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Pros and Cons

  • There are so many different functions. It is quite engaging to use the site.
  • Lovely design.
  • Many free features. As for an all-inclusive communication, you can easily access it with a free version of the site. But paying for a subscription is offered very softly and unobtrusively.
  • There is a preview of questionnaires as a mosaic and the map.
  • In personal messages, you can send photos and other files, like in social networks.
  • You can create photo albums and restrict access to photos for some users.
  • Photos are not compressed (you can hide them or view in full size).
  • Very extensive user base.
  • There is an application for iOS and Android.
  • The profile search map shows both men and women. It is not possible to enable a filter.
  • There are character limitations for describing a user's profile.

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If you are single and want to find a partner for a serious relationship or just to have a nice time, you can use the services of dating site Love ru. It is especially convenient for those who are very busy at work and cannot spend much time on bars, clubs, and restaurants. Also, for a young single mother or father, the site will be a great solution. After all, you have to dedicate a lot of time to your child. A dating site with a smartphone application will help you to be always in touch and devote every convenient minute to communication. Some are just embarrassed to get acquainted while walking on the street. In general, dating sites in today’s world are very popular. In this review, we want to pay attention to the site Love ru. We will describe its main functions, tell you about its strengths and weaknesses. You can decide for yourself whether this service is right for you.

Reputation And History Of Love ru

Love ru Review

Love ru is one of the largest dating services in Russia. The site was created in 2008. The mission of the company was to create a convenient service for dating, searching for a match or new friends. The site is very popular not only in Russia but also in neighbouring countries. Currently, people from other countries are registered on the site too. The service has a huge user base – more than 40 million profiles. The majority of the audience – are men. Every day more than 10 thousand new users are registered on the site.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of feedback from the website users. Some are disappointed with the service, but still it receives more positive feedback from those who are satisfied and got what they wanted.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The interface of the site has a very attractive design. It is performed in light tones. If we talk about the site usability, everything is very simple even though the functionality of the service is rather rich; there are many tabs and pages, the structure of Love ru is very simple. Everything is located intuitively, and you will not waste much time to get acquainted with the site. In general, your first experience of the site leaves a positive impression.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Love ru Sign Up

The registration process will take you not more than 5 minutes. You can create an account on the website or use a mobile application for this. First, you need to enter your name and a valid e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your registration. You will also need to provide your phone number, to confirm it by receiving a call. After that, you can start using the site immediately. Fill in information about yourself by answering a few questions, upload photos, and write your description. Please, note that your photos will be moderated before being published on Love ru. There are also some restrictions on pictures uploaded.

Are The Accounts Real Here?

When registering on Love ru, the site administrator wants a new user to confirm e-mail address and phone number. Photos are also carefully checked. But, unfortunately, you can still find some fake accounts. In addition, there are other people with blank profile information or just inactive profiles. That’s why we recommend you to be careful about who you communicate with. Your safety is in your hands.

Website And Mobile Version

Love ru Mobile

In addition to the website version, Love ru service also has a mobile application. It can be downloaded and installed for both iOS and Android systems. In order to log in, you can create a profile directly in the application, or specify your login details for an already existing account. The mobile application is very easy to use. Here you have access to all the tabs that are available on the site. The advantage of using the application is that you will receive real-time notifications directly to your phone. And this means that communication with your fans will be as intense as possible.

Special Features

This dating service is very interesting and diverse. Love ru is similar in structure to a social network. There is also a feed where you can post – pictures, photos, or write something. There are also several quite interesting features on the site.

  • Coins. After registration 50 bonus coins come to your account. More coins can be obtained by filling out a detailed profile. You can also buy them with a bank card or e-wallet. For your coins, you can pay for the opportunity to be shown in the gallery at the top of the page (so you will attract much more attention); pay VIP status on Love ru; raise your profile in search results.
  • “Registry office”. Here you can virtually formalize your relationship, get a virtual marriage certificate, and even share this news on social networks.
  • “Sympathy”. Here photographs of women or men will be shown one by one. You can like or flip through the photos. At the top of the photo, you can see who liked you, a list of people you liked, and mutual sympathies in different tabs.
Love ru Partner

After registration on the site, you can immediately begin to search for a partner. This is the most enjoyable and interesting part of using the service. What do you need to know about Love ru? Below we have described the basic principles of search on this platform.

