile is one of the essential criteria, if you want to seem reliable user. However, the photos go through a specific verification process by the LittlePeopleMeet’s moderators. Your photo should be your photo; otherwise, it will not be approved. A pet, celebrity, a cartoon character photos are not allowed on LIttlePeopleMeet.

How to Delete LittlePeopleMeet Account?

If you want to stop your journey with LittlePeopleMeet, you have two choices. You can either deactivate your account or delete it forever. If you deactivate your account, it will not be visible for other users. However, you can return the website just using your login and password. Once you log in, the account will be activated again. The other option is to delete your account entirely from the website’s database. For removing our account, you need to contact the Customer Support Team and follow the instructions that they give.

LittlePeopleMeet Review

How to See Who Likes You on LittlePeopleMeet Without Paying?

You can like other users’ photos of LittlePeopleMeet. However, if you want to see your likes, you need to purchase one of the premium membership plans.

How to Block Someone on LittlePeopleMeet?

If you want to block someone on LittlePeopleMeet, follow these steps;

  • Click on the user’s profile.
  • Next to the profile picture, you will see the “Block” button.
  • Click on that button, and the member will not be able to visit your profile or send messages.
LittlePeopleMeet Review

How to Cancel LittlePeopleMeet Subscription?

LittlePeopleMeet is a free website, and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. For canceling the subscription, you need to gather a lot of information, including your credit card, first and last names, zip code, last charge, and so on. If you have all the required information, you should call the Customer Support Service and follow the instructions they give.

LittlePeopleMeet Review


LittlePeopleMeet is an ideal choice for the people who are looking for serious and long-term relationships. The same suggests that it was created to help short people find the most compatible matches for you with the help of online dating. However, the website welcomes everyone without any restrictions. The registration process does not take a lot of time; however, if you want to finder better suggestions, answering more questions is recommended. Overall, there are nine fields you need to fill for the registration. Uploading a photo is an integral part of your profile creation process, and the verification of the picture is essential for the website. You cannot upload photos of other people, pets, or imaginary characters. The website’s moderators verify the photos. Beneath your profile photo, other users can find more detailed information about you, including your traits, preferences, hobbies, and so on. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for the website to find and suggest matches. Like other online dating websites, LittlePeopleMeet also encourages its users to purchase one of its premium membership plans. The cost of the premium membership is quite high; however, more advanced features are available for premium users.

Finally, yet importantly, all the data on LittlePeopleMeet is sent through an SSL connection. This means that it is protected from any encryption.

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