How Does Love ru Work?

You can search for a partner on the “Introduction” page. When you go to this tab, you will see recommended people. You will be presented with someone who is located nearby.

On the same page, you can click on the geolocation icon at the top. This will open the map. You can see there women and men in a certain area (usually near you). Click on the mark of a person and go to his or her profile. You can mark yourself on this map too. This will increase your chance of getting to know each other.

In addition to the “Introduction” page, there is also “Sympathy “. There’s no customizable search. But you can mark people you like. They’ll be notified, and it might be your destiny.

In “Communication ” you see updates from other users – both women and men. Use this as an additional opportunity to draw attention to yourself (comment, stake, write something yourself), as well as an opportunity to find someone with similar interests.

Searching Options And Filters At Love ru

In “Introduction” you can customize your search manually. Free and paid search filters are available on Love ru. Free filters include:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Purpose of meeting
  • Address (country, region, city, street)
  • Or you could put an option “Near me” on.
  • Profiles with photos.
  • Newcomers
  • Online
  • Were active recently
  • Has a birthday today

For clients who use a VIP-profile, there are the following search settings:

  • Purpose of meeting
  • Zodiac sign
  • Chinese Zodiac sign
  • Marriage status
  • Material support
  • Kids
  • Constitution
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Appearance type
  • Material situation
  • Education
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Religion
  • Socionic type
  • Pet
  • Accommodation
  • Bad habits
  • Languages
  • With a car

Communication Methods

As for those you like, you can send sympathy or comment their posts and photos. Use messages to communicate. This feature at Love ru is absolutely free and unlimited for everyone. In the message window, you can use filters. You can set up who you want or do not want to receive messages from.

Love ru Alternatives

The area of dating sites is very well established all over the world. But, besides that, Love ru has many competitors in Russia. Among them are Mamba.ru, Russia-Dating.com, Mail.ru Dating, Tinder, Teamo, and many others. The choice is really wide. The distinctive feature of the platform under our review is the completely free functionality and many original features.

Membership Price Aand Payment Method

Love ru Price

On the Love ru you can use both paid and free profile. It is worth mentioning that all basic functions are free. But a VIP profile will allow you to get a more impressive experience of using the dating site.

You can pay for your subscription with a bank card or from your account – for the coins that you can earn or buy.

Free Membership Features

Everything you need to get acquainted and communicate on the site is absolutely free:

  • Free registration on the site
  • Sending messages without any restrictions
  • Ability to upload photos, create albums
  • You can restrict access to photos for some users.
  • Write your thoughts and posts
  • Comment on other people photos and posts
  • Browse profiles of other people, and see who’s been watching your profile.
  • Search users in the database

Premium Membership Features

Despite the fact that free features are enough and you can do without a VIP account, the service still offers to pay for a subscription. What can a user get for his money? Let’s take a look at the paid features:

  • Advanced profile search settings. Probably the most important feature of a paid account. There are enough filters in your free account to find the right people. But if you pay for a VIP profile, you will have many more filters.
  • In addition, your paid account offers you advanced messaging features.
  • Your profile will not be seen in the guest list. If you want to remain anonymous, your VIP account will be useful. You will be able to access the page of anyone and the person cannot track you down.
  • You can hide your presence on the site at all. This means that your profile will be visible, but other users will not be able to determine your activity status.
  • VIP account users can raise their profile in the search results
  • Hide your profile from unregistered users
  • Turn off annoying advertising
  • Hide your zodiac sign
  • Hide the VIP status
  • Restrict the ability to view your photos for members who do not have a photo in their profile

In general, paid features are not essential, but they help to use the service more productively, and make it more enjoyable and comfortable.

How Much Is Dating On Love ru?

  • 7 days costs $6.
  • 25 days – $12
  • 50 days – $17
  • 100 days – $23

You can also buy coins that will add value to your profile and give you more options. Here you can choose one of the packages:

  • 100 coins – $1.15
  • 330 coins – $3.5
  • 1300 coins – $11
  • 7500 coins – $58

Is Love ru Really Safe?

The service team takes care of the users’ safety. You can read more about security measures on the site.

You should also mind the security of your online communication yourself. Above all, remember that you are communicating with strangers. Do not give them any personal information, as well as your financial data. If you notice that someone is behaving suspiciously, report it to the Administration. This responsible behaviour will help you and others avoid many problems.

Technical Side Of Protection

The Administration takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of the Service Users’ data from accidental or unauthorized access, destruction, modification, blocking access, and other unlawful actions in relation to the Service Users’ data.

Before you start using Love ru website, please read the “Agreement” section. Make sure that all terms and conditions suit you, and you are agreed with the rules.

Customer Support

Love ru website has the “Support” section. Here are some questions that may be of interest to the users. There are quite a few questions; they are divided into categories and cover a wide range of problems. But if you do not find there the information you need, you can send a message to the site administrators. Describe your problem and attach a screenshot file. To send a message, click the link “None of the responses are appropriate for me” in the Support section.

Here we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from dating site users. We hope that this information will help you in solving any problem.

How To Pass Love ru Photo Verification?

When registering and uploading a photo, you will need to verify it. To confirm that this photo belongs to you, take a photo making the specified gesture. Your face must be clearly visible on the photo. Without any processing, send this photo in its original size through technical support service. After confirmation, your photos will be checked and approved.

When uploading photos on the website Love ru, please note that you cannot place on the site:

  • Images with other people and children;
  • Photos that contain advertisements, site names;
  • Pornographic pictures, as well as photos that show genitalia;
  • Photographs that offend the honour and dignity of the website users;
  • Demonstrating scenes of violence against people or animals;
  • Pictures, public disclosure of which is prohibited by law.

You may also fail to pass verification on Love ru in such cases:

  • Your face is not visible at the photo, or can’t be seen well;
  • The image is blurry, of poor quality;
  • The picture has been changed in a graphic editor or on special websites;
  • The photo contains foreign inscriptions.

How To Delete Love ru Account?

To delete your profile, open the “Settings” tab. Then click “Profile settings” and click “Delete profile”. You’ll see the options for deleting a profile on the screen. You can choose the one that is best for you.

If you want to restore a deleted Love ru profile, enter the e-mail address that was used for the registration in the corresponding field (in the section “Customer support -> Restore the deleted profile”). You will receive a restore link in your e-mail.

How To See Who Likes You On Love ru Without Paying?

To see who liked your profile, you don’t have to pay at all. Even within your free member profile, there’s a “My Guests” section. That’s where you see the people who visited your page. You can also see who comments on your photos and posts.

How To Block Someone On Love ru?

If someone bothers you, you can block an annoying user yourself. In which case, he will not be able to send you messages, comment on your diary and photos.

In order to block a member, you need to open this member page, click on three dots next to the avatar, and select “Block”.

How To Cancel Love ru Subscription?

If you want to cancel your VIP account at Love ru, you can find the appropriate settings. Also, when you pay for the first time, you may not utilize your bank card (use another payment method). In this case, the money will not be deducted from your card, and the subscription will not be renewed automatically. If you have provided your card details, please check that the money will be deducted from your account and remember to delete your details if you no longer want to use your VIP account.


People usually come to sites like Love ru with different goals. Someone just wants a little flirting and communication, and someone finds friends there. Some people do not even want to meet in reality. All they need is to have communication and interesting conversations. You can also find here men and women who are married. They certainly don’t need any serious relationship. But there are also users here who want to create a strong, lasting relationship and family. Everyone can find the person they wish for here. It is important to decide for yourself what you want, and carefully select your circle of acquaintances not to mislead other people. Your love can be found in the most unexpected place. And on a dating site Love ru, as well.

Mike Raven
Mike Raven
Mike Raven
MS, RD & Writer
Mike holds a certification for Senior Relationship Coaching. He is passionate about supporting anyone that needs his help. He is excellent at solving issues and has sufficient experience in resolving conflicts. His background makes him the right person to go to if you have a problem in your relationship.
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Customer reviews
Joseph Yates
by Joseph Yates Oct 13, 2021
Interesting dating site! I joined it a year ago and since consequently came across multiple pals with benefits. Furthermore, we talk to numerous customers from the best identify. Communicating is good, as a chat windows is very convenient. Individuals are open-minded, welcoming, and active. I have certain preferences, with out an individual judges me personally. Extremely, I believe completely as well as cozy.
by Jianna Oct 07, 2021
I discovered me personally attempting to flake out and move into recoil love-making or even laid-back going out with after a separation. But i obtained no clue of steps to make it on the internet. Nothing knowledge made me scared. I tried swiping, but such a shallow way isn't my personal stronger accommodate. We look for the app where owners are generally hooking up, but We continue to recommended an excellent web site. This amazing tool became a middle crushed to me. No-strings-attached joints, decent kinds, and meets, straightforward user interface, forums. Undoubtedly all I previously preferred. I proceeded a handful of horny schedules, now Seriously feel better. Big assistance for single men and women with cost-free choices and close function. The neat layout is actually a touch.
Steve Watson
by Steve Watson Oct 02, 2021
The internet schedules on this particular page have become amazing and attention-grabbing knowledge personally. It functions perfectly for my self-confidence and brings creating brand new connectivity. They are not affairs however but take a look guaranteeing. In addition, truly beautiful I think to break the ice and speak to people from any country I like. Surfing profiles is definitely appealing, sometimes. It's often fascinating to find exactly how people present themselves when looking for closeness.
Jacqueline Williams
by Jacqueline Williams Sep 29, 2021
Great service if you are unafraid of dating online and open dialogues. The application was well-organized and also has most signed-up people. Texting is easy, and all sorts of additional options are really easy to access and see. Regarding myself, I've already determine a colleague with who all of our chemistry is truly pressing.
by Alfred Sep 25, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved to have another potential at prefer. Appreciate this incredible website for allow since I received my want. We really do not create excessive long-term projects and merely savor both. Most of us date, trips, and express an array of recreation. Essentially the gorgeous part of our personal relationships. I favor simple mate and hope that all of our relationship will establish and go directly to the next stage. Many people are trying to find spouses at marriage online businesses, and typically, that kind of things was embarrassing due to the fact think that merchandise in store windowpanes. This software is unique. Perhaps you may start out with speaking and end up in the chapel. The service has actually an effective technological environment. I use the internet site generally back at my computer, but sometimes I get in touch with owners and look the tasks from my own new iphone. No troubles whatever. I've noted no pests . every thing works, without errors. Anytime I visit, I prefer the internet site provided i would like without disruptions and frustrating reloads. I am hoping they continues to be that way, and they maintain excellent. I wish everybody all the best ! since the has recently realized me.
by Janie Sep 20, 2021
We enrolled with this website last year and got an outstanding practice. These days, i've a trusted and mind-blowing partner, and we're good together. I'd endorse the software because I have mastered from lead practice so it is effective. I ensure many of us usually whine about no fits, thinking that they spend time and money. Still, I should remember that when anyone cannot come across a person, they generally start their own failures to exterior things. Job, family, adult dating sites, put differently, there's always person the culprit. However, you must never give up hope, and everything will likely be all right. Case in point, it required nearly 7 months meet up with the companion.
Joseph Reynolds
by Joseph Reynolds Sep 16, 2021
Really good perceptions. I've discovered loads of ready and intriguing everyone and some freaks . that's a norm while on the internet. Some fits were not throughout my area . that's why we kept buddies. I will declare that this particular service offers several means to help various other users notice you. Initially, it's room enough to provide their member profile and provide plenty of details about the way you look and figure. Then, messaging was acceptable. Typically, you access full online connection and certainly will put a date any time whenever you're willing to fulfill the best in real life.
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